Savage Desire Ch. 07


"Dad?" Philip addressed his father. "What do you think?"

The elder gave a deep sigh and reached for the hand of a worried Gloria. "I have to agree with Ryan and Stanley, son." Joel said gravely. "Ryan is our best bet. If we don't go after them, they will come after us. And we don't have the juice to face them as wolves. With Ryan and Deloris, we stand a better chance."

"Joel..." Gloria gasped with a haunted look in her eyes. If anything happened to Ryan, she was definitely not going to see her son again. But more importantly, she didn't want to risk Ryan's life because she'd come to see and love him as her son too. And no mother would be okay with risking their son's life. "Please don't allow this." She whispered shakily.

Joel turned and wrapped his arms around the trembling woman. "Remember the prophecy about Jeremy's mate?" Joel murmured into Gloria's hair. "It said he would be important to not only our pack, but to werewolves everywhere. We already know how powerful he is. What if he's meant to save all of us, honey? You have to believe. What we have to do is guard him. Be his protective shield and allow him to do what he can." By then, Gloria was crying softly.

"I'm so scared." She sniffled. "He's so innocent. He's been thrust into all this supernatural stuff which is still so new to him. I may not get my son back, Joel. Ryan's all I have for now."

"Don't say that." Joel admonished. "Jeremy will be back. You heard Deloris. This is the worst time for Jeremy to be anywhere on the face of earth. We both know how headstrong he is. He would have gone to face Reynard or been captured just as Sasha and co were had he been around. I shudder to think what Reynard would have done to him. Luna might not be so cruel after all."

"You think?" Gloria muttered.

"Think about it, darling." Joel insisted. "His incarceration might just be a blessing in disguise. Now let's go with them and make sure no harm comes to Ryan. That's the best thing you can do for both Ryan and Jeremy right now. Alright?"

Gloria nodded. "Alright."

"That's my girl." With a finger, Joel tilted Gloria's chin up. And right there in front of everyone, he gave her a light but sweet kiss that drew wolfish whistles from Stan and Paige, and chuckles from Philip and Deloris.

Ryan didn't react at all. He still looked so angry, upset and depressed. He obviously hadn't gotten over the realization that his mate was going through so much because of him. When Ryan felt Paige's hand on him he almost jumped out of his skin. He was so lost in thought he hadn't even seen Paige move towards him.

"Come here, baby." Paige murmured as she hugged Ryan to her, tightly. "I know you're upset. But know that you would have done same had you been in Jer's shoes. When you love someone, you want to do everything in your power to keep them safe and comfortable."

"Yeah?" Ryan asked quietly. "Then I'm sure you know how I feel right now. Not only am I unable to keep the one I love safe and comfortable, I'm actually the cause of his pain and discomfort. Just great." He muttered.

"Aw Ryan." Paige sighed as she rubbed Ryan on the back. She knew that Ryan was hurting but couldn't come up with anything better to say to soothe him. "This whole thing is fucked up. Come on, let's go get ready. Time to kick arse." They both stood up and turned towards the door.

"Ryan?" Gloria called out shakily and started towards Ryan and Paige. "I'm so sorry, baby." She said when she got to them. "Come here." She drew Ryan into her arms.

"He's your son." Ryan muttered. "Why did you let him do it?" Ryan's voice was filled with so much anguish. "I feel terrible."

"You know Jeremy, honey." Gloria said softly. "When he makes up his mind, nothing sways him. And when it's about you, no one has the right to attempt to sway him. I would have done same if my mate's comfort was on the line. Don't be angry. It's what it is."

"I'm not happy with it but I get it." Ryan sighed. "Let's go get those sons of bitches before that crazy mate of mine walks out into a world without werewolves. That would definitely kill him if nothing else does." He squeezed Gloria lightly and then stood back.

"Still angry?" Gloria smiled up at her gorgeous son-in-law.

"Hell yeah." Ryan growled. "But still love you to bits." He grinned. "Going up to get ready."


Phillip, the acting alpha of Stanton Pack and his warriors stood at marked points around a large stretch of bare land. There were forty pack members, standing in groups of fives, with each group standing at a distance from the other. It was dawn and all was quiet. Apart from the alpha and his squad, there was no evidence of life on the land. After making sure that all the vantage points were covered, Alpha Philip raised a hand to signal someone in the group that was made up of four women and a man.

