Savage Desire Ch. 01


At the entrance of his mansion, Jeremy grabbed a t-shirt from the large box filled with different sizes of t-shirts before entering. He knew Philip was not far behind but he didn't care. At the top of the stairs, Jeremy inhaled deeply and shivered with arousal. That scent! So delicious and so damn arousing. Fuck! As he descended the stairs into the dungeon, he adjusted himself and then pulled on the t-shirt. He turned on a switch and flooded the whole place with blinding light. Then he went to stand in front of the cage which held his mate and stared at the beautiful pure white wolf. He was simply spectacular, Jeremy thought willing his erection to go down. He hated the hunter, yet he desired him with an intensity that shook him to the very core. His body obviously had a mind of its own. It was that call of a mate. There was nothing stronger than that.

Ryan looked up at his tormentor as he came to stand in front of his cage. He was still processing the fact that he was a wolf and no longer a man. He had a lot of questions but the last time he checked, wolves couldn't talk so Ryan simply stared at the man who had caused him so much pain. To say he hated the man would be an understatement. The man was around six 'five in height and built like a rock. His beautiful smooth skin glowed under the bright light, the colour of rich coffee laced with cream. He had really soft-looking low cropped dark hair and eyes so strangely red and intense they just pulled you in. What was with the red eyes, Ryan thought. Maybe he was wearing contacts. Who does that though, Ryan almost snorted. But despite the strange eyes, the man was strikingly gorgeous. From the colour of his skin, either he spent a lot of time outdoors or he was mixed-race. Ryan thought the five o'clock shadow made the hunk look sexy. Was it even normal for a man to be that gorgeous, Ryan asked himself. Of course it wasn't normal, he answered himself. The man was obviously a supernatural being so nothing about him was normal. And whilst he was on the subject, why the fuck was he even admiring another man so much when it was obvious from the scowl on the man's face that he hated him? Well, the feeling was mutual, Ryan wished he could tell the cannibal. He dropped his eyes and waited to see what the wicked man would do next.

Jeremy couldn't take his eyes off the white wolf. Why couldn't he have been a woman for fuck's sake, he thought. He would have gladly ignored the fact that she was a hunter and treated her with the respect an Alpha's mate deserved. He knew that there was no way he could love a hunter but he could have learnt to accept him if he were a woman. But he was a man. And Jeremy Stanton didn't do men. Ideally, he was supposed to have been with him throughout his change, to talk to him, help and guide him to make it easier for him. But of course he didn't think the hunter deserved any such privilege or kindness. He could only imagine the agonizing pain the man had gone through. He could see the evidence on the floor. He'd obviously thrown up several times. The ground of the cage was virtually covered in vomit. Served him right, Jeremy thought heartlessly. But even seeing his mate in that filth didn't stop Jeremy from wanting him. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if the hunter was in human form, the red-eyed slayer thought hopefully. He needed to compel him quickly so that he could shift and remind his obviously confused brain that he was a man.

Jeremy crouched in front of the cage and commanded in a cold voice, "Come here."

Ryan felt his hackles rise. Crouching somehow brought the red-eyed man closer to him and Ryan couldn't stop the shiver of fear that slithered down his spine. There was a powerful, intimidating presence around the man that struck fear into Ryan. But more than that feeling of fear, Ryan wished he could throw himself at him and beg him to fuck him, which was rather strange. After all, he wasn't gay and had never been attracted to men. Ryan didn't understand what was happening to him at all. Admittedly, he was still a virgin at thirty-one but Ryan knew for a fact that he liked woman...and they liked him too if the blatant flirtation the females he encountered was anything to go by. So where from all that attraction for the hunk staring at him with a dark scowl, Ryan wondered. Although he'd bitten him and obviously turned him into a wolf...and he should understandably be furious at him, the lust within was so strong. Even strange was the urge within to smash the man's face in, which confused Ryan even more. He wanted to destroy something. Fear, lust and a murderous rage...three strong emotions all at once. It was confusing and frightening. Ryan heard the man telling him for a second time to come forward and suddenly felt blinding fury. How dare the man even talk to much more make demands, Ryan thought. The impudence... Ryan began to growl.

