tagLoving WivesSaved from Headmistress

Saved from Headmistress


The headmistress presented the school volunteer committee with a voucher for a local hotel's Christmas dinner dance. This was an unusual show of thanks for our efforts and we gladly accepted.

The committee consisted of Jonny our chairperson, Sam the treasurer, both in their mid to late 30s, Eleanor, Wendy, Jane, and myself Lucy. Jane and I are in our mid 30s and not much taller than 5' although Jane is slightly taller than me, the other two ladies are in their early 40s and rather large.

We selected a date we could all go and arranged to meet in the hotel bar. Sam suggested that as it was a dinner dance we should dress accordingly. I didn't want to wear one of my black evening dresses so decided upon my smart brown dress that had thin shoulder straps and was a few inches higher than my knees. Being a 38d I dare not go braless so I wore a bra with transparent shoulder straps and because my arms shoulders back and cleavage were exposed I also had a brown, thin transparent but patterned arms and shoulder wrap (like a micro thin cardigan) fastened by one button at the front. I wore dark hold-up stockings and black shoes with small stiletto heels.

Luckily the 3 girls were already there, all dressed in longer dresses than I, and I wondered if I should have perhaps wore one of my black dresses after all. Wendy shouted towards the bar where Jonny and Sam were already getting drinks. They returned with large glasses of wine for the girls and beers for themselves.

We had been allocated a table and all contributed to some more bottles of wine. The conversation, meal, and the following comedian all made for an enjoyable evening and I'm sure I wasn't the only one becoming slightly inebriated.

The dancing began after the comedian had finished and the 4 of us got onto the dance floor as the guys sat watching. We were having fun, giggling and fooling around on the dance floor like children, and then suddenly the guys joined us and we danced in a circle for a while.

We got a surprise when we went back to the table as the headmistress had appeared, and we drunkenly greeted her, which seemed to amuse her. She mentioned she wasn't going to have a drink as she was driving but that she would have a dance with each of us.

The guys took their turn first and we laughed at them dancing like little boys with the dominant headmistress. We began to mellow our feelings towards her as we agreed it was good of her to come by.

Although I didn't hide away, my turn came last and Mrs Wilkinson led me to the dance floor by hand, which I thought was a little strange as I hadn't noticed her do that to the others but then I wasn't paying attention to detail.

It became even more strange as she continued past the edge of the dance floor where she'd danced with the others and through the centre of the dancers to the other side of the dance floor, to a point where I couldn't see our table any more.

If that wasn't weird enough she then took both my hands in hers and we began dancing. Perhaps she did this with the others I thought, and carried on dancing with her.

She was mainly holding our hands away from our bodies as we gently danced to the music, slowly moving back and forth to each other without actually colliding. I noticed her eyes looking intently at mine as we moved closer, then looking down my body as we moved away.

"You look gorgeous tonight Lucy," she said.

"Oh, thank you Mrs Wilkinson," I replied.

"Call me Helen, Lucy," she replied.

"Oh, ok," I responded.

"Yes, I think this is the first time I've seen above your knees, very sexy, not like that lot over there, very plain," she went on.

"Oh th-thank you," I stuttered, not sure how to take this compliment.

She continued looking me up and down as we danced, and with an almost expressionless stare every time we moved towards each other. I could see why people, especially the children, felt intimidated by her.

"Was your meal enjoyable?" she asked.

I was relieved she'd asked another question.

"Yes, the main course was ok but they saved the best until last as the dessert was really nice," I quickly replied.

"Oh, how lovely, I also like saving the best until last," she smiled with an almost evil grin.

I was now becoming a little worried, was I mishearing things or taking them the wrong way?

"You certainly look delicious in your sexy little dress and see through shawl," she said as her eyes burned into mine.

Flustered with embarrassment and trying to laugh it off, I mindlessly blurted, "I'm sure I don't taste delicious."

In a deeper than normal voice and stopping our dance at its closest point Helen said "oh I'm suuuure you do Lucy," beginning to strangely emphasise some of her words in the way that only she can.

And then resumed our dance, saying as we moved away from each other "I'd certainly love to eat you," and then as we moved back towards each other and in an even deeper voice "if your interested."

I wanted to try to laugh, maybe she was joking, but there was no expression on her face, as she just stared at me.

