tagGay MaleSavage Desire Ch. 06

Savage Desire Ch. 06


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Jeremy Stanton vs. Ryan Hicks

Dedicated to lovekinkysex (#tryingtograntyourwish)



Jeremy moaned in his sleep. He was having the most incredibly erotic dream. He was standing under a waterfall with Ryan. Ryan was in his arms, with his arms and legs locked around him as it had been during their kiss in the arena. But this time around, they were both naked with Jeremy slowly fucking into Ryan. Somehow, Jeremy knew it was a dream. Hell, he was fucking a willing Ryan. That was too good to be true. But that was one dream the alpha didn't plan on waking up from. Jeremy moaned throatily when Ryan licked and sucked at the side of his neck until he felt as if he was on fire even though he stood directly beneath the falls.

"You smell so good." Jeremy heard Ryan murmur against his neck between licks. "Damn, I love your body." Ryan's words were muffled against his flesh but Jeremy heard him perfectly. "Jeremy..." A whisper. But his name on Ryan's lips flooded him with such delicious pleasure Jeremy's eyes fluttered open. And that's when illusion melded with reality.

The first thing Jeremy noticed was how hard he was and how desperately he needed release. The second thing he noticed was that he wasn't inside Ryan but rather, his rock, hard, leaking cock was curved up within the crease of Ryan's arse, relentlessly rubbing against his hole. Ryan was still in the position he'd been the night before when they went to sleep...stretched out on top of him. The only difference between the night before and that very moment, however, was that Ryan's lips were latched onto Jeremy's neck, sucking and nibbling the skin, whilst he rocked his lower body against Jeremy.

"Oh fuck, baby." Jeremy groaned as he uncontrollably thrust up against Ryan. He could feel the wetness against his stomach, obviously resulting from the precum spilling from Ryan.

Moans spilled out of Ryan as he pleasured himself against Jeremy's gorgeous body. His knees were on either side of Jeremy's hips, giving him the leverage he needed to fuck himself against Jeremy whilst simultaneously stimulating his twitching hole with the alpha's cock. The mind-blowing sensations Ryan was getting from the point where his nipples rubbed against Jeremy's hairy chest, the point where his cocks rubbing between their bodies, and the point where his hole was being massaged by the velvety, veiny length of Jeremy's cock was so amazing his toes curled. Ryan was in heaven.

"Jeremy..." A breathless gasp tore out of Ryan as he began to move almost frenziedly.

Ryan was so gone on pleasure that if Jeremy had actually surged into his body and taken him that very moment, he would have welcomed it without any protest. He was being driven by pure hunger. At that point, Ryan didn't give a shit about pain. He just needed Jeremy to give him that thrill his body was so desperate for. His defenses were completely down. He didn't have any shields protecting his thoughts...

"I'm here baby." Jeremy murmured huskily. "I've got you." The alpha knew exactly what his mate wanted.

Jeremy slid a finger into his mouth to get it wet. Then he slipped the now slick finger beneath the covers and sought his mate's hungry hole. Jeremy's finger slipped inside that hot tight channel, encountering no resistance. He went straight for gold.

"Oh god..." Ryan's back arched in ecstasy when he felt Jeremy's finger hit that same spot inside him that had sent him into a meltdown the night before. His entire world tilted on its axis. A surprised cry tore out of him. "Fuck, I'm going to come..." He gasped shakily, shamelessly rocking back against Jeremy's finger, working toward the orgasm he needed so desperately. "Jer ...god ...I'm going to..." His rhythm faltered as his body got ready to explode. "I'm coming...I'm..." He didn't stand a chance against the intense pleasurable orgasm that tore through him.

Ryan cried out Jeremy's name as he found the pinnacle of pleasure. He erupted powerfully between them, his entire body shaking as his channel grasped and rippled along the finger inside him. Even as his body writhed in ecstasy, strong fingers slid into the hair at his nape and tugged his head down to meet Jeremy's in a fierce kiss filled with passion and promise. They kissed till Ryan stopped spurting and trembling against Jeremy. When his body stopped spasming, Jeremy pulled out his finger and released his kiss-swollen lips. Ryan collapsed on top of him, still breathing hard.

Jeremy wrapped his arms around Ryan and held him as if he was never going to let him go. He was hard but again, he ignored it. For Jeremy, Ryan being able to freely and without fear, use his body for his own pleasure was pleasure enough. It was a step in the right direction. At least not only was his mate not afraid of him as he was expected to after what he did to him, but he also felt free enough to take his pleasure from him as he should. Jeremy scattered tiny kisses all over Ryan's closed eyelids till he opened beautiful green eyes to look at him.

