tagMind ControlSaving a Marriage Ch. 08

Saving a Marriage Ch. 08


Every part of Simone ached. She had not been able to sleep for a moment due to all the pain that wracked her body, but still when the alarm when off, she rose from bed. She began to walk to her bathroom, and then regain herself. She dropped to her knees and crawled off, scolding herself for her lack of discipline. She asked herself what Henry would do if he saw her walking before he had given her permission to rise from her hands and knees, but the dull throbbing in her tits was answer enough. He likely had simply forgotten to tell her that she didn't need remain on all fours, but regardless, she needed to obey his orders.

She thought "Why? Why do I need to obey?" As she did the dull pain I her breasts seem to intensify. "You need to because you want to. You have always wanted to obey, you have just been lying to yourself."

She took liberties in the kitchen, assuming that Henry would not want her to damage her body on the cold hard tile. Everywhere else she followed the spirit of his command, rising only to do those tasks that she could not do on her hands and knees.

She drank almost a full pot of coffee to get herself prepared for the morning. She looked in on Henry a few times, but knew that he would not want to rise until Noon. Everything prepared she entered their room at 11:30 and waited by the door on her hands and knees, wearing a black thong and nothing else. Most of the pain from the night before had dulled, but the extended time on her knees was taking its toll on her, and her hanging breasts were still tender in spots.

Henry stirred, and upon seeing her across the room smiled. He motioned for her to come to her. She started to crawl over, but he put up his hand and said, "Stop." She halted having only moved a foot or so, a confused look on her face. "Why are you crawling? Not that I mind seeing that first thing when I wake up."

"You did not give me permission to rise." Her voice quavered when she said it, but she was not sure if that was because it shamed her to speak that way or because he didn't yet expect her to have remembered what she had been told to do.

His smile became broader, and he laughed a bit. "I guess that little bit of discipline I gave you stuck."

Ignoring his amusement in her humiliation, she looked down, "Yes, but I did rise briefly this morning." She couldn't believe she was telling him this, he would never have known. Why admit it when it would only earn her more pain. She knew it was wrong and she had internalized the lesson. She looked up in desperation, "It was only for ten seconds, I swear!"

He was still smiling. "I believe you, don't worry about it. Just come here, but when you crawl for me, make sure you keep your hands forward enough that your tits drag on the floor."

She nodded her understanding, and continued to make her way to him. He must have been in a good mood she thought, she was sure that her admission would earn her breasts more punishment. As she felt the rough carpet rubbing her nipples, she knew he still had no issue with torturing her tits.

As she approached the bed, he swung his body to sit on the edge of the bed in front of her, looking down at her. The look on his face showed a passion she had not seen since they had first been married. She was filled with an exhilarating feeling, which broke her through to understand. She knew why she had admitted her disobedience; she wanted to be punished for what she had done. 'It doesn't matter if it was only ten seconds, it doesn't matter that he wasn't even there to see. I disobeyed him and I need to be punished.'

More than that, she knew why Henry had ignored her admission. He was testing her, to see if she would accept what he said or would protest and ask to be reminded of her place. 'It is all a test. He wants to see if I really mean everything I have said. I should have known to stay on all fours. I should have known to drag my breasts on the floor. He wants me to confess and ask for punishment.'

As she reached the side of the bed, she looked down and saw the belt that he had used to teach her the night before. Bowing her head, she grabbed it in her teeth and held it up to him.

A quizzical look crossed his face as he took to belt. Looking down at the ground again, she breathed deeply and then slowly said, "You are kind to forgive my behavior this morning, but if you don't help me, I will never learn. Please correct my behavior."

She felt his hand gently stroke the back of her neck. Later, Simone recalled that she could not tell if his caress had continued for fifteen seconds or an eternity. It was a wonderful mix of soft and loving movements combined with an odd firmness and strength that made it clear that she belonged to him.

Finally, slowly he lifted her head to face him and reaching forward kissed her repeatedly, his lips moving down from her forehead till he finally reached her lips. As he pecked her lips, she felt them quake as they opened ever so slightly. "You know I love you?" he whispered.

