Savage Desire Ch. 01


Following a bite, the venom would begin duplicating itself immediately in the human bloodstream. The process took roughly six to nine weeks to fully integrate with the human cell. During that time, the human would usually experience insomnia, headaches, flu-like symptoms, and depending on how they were bitten, excruciating pain. Once the venom had fully integrated with the cells, the human would become a werewolf. Some either died in the process or became deformed and had to be put down. The bite the hunter was given, and the amount of venom that was deposited into him, effectively erased the luxury that came with a gradual transformation as was the norm. His was supposed to be a quick transformation. And the pain that came with that was a hundredfold compared to the gradual transformation. None of the werewolves gathered wished to ever be in the shoes of the hunter.

"Take him to the dungeon and lock him in cage two." Jeremy growled. "And Alex, tell our hunters to lead the packs out." He ordered. "Are the pup watchers in place?" He asked, referring to the sitters of the pack who kept watch over the pups whenever the others had to go for runs, hunts or battle. Anyone who had not attained the age of fifteen and therefore hadn't had their first shift yet was classified as a pup. One would be a fool to think that pup watchers were weak and soft. On the contrary they could be the most vicious members of the pack if anyone messed with the pups.

"They are, Alpha." Someone answered.

"Good. Let's run." Jeremy nodded and abruptly turned to go, followed by his lead beta, Philip.

A completely stunned Philip turned to watch as the warriors picked up the collapsed hunter and rushed to fall into step beside his alpha. "What the fuck just happened, Jeremy?" He whispered, not as scared of the alpha as the others because he knew Jeremy would never harm him...well unless of course he crossed a line.

"Questioning me, Philip?" Jeremy growled, still in his kill mode.

"You know I'm not." Philip whispered, desperate to get his friend back. It was obvious something had triggered that suppressed side of Jeremy. "I just want to know what just happened back there. Jer, you have to control it. If that hunter triggered it, then I think you should stay away from him." He knew that much as his Alpha was fierce and ruthless when it came to their enemies, he was the most sympathetic and just man he'd ever met. Putting that hunter...and a human for that matter, through that agonizing pain was rather cruel and uncalled for and so unlike his alpha. Yes, he hated hunters but that alone couldn't possibly have brought out that deadly side of him.

"I had my reasons. And I'm not in the mood to talk about it tonight." Jeremy snapped as he started stripping out of his clothes. He wanted to destroy something.

"As your beta, I understand." Philip answered quietly and respectfully. Anyone in their right mind would stay away from a red-eyed Jeremy but Philip knew he had to at least try to talk his alpha down. "But as your best friend, you better get ready to...Oh fuck, Jer pl...please..." Philip gasped when he suddenly found his throat in the grip of Jeremy. "Alp..." But before he could get the word out, Jeremy flung him away from him.

"You know better than to get on my nerves right now, Philip." Jeremy growled and then shifted into a huge red wolf. The wolf watched Philip bare his neck in submission, and then charged into the forest, knowing his friend would not be far behind him.

Philip quickly stripped as he watched his alpha move into the forest at a furious pace. With a frustrated growl he shifted into a large grey wolf and charged after his friend. He knew his friend had noticed how upset he was but thanks to the controlling Ojah spirit, the alpha couldn't be bothered as he would have been had he been in his right frame of mind. That was one of the perks of turning one's humanity off. Jeremy didn't care that his best friend was upset with him at all. They were virtually like brothers and shared everything. When Jeremy's father and little brother were killed by hunters about twenty years earlier, his father had taken Jeremy under his wing and trained him as his own father would have done had he been alive. As beta to Jeremy's father, his dad had stepped in for some years as Alpha when his friend was killed and given Jeremy all the training and coaching he needed to become a great alpha. Even at that young age, everyone knew Jeremy would be a brilliant alpha. And Jeremy hadn't let his people down. At age thirty-one, he had accomplished so much for himself and gained the respect of not only his pack, but the public in general. JS Group of companies was popular worldwide and owned by none other than Jeremy. He was intelligent, resourceful, and one of the revered and feared Alphas in the supernatural community. The pack was so proud of their alpha.

Although Philip was two years older than Jeremy, the two of them had virtually been joined at the hip since they were kids. No one had the nerve to tell Jeremy off to his face except Philip and Jeremy's mother. Well, this time Philip knew he was going to have to wait to tell Jeremy off unless of course he wanted his throat ripped out by his literally crazy alpha. And as he charged after his alpha, Philip tried to ascertain what had triggered off his friend's current state. If anyone could figure it out, he could. He knew Jeremy too well.