Deloris saw Phillip's signal and nodded. She had in her right palm eight coins, each representing a group. Their strategy was to first rescue Camilla, bring down the invisible barrier shielding the fortress, and then attack. Camilla had to be rescued first because should the clan see or sense any intruders, Camilla would be killed. Although they didn't know the exact powers that Ryan had, the squad from Stanwood Pack hoped to use it to their advantage. Deloris had assured Ryan that she'd never felt so much intense energy as she was feeling from him. She believed that Ryan could do anything he set his mind on. On their way to the Wyatt Clan's hidden fortress, Deloris had therefore taken the opportunity to tell Ryan about some of the magical possibilities that she'd seen and heard happen in her years on earth. Her main aim was to plant those thoughts and possibilities into Ryan's mind, so he could use them during their face-off with the Wyatt Clan. She encouraged him to simply believe in himself and feel confident to try anything.

Deloris' hope was that Ryan could somehow reach quietly into the invisible fortress and bring Camilla out before the real action began. It had been done before. And she just knew that Ryan could pull it off. If all went according to plan, The Wyatt Clan wouldn't know what hit them. The clan's oblivious state was the pack's strategic advantage.

"Ready?" Deloris's question was directed at Ryan.

"Let's do this." Ryan breathed, pulling up his hoodie to cover his white tresses.

"Try not to get hurt honeybuns." Gloria said softly.

"That's the plan." Ryan grinned at the woman he'd come to love so much. "Don't worry too much. Deloris has already seen to that, remember?"

Apart from casting a general weakening spell over the Wyatt Clan, Deloris had insisted on casting an immunity spell on Ryan, to protect him and in extension, Jeremy. The immunity spell did not only make Ryan immune to physical harm, it also prevented him from being affected by spells, charms and potions.

"I'll still worry." Gloria gave a tremulous smile. "That's what mothers do." She murmured as Ryan kissed her on the cheek.

"You look gangster." Paige grinned at Ryan.

"And you look like a dominatrix." Ryan shot back, making Paige laugh. "Okay, I'm ready to penetrate this...whatever." He said gruffly.

"Stop saying penetrate." Paige drawled. "It's a rescue mission not a sex act."

Katie couldn't hold in her laughter at Paige's words. "Seriously Paige." She laughed. "All the best, Alpha." The warrior addressed Ryan. If anybody had the power to do what Ryan was about to attempt, Katie knew that it was her alpha's mate. After all, she'd been at the end of that power some months earlier. As her wolf dangled in the air...that day she'd gone to challenge Ryan, she'd felt Ryan's power. And it was like nothing she'd felt before. "You can do this."

"Thanks Katie." Ryan gave Katie a smile.

"Remember, be conscious of your surroundings at all times." Deloris instructed. "Yes, we are taking them by surprise but we can't underestimate Reynard Wyatt. Now concentrate."

Ryan bowed his head and reached out to Camilla with his mind. His aim was to zero in on her exact location inside the fortress. That was real easy. He could see Camilla sitting on a narrow bed inside a dark room. He pushed his thoughts onto her.

'Camilla, it's me, Ryan.' Ryan said on the mind-link when he connected with Camilla, his mate's ex-lover who had once handed him his arse.

'Oh my god, Ryan...' She screeched. 'How...'

'Don't do anything to give yourself away Camilla. Are you alone?'

'Yes. I am.'

'Good. Just stay connected. I'll be there soon.'

'Oh no, Ryan don't.' Camilla gasped. 'These people are dangerous and ruthless. I don't want something to happen to you on my account. Jeremy will kill me. Just don't come here... "what the fuck?" Camilla gasped out load when Ryan suddenly appeared beside her.

'Shhh...' Ryan still communicated on their mind-link. 'Okay, stand up. We just have to wait for your mother to bring the barrier down. Then we will teleport outside the fortress.'

"How did you get in if the barrier is still up?" She hissed, looking completely shocked.

'Don't talk out loud. I don't want them to get suspicious.' Ryan groaned. 'And I'm not here. I've astral projected here that's all. But when that barrier comes down, I can just teleport you out of here.' Ryan had projected his consciousness into an astral form outside his body, to enable him go through the magical barrier around the fortress, undetected just as Deloris had directed.

"What are you?" Camilla breathed.

'What's so difficult about not talking out loud?' Ryan looked both exasperated and amused at the same time.

'Sorry.' Camilla said. 'What now?'

'We wait.' Ryan said and then opened his mind-link to every pack member on the property. 'We're ready, Deloris.'