"Yes, I do". Her body seemed to move outside her control, her legs parting a few inches as her hands moved from her knees, around the outside of her thighs before finally resting on her ass.

"You know that even when I hurt you, I still love you?" His fingers moved over her cheek, only the tips moving over her.

"Yes, I do". Her voice was soft and wavering as her hands came together on the small of her back, her fingers interlocking.

"You know you deserve this?"

"Yes, I do". Her throat tightens as she spoke, and she thrust her chest forward as she closed her eyes.

Her head jerked forward and back as Henry grabbed her firmly by her hair. The pain flashed through her more intensely than she had remembered. The belt came down alternating on each breast in rapid succession and she cried out each time. "Since four didn't do it last time," he said calmly as he held her panting frame up, "six seemed a good number. What do you think, all better now?"

"Yes, I am sorry I disobeyed you, thank you for correcting me," she said breathlessly, "but I knew better than to crawl with my tits held up."

"True, these udders were meant to drag on the floor when you crawl." He bent low and kissed each breast in turn, then without warning brought his belt down again on each, aiming and connecting with each of her nipples. She howled fiercely falling forward and clutching her chest as he released her.

She lay trying to suppress any sounds as he walked around her. "I'm talking a shower, have lunch on the table when I get out there." As she made for the doorway, he shouted at her from the bathroom. "Oh, and you can stand up again."

Simone rose quickly, grateful since even a few seconds of the rough carpet against her freshly whipped nipples were awful. She rushed to the kitchen and laid out Henry's meal. He came in, dressed in jeans and a polo shirt, and without a word began eating. When she turned after placing his drink down, he grunted at her to get him the paper, sending her off with a hard slap on the ass.

She returned handing it to him, surprised that he had already wolfed down his whole meal. He pulled her onto his lap as she approached. She sat still, leaning into him slightly as he played with her hair casually while he read. They sat like this for fifteen minutes. Simone sighed occasionally as she felt all the pain and tension escape her body as a feeling of euphoria began to permeate her. The contrast of the warmth of his hand and arm versus the colder areas where his clothing touched her naked body was exciting, reinforcing her nudity in his clothed presence.

She was drifting away, almost in a trace like sleep when she heard Henry, his voice sounding like he was far away while still close to her in her confused state. Looking up she said, "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

"I said get between my legs." He hadn't looked away from the paper.

She slipped down from his lap, settling as best she could between him and the table legs. Her struggling to get into position must have annoyed him. He pushed her head to the side, "Jesus, just crawl around and get under the table. When I tell you to do something move!"

She rushed to get under the table and then come around. Within moments she was back where she knew she now wanted to be, on her knees serving her husband. She was careful to look up at him as she sucked, even though he was ignoring her as he read the business section. He broke his silence only to grunt out "Here it comes, remember cunt, every drop down your throat." She fingered herself as she swallowed his load. She licked him clean as he pronounced that she had done better, but still had a long way to go. Once finished she remained on her knees under the table until he stood, placing the paper on the table.

She followed him to the living room, finding him pulling his golf clubs from the closet.

"So, last night at the party I took your advice. I arranged to play golf with Tony and some of his friends today. I need to leave in a bit. We are probably going drinking afterwards. I assume you don't mind if I stay out all night."

"No, of course I don't. You go have fun. Do you want me to wait up for you?"

"Hmm, well I will probably be pretty late."

"If it's alright, I will sleep in the guest bedroom, that way I won't be a pain when you get in, and I can get ready in the morning without disturbing you."

He set the bags down and approached her. Reaching in to kiss her cheek, he said "The sounds fine, maybe you can have lunch ready and come in to wake me around noon."

"I would love to." She dropped her gaze and said softly, "And thank you again for correcting me this morning."

His right hand came up to cup her breast gently, the fingers running over her nipple, while he cupped her ass with his left hand. Pulling her closer, he asked, "So think you would be ready for some fun on Sunday night, or was all this a bit rougher than you thought it would be?"