The song thankfully stopped and everyone stood still for a while. I felt relief that I could now return to our table and released my hands from Helen's grip, but as the next song started Helen said "oh I love this song, please say you'll dance with me to this one?"

I wanted to quickly think of an excuse to say no, but succumbed to her dominance, thinking she must be a naturally dominant person as a headmistress.

She placed a hand on my waist and I realised it was a slow dance.

"Oh my god," I though to myself.

"Shall I lead, or shall I put my hands on yoooour shoulders," she said, with a clear indication that I should place my hands on her shoulders or take the lead.

Almost obediently I quickly placed my hands on her shoulders as she placed both her hands on my waist.

"I just looove this song, it makes me feel so romantic," she drooled.

I must have looked like a confused schoolgirl as I held onto her shoulders, but my thoughts were interrupted when she slid her hands around my back and pulled me closer to her, our breasts beginning to press against one another.

My eyes were closed in embarrassment as her cheek rested against my head.

"Mmmmm, you smell goooorgeuos Lucy," she whispered into my ear.

"I reeeeeeaaaally could eat you."

Oh my god, what is she saying, I asked myself.

Her hands were stroking my back as our breasts were pressed against each other.

"Oooh Luuuucy, you feel wooooonderful," she said, continuing to emphasise some of her words. "And I don't just mean your back," she added, causing me to cringe as I realised she was also referring to my breasts.

"Lucy, could you check my hair isn't caught in my necklace clasp?" she suddenly said, giving me an eager chance to put the thoughts of her holding me out of my mind as I embarked on my task.

Although we were still in close contact with each other I ran my fingers around her neck, tracing the necklace and confirming her hair wasn't caught in it.

"It's ok," I reported.

"Mmmmmm, how loooovely, what sensual fingertips you have Lucy, I cant explain how seeeexy that felt," Helen said, making my blushing cheeks feel as though they were now on fire.

Thankfully the music stopped and I broke free of her grasp just as her left hand slinked across my bottom and her right glanced by the side of my left breast.

"Well that was just looovely, wasn't it?" she asked as we began our walk to our table.

I smiled but was unable to speak.

Helen smiled too, but more of a victorious smile, perhaps inwardly laughing that I'd been too shocked to speak.

The others were merrily chatting and laughing as we joined them and I hurriedly picked up my glass.

"That was a long dance, are you teacher's pet?" Jane joked.

"Don't ask, it was a crowded dance floor and we had to battle our way back," I lied.

The evening came to an end and we all said our goodbyes. Helen asked if she could give me a lift home but I quickly decided to take up a previous offer of a lift with Sam.

"Oh, that's a shame, perhaps another time," Helen said, seemingly genuinely disappointed.

I checked with Sam that I was still ok for a lift and he said I was, Helen heading off for her car, the 3 girls being collected by Wendy's husband and Sam telling me he was giving Jonny a lift too.

I sat in the back in a semi state of shock after what had happened with Mrs Wilkinson and as we arrived at Jonny's house he asked us if we wanted a nightcap.

"A coffee would be good," Sam replied.

We went into Jonny's house and as he put the lights on he announced that his wife and kids had gone to her sisters for a couple of days. My head was still spinning and despite being alone with two men, slightly drunk, and perhaps more sexily dressed than they'd seen me before I was actually pleased that I wasn't with Mrs Wilkinson.

Jonny put some music on and Sam quickly mentioned, "hey that's the song that you and Helen danced to."

I could feel myself blushing and Jonny added, "maybe we should have asked her to come, shall I give her a ring?"

"NO," I shouted out.

Sam added, "aaww it might be fun dancing with a headmistress in a darkened room."

Then Jonny said "maybe Lucy wants us to herself."

"Stop it you two," I said, trying to put an end to their teasing.

Sam put his hands on my waist and asked "is that right Lucy, you don't want Helen to spoil the party," as he began moving to the music with me.

Still in a state of confusion, but definitely wanting to steer clear of Helen I laughed, "yes, we don't need her telling us what to do."

Jonny then joined in, placing his hands on my waist from behind and I was suddenly dancing in between the two of them.

"Mmmm, just us three then," Jonny said.

Both men were slightly taller than my husband, and I knew I was smaller than their wives but probably a little better looking, if I say so myself.

"You look great tonight Lucy," Sam said.

"Yeah you do," Jonny copied.

They began taking turns to add comments.

