tagRomanceSaved in a NICK of Time

Saved in a NICK of Time


Chapter 1

I am a doctor in a small hospital. We are not in a big city, but we are not precisely rural either. I am specifically an emergency department doctor. Most of the time life and work are pretty mundane and only on rare occasions something exciting happens. We like that way.

Tonight was one of those un-nerving nights that will remain embedded in your memory. Unfortunately, an auto accident on a nearby interstate highway caused us to crank it up into high gear. The accident occurred on a foggy evening on wet roads about thirty miles northwest of the hospital. Rain was forecast for our area but hadn't arrived yet at the hospital. Five cars were involved, and we received five critically injured patients including three adults and two young children. Others victims were transported to other hospitals.

By 1 am we had all five in hospital beds and pretty well stabilized. Two adults had to have surgery to repair broken bones, and one of the children had a concussion, but all would fully recover. At 2 am with all of the required paperwork completed I headed for my three-year-old Range Rover Discovery so that I could head home to my awaiting bed and a three day weekend.

I ran to the car in the rain that had started an hour before. Driving slowly on a four-lane highway that was less traveled I was exhausted but not a bit drowsy. It must be all the coffee I ingested the past three hours.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I see a drenched lady sitting or maybe slouched over, would be a better description, on a bus stop bench. I stopped and put the car in reverse. I put the emergency lights on and got out of the car in the rain to check on this poor lady.

She was young, maybe twenty-seven to thirty years old, and she was passed out and reeked of liquor. In fact, she smelled like she spent the last week in a stinky old tavern drinking them dry. Since I couldn't wake her, I decided to take her to my home a few miles away to see if I could revive her. I put her on the passenger seat after I covered it with a towel that I kept in the car for when I went through the car wish. I wrapped her in another towel and tried to dry her hair with the last one I had in the car.

We didn't get home until nearly 3 am due to a quick stop when she woke up just long enough to throw up in her lap. As a doctor, my first thought was to make sure her airway was clear, and she continued to breathe normally. Upon reaching my garage, I carried the young lady into the house and directly to my ensuite bath. I justified in my mind that taking off her wet, cold dress and undies was ok since I was a doctor. Even though she was still unconscious, she was shivering, and I knew her immediate need had to be to warm up and soon.

I started the shower, and once the water was warm enough, I shed my scrubs and boxers and carried the lady into the warming water. Sitting her down on the built-in seat and started washing her hair then I washed her whole body. I was a little ashamed of myself, but I cleaned every nook and cranny. I didn't even blush when I washed her breast and delicate privates twice. She was still out, but I was at full staff. To put it as gently as possible she was filthy. It appeared to me that someone dragged her across a dirty floor. I couldn't wait to hear the story that went with her recent past.

Although I was pretty tired, I took the time to dry her hair and run a brush through it even braiding it into a single braid. I decided she was likely closer to my age of thirty-three and that maybe she was thirty or thirty-one years old. This lady was gorgeous, and that was an understatement. She was perhaps five feet eight to ten inches tall, with breasts that were on the generous side of a C cup. Her hair was thick and healthy, a reddish brown that most would call Auburn and she had the most remarkable sapphire blue eyes I have ever seen. I looked at her on the bed where I had laid her in all of her naked glory, and I was smitten.

Bless her heart; she was emaciated. In fact, you could count her ribs. I put her clothes in the washer so she would have something to wear on Saturday. Meanwhile, I put her in an oversized tee shirt and put her under the covers in the middle of my King sized bed. I pulled her to me in a spoon and held onto her so that if she awoke or got sick during the night, I would wake up. I also remembered to place a bowl on the bed beside her just in case.

