tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSave a Tree Become a Sex Slave

Save a Tree Become a Sex Slave


Summary: Daughter used to blackmail MILF mom into sexual servitude.

Note: This is an Earth Day 2013 Contest story so please vote.

Note 2: Thanks to MAB7991 for his usual dedicated editing and plot suggestions.


I finally had the Bastard where I wanted him. Two years, a dozen protests, letters to every level of government and finally I got the injunction temporary stopping him from cutting down the sacred pine trees he planned to get rid of for a new hotel.

A couple of days after the injunction was imposed, I received a call from his secretary for a meeting. Finally, I would meet him face to face. I dressed professionally and yet allowing my assets, my 36C breasts, firm ass and long legs to be showcased. I wore my hair up, three inch heels, black pantyhose and skirt, white blouse and a black blazer. Confident I was finally going to see this bastard squirm, I headed out.

Once there, I was surprised when the secretary was a woman in her early forties dressed in a short skirt, and tight blouse. I said, "I am here to meet with Mr. Jones, I am Hilary White."

She looked up at me and said, "I am sure you are."

"Excuse me?" I asked, not liking her tone.

"You may go in, he is expecting you," she said, again her tone seemingly ominous.

Shaking my head at the secretary's attitude, I smiled realizing he must really be concerned enough about me as a threat to not make me wait.

As I entered his office, he was at his desk, his usual smug smile plastered on his face. He greeted me, "Thank you for coming Mrs. White."

I sarcastically shot back, "Thanks for finally finding time in your busy schedule to meet with me face to face."

Not seeming to catch my sarcasm, he responded pleasantly, "Yes, it is great to finally meet you in person."

To my surprise, he didn't get up to shake hands, instead gesturing to the seat in front of his desk.

I shook my head. "I think I will stand."

"Suit yourself, Mrs. White," he shrugged, not remotely phased by my stubbornness. After a brief moment, he said, "So I am going to be frank with you."

"You were quite frank with me over the phone many times," I quipped back, enjoying the thought that I now had the power, something he was clearly not used to.

He chuckled, "I suppose so." After a brief pause he said, "I want you to request the injunction be canceled."

Now it was my turn to chuckle. "And I want you to withdraw your building plans and respect the citizens of my community."

He replied, "Mrs. White we can do this the easy way or the hard way."

"Are you threatening me?" I questioned, surprised by his smugness and pissed off by his attitude.

"Me? Goodness no, I am just looking out for your best interests," he replied, his smile really beginning to piss me off.

I scoffed, "You only look out for yourself and your big business cronies. I told you I was going to stop the development of your insipid project and protect the pines and park. I will not stop until you have withdrawn your project and the area is rezoned."

"Are you sure there is nothing that can change your mind?" He asked.

"You can't buy your way out of this, Mr. Jones," I countered.

"What about your daughter?" He replied, changing the subject and oddly letting out what sounded like a moan.

"Leave my family out of this," I snapped, not going to be bullied by this rich prick.

"I can't do that, she is already involved," he replied, his smug smile getting even smugger if that was even possible.

"What the fuck are you talking about," I questioned, losing my cool.

"Now, now, Mrs. White, try to be civil," he quipped back, cool as a cucumber which only fueled my rage.

"I have had enough of this," I said, my tone as cold as ice. "Next time you talk to me it will be with my lawyer."

I turned and began to leave when he said, "Open wide and take it all over your face, slut."

I stopped in my tracks, turned around and said, so hot with anger I could feel the steam rising, "What did you just say?"

He put his hand up as he made a facial expression that implied he was coming. "Shiiiit," he grunted.

I froze. I looked down and noticed a pair of runners underneath his desk that I somehow hadn't noticed before. Someone was under his desk giving him a blow job while he was talking to me.

"Of all the nerve," I said, appalled by his behaviour.

"Money may not be able to buy everything Mrs. White, but what it can't get blackmail usually will," he explained. Looking down at the slut who had been pleasuring him, he ordered, "Clean my cock, cocksucker."

"You are one sick fuck," I said, shaking my head in disgust, again turning to leave.

"I wouldn't leave the room just yet, Mrs. White," he said, his tone amused.

"I am done playing your sick little power game," I retorted, reaching the door.

"Get over here and join your daughter on your knees where you belong," he ordered, his words shocking me in every possible way. First he was implying it was my daughter under the desk sucking his cock, second he was ordering me to submit to him sexually.