"Sorry about that." Ryan muttered.

"Hey, if you ever apologize for getting your rocks off, I'll throw you into the dungeon." Jeremy growled, making Ryan laugh softly. "If that's how you plan on waking me up every day, I'll be the happiest man on earth."

Ryan groaned at that because he could feel Jeremy's still hard cock against his arse. He was achingly aware of Jeremy's arousal. It poured off Jeremy like heat waves. Surly he needed some relief.

"What can I do to get you off?" Ryan asked softly.

"That's not necess..."

"I want to Jeremy." Ryan wriggled his arse against the hot hard flesh still nestled between his cheeks.

"Hey, stop that." Jeremy tightened his hold on Ryan to stop his movement.

"Don't you want me anymore?" He asked in a small voice.

Jeremy laughed. "You really need an answer to that question?" Jeremy reached down to pull his erection back. When he let it go it slapped against Ryan's arse with an erotic but funny sound, making both of them laugh. "Feel that? If I want you anymore than I already do, I'll probably end up in some science lab somewhere."

"So why don't you want me to..."

"Let's just say I'm saving myself for tonight." Jeremy drawled huskily. "How about that?" He gave Ryan's arse a light slap. "I'm going to fuck this gorgeous arse so good you're not going to remember your name for days."

"Oh god..." Ryan moaned as a shudder jolted through him at Jeremy's words. They both felt his dicks jerk between them and laughed. "Damn, you're..." Ryan trailed off and turned his head to look behind him when the door to Jeremy's suite opened.

A tall, dark-haired beauty, clad in skintight black leather pants and vest, with black spiky-heeled boots who could easily pass for a dominatrix entered the suite. Her eyes went straight to Ryan's, their silver gray irises showing her shock as she took in the scene on Jeremy's bed. Ryan turned shocked eyes onto Jeremy.

"So not only do you have mind-links with them, they also have access to your suite?" Ryan looked and sounded incredulous.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Dominatrix's shocked voice drowned out Jeremy's groan.

With a cuss that would have made a sailor proud, Jeremy got out of bed with Ryan held tightly against him. "What are you doing back, Paige?" His irritated question was directed at the woman but he didn't even look like he was interested in an answer. "She's not my lover, baby." Jeremy told Ryan as he gently placed Ryan back on the bed with his back against the headboard.

"Baby?" Paige Harrington burst into laughter. "Seriously, what's going on Jeremy?"

"How many people have access to your room?" Ryan asked, staring at the amused lady through the glass.

"And who the fuck are you to ask?" Dominatrix's eyes flashed with amusement.

Jeremy sighed as he reached for one of the small towels he always kept in the compartment beneath the bedside table, and began to wipe the cum off Ryan's stomach.

"Philip, Stan, Mum, Joel and the soon to be dead woman standing there." The way Jeremy spoke sounded so funny to Ryan he actually smiled.

"Soon to be dead huh?" The lady said dryly. "We'll see about that. Still waiting for an expla..."

"Paige Harrington if you don't get out of here, so help me God I'll..."

"Harrington?" Ryan relaxed against the headboard and watched his mate draw the covers over his nakedness. "As in...Philip...Harrington?" He looked up at Jeremy.

"That's Philip's sister, Ryan." Jeremy leaned down and dropped a kiss against Ryan's mouth. Then he turned to leave the sleeping area, still stark naked. "That's my mate, Paige. Now, care to tell me why you're back?" He asked as he moved towards the bathroom.

"What?" Paige screeched. "You're kidding me right?" Her eyes bulged out to the extent that Ryan feared they would pop out. "Hey, Jer..." She followed Jeremy into the bathroom and watched as he washed his hands and brushed his teeth. "Tell me it's a joke please." She leaned against the vanity and watched the alpha. "Jeremy seriously, I'm dying here."

Jeremy deliberately took his time to rinse his mouth and clean the cum that still decorated his sexy six-pack. Then he turned to look at Paige. "I'm not kidding." With that, he walked out of the bathroom, straight to his walk-in closet.

"Oh my god!" Paige gasped, watching as Jeremy pulled on sweatpants and a t-shirt. He took out another sweats and t-shirt...obviously meant for Ryan. "You're serious." Suddenly, a naughty smile appeared on her face. "Okay, here goes." She started towards Ryan whose wary eyes remain on Paige the whole time.

"Paige..." Jeremy groaned just as the door to the suite opened to admit Philip and Stan. "Guys, you really need to stop barging in here without announcing your... Paige?"