"Very sexy in fact."

"Yeah see through top too."

"Nice legs."

"Sexy shoes."

"Sexy dress."

"Sexy legs, especially when you're sat down." (No doubt referring to how high the dress moved when I did so).

"Great hairstyle," referring to my short brunette bob.

"Great makeup."

"Pretty face."

"Beautiful smile."

I was smiling, pleased that men were paying me compliments, almost as though they were killing off Helens comments and actions, although with hindsight I should have not allowed it to get to this, I should not have allowed myself to get a little bit drunk, I shouldn't have danced with Helen, and I shouldn't have accepted a lift home, maybe I should never have gone in the first place, maybe I should never have volunteered as a helper at school. But I had.

The comments continued.

"Fantastic cleavage."

"The best I've seen."

"And me."

"Boys, behave," I interrupted.

"I think those lips deserve a kiss," Sam smiled.

"And those tits deserve a feel," Jonny added drunkenly.

Just as I was about to make an excuse to stop dancing Sam kissed me, and at the same time Jonny's hands roughly grabbed my breasts. I tried to scream, I tried to object, but with their bodies in front and behind me, and the firmness of the kiss and grope I was receiving, I couldn't move.

The more Jonny squeezed my breasts the more I began to gasp and slowly lose control of my mouth, before Sam finally slipped his tongue into my mouth. I wanted this to stop, I didn't want this to happen, and yet I couldn't bring myself to gather my breath or energy to yell or escape.

Jonny undid the shawl button and began pulling it off, with help from Sam who held my arms downwards until it was off.

Jonny held my face and began kissing me from the side, eventually taking over on my lips as Sam began kissing my neck. I could feel Jonnys other hand holding my body tightly and knew it was now one of Sam's hands that were squeezing my right breast. I then felt Sam's other hand pulling the zip down on the back of my dress.

I couldn't believe this was happening, it must be a dream, two men who I have sat with on a committee now doing this to me, it couldn't be true.

I broke free of Jonnys kiss but before I could speak Sam kissed me and forced his tongue into my mouth again. My dress was being pulled off my shoulders, and outdone by strength and free hands my arms were pushed downwards until my dress was off and fell to the floor.

Instantly, hands were squeezing my breasts through my bra and stroking my bare cleavage until I let out a muffled scream as someone undid my bra. They both pulled it off, Jonny again taking over from Sam kissing my lips.

Hands were mauling my uncovered breasts and I felt myself being driven backwards under this frenzied attack until I lost my balance in my stilettos and fell to the sofa.

"No, please, don't," I pleaded, as at last I could speak, even though both men were now on top of me.

Jonny seemed to move away as Sam moved over me, gripping both my breasts and attempting to kiss me again.

I closed my eyes and turned my head from side to side to try and avoid his kisses, shouting "no, no," as he continued squeezing my breasts.

I was in a state of panic, as two men who I hardly really knew were feeling my breasts and seeing me in my stay-up stockings and brief panties.

I felt a second pair of hands on my thighs, stroking up and down at first, and then reaching the bareness between my stocking tops and my thighs. Then to my alarm, gripping the side of my panties and pulling them down.

My eyes opened and I was even more alarmed to see Jonny stood behind Sam, NAKED.

I looked at Sam, "noooo," but Sam just kissed me and continued groping my breasts as Jonny removed my panties completely. I knew my nipples were erect and I silently cursed them as though they had betrayed me and offered Sam encouragement when my voice was saying no.

Jonny's hands were pushing my legs apart and despite Sam kissing me I let out a muffled scream as I felt Jonny's tongue enter me.

"Mmmm, she likes that Jonny," Sam said as he stopped kissing me and smiled down at me.

"Oh no, please, stop, please, don't," my voice was weak and my breathing shallow as I tried to tell them to stop.

"Mmmm, she wants it now Jonny," Sam said, still smiling down at me.

I told myself Sam was wrong, I didn't want it, even though I was wet and my nipples hard, I didn't want it, I'm a happily married mom for goodness sake, I knew I didn't, surely I didn't?

Sam stood up and Jonny stopped licking me and quickly moved up on me.

"No Jonny, please," I pleaded before he kissed me and I tasted my own juices.

His knees were parting my legs and his hand was between us. I felt a bump against my groin then it was in. He looked down on me with eyes is glazed, and a drunken smile on his face.