About ten the next morning I felt her moving and immediately sat up in case she woke up sick or scared of being in an unknown place. Good thinking on my part because she woke up screaming. I put an arm around her and rocked her to try and quite her down some. She jumped to her knees and faced me wanting to know who the hell I was and where she was. All very reasonable questions. I held her wrist so she couldn't hit me and quietly said, "My name is Nick Shelton, Doctor Nick Shelton and I found you at 2:30 this morning passed out drunk on a bus stop bench just west of town. I could have turned you over to the police, but I thought you could use a doctor more than a drunk tank. Now please calm down and let's deal with this like adults. Now tell me your name and if you remember, tell me how you ended up on that bench in such a condition."

She took a deep breath and began by saying,"Okay, my name is Lana Ann Grimes, and I am not sure how I ended up on the bench, but I have a fair idea how it happened. It is a long story, and I could use some coffee and a few answers first." "Okay, Lana or Lana Ann, which do you prefer?" "Just Lana will do fine, thanks." "Well, the bathroom is right across the room, and I want to put your clothes in the dryer so let's meet down that hall the second door to the left in the kitchen. On your side of the bed is a bottle of water and I would like for you to drink it all so that your hangover will be less painful."

So she went off to the bathroom and found the robe I put out for her to wear and the water. I put her clothes to dry and used the bathroom near the laundry room. A few minutes later I found her sitting at the kitchen bar, and I put the coffee on and placed a glass of orange juice in front of her along with a cup for her coffee.

"Nick, did you undress me, clean me up and braid my hair?" "Lana, you were soaking wet and shivering when I got you home, so I had to warm you up by placing you in the shower. I went in with you, bathed you, washed and dried your hair. Then I took a little longer to brush it out and yes I even braided it. I should do well if I have a daughter someday, cause I never have braided hair before. By the way, I see naked women at work every day, so I wasn't embarrassed, and you were unconscious, so you could not do it for yourself. By the way, you vomited on yourself on the way home, so you needed a bath. If I may add, you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever met."

"I'm not embarrassed Nick, in fact, you did a great job and you most likely saved my life last night. I mean, I could have been kidnapped, again, or maybe I could have died of hypothermia." "Wait a minute, did you say kidnapped again, do I need to call the police?" "NO Nick please, no police that is the last thing I need." "Lana, let's fix our coffee and go back to the bedroom so you can tell me your whole story and then maybe I can figure out how to help you further?" "Nick, you are so kind to me. Why? I am thirty-one years old, and no one had done this much for me since my grandmother died when I was just ten years old?" "Lana, you want the truth?" She shook her head, yes and I said, "Once I got you cleaned up last night and took a good look at you in the light, you stole my heart and soul. To put it bluntly, I was smitten by you and would have walked to the ends of the earth to help you." "Oh, Nick you say the sweetest things, I think I will keep you around."

We got back under the covers, and I pulled her close which took no effort at all as she was so thin. She started to tell me the story of her life and how she ended up on that bench. There were times that I wished I didn't hear all of it. I held on to her, and at times I held her even tighter.

"Nick, my parents died when I was very young in an auto accident, and I was taken in and raised by my maternal grandmother till she died when I was ten. That's when my life turns to shit. I'm so sorry for the language, but I don't know any other way to put it. I was taken in by my deceased father's younger brother and his wife. They told me that they would take me in but that they really couldn't afford me and I would have to earn my keep if I wanted a roof over my head. So before I went to school and when I got home from school I had to clean house, do the laundry, cook supper and anything else they could think of that would save them from having to lift a finger. I didn't mind all the work, but I would have to stay up with my home work. It was important to me to keep up my school work. I started to develop these oversized breasts when I reached puberty at age thirteen. That's when my oversexed uncle started visiting my bed in the middle of the night to "show me how to be a proper woman." He took my virginity and kept coming to my room two or three nights a week till I ran away from home at age sixteen. He once told me that if I told my aunt or anyone else he would kill me."

She was in tears, and I picked her up placing her in my lap like a child. I whispered soothing words into her ear and told her that I wouldn't let anyone ever hurt her again. She leaned back and looked me in the eyes and said, "How can you promise that you don't even know me? Be careful what you promise, I may take you at your word." I just reached down and kissed her on the cheek, and we both smiled.