Jeremy watched his mate bare his teeth and get into an attack mode and almost wished there were no bars between them. No bars meant the hunter could attack him right? And that would mean he could finally kill him as he'd wanted to do in the first place. Jeremy's hand shot through the bars so fast Ryan didn't see him coming.

Ryan's growls reached a fever pitch when he felt the red-eyed man's strong fingers tightly grip the thick fur on his neck and pull him closer to his face. But for the bars, their faces would have touched. Ryan growled both in anger and fear. Those eyes...

"You are not to attack any member of my pack ever." Came Jeremy's compellingly hypnotic voice. "Discard any thirst you have to cause mayhem and destruction." With that, Jeremy released a now quiet Ryan and got to his feet. "Change back."

Ryan whimpered pitifully as he stared at Jeremy without doing as he'd been instructed. First of all, he didn't know how to change back. He would gladly have done that if he knew how. Secondly, he hated how uncomfortable and shaky the man made him. He gave a distressed whine and backed away from the steel bars till he felt his tail brush against the stone wall. If the man wanted him to shift, he should make him.

The alpha watched his beautiful mate stare back at him with eyes filled with abject helplessness. He could feel the wolf's unease and misery. It was obvious to Jeremy that the hunter didn't know how to shift. The ideal thing was for him to talk him through it which Jeremy would have done under normal circumstances. He would have opened their mind-link so he could talk him through changing back. But the murdering hunter didn't deserve any such kindness. With a growl that would make the strongest of warriors shake, Jeremy repeated in his controlling alpha voice;

"Shift back, now!"

Ryan whimpered in fright and instantly peed himself at the sound of that powerfully authoritative voice. He whined even more pitifully as he began to uncontrollably change back into human. It was painful but not as painful as what he'd gone through to become a wolf. Immediately he was back to human form, Ryan quickly moved to where his jeans lay, ignoring the weakness he suddenly felt, and pulled it on. He winced at the discomfort he felt due to the absence of his boxer briefs. He did love to go commando but sometimes, depending on how tight his jeans were, the seam that usually lie in between his dicks could be a pain as the skin between them was a little delicate and sensitive. But that was definitely not the time to think about his dicks. Ryan was just glad he'd been able to keep the sadist from seeing his deformity. Surprisingly, back in human form, Ryan felt so exhausted. His whole body ached. But then after what he'd been made to go through, who wouldn't, he thought bitterly. He'd been captured, bitten, locked in a cage, left to scream in pain and turned into something he didn't even know existed. And it had all been the doing of the man standing in front of him. As if that was not enough, he'd scared the bejesus out of him with a cruel command, causing him to pee himself, which had been so humiliating. Whoever the gorgeous hunk was, he was not a good person and Ryan was ready to tell the cruel man his piece.

"What have you done to me?" Ryan finally asked. "Whatever you did to turn me into a wolf, you better undo it before I leave here, do you hear me?" Ryan somehow had a strong feeling that that wasn't the last time he was going to turn into an animal because even as he stood there as a human being, he could feel a powerful presence inside him. He could feel the restless movement of another being within him and that scared the shit out of him. "I didn't do anything wrong. If I trespassed on your land, I'm sorry but I didn't mean any harm. I'm a professor of zoology at UCLA. My name is Ryan Hicks. Please google it or something. I don't know what kind of cult you people are running here but I'm sure that just as you were able to turn me into a wolf, you can take away whatever...curse this is." He definitely couldn't afford to turn into an animal in front of his students or any other person for that matter. "And if you have any intention of keeping me here as your prisoner or killing me, I think you should know that I wasn't alone when I was taken by your people. I need to go back or people will come looking for me." Ryan said, desperately hoping the last part would get the red-eyed cannibal to release him. Of course no one would look for him. Who would bother looking for a loner with no loved ones? The school would probably send him mails, reminding him that he was missing lectures but that was about it. No one cared. When Ryan saw the man turn abruptly on his heels and head towards the stairs, he shouted with desperation and anger; "I've got rights, you asshole. Let me out of this fucking cage."

But Jeremy neither responded nor turned back to face Ryan. When he got to the top of the stairs, he saw Philip leaning against the door, intently looking on his phone. Jeremy made to brush past him but Philip stopped him with his words.

"Alpha, he's telling the truth. He's a professor at UCLA. I just googled him."

"That doesn't mean he's not a hunter and you know it." Jeremy rasped, opening the door and stepping out.

