tagBDSMSaving a Marriage Ch. 07

Saving a Marriage Ch. 07


Simone pulled into the driveway after a long night out. Henry had managed to get pretty drunk with his friend Tony and was getting somewhat feisty in the car. Simone was completely sober, knowing that she would be the driver on the way home.

Simone turned to lock the door, and as soon as the latch had turned Henry was on her. Spinning her around, he pressed up hard against her, mashing her against the door as he roughly pawed at her chest. She ignored his beer and cigarette breath as he clumsily kissed her, chewing on her lip as his right hand forced itself between her and door, grasping her ass roughly.

Finally stepping back, Henry walked unsteadily to the couch. Collapsing, he shouted out, "Alright, why don't you go get dressed for some fun. Naked should be fine. When you come back here, make sure you are crawling on your hands and knees." Simone paused only for a second before rushing to the guest bedroom and stripping.

Rushing back, she found he had taken off his belt and loosened his pants. He was playing with the belt in one hand, holding a cigarette in the other, knocking the ash into an old ashtray he kept on the coffee table. She hated even his occasional smoking, and never let him smoke in the house, but that was before she had embraced her new place. She wasn't going to tell Henry how to act in his house.

She crawled in front of him, watching how his eyes worked their way back and forth along her naked form. It was humiliating to move like an animal across the floor. She closed her eyes for a moment due to the shame of it, but a sudden flash of grey filled her mind, combined with that voice. 'Don't think of how humiliating this is for you, think about how entertaining it is for him!' Opening her eyes she could see the pleasure he was experiencing from her debasement and tried to take solace in that.

Exhaling, he spit out, "Ok, you wanted some training on how to suck my cock, but if I am going to put in the effort to teach you, we are going to do this the right way. You are going to crawl on your hands and knees until I give you permission to do otherwise. Your bitch training starts now."

She was shaking in fear as she reached forward to remove his cock, feeling saliva build up in anticipation. 'He is drunk, any mercy he might have felt this morning is gone.'

Without warning, she felt a sharp pain on the back of her hands. Henry had flicked the doubled over belt on to her outstretched hands. "Use your teeth to bring down the zipper and your tongue to fish it out." She struggled to obey him, causing him to growl, "Get going slut." Finally she had removed him from his pants. She had just begun to orally worship him when she jerked back in pain from the belt against her back. "Blow job, not hand job. Keep your hands behind your back as much as possible." She obeyed and began again to suck. He reached down, pulling her hands upward and directing her silently to grab each elbow with the opposing hand. "We want to keep your ass clear of protection, don't move your arms." She struggled to keep balance with her hands in this position, and as a result couldn't take him as deep as she had earlier.

When she failed to go down far enough or shifted incorrectly, he showed his displeasure by barking commands and bringing the belt down on her ass at random intervals. Tears began to flow as she slaved away between his legs, more from shame than from pain. 'He is beating me, and I am letting him do it. What is wrong with me?'

After he shot his load down her throat for the second time that day, he pushed her off his crotch violently. She fell back panting hard. She looked up when she heard him speak. He was lighting another cigarette as he said, "Disappointing, we have a lot of work to do."

"I'm sorry, I will try to do better.'

"I know you will," he replied with an arrogant smile, "When I am done with you, you will be the best cock sucker ever. For now, slowly suck my balls, while you gently stroke my cock. Your other hand stays on the ground" She obeyed and he grew hard after a bit. She didn't flitch as she felt him place something under her neck, restraining her curiosity. "Ok, enough of that." When she leaned back from his crotch, she realized he had slipped his belt around her neck. He stood and with a single jerk, he closed the loop around her neck, the buckle painful as it cut in. She grasped at it instinctively, but quickly dropped her hands as he shouted "Hands down! Get on all fours!!"

She was truly terrified now, but after a second she realized that tight as it was, he was not actually choking her. She obeyed, still shivering as she embraced her situation. He husband had reduced her into a dog on a leash.