Thoughts raced through her mind, the events of the last day flashing in front of her eyes. Part of her wanted to ask 'can't you just hold me and caress me and love me? Can't you just leave that whore of yours and be with me?' As she closed her eyes, lost inside the sensation of his fingers moving slowly over her, she saw the image of Dr. Ryan's eyes form in front of her.

Finally she answered, "It was more than I expected, but it wasn't so bad. The only time you really hurt me was when you whipped my tits, and I brought that on myself." He smiled as she said that and she paused for moment trying to make sure she chose the right words. "You have said a couple of times that you were 'training' me. I think that is the right word. If you need to be rough to teach me lessons, I need to accept that the pain is something I need in order to learn how to be the wife you deserve."

"So you don't mind this?" he said, smiling broadly as he smacked her ass hard twice in succession.

"No" she said, closing her eyes.

"How about this?" he asked as he began to pinching and twisting her nipple.

She bit her lip as she spat out, "No that's fine."

He twisted harder still, pulling down on her until she was bent over at the waist. He began to smack her ass, alternating between cheeks over and over again. "So then, maybe Sunday night we can try something new."

When he released her, she was too unbalanced to hold her position and felt to the floor at his feet. She looked up at him, resisting the urge to massage her aching parts as she said, "I am looking forward to it."

He laughed as he turned and walked towards the door. Picking up his clubs he bellowed, "See you Sunday, bitch."

The second the door closed, Simone began to masturbate, not bothering to move from the place on the floor she had fallen from. She moaned softly as her frigged herself, eyes closed, her mind locked on the image of Henry's shoes walking away from her in total disregard for the pain and humiliation he had just given her. As she came, she twisted her right nipple until it matched the throbbing pain Henry had placed on the left one. She started to crawl off to bed, but found she didn't have the energy to make it. Curling into a fetal position on the floor she quickly fell into a deep sleep.

She awoke on the living room floor with no sense of what time it was. She remembered not feeling like she could move after she had cum earlier that afternoon. Looking up she could tell it had been hours that she had been asleep, and the pain from her recent nipple torture and spanking had mostly subsided.

She rose and took herself to the kitchen. As she made a small dinner for herself, she began to sob. Deep inside, she knew the truth. Henry wasn't going to be out drinking with his friends. He was planning to be out fucking his mistress. Here she was, a married woman on a Saturday night, and she was so unappealing that her husband decided to spend the evening with someone else.

She ate in silence, and then went to the living room to watch some television. Flipping through the channels mindlessly, she thought about how much she wanted someone to talk to. She knew that there was no friend that she could call to discuss the dramatic turn that her life had taken. There was only one person that she could possible speak to about her husbands absence, or about his planned 'night of fun' on Sunday.

Finally she went to the phone and dialed Dr. Ryan's office. Even if her counselor would not be in, leaving a message would let her say out loud the things she needed to say. She was shocked to hear Dr. Ryan answer the phone.

"Dr. Ryan, I was planning on leaving a message, I didn't expect to find you at the office."

"I'm not there. My answering service checks the caller id on incoming calls. They have a list of number to forward to my mobile regardless of the time, numbers for patients who are at critical stages such as you. Never mind that, what can I do for you?"

"Nothing that can't wait till office hours, I am sorry to bother you."

"Well we are talking now. Tell me what is going on."

Simone paused, feeling guilty for a moment, and then suddenly launched into a full description of events since her return home with Henry on Friday. Dr. Ryan was silent during the long speech.

"Well Simone that is a great deal of information, and It sounds like you have an interesting day ahead of you tomorrow. Actually, I think I am not far from your house. Give me directions, I will stop by for a quick drink and he can talk a bit."

Simone gave directions to her house, and then rushed about to clean up a bit before Dr. Ryan arrived. When the doorbell rang, Simone gasped; she was still dressed in only a g-string. She rushed to the bedroom, threw on a silk robe and then ran back to the door. Putting any further thoughts of modesty aside, she opened the door to her home. Dr. Ryan stepped in, dressed in a long black dress with simple elegant jewelry. Her eyes scanned Simone's nearly nude form under the thin short robe as she closed the door behind her.

