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Savage Desire Ch. 03


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Jeremy Stanton vs. Ryan Hicks

Dedicated to the sexy GloRash. She's hot, fierce, elegant, sophisticated, strong and alluring...just like Gloria Stanton. Luv you Sis :)



Ryan looked up when he heard a small knock on his door in the hospital. "Enter." He called out and watched as the door opened to reveal a beautiful black woman who looked to be in her late fifties but could easily have passed for a thirty year old.

For a woman, she was tall. She had really long black hair with flecks of silver, which fell past her shoulder. In white slacks and a sexy grey peplum top, she looked simply elegant and classy. She was beautiful.

"Hi there." She gave the most brilliant smile and Ryan found himself smiling back.

"Hi." He sat up against the headboard and watched Miss Elegant approach.

"I'm Gloria." Gloria said, placing the basket in her hand on the table in the room. "And I know you're Ryan." She went to stand beside Ryan, who was still smiling like a simpleton. "May I?"

Gloria spread her arms and waited till a surprised Ryan leaned forward. Then she hugged the shit out of him. "I'm so, so happy to see you." She whispered. Even when they pulled out of each other's embrace, Gloria kept Ryan's hands in hers.

Ryan gave a breathless laugh. "You're not going to believe this but although I don't have any idea who you are, I'm thrilled to see you too. Come on..." He said, patting the space beside him.

"Thanks." Gloria chuckled as she sat down beside the man she couldn't help but think was beautiful. "How's the leg?" She asked with concern on her face.

"Better actually. Thanks." Ryan answered.

"Good to know. I hope you're being treated well." She asked with a slight frown.

"Can't complain." Ryan laughed softly.

"Yes you can. If there's anything you don't like..."

"No, no I've very fine. In fact I couldn't have asked for a more perfect treatment. The doctors and nurses are all so nice." Ryan said with a wistful look on his face.

"But..." Gloria prompted.

"I'm so bored I could scream." Ryan gushed, making Gloria burst into laughter.

"I know what you mean my dear. I hate hospitals." Gloria wiped the tears of mirth from her eyes. "But I can see lots of magazines..."

"Gloria, I'm a professor. I need to lecture...research. That's my life. This right here...lying in bed with nothing to do, is killing me."

"I understand. But why can't you at least do your research in here?" Gloria asked curiously. "Lecturing I know you can't do in this state but all you need is a laptop, to do research work."

Ryan's face fell. "I don't know what you've been told but...I'm not exactly a free man here."

"What?" She whispered.

"I'm a prisoner, Gloria. I haven't even been able to inform the school that I'm injured and will be away for a while. In fact I don't even know whether I will ever be allowed to get out of here."

"Why would you think that?" Gloria looked genuinely surprised. What in hell was her son doing to the man, she wondered.

"Gloria..." Ryan didn't know whether he could bring up the subject of the wolf with Gloria. She looked nothing like someone who could turn into a wolf. But how else could she know who he was if she wasn't part of the click? "Who are you exactly, Gloria?" Ryan finally asked curiously.

"I'm the mother of that little twit who treated you with utter cruelty." Gloria watched as Ryan's eyes widened in shock. "And I know that merely saying sorry is not enough but I'm so sorry for his behaviour." Her eyes flashed with sudden anger.

When he finally found his voice, all Ryan could say in a whisper was... "He's not little."

"I know." Gloria gave a deep sigh, her eyes filled with guilt and regret. "I'm so sorry." She whispered.

"You didn't do anything." Ryan was surprised at the raw emotion on the woman's face.

"I'm his mother, Ryan. I feel responsible for any bad thing he does. I know he wasn't himself at the time but he should have fought harder to...never mind. What he did was terrible and I'm ashamed." She wiped at her moist eyes with the tissue Ryan pressed into her hand.

"What do you mean he wasn't himself?" Ryan couldn't help but pick up on what Gloria had said.

"Oh... It's a long story."

"Does it have anything to do with the colour of his eyes?" Ryan pinned his intense deep green eyes on Gloria. He really wanted to know. At Gloria's pained nod, Ryan turned to fully face her. "What was that about?"

"You really want to do this now?" Gloria sighed. "Shouldn't we at least get to know each other first?"

"You're right." Ryan nodded. "We should." He got back into his previous position, with his back against the headboard. Then he gave a frustrated groan. "But I really need to understand Gloria."

Gloria took one of Ryan's hands and began to rub the back in soothing circles. Then she proceeded to tell Ryan all about the Ojah powers that Jeremy had and his hatred for hunters. By the time she was done, Ryan understood perfectly what had happened but he was also even angrier at Jeremy.