But Paige Harrington was already standing beside Ryan who could feel a blush rising up his neck. That naughty and predatory smile on Paige's face... Ryan didn't know what to think or expect. In no time at all, he was assailed with a full-body blush. What happened next, Ryan wouldn't have been able to predict in a million years. Philip's sister shocked the hell out of him by leaning down and kissing him full on the mouth. Jeremy didn't say a word. Philip and Stan erupted into laughter. Ryan reeled from that surprise kiss...his very first from a woman.

"Your mate will explain all this, Hot Lips." Paige's delighted smile was so infectious Ryan found himself smiling back. "You're breathtakingly yummy by the way."

Ryan grinned. "You got me at Hot Lips. You can kiss me again if you want to." He joked, making Paige howl with laughter whilst Jeremy growled.

"Don't you dare..." Jeremy glared at Ryan as he threw the clothes he held onto Ryan's lap.

"Well, I didn't think you'd mind a second kiss since you didn't react to the first one." Ryan smirked, making Paige laugh even harder.

"I like him." She said as she turned to leave Jeremy and Ryan. "So...he just accepted it and suddenly started loving cock?" Paige asked loudly enough for everyone in the suite to hear, drawing laughter from her brother and Stan who were pouring coffee into mugs at the bar.

"You'll never change, Slip." Philip chuckled, enfolding his big sister in a bear hug. "Missed you, Sis."

"Missed you more, brother." Paige mumbled, hugging Philip back tightly.

"We have a lot of catching up to do." Philip kissed his sister on the forehead. "But let's finish with you first. Whatever news you have must be serious if you didn't want to risk calling to tell us. When Clara called to tell me you're here I almost shit my pants."

"Almost?" Stan drawled, drawing Paige into his arms. "Lucky you, man. I did." He said in his usual jovial way, making Paige and Philip laugh. "Good to see you, Slip. So how bad is it?"

"It's terrible guys." Paige sighed and then turned to look at Jeremy who was giving Ryan a lingering kiss on the bed. "Ugh that's so shocking to see...but so fucking hot and sweet." She muttered, picking up two mugs of coffee...one for herself and one for Jeremy. All three left the bar for the dining area. "If Jeremy could just come out of that cum-scented bed, I could start talking." Paige said loudly enough for the alpha to hear and laughed when Jeremy flipped her a bird even as he continued kissing Ryan.

"Wait...you know how cum smells like?" Stan drawled. "I guess even lesbians need a good cock action once in a while." He dodged the punch Paige aimed his way.

"Fuck you Stan." Paige laughed as Stan gave Philip a hi-five. "So tell me...how many girls are you two currently fucking? And who are they?" She asked dryly, making the guys burst into laughter. Paige always insisted that as the eldest amongst them, she needed to know who they were in bed with.

Meanwhile on Jeremy's bed, Ryan, who was dressed in sweats and t-shirt, tried to bring his breathing under control.

"Are you okay?" Jeremy asked softly against Ryan's wet lips.

"You mean after that frenchie from Paige?" Ryan whispered shakily. Desire, that had nothing to do with Paige's kiss, was turning his insides to mush.

"Shut up, it wasn't a frenchie." Jeremy laughed. "We had a silly agreement of sorts when we were teens. We get to kiss each other's mates the first time we meet them. Philip and Stan couldn't kiss you because..."

"I'm a guy." Ryan nodded.

"Yeah. Paige's a lesbian but I guess that didn't matter to her at all."

"Oh snap. She must have been looking forward to kissing the shit out of your mates." Ryan chuckled. "Too bad she had to settle for a guy's mouth."

"A very sweet mouth if you ask me." The alpha murmured and leaned in for another kiss. "You better not offer it to..." Jeremy trailed off when his cell phone began to ring. "Mum." He muttered when he looked at the caller ID. "Good morning Ma." He listened for a second and turned to his mate. "She's been calling your phone."

"Shit, I left it in my..."

"He's with me Ma." Jeremy said. "I'm putting you on speaker."

"How are you this morning Ryan?" Gloria asked with a smile in her voice.

"I'm good, Gloria. How about you?"

"Couldn't be better darling. Been laughing my head off this morning. Apparently the pack is on a lookout for potential attackers." Gloria laughed. "They're all being kept under tight security, I hear for their own safety." Jeremy chuckled at how amused his mother sounded. "Your reputation definitely precedes you honey-buns."

"You mean my reputation is shitty." Ryan groaned.

"We're beasts darling." Gloria chuckled. "That's the best reputation to have if you want some peace. Anyway that's not the reason I called. The council will meet you at ten a.m. It's going to be just you two and the council but you can bring your crew for moral support if you want to, Jer. Joel called to tell me Paige is back."