As Jeremy ran hard and fast, all he could think of was having a talk with Philip's father, Joel. He needed to talk to the elder who was also his mentor. Jeremy really needed to ask the elder whether what he'd felt about the hunter could have been a mistake. He wasn't gay for fuck's sake. But even the Ojah controlled Jeremy respected the man too much to go before him in his current state. He knew the elder would definitely be disappointed if he got to know what had caused him to lose control of himself. He would wait until he was himself again no matter how long it took, Jeremy thought as his paws pounded the earth.


Professor Ryan Hicks moaned in pain as he slowly opened his eyes. "What the fuck!" He muttered as he got to his feet and looked around.

He realized he was in a huge cage in a very dark place. The only light was the moonlight that was streaming in through the small window. He didn't have his glasses on so couldn't see very well. The idiots who had taken him must have thrown his glasses away. But even without the glasses, Ryan could tell that he was alone. He felt a painful throb at the back of his neck and raised his hand to touch it. What was it with that man anyway...biting him so painfully, he thought, touching the still wet sore. One minute the man was stalking towards him with an angry look, and the next, he was biting him. Ryan had never felt such excruciating pain in his life. What the fuck was the man's problem anyway? And they didn't even clean the wound. What asshole actually treated people like that, he wondered.

"Oh my God." Ryan groaned as a bolt of pain flashed through him, causing him to fall to his knees. "What is happening to me?" He moaned as he writhed in pain. It felt as if his insides was about to explode.

Ryan breathed deeply in and out till the pain subsided. What had he gotten himself into, he asked himself for the umpteenth time. Since his infancy, Ryan Hicks had learnt to stay out of trouble. He'd been an only child of a single mother. His mother said his father had disappeared on her before she'd even realized she was pregnant with him. She'd explained when he was old enough to understand that she hadn't been married to his father. Since as far back as he could remember, his mother always sheltered him, not allowing him to play with other kids or even have any friends. It was only when he came of age that he understood why his mother treated him that way. Ryan Hicks was a freak and he got to know that the hard way.

When he was nine years old, the swimming coach had come to his classroom one day to encourage them to join the swimming club. Most of the kids in his class had registered so Ryan had too. He'd been so excited because he watched people swim in school and on TV and had always wanted to swim too. But of course he knew his mother would object to it so had never suggested it to her. She always told him he was different and special. Why he had to stay away from people for that reason, Ryan had never understood. So when the coach asked everyone to come to the swimming area after school to try out, Ryan couldn't wait.

After school, he followed his mates to the pool area. Coach Chris told everyone to change into any of the school costumes. When all the boys started stripping openly in the boys' changing room, Ryan too quickly striped, equally excited...till he heard the shrieks and the laughter. Everyone was pointing and staring at his penis...maybe he should simply call it, penises. Yes, Ryan had two whilst every other kid had just one. He hadn't been around kids much so he didn't know that very important fact. He'd always had two. One was slightly smaller than the other but he could pee with both just as penises were meant to be used. So he didn't understand what the fuss was about till the laughter and shouts had gotten rather loud, attracting Coach Chris' attention to the boys. The coach's reaction, when he came in and saw Ryan, was something that scarred little Ryan for life. He'd called him a little freak and ordered him to dress up and go home.

Ryan had gone home in tears. He remembered all too clearly, his mother hugging him to her and crying with him. She hadn't allowed him to go back to that school again but had rather packed their stuff and moved them to another state by the end of the week. And Ryan had kept to himself ever since. He never did things that would make people see him attend a boarding school, use public bathrooms, or hook up with anyone. He'd never entered into any relationship for fear of hearing someone shout the word freak to him again, which was rather unfortunate as he got propositioned by a lot of ladies due to his looks. They claimed he was beautiful and that always amused Ryan. But for his abnormal nature, he would have really enjoyed the ladies as he was highly sexed. Ryan's prostate got inflamed if he didn't ejaculate enough. But with the help of his own hands and sex toys, he always saw to his needs. Though he always wished he could get someone he could share his life with, he knew that would never happen.

Ryan was hit with another bolt of pain so intense, he screamed. Although he instinctively started to breathe in and out just like before, the pain wouldn't stop.