"So you're saying he actually got so angry he allowed himself to be possessed by this Ojah thing and did all that to me, when he didn't even know for a fact that I was a hunter?" Ryan gave a laugh so bitter Gloria cringed. "He bit me painfully, threw me into a cage like an animal, turned me into one, raped me...and all for what? A mistaken identity! What utter nonsense."

Gloria remained silent, wishing she could strangle her son. She knew that Ryan was entitled to his anger and didn't want to stop him from freely letting it out. Hell, she was angry too.

"Let's even say I was really a hunter, Gloria. Are you saying I'm the first hunter Jeremy has come across after the murder of your husband and son?"

"No. You're not." She answered quietly.

"Did he go Ojah on the arses of all the other hunters he came across?"

Gloria went quiet for a moment. Yes, her son had actually unleashed his Ojah power for the very first time, after the death of her husband and son. He'd killed a lot of hunters before he'd snapped out of the haze. He was still a kid then. Since then, Jeremy had never harmed any hunter. He handled them is a totally different way when they were caught. So no, her son didn't usually go Ojah on hunters he came across.

"No." Came Gloria's shaky whisper. Gloria didn't feel it was her place to tell Ryan about the main reason that had cause her son to snap. That was for Jeremy to tell his mate.

"So what was so bad about this time that he had to be so angry he actually had to fall off the wagon? Is it me? Was it something about me that triggered it? Was he going insane at that particular time? I just don't get it."

"I'm sure whatever his reason was, Jeremy will explain it himself soon Ryan." Gloria said but Ryan only shook his head with anger and confusion on his face.

"I'm sorry but your son obviously has issues, Gloria. You are a very nice person but your son..."

"Are you saying he still treated you cruelly after his eyes turned blue?" Gloria was grasping at straws and she knew it.

"I really don't give a rat's arse how he acted after, Ma'am. He was a sadistic asshole and that's all that matters. I'm very sorry but that's how I feel." Ryan added softly, seeing the misery on the elderly woman's face.

"I understand." Gloria wanted to bawl her eyes out but she composed herself. After a really long silence during which both seemed lost in thought, Gloria stood up and picked up the cell phone she'd placed beside the basket of muffins on the table. "What do you say we get you an i-pad so you can inform the school that you'll need some time off because of the injury?"

Ryan looked up at the elegant woman and gave her a grateful smile. "That would be great. Thanks."

Gloria nodded as she dialed a number. "Philip, how are you? Great. Could you please get Ryan an i-pad immediately? He needs to inform his school that he's indisposed." She went quiet for a moment, obviously listening to whatever Philip was telling her. "That won't be a problem Philip. I'll be waiting in his room. Thanks." She hung up and turned to look at Ryan. "Done."

"Thank you."

"He was worried you would probably send a mail to the police or something like that. But I told him that wasn't going be a problem. I hope I'm right Ryan." Gloria watched the beautiful man.

"And what exactly would I tell them?" Ryan raised an eyebrow. "That someone bit me and now I'm a wolf? Or that I've been raped? Your son threatened, whilst raping me that he was going to make me shift immediately he was done so that I could heal. He said that healing would enable him inflict the same pain the next time he took me."

"Oh my God!" Gloria gasped as her hands went to her chest.

"He didn't make me shift as he'd threatened but I was so angry I did anyway. So I guess I healed after all. So tell me Gloria, what evidence would I have to prove that I've been raped? I can't go to the police with any of this. I don't have a case. And I want to remain sane in the eyes of the public, thank you very much." Ryan blinked when Gloria abruptly turned and dashed into the en suite bathroom. But thanks to his newly heightened senses, he could hear her crying. "Shit." He could have kicked himself for his insensitivity. Ryan cursed his leg, wishing he could go in there and comfort her. "I'm sorry, Gloria." He said, knowing Gloria would hear him.

When Gloria eventually came back to the room, she looked composed but her face and eyes clearly showed she'd been crying.

"I'm sorry." Ryan said softly.

"You have nothing to be sorry for. I should be the one apologizing. Please do me a favour here...let's forget about my son for a while shall we?"

"Gladly." Ryan smiled.

"Good. Hope you like muffins." Gloria said, going to pick up the basket.

"I love muffins." Ryan grinned.

"Great. 'Cause not to blow my own horn, but I make some mean ones." With that, Gloria went to sit beside Ryan on the bed with her back to the headboard too. Then uncovering the basket, they both dug in.