"Ohh, oooohhhh," I uttered as I felt him fully penetrate me.

I began moaning "oh, oh" as he began to have sex with me, feeling his penis drive into me.

"Mmmmm, she's loving that Jonny," Sam commented as he stood to the side watching and slowly removing his clothes.

I wasn't loving it, I told myself, I was moaning because it was bigger than I was used to and he was heavier than my husband. I didn't want Jonny, or Sam. I wasn't loving it -- was I?

Jonnys left arm was underneath my upper back and his right hand fondling my left breast as he began going faster and faster. My hands were very slightly touching his sides, but not in a way I wanted to hold him tightly.

"Go on Jonny, she's loving it, fuck her hard, harder," Sam encouraged him.

I was almost breathless under this relentless monster, his big hard penis ramming into my tiny body and his big testicles slapping against me, but I suddenly became even more scared as I felt an unmistakable feeling well up inside me. Noooo, surely I wasn't going to come.

Jonny suddenly groaned and I felt him coming, just in time to pull me back to my senses.

I was as breathless as he was, as he slowly slid off me, his limp but still rather large penis trailing across my right thigh.

It was then I saw what awaited me next. Sam's was even larger than Jonny's although they were both about the same height and weight.

"No, no Sam we cant," I weakly pleaded.

"Its ok darling, no-ones going to know," he replied, obviously unaware that my fear was due to his size.

I felt so useless laid before him, unable to move or even resist his parting of my legs with his knees.

He didn't waste any time, presenting his penis at my entrance then looking at me as he slowly slid into me.

I think he may have thought my trembling was due to excitement, and not a mixture of exhaustion and fear that he may be too big for me.

Sliding his hands under my shoulders and supporting his weight with his arms on the sofa at my sides he began slowly moving in and out of me.

Because he wasn't using the same level of force as Jonny my gasps of "oh" were quieter and at longer intervals, and I think he saw this as a sign of tenderness as he slowly began kissing my forehead.

I was relieved that he wasn't going at the same pace as Jonny and found myself relaxing a little with my eyes closed.

"Is that good?" he whispered.

"Yes," I replied. My eyes pinging open, not believing I had just instantly admitted sex with another man was good.

What I meant was that I was grateful he wasn't being rough like Jonny was, still partly disbelieving I could take something so big.

He continued this for a little while before completely stopping. He then moved each arm in turn and lifted my legs, moving his thighs wider to support the backs of my legs and I partially wrapped then around him with my feet in the air.

He then resumed his movements, just as Jonny came back into the room.

"Heyyy, I love seeing a woman wrap her legs around a guy, indicates she's really up for it, wow," Jonny slurred before adding "come on Sam get some speed up we'll be here all night if you don't get a move on."

Sam looked at me as if to ask if I wanted it quicker and I briefly shook my head.

Jonny knelt down at the side of the sofa and commented, "wow I can see it going into her, that's filling her little pussy, even though it is slow".

I felt like telling him to shut up, but I didn't want to have any part in telling them how I wanted sex.

Jonny opened his mouth again, "come on Sam the snail, get her fucked, I'll be hard enough to fuck her again myself if you don't start giving her it soon."

Having sex with Jonny again was definitely something I didn't want to do and I gave no objection as Sam slowly increased his pace.

Jonny also got hold of my swaying right leg and began stroking my stocking up and down.

Sam began to pinch my left nipple and softly asked "is that ok."

"Yes," I gasped, angry with myself that I've twice said yes to him now.

The combination of what was going on was again beginning to have an effect on me, Sam's penis and fingers and even Jonny's hands stroking my leg.

"Ohh yes, your cocks stretching her cunt lips Sam, just look at that," Jonny crudely remarked.

Sam was beginning to get faster, and I knew he was beginning to lose control. But to my alarm I was too.

Jonny was hugging my leg almost lovingly to his bare chest, running his fingers up and down my inner thigh and looking down on us with a clear view of what was going on, Sam was going faster but instead of any discomfort his every movement was stimulating me higher and higher, added to by the occasional pinching of my nipple that he did.

I couldn't hold back any longer, "ohh, ohh, Sam, ohh, ohh no, I'm coming, ohh, ohh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," I screamed out.

"Oh yes, she's coming, fuck her Sam fuck her, look at the sexy little bitch go," Jonny again crudely commented.

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