"Somebody help me please." He screamed but no one came to help. "I need a doctor please." He kept screaming for help till the pain subsided again.

The way he was panting harshly would have amused Ryan under any other circumstances. He'd watched a documentary once in which a woman in labour had been asked to breathe in and out just as he was doing. That woman would have envied Ryan's skills. Ryan wished it was all a bad dream from which he was going to wake up hopefully soon. But if it was a dream, then it was a real long one...going as far back as his conversation with Timmy York, he thought. If only he could get his hands around the neck of that little rascal, Ryan fumed. He was in his current predicament because of Timmy. He would never forget that fateful day when Timmy, a freshman zoology student who was trailing his class had approached him after a lecture.

"Prof Hicks, can I have a moment of your time please?"

"Sure. What can I do for you?"

Ryan was a professor of zoology in UCLA. Since he was a kid, he'd spent most of his life friendless, and had therefore ended up spending lots of time just being around animals. He'd developed a liking for animals and an even greater interest in their behaviour. His mother, bless her soul, had not been surprised at all when he'd ended up becoming a zoology professor. She always told him that there was nothing better than your job being your hobby as well.

"At the beginning of your course you told us to let you know if we ever come across any animal that we've never seen or..."

"Read about before." Ryan finished with a chuckle. "Found anything interesting?"

"You could say that." Timmy had responded cockily. "And that part about getting extra marks if our discovery is really new was no joke I hope..."

"No it wasn't Mr. York." Desperate times, Ryan thought with amusement. What new specie could a student like Timmy York discover?

"I'm so glad you were serious about that because I've discovered something which will blow your mind."

"Really?" Ryan closed his laptop and slipped it into his bag. "I'd love to see what you've discovered Tim. Do you have a picture?" Ryan asked as he started towards the door.

"Oh we have to go check it out Prof." Timmy said, falling into step beside him.

"And where exactly do we have to go to see this new specie?" Ryan asked, turning towards his office.

"A couple of friends and I are taking a drive to the Stanton Woods to check out the animals. Why don't you come with us?"

"The Stanton Woods. Isn't that area restricted property?" Ryan asked, opening his office door.

"Oh the part we'll be visiting is open to the general public so there's nothing to worry about. We just have to stay together. You know the dangers that sometimes lark in the forest."

"I know." Ryan had chuckled. He always tried to encourage his students by listening to and checking out their stories whenever he could. It was no bother at all. After all, he wasn't a busy person. "So when can we go and see this special specie?" Ryan had asked.

"Is next week Saturday okay?" Timmy had asked eagerly.

"Sure. It's not like I'm busy on Saturdays anyway." Ryan chuckled.

"Cool. I'm so glad you've agreed to come, Prof."

"Don't be surprised. The last time I checked, I was a zoology professor. My work is all about researching into different species of animals. And like I said, I don't have anything better to do anyway."

"Can I ask you a question Prof?"

"Feel free to." Ryan gestured for Timmy to sit down.

"Thanks. What do you know about werewolves?" Timmy had asked, making Ryan burst into laughter.

"They don't exist, Tim. They are fictional and therefore can become whatever a person wants them to be. You want people to become werewolves by a scratch; say that's what happens."

"What if I told you they were real?" Tim asked with all seriousness.

"I'd tell you, you watch too many movies. Hey... Don't tell me that's what you're going to show..." Ryan tried very hard to keep the amusement and incredulity off his face.

"No, no." The boy had quickly said.

"Thank God. So, next week then."

And that was how he found himself riding into the Stanton Woods with Timmy and two other boys around five p.m. that day. According to the boys, they had to wait a while for the strange species to show up. Although Ryan doubted Timmy had anything interesting to show him, he wasn't really bothered because he knew he could use the opportunity to look around himself. After all, for a zoologist, the most fascinating place to be was in the forest. He should however have listened to the boys and stayed close to them. They'd specifically advised Ryan to stay close to them because according to them, they'd come prepared with tasers with which to daze wild animals should they encounter any. Ryan had thought at the time that, that was a real smart thing to do. So why the fuck had he wandered off, he asked himself for the umpteenth time. If only he'd stayed with the boys, he wouldn't have been caught, seeing as none of the boys had been caught except him. Now he was in pain in some dark cage God knew where, and didn't know what to do. He'd tried to explain to the men who had caught him that he'd only been researching, but they wouldn't listen. Ryan had been sure he'd been caught because he was trespassing on restricted property, till that man had bitten him. Who the fuck were those people? Probably a cult of sorts. He'd heard stories about secret cults with weird practices but hadn't thought barbaric acts such as biting people could actually be accepted by normal human beings. Were they cannibals? Oh God! If only someone could...