By the time Philip came in with the i-pad, the two were laughing at some funny stories Gloria was telling about their 'specie' as they decided to call the werewolves.

"Are you okay, Mama G?" Philip asked with a frown. Though he'd found Jeremy's mother laughing heartily with Ryan, he could see from her eyes that she'd been crying.

"I'm very fine, Philip. Thanks for asking. Could you please ask Vincent to come see me? There is a list of books that we need to get for Ryan."

"Let me have the list Ma'am. I'll get them." Philip responded.

"Oh no. I wouldn't want to bother you. I know you're busy." Gloria chuckled.

"It's no bother at all." Philip said with eyes filled with amusement. "I've delegated all my work to Jake. You're my main focus now Prof." He smiled at Ryan. "Whatever you need, just ask. Okay?"

"Thanks Philip. I appreciate it." Ryan gave the first person he'd really liked in Jeremy's home a grateful smile and began scribbling on the pad that had been left on his bedside table.


And for the next ten days, Gloria spent all her time with Ryan. She told him all he needed to know and even more, about werewolves. Whenever Ryan needed to work, Gloria would read her book and give him space. The doctors were very surprised and impressed at how fast Ryan was actually healing. He began to go on short walks with Gloria. He did use a walking aid though. All in all, Ryan was content. He was doing his job alright. He even received a mail from Timmy York asking whether he was alive. He'd replied that he was injured and recuperating in a special hospital. Timmy York had obviously taken them to the Stanton Woods to watch men turning into wolves and vice versa. That was the new specie the young boy had hoped would boost up his grades. But how was it that such a young boy not only knew about werewolves but actually hunted them too, Ryan wondered. Timmy had later sent another mail after Ryan had informed the school about his injury. He'd told Ryan that the school had informed them that he wasn't well so would be absent for a while. Then he'd apologized for causing Ryan's injury by taking him to Stanton Woods, and wished him a speedy recovery.

Ryan and Gloria continued to spend time together. She would sometimes unintentionally begin to tell him stories about Jeremy, which was only natural as he was her only living child. But she always caught herself and would quickly change the subject. But much as Ryan got angry at the mere mention of Jeremy's name, he couldn't deny the feeling of excitement that always burst forth within him whenever he was told stories about Jeremy. What bothered him even more was how his dreams were always filled with the blue eyed sexy hunk. Almost every morning he had to wake up quickly and take a shower before the nurses arrived because he was constantly having nocturnal emissions. That pissed Ryan off to no end because he wasn't a fucking teen. Fuck Jeremy.

By the sixth day, Ryan was going out of his mind. He wanted to see Jeremy. Ryan didn't understand why he wasn't coming to see him anymore. After that first day in the hospital, Jeremy had disappeared into thin air. The only people who came to visit him were Gloria, Philip, his dad who was a really nice man, and the guy who had captured him that first night in the woods, Stan. He'd apologized profusely on his first visit for not believing him that night and asked for forgiveness. Ryan had forgiven him because besides the fact that the man looked extremely regretful, he was crazily funny and made Ryan laugh. Though he'd wondered what had happened to Jeremy, Ryan had never asked of him from anyone...he couldn't. In a way he knew he'd driven Jeremy away from him with those last words. But he hadn't envisaged Jeremy not coming back to see him. He would die before admitting it to anyone but...it hurt that Jeremy hadn't been to see him.

"Are you okay?" Gloria asked softly. They were sitting under a big tree, enjoying the cool breeze.

"Yes." Ryan answered quietly.


"I'm fine, Gloria." But he wasn't. And he knew he wasn't fooling the elderly woman.

"You know you can talk to me don't you?"

"I know. It's just that..." He sighed deeply.

"Come here." Gloria gathered Ryan into her arms and held him tight, rocking him as though he were a child.

By the eighth day, Ryan could walk without an aid. The doctor promised that his slight limp would disappear in no time. Ryan himself was amazed at the speed of his recovery. That kind of injury would have taken months to heal...sometimes even years, if he were human. Thanks to Jeremy, he wasn't. But then, he wouldn't have gotten injured in the first place if it hadn't been for Jeremy. He was such a dick. But Ryan couldn't help but acknowledge one astounding fact: he'd missed Jeremy so fucking much!

By day ten, Ryan was ready to scream. He didn't just want to see Jeremy, he needed to see him. Though he dreamt about him every night and sometimes had orgasms when the dreams turned intense, his need to see Jeremy wasn't sexual. It went beyond sexual. He needed to be in his presence, needed to see that Jeremy was okay, needed to touch him. It was almost as if he was addicted to drugs and was having withdrawal symptoms from deprivation.