Outside the magically invisible fortress, Deloris turned to look at Ryan who stood beside her with his head bowed. She couldn't suppress her smile of admiration. She recited some words onto the coins in her palm and threw all against the barrier with all her strength. And instantly, the fortress of the Wyatt Clan was revealed in all its gargantuan glory.

"Now, Ryan." The warlock commanded.

Camilla appeared before them instantly. She immediately threw herself into her mother's arms and held on tightly. But when Deloris hugged her daughter back, she flinched and groaned.

"Oh god, what did they do to you? Where does it hurt?" Deloris held her daughter at arm's length and stared at her with eyes filled with pain.

"You mean where doesn't it hurt?" Camilla drawled.

"They will pay for this." Deloris vowed.

And even as mother and daughter embraced, all the werewolves except for Phillip, Gloria, Paige and Ryan, shifted into ferocious looking wolves.

"Move!" On Phillip's command, the wolves charged onto the compound.


The Jackal's head shot up from the herbs in front of him when he heard the name that fell from the boy's lips. He turned his head to stare at twenty-one year old Troy who was relaxing in a lazy chair with his eyes closed. The boy was an early riser. That was because of what he was...a werewolf. But he didn't even know that himself, thanks to the Lord Command. He was supposed to be down in the dungeon with the other prisoners but Reynard had instructed that he should rather live amongst the warlocks for closer monitoring.

According to the Lord Command, Troy had a really powerful aura around him and was therefore very important to him. Since he was kidnapped and brought in as a child, he'd mingled with the warlocks and been taught whatever he needed to know. The Jackal knew that the Lord Command would relish sacrificing Troy when the time suited him. He claimed that the more powerful the soul, the sweeter it was to absorb them. So Troy was bound to be sacrificed at a point but till then, he was one of them.

"What did you say?" The Jackal asked, watching as Troy stretched and yawned.

"Deloris." Troy repeated. "I just heard someone say, 'we're ready, Deloris'."

"Heard how?" The Jackal's eyes narrowed. In his line of work, there was nothing like coincidence. He only knew one Deloris. And she was the warlock whose daughter he'd kidnapped to blackmail her into divulging information about her alpha.

Troy shrugged. "I just heard it in my head." He turned his head to look at the albino. "Why do you look like you've seen a ghost?" He never knew the albino could actually look whiter than he already did.

The Jackal stared at the boy, hoping that somehow, there was nothing to what Troy had said. Then he suddenly heard it... the growls and the screams.

"Wolves." The Jackal gasped. "Stay here." He instructed Troy and then dashed out of the room.


Reynard Wyatt looked up when the door to his sanctuary burst open. He was in there, going over the final plans with his Trusted Seven as he called his top strategists. The best time to come up with strategies was at dawn, when their minds were relaxed and fresh after a good night's sleep.

"I thought I told you not to disturb..."

"We're under attack, Lord Command." The Jackal said urgently.


"Wolves." The Jackal rasped. "They're on the compound. I don't know how they got in. Somehow, our strength and magic has gotten very weak. Some of our people are already dead."

"Go out there and find out who they're working with." The Lord Command roared. "Those mangy mutts could not have penetrated our shield unless they had help from a warlock. I don't think someone from within can betray us. That warlock you're working with..."

"It can't be her, Lord Command." The Jackal couldn't look his Lord in the eye. "She wouldn't risk the life of her only child." He sure as hell couldn't tell the Lord Command that his contact might have caused their current predicament. That would be like signing his and his wife's death warrant.

"Maybe she would." Reynard Wyatt barked. "People can be stupidly loyal. Seen the girl?"

"I will check up on her." The Jackal turned to go.

"Bring her to me, if she's still alive." Reynard bellowed. "Petra, Zack and the heights." He instructed three of the seven seated around the table. "Try to get the power strengthened." The three instantly shimmered and disappeared from the room. Then the Lord Command looked at the remaining faces around the table and gave a sinister grin. "Let's show those werewolves what we do with dogs who don't know their place."


Outside, it was a blood bath. The wolves tore to pieces any warlock they came into contact with. The warlocks somehow realized that besides the fact that their sleep had been rudely interrupted, their powers were not working as they were supposed to. They knew that their best bet was the use of fireballs. And those deadly balls rained down on the wolves. Unfortunately for the warlocks and fortunately for the wolves, the warriors of Stanwood Pack received their training from the very best. If you were taught how to fight by an alpha who is an Ojah to boot, you don't have any choice but to be smart and fast. The warlocks had the shock of their lives. The wolves were always so quick to dodge those deadly balls, the warlocks would have applauded their skill if they could take a time out. About four wolves got injured but they were still strong enough to fight. Some of the warlocks ran, others cloaked themselves. But thanks to the spell that Deloris had cast, cloaked warlocks couldn't stay cloaked for long. They just weren't that strong.