Philip followed him but Jeremy didn't stop him. Most people would stay away from him in his current state but not Philip, Jeremy thought with irritation and some satisfaction despite himself. Knowing his friend, he was trying to find a way to get him to snap out of his kill mode. Well, good luck to him Jeremy thought, resisting the urge to snap his friend's neck.

"He's a wolf now, Jer." Philip said quietly. "You know what to do if you want the truth. Just open your mind-link to him and read him."

"No." Jeremy growled punching the button for the elevator. Opening his mind-link to that murdering hunter was not going to happen. It was too intimate.


"I'm not ready to do that." Jeremy's voice held a subtle warning note but his friend was too upset to heed the warning.

"Really? Just as you're not ready to admit that he's your mate?" Phillip rasped and saw Jeremy freeze. The air around them crackled with the raw power emanating from the bloodthirsty alpha. Philip watched with pounding heart as Jeremy slowly turned around to face him. Oh boy! Philip swallowed audibly. "Easy Jer..." Philip couldn't hide the tremor in his voice. It took a brave man not to take to his heels when stared down by a red-eyed Jeremy. "I'm just trying to help. If you don't put an end to this and treat him well, you're going to suffer just as much as he is and you know it."

Jeremy stared at his friend. He wasn't surprised his friend had guessed. Philip knew him too well. He tilted his head to the side as he stared at Philip, almost as if he were contemplating the quickest way to end his life.

"Jeremy please listen to what I'm saying." Philip pleaded. "I can foresee what you're doing to him backfiring big time. Did you really have to make him pee himself? He's you fucking mate, man. Not cool." With that, Philip started to back off, obviously not wanting to make the mistake of turning his back on his alpha and angering him even further.

"Philip?" Jeremy's cold voice sent a chill down Philip's spine but he stopped his backward movement and waited for his alpha to speak. "See to it that he's cleaned and put him in the room next to mine." Jeremy rasped, then abruptly turned around and entered the waiting elevator.

"Consider it done, Alpha." Philip actually beamed.

Maybe feeling his mate close to him would help snap Jeremy back to sanity, Philip thought as he started towards the dungeon. He was thrilled he'd been able to somehow get to his friend.

Little did he know...


Ryan watched warily as three men approached his cage. He remembered seeing one of them with Red Eyes the night before. He was almost as tall as the asshole and just as big. But he had slightly long blond hair and striking green eyes. The man was really handsome. When Ryan saw one of the men holding a bunch of keys, he got to his feet and started towards the iron door but the man growled and glared at him, effectively stopping him in his tracks.

"Settle down Paul." The handsome man growled right back at the man holding the keys. When the door swung open, the man who had opened it pulled out cuffs from his back pocket but the nice man once again stepped in. "That won't be necessary, Paul." He said, ignoring the incredulous look Paul threw his way. It was obvious he wanted to protest but Ryan could also see respect and acceptance in his eyes. The nice man was obviously superior to him and he therefore didn't want to question his decision. To Ryan, the nice man said calmly, "Sorry about that Prof. Come on, let's go get you cleaned up." He actually smiled at a surprised Ryan.

"Thanks." Ryan muttered and unconsciously looked beyond the men to see whether the red-eyed monster was anywhere around. The nice man didn't miss it.

"Don't worry about him." Nice, handsome man said as he preceded an exhausted-looking Ryan up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, the man held the door open for Ryan who nodded his thanks. Ryan's first glance brought an uncontrollable gasp from his lips. The layout of the floor that they were on was simply beautiful.

"Is this place a hotel or something?" He couldn't help but ask, still surprised he could actually see perfectly without his glasses.

"No." Philip chuckled. "It's just a house. Jeremy's house."

"It's magnificent." Ryan muttered as they entered an elevator. "Who's this Jeremy by the way? Is he a..."

"He's the mean guy who bit you last night." Philip answered dryly, cutting Ryan off.

"Oh." Ryan went quiet for a moment. "May I know your name please?" He asked.

"Philip." He answered simply.

"Hello Philip." Ryan automatically stretched forth his hand for a handshake but just as quickly, let his hand fall back to his side when he saw just how dirty and smelly his whole body was. "Sorry." He said quietly and dropped his eyes to his feet. "I'm Ryan..." He said quietly.