I stood there frozen in shock, I prayed he was bluffing, that the woman under his desk was some slut trying to get ahead, yet a growing part of me knew he wasn't bluffing. Taking a deep breath, I turned around and called his bluff. "Whoever is under that desk, get out and show your face."

The few seconds felt like hours as he rolled his chair back and allowed the woman under the desk to crawl out. I prayed with every ounce of hope I had that it wasn't my eighteen-year-old daughter Hilary. As blonde hair slowly emerged, followed by the back of a cheerleader's outfit identical to Hilary's Falcons red and white, my mouth dropped open and my face went pale.

"I am so sorry Mom," Hilary said, as she turned around, her face coated with cum.

"Why are you sorry," he asked, standing up behind her. "Your mother is the one to blame."

"Hilary come here this second," I demanded through grit teeth.

"Bend over the desk, slut, I am not done with you yet," he ordered, causing my last bubble to burst.

"That is fucking enough you bastard. When I am through with you your precious company will be in flames," I snapped.

Hilary ignored my order and obeyed his. She bent over the desk as instructed by this monster, as tears filled her eyes. His tone not changing, he replied, his hands now on my daughter's hips, "You need to calm down and be rational about this."

"Get your grubby hands off my daughter," I seethed, beginning to move towards him.

"Stop, bitch," he said, his tone shifting from amused to authoritative. To my surprise I obeyed, startled by his tone. "Good. Now before you say anything else stupid let me make my position very clear. I own you."

I glared at him, but waited for more of an explanation knowing all the power I thought I just had was now gone.

"After you won the injunction I started to do some background research to find dirty little secrets about you, your husband and your daughter. Much to my surprise we came up empty at first. Your husband is a very upright and noble man. Your daughter is equally good, which is surprising with how reckless teenagers are this day in the era of twitter, Facebook and YouTube. But, luckily, your past isn't so squeaky clean is it?" He smiled, as he grabbed his cock and began rubbing it up and down my daughter's ass cheeks. I stared at his cock briefly, surprised by how large it was, seemingly seven plus inches.

In a great big wave of realization, I realized I was potentially to blame for Hilary's current humiliating situation, I stammered, "L-l-let's leave my daughter out of this."

"It's a little too late for that don't you think. Plus your daughter has become a rather good submissive little pet, haven't you my ass slut?" He asked as he reached for a bottle of what appeared to be lube and poured it on my daughter's ass.

"Yeeeees, Sir," my daughter answered without hesitation.

"Tell her how you became my eager little slut, Hilary," he ordered, putting the bottle back on the desk.

Hilary didn't look at me when she answered, "I did it to protect you, Mom. He showed me the video of you back in college and he said he wouldn't make it public if I just sucked his cock once."

"Y-y-you did it for me," I stammered, mortified that I was definitely to blame for her being used by this repulsive man.

"Yes, Mooooommy," she moaned as the bastard penetrated her.

"Please stop using my daughter," I demanded, although my earlier angry tone was replaced with pleading.

"I don't know, she loves my cock in her ass, don't you slut?" He replied, his smile one of the utmost smugness.

"Yeeees, sir, I love your cock in my ass," my daughter whimpered, her tone implying she really did. She grabbed the corner of the desk with her hands for grip as she got ass fucked in front of her mother.

"What did you do to her?" I accused. "Did you give her some date rape drug?"

He laughed. "No, I did blackmail her though. Yet, once I opened up her reserved, conservative, personality, the repressed sexual hunger was released and truthfully the rest of her submission was rather easy."

My daughter's moans were distracting as he continued to slowly pump his cock in and out of my once sweet, innocent daughter's ass. I should have done something, but I was mesmerized by the ludicrous sight in front of me and riddled with guilt that I was to blame for it.

"So back to the injunction," he said, bringing me back to reality. "You will cancel it ASAP or else the video of you getting gangbanged at the fraternity goes viral."

"If I do will you leave my daughter alone?" I asked, suddenly realizing I was defeated, as the memory of one pot filled night of sexual debauchery came flashing back to me.

"If you replace her," he answered, still smiling, before adding, "Reminiscing are we?"

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"Get on your knees, crawl over to me and take my cock in your mouth like the cock hungry slut you used to be," he responded, while continuing to fuck my daughter's ass.