'Group two, take the west wing.' Stan screamed on the link of the werewolves. 'Don't leave any of those psychos alive. Vincent, take the east wing with your team. I hear there are some prisoners in the dungeons down there. Release them. Hopefully, they're strong enough to help us.'

'Roger that, boss.' Vincent responded as he charged towards the east wing with his team. They were having a blast.

'Pete, let's take the south wing?' Phillip bellowed onto their link. 'Looks like the majority of our filthy friends are hiding out over there.'

'Sure.' Pete responded as his wolf charged forward. 'I saw a young boy throwing fireballs from that side. He's the one who wounded Malik and Alex. His arse is grass.'

'I'm coming with you guys.' Stan rasped as he jumped and tore out the throat of one scary looking warlock who was in the process of levitating off the ground whilst reciting some incantations.

But just as Phillip, who was still in his human form started forward, Ryan appeared beside him.

"Deloris and I are going after Reynard." Ryan informed Phillip. "Gloria, Paige and Camilla have already joined the fight."

"Okay. Be careful at all times, Ryan." Phillip advised. "Stay close to Deloris. She's experienced and knows how these people operate. Get out if it gets too hot." He growled. "Promise me..."

"Watch out." Paige, who was also still in human form screamed, making both Ryan and Phillip look up just in time to see two purplish fire balls hurtling towards them.

Ryan raised his hand and sent the balls right back to the warlock who had thrown them, causing her to explode instantly. Just at that time, a young boy with a full crop of blond hair stepped forward with a big fire ball in his hand. His intention was clear.

'The boy.' Pete screamed and charged towards the boy. 'I'm going to enjoy this.'

Stan charged towards the boy at the same time. Phillip turned his head to look at the boy and froze when their eyes locked on each other's. The boy, who couldn't seem to tear his eyes off Phillip, seemed to have completely forgotten about the fireball in his palm. For Phillip, time stood still. Although the boy arrested his attention, he could see from the corners of his eyes that Stan and Pete's wolves were almost upon the boy. And that was when he screamed for the very first time in an alpha's voice;

"Don't hurt him." An alpha's command. The wolves froze.

The boy, who'd been the target of both wolves, looked so focused on Phillip he seemed not to notice the confusion around him. When he heard someone mention the name of the gorgeous man who had stopped the wolves from attacking him, he finally tore his eyes away from the man and looked down at the fireball in his palm. He suddenly didn't feel like using it... couldn't bring himself to hurt that man standing about ten meters away from him. He knew that Mary would be pissed after all the trouble she'd gone through to ensure that he could handle a fireball without getting burnt. After all, he wasn't like them.

Troy closed his palm and instantly put out the ball of fire inside. Then with one last look at the man whose eyes made his heart flutter inside his chest, he turned around and ran off.

'What the fuck was that?' Stan growled on their link.

Phillip turned his eyes from the spot the boy had disappeared and looked at his friend. "He's not a warlock." He said aloud, simply.

'So what?' Stan growled angrily. 'This is a battle, Lip. And everyone inside this fortress is an enemy. Well, except the prisoners. You heard what Deloris said. Their plan is to annihilate us. That boy has wounded..."

"Let it go, Stan." Phillip said quietly. Too quietly. None of the pack members gathered around knew the struggle that was going on between Phillip and his wolf at that particular moment. In the end, however, the human won. He made his wolf understand that there were more important matters to handle which couldn't be ignored. The survival of his pack came first.

"Phillip?" Ryan murmured.

"Don't ask." Phillip rasped. "See you later." With that, the alpha shifted into a large grey wolf and charged towards the south wing. He was confused, he was restless, he was angry, and he needed to vent. What better way than to unleash terror on the people who wanted to wipe out his entire species?

No warlock was left standing in Phillip's wake.


The jackal stared at the bed on which he'd expected to see Camilla and felt his heart drop. She was gone. That meant only one thing... His death. He'd assured the Lord Command that Deloris was under his control because he had her daughter. Not only was there no daughter, but it looked like Deloris had led the pack straight to them. Oh, his death was so assured. There was only one thing to do at that point. Get his wife and run!

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