"I want to see Jeremy, Gloria." Ryan blurted out immediately Gloria entered his room that morning. He hadn't slept a wink that night and the bags under his eyes testified to that. Ryan watched as a knowing smile spread across the woman's face. He also noticed that she didn't make any move to call her son. "Please, Gloria."

"He's out of town, Ryan. Had to fly to Florida for a meeting yesterday. He'll be back today by noon."

"Ugh." He grumbled, making Gloria laugh softly.

"Relax." She sat beside Ryan on the couch and took his hands in hers. "Took you long enough." She chuckled.

Ryan wasn't amused. "I don't think I can go till noon without seeing him, Gloria." He groaned. He didn't know what was happening to him. All he knew was that he needed to see Jeremy or he just might go insane.

Gloria went to her bag, took out her cell phone and called her son. The call went straight to voice mail so she left a message that Ryan wanted to see him. Then she went back to sit beside Ryan and rubbed his arm soothingly.

"Knowing my son, he'll be here as soon as he can. That should be in about..." She looked at her stylish and obviously expensive Swiss-made diamond wrist-watch. "...four hours."

"Fuck." Ryan muttered and then promptly groaned. "Sorry."

"Don't worry." Gloria chuckled. "For what it's worth, he's missed you too." Gloria was so thrilled she hugged Ryan.

Frankly, she was surprised at how long Ryan had lasted. Once mates got even the tiniest contact with each other...even before they got marked and properly mated...it was almost painfully difficult to be apart. There was always an uncontrollable urge to be together no matter what. To have lasted that long just showed how hurt and angry Ryan was at Jeremy. Gloria had noticed how flustered and restless Ryan had been and had known the reason but had decided to wait till he figured it out on his own. She knew her son was struggling just as badly and would rush to Ryan's side immediately he got her message.

But Gloria was in for a shock. They had to wait for nine hours before Jeremy finally put in an appearance. And during that period, Ryan was a wreck. He wouldn't eat, couldn't work, and wouldn't talk except to ask what was taking Jeremy so long. Gloria tried calling both Philip and Jeremy to ask what was taking so long but both had their cell phones off. At a point, Gloria wondered whether Jeremy was deliberately punishing Ryan for telling him he didn't like him. She hoped that wasn't the case because in her opinion, Jeremy didn't have any right to pay Ryan back that way. She was getting angrier by the minute. Gloria finally took a look at Ryan's bloodshot eyes around five p.m. and decided she'd had it.

"Okay, that's it. I'm taking you home." A thrilled but very tired looking Jeremy heard his mother say just as he reached out to open the door to Ryan's room at the hospital. "Let him look for you when he..."

"Take me to him, please." Ryan whimpered.

"No. We're not going after that boy. You're going to have to be strong, Ryan. We'll go to my place. And when he eventually shows up, I'll give him the spanking he deserves..."

That did it. Jeremy burst into laughter, causing both his mum and Ryan to turn in his direction with gasps. But he had eyes for just Ryan though. Damn he looked sick. His eyes were bloodshot, his hands were visibly shaking, showing his obvious distress. Jeremy still thought his mate looked sweet and amazing. Ryan looked delicious in blue jeans and a black tank top that stuck to him like a second skin. And that hair... He looked totally hot. Damn Philip. Picking out such sexy outfits for his mate...

"Really mum?" Jeremy chuckled as he shrugged out of his leather jacket. "I went to a lot of trouble to get here." He said simply.

"You expect me to believe that?" Gloria hissed, her eyes flashing with anger.

"Mum I'm here now. I would have come sooner if I could. Okay?" He tossed the jacket onto one of the couches in the room and started towards a dazed Ryan.

Ryan had completely tuned out the voices of both Jeremy and his mother when he'd laid eyes on Jeremy. He couldn't tear his eyes off the alpha. Ryan had never seen a sexier man as Jeremy in a black t-shirt, black jeans and black combat boots. The man looked hot as fuck. And those lips... Ryan was just dying to know how they would feel against his.

"How are you doing, Ryan?" Jeremy asked softly when he stopped in front of Ryan. He gave a tiny smile when Ryan actually jumped, obviously startled. It was as though he hadn't even noticed Jeremy had moved to stand right in front of him. Ryan's eyes were glued to his mouth. "If you don't stop staring at my mouth I won't be responsible for what I do next?" The alpha said huskily.

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