"You're not serious?" I questioned, repulsed by this man.

"Do I seem like much of a kidder?" He asked, as he really began slamming his body into my daughter making Hilary's moans get louder and more animated.

"Oh God, yes, harder," Hilary begged, seemingly forgetting I was in the room.

"Please you win, just let us go," I pleaded, running out of options to keep what little integrity I had left.

"Oh fuck, your cock feels so good in my ass, Sir," my daughter moaned, her pleasure undeniable, my head spinning with both the reality that my daughter had become my enemies seemingly eager sex slave and that I was to blame.

"I always win, you dumb fucking bitch, that is why I am where I am, why your daughter is where she is and why you will soon be where she is," he smirked, before asking my daughter, "Does my cum slut want to come?"

"Yes, siiiir, soooooo bad," Hilary instantly answered with a hunger that spoke volumes.

"You want to come from getting your ass fucked like the whore you have become while your Mommy watches?" he asked.

"Yes, sir," Hilary moaned.

"You're a whore just like your mother, aren't you?" he asked, adding humiliation on top of humiliation.

"I'm a dirty whore just like Mommy," she agreed without hesitation, opening her eyes and looking at me for the first time since her anal violation began.

"Come for Mommy," he ordered.

"Thaaaaank you," my daughter moaned loudly as her left hand moved to her vagina. Her eyes were closed the entire time but there was no denying she was in euphoric bliss. This only angered me more as I was helpless to stop the sodomy of my daughter and more devastatingly I was to blame for her sexual submission.

His eyes stayed on me the whole time he ravished my daughter, his smug smile a constant reminder of his victory. "Fine," I said, "you win, I'll call off the injunction."

"Of course you will," he replied, continuing to thrust into my daughter's ass, "but it is too late for just that. You must submit to me sexually as well."

"Never!" I retorted quickly, the thought completely disgusting, even as I watched my daughter's expression of euphoria twist her face as her orgasm was obviously close.

He put his hand up to me to wait as he demanded, "Come right now slut, let your mother see how well you have been trained in a very short time."

"Yes, Siiiir," she screamed as instantly her orgasm hit her and she opened her eyes looking directly at me. "Fuuuck, Mommy, I caaaan't resist."

"Who owns you?" He asked, continuing to thrust his cock in and out of my daughter.

"You do, siiiir," my daughter admitted as her orgasm continued to cascade through her.

"Who owns your mother?" he continued.

"You do, sir," Hilary answered, looking at me with pleading eyes.

"Please stop this," I begged, desperate to find some way out of this predicament.

"On your knees now, you dumb bitch," he ordered, as he pulled his cock out of my daughter and moved around the desk, his massive cock now pointing directly at me.

"No," I answered, weakly, knowing I was completely at his whim, yet unable to admit it.

"Well then the video of you goes viral as does the video of your daughter sucking cock at a gloryhole," he countered.

"What?" I questioned.

He clicked on the remote on his desk and the TV on the wall came on and there on the screen was my daughter sucking a big black cock sticking through a hole in a wall.

"Now I really like your daughter and would hate to publicly humiliate her, but I guess that is completely up to you. She protected you from public humiliation, will you do the same for your daughter?" He asked.

I watched in stunned awe as my daughter bobbed back and forth, in her cheerleader's outfit, on the biggest cock I had ever seen. I had always been curious and fantasized about black cock so even though I should have been disgusted, my body weakened at the thought of a long repressed fantasy having been lived by my daughter.

"Aaaah, is that your weakness, Mrs. White, you have a thing for black cock," he said, somehow able to read my mind.

"What? That is ridiculous," I responded, trying to hide my true secret desire.

"Is it?" he said, amused, "If you hunger for black cock, I can get Mr. Witherspoon in here."

Mr. Witherspoon was his main spokesperson in the media and a handsome black man. I responded, ignoring his offer, "Can we please just go now?"

Looking back at my daughter who was still bent over the desk, her body still trembling from her orgasm, he said, "Hilary, my cum is dripping onto the floor."

I watched aghast as she immediately turned around, dropped to her knees, bent down and licked the cum that had leaked out of her ass and onto the carpeted floor.

He continued, "You are running out of time. Are you going to get on your knees and submit to me or am I going to have to send this video to the web?"

I looked back at the screen and saw that my daughter was now sucking a smaller white cock now. Defeated, I asked, "What do you expect from me?"

