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Savannah's Mystery Fuck


The club was crowded, noisy, and smoky...yet it barely registered with Savannah. Ever since she had arrived forty-five minutes earlier she kept experiencing a tingling sensation on the back of her neck, like she was being watched. The sensation was not unlike the feelings she experienced right before she had sex, but as of yet she hadn't picked out any man for the night. She squirmed in her seat and felt the gentle gush of pussy juice soak her panties. An uncontrolled 'ooooh' escaped her lips, and her friend Tanya looked at her worriedly.

"Are you all right" she asked.

"Yeah, just great" she muttered, and smiled at her friend briefly.

She turned her attention to the bar that ran the entire length of the south-side wall. None of the men staring there seemed to be the cause of these strange, yet pleasurable tingling sensations. Excusing herself, she made her way to the ladies room and splashed her face and wrists with cool water. She was feeling a bit overheated. The hallway was dark on her return; a light bulb must have gone out.

Suddenly, a masculine arm grabbed her and pulled her into an even darker lounge room. A door was shut, and she heard the lock turn. A man had pushed her against the wall nearest the door, and was pressed tightly against her back. It had all happened so quickly Savannah had had no time to react. Her heart thudded heavily in her chest and her skin tingled alarmingly. Should she be afraid? Just as she was about to open her mouth to scream his hand slapped over her mouth, cutting off the sound.

"I won't hurt you, sweet; if you don't want fucked tell me and you'll be free to go." Panting heavily, Savannah wasn't sure if she should bolt or stay, but those tingling sensations were in full force. She could only conclude that this man was responsible for the earlier sensations as well. Still she hesitated. This man was an unknown, and his pick-up line was out of the ordinary. Perhaps he could use some protocol instruction, she thought half-hysterically; 'How to soothe the woman you pounce on in the dark.'

"Not sure?" he murmured, releasing her from her chaotic thoughts, and then pressed fully onto her. He removed his hand from her mouth and slid it down her side until it rested near her breast. She felt a distinct bulge rubbing her ass through her mini. He lapped gently at her neck, and then bit her ear. Savannah almost came on the spot.

"Decide!" he ordered, and punctuated his command with a rough squeeze of her breast.

Hesitantly, she croaked out, "I'll stay...," and then more forcefully, "Fuck me!"

"Good girl" he said.

She heard the rasp of his zipper sliding down, and felt the heat of his cock warm her flesh even through the stretchy cotton of her skirt. His hands slowly lifted the short skirt to her waist, and then impatient male hands were shredding her $95 thong panty. She gasped in growing excitement, and already her juices were marking a trail down her thighs. Instinctively she rubbed her bare ass on his cock, but his hands pressed her tighter to the wall.

"Not yet" he said. Moments later those same hands urged her legs further apart, and she felt the first exciting dart of his tongue along her ass crack. Savannah moaned her pleasure as his tongue moved forward and caressed her pussy lips, and then made quick stabbing motions at her clit.

His tongue never stayed in one place too long, alternating between her three pleasure points, until she squirmed and wriggled her way to orgasm. His lips tugged on her clit, drawing out her pleasure, making it last. And then began again, but this time letting his tongue penetrate her tight pussy fully, fucking her wetly. He swirled his tongue around inside her damp hole, setting off more tiny aftershocks. A finger thrust up into her ass, stroking deeply and ruthlessly.

She bit her hand, trying not to scream at the intensity of yet another orgasm; her hips pumped frantically against his face. No sooner had it ended than she felt the heavy thrust of his cock surging into her. Though she could feel it was only average in length, about seven or so inches, it was very thick, and stretched her mercilessly. She felt a slight sting as her pussy accommodated him and then pleasure took over. He moved slowly, heavily into her; pulling almost all the way out, hesitating at her wet pussy, then surging strongly back until he was completely buried inside.

Again and again he tormented her with slow, deep thrusts, alternately moving side to side, stretching her further. Savannah could only moan and writhe against him. Her body quivered with excitement, and she reached back with her hands and planted them on his thighs. His thighs bulged pleasantly under her palms, as a different bulge pleasantly plundered her tender pussy. The sensations were overwhelming...his hot breath on her neck, his hands gripping tightly at her wais, .and hot, explicit fuck words exploding in her ear as he pumped his thick cock in and out of her. She could feel her body tensing in preparation for another orgasm, and she whimpered "yes, yes, yes, ye"' over and over.

"I'm going to cum in your mouth, sweet Savannah, a full load."

His hips pistoned more furiously, his dick slamming repeatedly into her; each movement slammed her against the wall. "Now, sweet," he ordered.

She had only a moment to wonder how he knew her name, but then he was pulling out; he turned her around and forced her to her knees. Her fingers worked furiously on her clit as he pushed his cock into her mouth. Two, three, four strokes...she was cumming, moaning around his cock. Reaching up, she rolled his balls in her hands, taking as much of him as she could down her throat. His hands gripped her head, pulling her mouth on him so tightly her nose was buried in his pubes.

"Oh, FUCK!" he moaned. His grip tightened around her skull and his dick swelled with his impending release. A hot burst of cum splashed against the back of her throat, the tangy and salty flavor doing its own kind of tingling dance on her tongue. Savannah was sure to lick up every last drop, milking him for all he was worth.

His voice above her whispered his pleasure; his hands caressed her scalp gently. Drawing her up, he kissed her deep and long. She tasted a mixture of his cum and her own juices; ambrosia, she thought. And then he gently pushed her away. Savannah closed her eyes on a deep sigh; she was still trying to digest what had just happened. She heard him adjust his clothes, pull his zipper back up. He pulled her skirt back down to her thighs, and gave her a hug.

"I'll keep your panties as a memento, sweet."

Savannah still could not see his face, and before she could ask his name he was opening the door leading into the hall. Giving her a light slap on the ass he told her, "We'll meet again Savannah," and pushed her out of the room. Bemused, Savannah walked into the bar area, her pussy still twitching and juices still flowing across her thighs.

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