"I hope you don't mind Dr. Ryan, I didn't think to dress before you arrived. I guess I have gotten used to dressing like this around the house." She felt her face redden in embarrassment.

"No worry dear. Actually, I am happy to see that you have embraced dressing in ways that please Mr. Rand. Though I do think you probably would be considered over dressed if your husband was actually here." She walked past Simone, not even acknowledging that she had already caused her to blush slightly with that comment. "Lovely home, you are very lucky Simone."

"Thank you. I guess you had plans tonight, am I very sorry to have disturbed you, I feel terrible."

"Not at all, I have some time before I my plans begin for the evening. Lets sit and talk, but I would like a glass of wine."

"Of course." Simone rushed to get a glass of merlot. Returning she found that Dr. Ryan had settled down in Henry's traditional spot on the couch. She handed her the glass, still feeling awkward, with her fat ass barely covered by the back of the robe and the tops of her even fatter udders on display before this finely dressed, elegant woman.

"You seem a bit frazzled. Let me guess, is this where your husband generally sits?"

"Yes actually it is."

"I take it in the past few days you have served him quite a few drinks while he relaxed here."

"Yes, I have."

"I can tell from a lingering smell in the air that Mr. Rand has been smoking more?" Simone nodded. "I will speak to him about that, I don't think it is appropriate for a married man with a wife to care for to be risking his health."

"Thank you". Simone was glad for that, she knew she was in no position to question his behavior, and it was clear that Henry took Dy. Ryan seriously.

"Once you hand him his drink, where do you sit?" When Simone paused, Dr. Ryan said, pointing to the ground in front of her, "I suppose you kneel on the floor here."

"Yes." Looking at Dr. Ryan now, she one again found she was captivated by her eyes. She began to slowly drop to her knees, and then hesitated. She let the robe slip off of her, leaving her covered in only the G-string before going down to her knees.

Dr. Ryan's hand came forward to gently caress her face. She sat for a few minutes, petting Simone as she sipped her wine. Finally she spoke, "I must say you have come much further than I could have imagined in just a week."

"Thank you, but I still have fear inside of me. I am terrified of what will happen tomorrow."

"I think that is understandable. When we spoke earlier, I thought I heard just a bit of anger in your voice."

Simone looked away. "Part of me," she said, and then paused. "Part of me still wonders why he can't be soft with me. Why can't he," she paused again, a single sob escaping her.

Dr. Ryan lifted Simone's face toward her. She was silent again, and looking up, Simone felt that her stare was boring into her, as if the woman could navigate her mind and soul, baring her very essence as naked as her body. After a few minutes she spoke, "In your heart, you truly have come to understand your place. Once your mind has accepted the same, all you fear and anger will leave you. Only then will you find true happiness."

"What is it then, what is it that my mind needs to accept so I can be happy?"

Dr. Ryan's hands flowed down Simone's neck, tracing the lines down until the rested under her breasts. Lifting them slowly, she said "These are quite wonderful; it is no wonder that Mr. Rand is so intrigued by them. So large and yet so firm and magnificently shaped." Simone blushed, partly from the compliment, but mostly from the sensation of having a woman touch her in this manner. She had never had another woman touch her in even a remotely sexual way before.

She hoped that she did not flinch much as Dr. Ryan traced her finger over Simone's right breast. "I can still see some marks from where he corrected you. I believe he used his belt on them?"

"Yes, I misbehaved, so he had to correct me."

"It is good that you can admit that, that you accept Mr. Rand has the right to discipline you. Tell me now, what is it that is really troubling you?"

"It's just that ... Is there nothing else in life for me left except spending every moment of the day acting the slut for my own husband?" Simone looked imploringly at Dr. Ryan, bags under he eyes from a restless night.

"I understand you feel taken advantage of, but for a time your life will be like this. You have acknowledged your own part in your marital problems. If necessary, you can think if all this as a form of penance, for a lack of a better word."

"What about Henry! Doesn't have to do 'penance' for cheating on me? I'm not the one who decided to have an affair! Not to mention that you are making me pretend that he ended it! You know as well as I do that he is probably fucking his slut this very moment!"

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