"I know who you are Prof." Philip laughed softly as he reached forward to grasp Ryan's hand and firmly shook it. The professor was not only beautiful, he was also a really nice guy.

"Please call me Ryan. I feel older than my thirty-one when people call me prof."

"Don't your students call you prof?" Philip asked with a raised brow.

"They do but they are my students. You are not."

"Right. Here we are." Philip said when the lift stopped on the twelfth floor and watched as Ryan's jaw dropped at the sheer luxury and elegance of the deco. Philip opened a door and turned to face Ryan. "This is your room."

Ryan followed Philip inside and did a quick sweep with his eyes. "Impressive." He mumbled. The room was big and classy. Though it surprised Ryan that he'd been assigned such a room, he didn't question it. Maybe they'd realized that he'd been truthful after all. Why else would Philip address him as prof? " I take it you're all werewolves?" Ryan asked, his face expressionless.

"I thought you didn't know who we were." Philip retorted. "Isn't that what you told the men who brought you in?"

"Dude, get real. Of course I've always thought creatures like werewolves didn't exist. I mean hey...I live in the real world. Then last night, Mean man...Jeremy, bites me and I turn into a wolf. Hello-o-o. I'm not stupid."

"I forgot you have four PHDs. Sorry Prof." Philip laughed. "I guess your world is not that real after all."

"So you did google me. Thank God. Does that mean I can go?" Ryan looked hopeful.

"I will leave that for Mean man...Jeremy to answer when he's ready to talk." Philip said with an amused smile. "And yes I googled you. And Prof, you look rather young for your age."

"Hmmm. I get that a lot." Ryan replied and suddenly got a worried look on his face. "Listen Philip, I hope your man...Jeremy can undo whatever he did to me. Because...I don't know how to describe it." He sighed. "I can feel something within me. I won't turn into a wolf again by any chance will I? You people have to fix me before I leave."

Philip silently cursed his alpha in his head. The right thing was for Jeremy to have first of all, told Ryan about their world, and then gotten his consent to turn him before biting him. Now the man obviously didn't have a clue about what was happening to him. Philip didn't even want to begin going into the entire werewolf, mate-to-the-alpha thing. He would leave that to Jeremy himself to handle as he should have done in the first place. The professor actually expected them to undo his were nature and let him go. Philip suppressed a groan.

"Jeremy will handle it." Philip said firmly.

"You sure about that? Why does he hate me so much?" Ryan asked, not bothering to mention Jeremy's name. "I just don't understand. All the cruel things he did to me... I don't think all that is just because I trespassed is it? God, I'm tired." He groaned, turning to look at the big inviting bed longingly. "Can I go ahead and take a shower?" He asked, looking at his dirty body.

"Sure. There are jeans and t-shirts in here." Philip said, stepping into the big walk-in-closet. "The jeans might be slightly bigger but you can use them for now. Just leave your jeans in the laundry basket inside the bathroom. There's body cream and deodorant spray in here but don't use them."

"Why not?" Ryan asked, curious.

Philip raised an eyebrow in surprise at Ryan's question. Then he laughed softly. He really wasn't used to being questioned but he knew it was only to be expected from a college professor.

"Know what? I'll keep them till I feel it's okay for you to use them." Philip said as he picked up the items off the dresser in the room. The last thing he wanted was to mask Ryan's scent from his stubborn mate. Philip wanted Ryan's scent to assail Jeremy's senses till he was going out of his mind with desire for his mate. Maybe that would do the trick...bring their alpha back. "If you want to get in touch with me, just dial three on your intercom and you'll get me."

"Can I use the phone to make a call?" Ryan asked.

"I'm sorry but you can't." Philip said gruffly.

"Well, can you please give me your cell phone to make..." Ryan trailed off when he saw Philip shaking his head apologetically. "Oh. I suppose I'm a prisoner then." He said quietly.

"Sorry." Philip rasped. He hated the position Jeremy had placed him in. "Your food will be sent up in..." He looked at his wrist watch. "Thirty minutes. So that has to be a quick shower." He murmured, looking pointedly at Ryan's dirty jeans.

Ryan blushed and quickly turned towards what he assumed was the door to the bathroom.

"Wrong door." Philip's voice stopped him in his tracks. "It's that one." He pointed to the other door in the room.

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