She went on with her story, "Nick, things just continued to get worse. I took some money from my aunt's purse when I left, got on the first bus leaving town and got off at the point that I couldn't afford another ticket. I walked the streets of the city for days begging for or stealing food until a nice man offered me food and shelter. What I didn't see coming was that he wanted me to sell my body for him in exchange for the food and a warm place to live. So for the next two and a half years, I was a whore because I was too scared to run away. Finally, I started skimming money and tips from the money I received turning tricks, and when I had enough, I boarded another bus and headed to this area and looked for a job."

She continued, "I knew I still had on whore clothes under the coat I had on because my pimp threw away all of my other clothes, so I took some of the money and went to a thrift store to buy more professional looking clothes and went out looking for a job. I hit another roadblock, I never finished high school and didn't even have a GED. I ended up dancing in a strip club for money and studied bartending at the same time. So finally I found a job bartending and it looked like life was going to get better. I found a girl to room with and started saving some money."

"Then two weeks ago, one of the johns from when I was a hooker came into the bar where I worked where he recognized me. He threatened to tell my boss and announce it online if I didn't show up for a party he was putting on, to be part of the entertainment. So I decided that I didn't have any choice but to go to his house on Monday night. I was forced to drink liquor which I don't normally do, and they took off my clothes, and I was naked and drunk all week. The party turned out to be him and seven of his frat brothers from college having a reunion. I was locked in a room with no clothes on while they took turns banging me in every possible way. I finally started looking around the room and found some women's clothing in a bottom drawer. I hid them till about midnight when I got dressed and jumped from a second story window into a hedge and started running. I guess I found the bench and passed out."

I looked at her, and we were both crying. I once again kissed her cheek and said, "Lana that's the saddest most horrifying story I have ever heard."


We went back into the kitchen so that I could fix us some breakfast and another cup of coffee. "Lana, I promise you that I will do everything in my power to improve your life from this day forward. Believe me that I can also protect you physically and I will."

I continued my line of conversation, "Now let me ask you a few questions and tell you a little about myself. I have been in school most of my life except for a stint in the navy. I had to leave the service due to an injury, so I returned to school to become a doctor. Since then I have spent most of my time in the hospital. The story of my love life is even simpler; I have none. I took one look at you and knew that I had to help you and then as we showered together I fell for you hook, line and sinker. I don't expect you to fall for me right away, but if you will live here and see if you develop feelings for me, I will support you, and if you feel that I am not the man for you, then you can move on. I will teach you what you need to learn to get a GED and to qualify for college if you wish a college degree. Who knows you might even be my nurse one day." She looked at me with a look like, 'Sure buster I've heard every lie in the book, but that's a new one.' She just stared at me without saying anything. Finally, I said, "What?" She just kept staring, and finally, she replied, "Why are you staring at me, do I have food in my teeth or is something out of place?"

"Lana, my dear you are sitting in front of me wearing only a tee shirt that looks like an oversized dress, with no makeup on, and yet you look like a goddess to me. I just can't stop staring at you, and I do apologize. I know from what you have told me, that 'love' may be a new concept to you. You have experienced only hate, abuse, torment and forced sex since you was thirteen, but it will be my job to convince you that things will be different from now on. Lana, your life can start over beginning today. Later I want to discuss counseling with you so an expert can talk you through any issues you may have, do to all the horrors you have experienced."

I was beginning to think this poor lady was going to dehydrate as a result of crying so much. "Nick, I feel like I am dreaming and will wake up soon back in that house of horrors. Did you just offer me your love, a new beginning, a chance for an education?" "Lana, in a nutshell, that is precisely the offer that I am volunteering you. In fact, if you don't want any of the stuff remaining in your rented apartment you don't even need to return, I will buy you a new wardrobe, and anything you need. You can stay out of the public eye for a while to escape from your past."

"Lana I am not tied to this hospital or this community, so if you want to start over, we could move to another part of the country where you could be even more removed from your past life. Finally, I have a good friend Mike Johnson, a captain in the local police department. With your permission, I can make sure that those guys that held you captive, blackmailed you, and took advantage of you sexually, spend the next ten to twenty years in jail?"