"Oh fuck!" Ryan screamed as he trashed about in pain. This time his insides felt as if it was rearranging itself.

Whatever was happening to him was too painful for words. Ryan threw up. He'd been in that cage for almost eight hours and nobody had bothered checking up on him even though he was obviously not well. Ryan didn't know how to accurately describe what he was going through but he just knew he was going to die. His skin was burning as if he'd been dumped into blazing fire. Surely even hell wouldn't be that painful. He ripped his already ruined shirt from his body forcefully and unbuckled his belt. But before he could pull out the belt, a gut-wrenching scream tore out of him as he hurled himself at the wall that was made of solid stone. Ryan slammed onto the floor and watched in shock and horror as his fingers began to elongate into claws. Christ, what was happening to him?

"Help me somebody." He tried to scream but the words that came out didn't even sound human.

He watched as fur sprouted all over his arms, abs, stomach...he was burning up all over. What the fuck was happening to him? He felt a burning sensation in toes and looked down just in time to see his toes forcefully push through his boots, ruining them.

"Holy Moses." He gasped, pulling off his ruined boots and socks.

Ryan yanked off his jeans but before he could get to his boxers, he fell to the floor as the greatest pain ever, rocked through him. He closed his eyes and allowed a scream to burst forth. But this time his scream sounded like an animal in pain, which rather shocked and confused Ryan. Not even having the strength to move, he just lay quietly on the floor, willing the pain to fade away but it didn't. It came hard and fast, slamming into him, taking him into a sea of excruciating agony. He curled into a ball, his insides convulsing in painful waves. It felt as though something was moving within him...taking over his very being. It was terrifying as hell. Ryan was in so much pain his vision dimmed as sweat poured out from his pores. His gums tingled agonizingly. It felt as though he suddenly had more teeth. He curled into himself even more, trying to escape the pain but it kept slamming into him again and again. For the first time in his life, Ryan wished for death. He tried to scream, but what came out was a howl. He was in too much pain to wonder where that came from. Ryan didn't know how long the pain lasted. It could have been hours, days, weeks... All Ryan knew was that death had never sounded more appealing.

Suddenly, a sense of calm came over Ryan. He no longer felt any pain at all. He felt...strong, fresh and energized. He opened his eyes and immediately thought a light had been turned on where he'd been locked but soon realized it wasn't so at all. He could just suddenly see better in the darkness. Hell, he couldn't even see that well in his glasses, Ryan thought, surprised. He quickly turned around with the intention of grabbing his jeans to pull on before someone came in to see him naked. And that was when Ryan realized that he didn't have hands but rather, paws. He slowly turned his head to look at himself and realized that, not only did he have a tail, but his whole body was covered in fur and he was standing on all fours...

He was a wolf!


Jeremy heard his mate's howl and sprinted towards the dungeon. In just a pair of jeans, the muscles in his naked upper body rippled beneath his beautiful caramel coloured skin, which was covered in a fine sheen of sweat as he ran. He'd come back earlier than the pack just so he could see the hunter in his wolf form. Much as he still had the urge to kill the bloody hunter, he had an even greater urge to see the hunter's wolf. And Jeremy couldn't fight that urge. The other reason he wanted to see the hunter's wolf before it shifted back into human form was to compel the fool not to dare attack anyone. Until he learnt to control his wolf, the hunter would try to kill anything that moved. Jeremy clearly remembered his own first shift. He'd ripped out the wooden door to the room he was being held in and escaped into the night. By the time he was found, he'd slaughtered about forty horses he'd found in a barn. It was the thirst...the hunger...the urge to kill that every wolf had. That deadly urge was blindingly strong in every newly shifted wolf. As alpha, Jeremy had the ability to compel members of his pack if it was to protect them. And compelling the hunter was for his own good because Jeremy knew that he wouldn't hesitate to kill the hunter...mate or not...if he so much as put a scratch on any member of his pack. Killing his mate would cause his own painful death but in his current state, Jeremy didn't care at all.

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