"Ok bitch, keep up now." He stubbed out his cigarette and then started to walk slowly to the bedroom. She moved as fast as she could, thinking 'Something tells me I am going to get good at crawling.' He allowed her to crawl ahead of on the stairs, only smacking her ass from behind rather than dragging her up.

There was irony in the fact that she felt gratitude to her husband for not pulling her up the stairs by choking her but rather letting her crawl while he beat her ass. When she heard a tone of cruel pleasure in his slurred, drunken speech she thought to herself, 'I exist to serve my husband. The only true pleasure is the pleasure of serving him.'

It seemed an eternity, but finally she had climbed the stairs and reached there bedroom. She obeyed his shouts, moving as he told her, until she found herself on her back, length-wise on the bed. Her head was hanging off the edge of the bed. She stared at his crotch, so close to her face as he removed the makeshift leash, when suddenly she understood what was about to happen to her.

"Open wide." Terrified as she was by the pain she knew was coming, she obeyed. He was going to fuck her face again, and in this position she would be more vulnerable to his onslaught than before. "I said wide you dumb slut!' The doubled over belt which had felt so terrible against her ass now came down against first her right and then her left breast. She screamed in agony. Her head was swimming for what seemed like an hour when she realized she had shot into the most powerful orgasm of her life. Her eyes finally open, she saw her husband, smiling wide now looking down at her. He knew that she had come from his cruel punishment, but she didn't care. "I think you're ready now. Open that slut mouth of yours."

She opened as wide as she could as he jabbed violently into her. She sputtered as he pummeled her face. Whenever it became too much and her gag reflex caused him to have to stop, he would grab both her nipples and twist cruelly as she cried out, yelling at her to learn to take it like the whore she was. Her face was numb and throat sore when he finally pulled out and shot his load all over her chest. Her mind all but shut off as she exploded into to orgasm when she felt the first splash of his cum hit her.

"You know not to waste a drop," he said grasping and twisting her nipples even harder, which Simone wouldn't have thought possible minutes ago. She couldn't even get a sound out of her throat. The agony was so great, she desperately pulled his cum into her mouth, desperate for her torment to end.

When he was satisfied, he released both her nipples with a final twist and a firm slap on each tit. "Go clean yourself off slut, then get back here and lick me clean." She swung herself off the bed and started to make her way to the bathroom. His hand came up the grab her by the hair. "Did I say you could walk yet?"

"No, please I'm sorry." She tried to drop to her hands and knees like a good bitch, but he held her in place.

"You're going to learn your place or you're really going to be sorry." With that the belt came down on her breasts, twice on each sore tit. She cried out, and found once again that her voice had gone and tears were finished. He released her, and she dropped to her knees and crawled to the bathroom.

Turning on the faucet in the shower, she didn't dare to rise as she pulled down a towel and wiped the reside of his cum off her chest and face. Washing quickly between her legs, she returned to the bedroom to find her husband lying down on the bed, leaning against the backboard. As she approached, he held out the belt, and said, "Start with this."

She licked the remnants of cum that had gotten on the belt, mostly likely from the last time it met her chest. Once done, she took the end in her mouth and for a few moments sucked it lovely like it was her husband's cock.

He pulled it away. "Clean me off; I want to get to sleep." Crawling around to the foot of the bed and then up it, she settled between his legs and lavished licks and kisses on it. She found herself drifting, not even looking up at her husband. This cock, this beautiful penis, this wonderful piece of manhood was her whole world. She wasn't just licking her husbands cock; she was worshipping his ability to make her subservient to him. She repeated over and over, 'I exist to serve my husband. The only true pleasure is the pleasure of serving him.' She did not know how long she had been working when she heard his drunken snore. Looking up, she kissed his cock, and then crawled out of the room to sleep in the guest bedroom. Tired as she was, she set the alarm for 8:00 AM.

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