"First, to drop to your knees and crawl over to me," he informed me.

"Will you let Hilary go?" I asked.

"Of course," he answered, before adding, "for now."

Taking a last grasp of control of this disgusting ordeal I said, "Hilary please go home right now."

She didn't move from her position on the floor until he said, "It's ok, my pet, you may go now. I need to train your mother."

The word 'train' made me wince, but I was thankful to get my daughter away from this monster. She stood up, and composed herself.

"Go see if Mrs. Quill needs you," he instructed.

"Yes, sir," she said, nodding and walking past me and out the door.

"Your daughter is also becoming a pretty good cunt-licker," he informed me, piling on more shocking, humiliating information.

"If I submit to you, will you please leave my daughter alone?" I asked, grasping at straws.

"Let's focus on you now, Mrs. White," he said. "Take off your blouse."

"Please, don't make me," I protested, pleadingly.

He laughed. "Make you; this is of your own doing."

"Because I tried to protect the environment?" I asked, bitterness in my tone.

"Partly, but more because of the critical names you have thrown at me in the media," he replied. "Now take off your fucking blouse and show me those big titties of yours."

Calling my breasts 'titties' only made my predicament worse, I was a lady and was used to being treated as such. My hands trembled as I slowly unbuttoned my blouse.

Once my blouse was off, he ordered, "And the bra."

I unclasped my bra and allowed my breasts to be presented to the monster.

"Nice, how often do you work out?" he asked.

"Every day," I admitted, proud that my body was in such great shape after forty-one years.

"Take off the skirt, I want to see if your ass is as perfect as your daughters," he ordered.

Oddly, having him compliment my body, somehow made obeying him easier. My husband never commented on my body and how hard I worked to keep it perfect for him, so these flattering comments, even from a letch like him, excited me.

I obeyed, unzipping my skirt and allowing it to drop to the floor. Standing in front of the man I hated the most in the world in only my pantyhose and thong.

"Turn around," he ordered.

I obeyed.

"Very nice," he commented. "And a thong, nice touch."

"Thank you," I responded, before realizing that I had just thanked him for leering at my body.

"You are welcome," he laughed. "Crawl to me, your daughter didn't get me off."

I lowered myself to my hands and knees, then slowly crawled to him my face burning with anger and shame.

"Do you suck your husband's cock?" he asked, his cock still fully erect right in front of me.

"That is none of your business," I snapped.

"How fucking stupid are you?" he asked, tapping my forehead with his cock, which I realized from up close was almost eight inches and thick, almost twice the size of my husband's cock.

"Please don't talk to me like that," I requested, again surprised by his sudden outburst.

"I will talk to you as I wish," he said, moving his cockhead down my nose and to my lips. "I fucking own you. Your mouth is mine to use, your cunt is mine to fuck and your ass is mine to pound."

"Please, no," I begged, the thought of him using me in such vile ways mortified me.

"I have a meeting in five minutes, so we will have to delay your training," he said, suddenly allowing a rush of relief to fill me. The relief faded just as quickly when he added, "So, crawl under my desk."

"You can't be serious," I replied, mortified yet again by his expectations of me.

"Now, slut," he ordered, again raising his voice.

Morally crushed, I obeyed crawling under his desk.

Once under the desk, he sat back down in his chair and rolled it towards me. "I expect my cock in your mouth the whole time, sucking slowly, is that clear?"

I answered reluctantly, "Yes."

"Yes, what?" he asked.

"Yes, sir," I sighed.

"Actually, I think you can refer to me as Master," he said.

I didn't respond, but instead took his cock in my mouth, a cock that had recently been in my daughter's ass. Much to my surprise, the scent and taste was not all that disgusting.

"Good girl," he moaned.

My face burned in humiliation as I slowly moved back and forth.

"Mrs. Quill, is my next appointment here?" he asked.

A voice over the intercom replied, "Yes, sir."

"Send him in," he instructed.

"Of course, sir," the voice replied.

A moment later, the door opened and closed and the bastard said, "Jim, great to see you."

"You as well, Mr. Jones," the man replied.

The next eternity, probably only fifteen minutes, was a conversation about another building project hours away. Such information would have been great evidence for my cause if my cause hadn't been completely derailed already. Not having sucked cock in years, my jaw was already getting stiff and I prayed this would end soon. I began to wonder if I got him off, would I be able to go?

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