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Save The Girl


You know how I keep saying that one of these days I'm going to do something good for one of those poor kids I see out on the street all the time? Well man, I did something and I'm regretting it.

I was coming home after working third shift. I was tired, looked like shit, probably smelled like chemicals and grease. I saw this girl on the doorstep to my apartment building, bawling her little eyes out. She had short dyed-red hair, a bullring through her nose and a stud in her bottom lip. If it weren't for the fucking metal, I'd say she had a cute face. She must have been all of, I don't know, twenty-one at the most. I say to her, "Hon, are you all okay?"

"Does it look like I'm fucking okay," she said. I said to her that she didn't look okay, and that if she would like, I could help her out. "And just why should I trust you?" she said. Man, the girl is like a bad shot of whisky, bitter all the way down, you know?

"Well, you shouldn't," I said, "but if you want food, a shower and a place to crash, and someone to talk to, I'm right upstairs. Hey, I don't want shit; just trying to be a nice guy."

"Whatever," she said. Sure enough, just as I had reached my apartment door, I heard her walk into the building. She asked, "You aren't a druggie are you?" I was like, no. She nodded and followed me in.

I said to her "So, what's the big deal?" She said that she didn't want to talk about it. Like a fucking moth to a flame she went to my little girl's porcelain doll. I didn't freak out or nothing, I was cool. "Uh, What's your name, darling?" I say to her.

"Mercy," she said, rubbing her grubby fingers all over the damn doll. "Is this yours?" she asks.

Is it mine? It's in my goddamn apartment, right? So I say to her "It was my little girl's."

"Was?" she asks.

So I say - I say, "Yeah. My little girl died at the age of two." Then she gives me the 'you would have been a good father' number, like I haven't heard that a thousand times. I was okay though, I didn't freak out.

I was making bacon, eggs, you know, the usual. So I say "Your name isn't Mercy, is it? You don't look like a Mercy to me."

She turns and looks at me and says, "Nope, don't look like a Mercy - but that's what you'll know me as."

I'm making food and she's being all quiet and all. Finally, she bursts out with "Fine, I'll tell you what happened to me."

I was like "Uh, okay." Then she tells me of how she's a runaway and how she was using her body as rent money. Fucking sucks to think a girl like that has such low self-esteem to do that to herself. Her body isn't a supermodel's, she's got a bit of a belly and small tits, but she still isn't the worst looking chick I've ever seen. She doesn't seem like half a bad person, either.

But then she tells me, and she's crying while she's telling me this, that this guy wanted to use her for a gang bang, let six of his buddies go at her while he video tapes the shit. I would have liked to have fucking flipped out on this asshole! What *man* does that to any woman? She did it. She says she did it only to keep a roof over her head, but required that they didn't slip it in her ass and they all had to wear condoms. None of them wore a condom, and the fourth guy fucked her ass. And when she told them to stop, they just held her down and continued to go at her. That shit went down four days ago. She had been living on the streets until I met her.

I told her "You know, you can stay here until you get yourself up on your feet, and if you need someone to bash those fucking bastards' faces in, I know a few guys."

She was like "No, I just want to forget about the whole thing. Thank you."

So I put the food down in front of her and she not even touching the stuff, which bothers me, you know - after cooking all that food for it to go to waste. So I crack open a Bud and I ask "Is there something wrong with the food?" She just says that she's not hungry. I'm like, okay, and I begin to finish what she started. Fuck it, I'm not going to let that food go to waste.

And she looks at me and gives a little smile. I smile back and then, boom - she takes off her shirt. I'm said, "Uh, hon, what are you doing?"

She says back, "I'm going to fuck you," and she's taking off her pants.

I'm like "Oh no, I said you don't have to give me anything and I meant it." I'm not going to lower myself to the level of those dickless cowards. Six men on one girl - how could she stand a chance? So she shakes her titties at me and I say, "Do you really think that turns a man on?"

She tells me, "Well, yeah. What? They aren't too small are they? Or do you just afraid I have something? I mean, I understand if that's your concern..."