"Nick, baby, can we go back to bed and let me get to know you better, then we can talk tomorrow about other options." I took her hand and led her to the bedroom. The next few seconds were amazing. When we entered the bedroom, she dropped her robe to the floor, and then she skinned off the oversized tee shirt. I was staring at the most beautiful women in the world. She then came over to me and removed my tee shirt and boxers so that we stood there taking in the view of each other. I hoped that all those sit ups and push ups since high school helped me look good to her because she didn't have to sell her looks to me. My gosh, she was an absolute dream. She reached out and ran her finger over a six-inch scar on my right upper chest. "Now you know why I am not a surgeon." All she said was, "How did you get this?" "I got it in Iraq from a bullet out of nowhere. I was trying to stop the bleeding on one of the team when I got shot. I'm happy to say we both made back alive, but it left me with weakness in that shoulder that forced me to leave the military."

Lana stood there continuing to take in Nick's body for the first time, and she couldn't believe her eyes. She knew he had a handsome face and that he looked lean, but she didn't see a gymnast body coming out of those loose fitting clothes. He was like a Greek god; he had a heart of gold she already realized that, so there was only one more thing to find out. Would they be compatible in the bedroom? She thought to herself, after everything wrong about sex that she had been through since she was thirteen years old, any form of real love from him would have to be incredible. For so many years she was forced to have sex with people she didn't love and then for the last eight or nine years Lana had no sex at all till last week when once again she was raped and abused.

***** I eased her down to the bed and pulled the sheet up over us. There was no rush since neither of us was going anyplace anytime soon. I held her and nibbled on her ear. Then I gently kissed her lips, but she wanted more. That first kiss quickly became more and more passionate. I just could not resist lightly touching one of those beautiful tits. Lana's breasts were so soft when I touched them. I just couldn't believe that at thirty-one her somewhat larger breasts were so perky with hard nipples that Indicated that she was sharing this emotion with me. We were on the edge of a loving relationship that neither of us had ever experienced or expected. It was inconceivable to me that a woman this beautiful and a man of my age and worldliness would never have been with anyone with whom we could openly share our love.

We were both breathing harder, faster and the kiss seemed to go on forever but in fact, only lasted mere minutes. I moved my lips down to Lana's breasts that I had so tenderly caressed. Lana began to think that she couldn't take much more of this kissing and touching. "Nick, are you ever going to have sex with me?"

"Lana, I am never going to screw you, fuck you or even have sex with you. That is what everyone in your life has done to you since you reached puberty. What I am going to do, is to make love to you, maybe very passionate love, but I will always love and respect you and never, never make you feel like you are being forced to have sex. So my dear for today and possibly even tonight I want to hold you, love you, caress you, and most of all I want to show you how much you mean to me. I also want you to eat three square meals a day from now on so that you can regain the weight that you have lost living on the streets or trying to live on next to nothing. Baby girl I want you to be healthy and happy?"

Here came the tears again. "Oh, Nick you do say the sweetest things. Sweetheart, may I call you that?" I shook my head yes. She continued, "Nick, look me in the eye because I have to say something significant and I hope as profound as what you just said to me. Sweetheart, I will never find a man as good as you, who after less than one day loves and cares about me more than you. With that being the case I have only one thing to say; Nick Shelton I love you, and I will wait for you to make love to me till you feel the time is right." Nick held her face in both hands and gave her a sweet kiss and brought her head to the pillow and they went back to sleep.

We slept till nearly 5 o'clock in the afternoon. I awoke first and raised up on one elbow to look at this new person in my life. He reflected on the fact that they barely knew each other it wasn't even 24 hours yet, and yet he knew in his heart that she was the one and only one for him. He thought that a great doctor most of the time. A great doctor like a nurse must have a caring heart and soul. Nick had both, so he thought that he had to care for and protect this warm, gorgeous woman.

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