"Perfect timing. She would have been pissed if you'd done this without her." Gloria chuckled.

"I know right." Jeremy sighed. "We'll see you at the council quarters at ten Ma." Jeremy said and hung up. "Would you mind if I meet with those three for a while? Paige is my head of Sentinel. That's like the intelligence arm of the pack."

"What's her profession?" Ryan turned his head to look at Paige. The way she was dressed...

Jeremy chuckled. "She's an engineer. Used to lecture at a point actually. Anyway, she's been out of the country to investigate something weird that's been going on of late. She must have very sensitive information for us if she came back without alerting any of us."

"Hey, go do your thing. I'll just go take a shower and get something to eat." Ryan stretched.

"Thanks." Jeremy kissed him again and got to his feet. "And don't kill anyone. Remember, you're the only one I want." He grinned when Ryan rolled his eyes.

Somehow their relationship had sort of taken a different turn after they shared that intimate time in the Jacuzzi the night before. Ryan had always felt free around Jeremy but after the night they'd shared, he felt closer to the alpha. He enjoyed their light banter and loved Jeremy's relaxed and seductive charm. Maybe it was because he'd accepted to mate with Jeremy but Ryan's entire body buzzed with awareness of the man. The look in his eyes as he looked at the alpha said it all.

"In fact, order in." Jeremy threw over his shoulder as he opened the sliding door that cut off the bed area from the rest of the suite. "I'll join you when I'm done." He headed for Paige's outstretched arms. 'I love watching you eat.' The alpha added on their mind-link.

'You're nuts, you know that?' Ryan responded, watching as Jeremy gave Paige a tight hug.

'Nuts about you.' Came Jeremy's husky voice which sent a delicious shiver down Ryan's spine.

"Holy shit." Ryan moaned when he felt his cocks twitch inside his sweats. And to think he'd come mere minutes ago, he thought surprised. But then that was how insanely Jeremy turned him on.

The four people didn't even turn to look in Ryan's direction as he left Jeremy's suite via the connecting door between their rooms. They were all listening attentively to Paige as they drank their coffee. Whatever the problem was, Ryan could tell it was very serious. Well, he had faith in his mate to make everything right. He didn't even know how the guy operated when it came to the running of his pack. But Ryan just knew that Jeremy would make sure everything and everyone was okay.

"Fuck." Ryan muttered to himself, surprised at his thoughts on Jeremy. He had so much faith and confidence in Jeremy it surprised him. Despite everything that had happened between his mate and himself, he knew he had it real bad for the guy.


"Can you please come forward, Alpha Jeremy?" The High Priestess called with a delightful smile on her face. Like the other members of council, she looked thrilled that their alpha had found his mate.

They were in the cozy and beautifully decorated council meeting room with the Members of the Council. The Council was the highest body of authority in the pack. It was made up of eight elders, headed by the High Priestess. Gloria and Joel were both members of the council. The only non-council members present were the alpha himself, Ryan, Philip, Stan, and Paige. The meeting had commenced with the alpha introducing his mate to the council. The members were thrilled. Although two had raised the obvious issue of an heir to the throne, they'd all agreed that Luna knew best. Members had unanimously agreed that the mating ceremony could take place that evening. All that was left was for the High Priestess to ask for Luna's blessing and protection for the upcoming ceremony. After that, they could go and inform the pack and then begin preparation towards the ceremony.

Everything had gone better than Jeremy had expected. The council had been too thrilled for him they hadn't opposed his request to do the ceremony that very evening. Jeremy was very happy. He planned on showing his mate some good time that evening. He was going to show Ryan how to party, werewolf style. Jeremy squeezed Ryan's hand reassuringly and stood up to approach the High Priestess.

"At this point, I'll ask for complete silence as we ask for Luna's guidance for our Alpha." The voice of the High Priestess filled the room. "We ask Luna to guide his steps, thoughts and heart as he claims his lifetime partner tonight." The priestess picked up a wand. "We ask for protection during the ceremony." She smiled as she reached out towards Jeremy with the wand in her hand. "Even as we make merry and have fun, we..." The wand touched Jeremy's forehead...

Then all hell broke loose!

The high priestess gave a loud cry and went into a trance, her eyes completely white and unfocused. Jeremy tried to raise his head but the wand kept him exactly where he was. The people in the room looked confused as they stared at the High Priestess and the suddenly glowing statue of Luna behind her. No one in that room...not even the council member who was over a century old...remembered ever seeing that statue glow hot red as it was doing that very moment. It meant just one thing. Luna was pissed!

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