I tell her that isn't the problem. I said to her, "There is more to turning a man on then just shaking your tits in his face." She says it worked for all the other guys. Yeah, right. I'm pretty sure they lasted all of three minutes, too. I say to her, "I'm not even sure if this is such a good idea. I'm trying to help you, not take advantage of you. If I were to do anything, it would be because you really want it, not as a fucking reward or any shit like that, and there is much more to sex then just sticking it in."

She's like, "Okay, then show me."

Now, I haven't been with a woman since Patty left me; well, that isn't entirely true, but I wouldn't count that one time with a hooker. It's been like, three years, so I'm thinking really hard.

I say, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

And she says, "Yeah, you're a nice guy and I think you deserve it."

"No," I tell her, "it isn't about whether I deserve it or not."

So she rethinks her statement. "You're a nice guy and I'm really horny," she tells me.

So... So I take her to the bathroom and invite her into the shower with me. It's a small fucking shower; I really hate how little room I have in there but I made the best of it. I soap her body up and washed her down. Then I get a fresh bic razor and shave her legs, not making so much as a nick on her. I got another bic from the three-pack and shave her pussy, which had five-day-old whiskers on it, but otherwise looked clean enough. And then she gets in front of me and kneels down and starts to take my prick into her mouth. Again, I said, "No. Trust me, babe, just be patient." She nods and gets up and I started to give her a little massage. She all moaning and groaning, like she's never got a massage before in her life. I'm running my finger up and down her tattoos, softly touching her tits, you know, the usual bullshit I do.

I lead her out of the shower and dry her off. I see she's wearing a small smile and she cooed as I dry her little cunt; I fucking love it when they do that.

I take her to my bed and lay her down. I start kissing her, then start down her neck and slowly make my way down to her cunt. Did you know they used to call me hurricane tongue in high school? Heh.

She tasted sweet, just like I knew she would. I wasn't put off by the way she giggled at first; I figured she never had been eaten out. Sometimes I'm ashamed to be a male, you know? She moaning and groaning again, and damn if she didn't cum three times before I lifted my head. By that time I had a raging hard-on. I softly kissed her and asked her if she really wanted to do this. She kissed me back and eased me into her hole.

I wasn't fast; I took my time. I wanted to show her what real lovemaking was about, you know? I made it with her just like Patty used to like it, soft and slow. Just staring into her eyes. She had shit brown eyes and she just looked bored, but then I began nuzzling and cuddling as I slowly fucked her. She got all starry eyed. She seemed to like it. You can never really tell with women.

When we where done, she rolled over on top of me and pressed her lips against my prick. She then looked up at me, as if asking for permission. I would have liked to die, man; no girl has ever done anything like that. I mean she looked so innocent and sweet. I just smiled and she sucked me off.

Now, don't think I feel guilty or something because I fucked the girl. Hell, it has been three years since I've had sex; I'm not going to feel guilty if I get a little ass for being a nice guy. She wasn't tight, not as tight as I would expect a young girl like that to be, but it was something.

She snuggles up to me and mumbles "I feel safe with you," or some bullshit like that. I just laid there stroking her hair until we both fell asleep.

When I woke up, she was gone. The girl had left a short letter telling me that she didn't deserve a man like me, and all that bullshit. She took like twenty dollars out of my wallet and told me in the letter that she would have taken the doll if she didn't know how much it meant to me. She confessed to being a thief and a liar, as if I hadn't figured that out already.

The weirdest thing is how she signed the letter; she signed it "Angel". I guess that's her real name, although it could be another pseudonym just to throw me off. She also had something scribbled out - I think it may have said, "I love you," or something like that. Yeah, fucking women. Treat them right once, and they think you're a prince or something. Well, that's the problem.

Have you seen a girl like that around? I need to talk to her. She has a dagger tattoo on her shoulder; it's a very shitty looking tattoo. I need to tell her... I just need to talk to her. I need to tell her that, that I love her too.

Author's Note: Votes and Feedback are my creative life-blood. Please keep my juices flowing.

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