tagErotic HorrorSaving a Puppy

Saving a Puppy


Hearing the vehicle labouring up the track to their isolated farm, Grace detached the dozing toddler. He seemed contented enough. If he needed more, he could certainly wait until after John left. Hank rarely ventured through the front door, so a single button would suffice to close her blouse.

Lifting Sam to her hip, the slender young woman walked to the screen door. "I'll get it, John," she called on the way. "It'll be Hank, right on time as usual. You just finish getting ready."

She pushed the screen door open with her free hip and stood there. It was indeed Hank's truck pulling up in their driveway. As the dust clouds subsided, the driver's rusty side door creaked open and their wiry neighbour climbed out. Leaning his tanned forearms on the car door, he exchanged a wave with the petite good-looking girl in the doorway jiggling the sleepy toddler. They both knew John would come bustling out any second now.

Both sets of curious eyes swung behind Hank at once. A dusty yellow four wheel drive vehicle towing a huge empty horse trailer was following in Hank's dusty wake. It pulled up abruptly behind his truck.

After a flurry of activity in the front seat, a tall elegant woman in her late thirties in a brief halter-neck top, shorts and sandals climbed out. Clutching a flat wicker basket and a glass jar, she quickly approached Hank. "Please. Can I use phone?" Grace heard her call on the run. The urgency was apparent, and her eastern European accent quite thick.

He shrugged his shoulders and let two leathery fingers indicate Grace. As the woman turned and hastened to the porch steps, he ran his eyes up and down her long bare legs approvingly.

As the woman reached the top of the steps, Grace felt her attention being eerily commanded. The stranger was a classically beautiful European dark blonde with high cheekbones and the pale mesmerising blue eyes that were locking onto hers. It was almost like she alone was party to some silent, intense beckoning that sang to her very soul. She felt an utter sense of fascination start to well up.

The spell was broken when John swore loudly inside. Snapping her head around, Grace saw he had dropped his carton of cold beer. When she turned back, the woman's alluring eyes were once again staring into hers, almost serenading her.

"I need vet. Soon," came the pleading words. A captivated Grace could only meekly run her round brown eyes around the striking face.

"Who on earth is that, Grace?" boomed the deep voice inside, making her again jump back to reality.

"Eva," she repeated the distraught woman's prompt. She kept her eyes inside the house while listening intently to the limited smattering of English.

"I drive all day. My puppy, he stop drinking. Is doctor near? Puppy's mother die. I don't want puppy die," she heard.

Grace quietly relayed the message to John. She lowered her head, trying to avert the striking blue eyes as she added. "Come inside, Eva. Let's see if we can help." The thin lips of the stately woman grimaced as she squeezed past with her basket and jar.

Before turning, Grace looked upwards at the sky. It was still so warm out, considering it was a half hour to dusk. There wasn't a cloud above. The thought struck her that it would be such a lovely and warm night outside tonight. With a parting wave to Hank, she followed her in and gestured her towards the lounge. John's voice yelled from the kitchen.

"Grace, the nearest vet's at Derbyville," the bad news came. "But being Saturday, I reckon it's probably closed. Try calling them if you want, but I make it six thirty now. Plus they're over seventy kilometres away of course."

The tall, sturdy farmer strode noisily into the room and used a nod to acknowledge the haughty stranger. A quick stoop of his hefty fair-haired frame and he was kissing his beautiful young wife and son goodbye. Halfway out the front doorway, he paused. "Hank may drop me back late tonight. But if we go on too late or drink too much, we may bunk down at Roger's all night. If so, I'll get a lift back first thing tomorrow morning. Okay?"

"Fine by me," Grace replied. Tonight was his reward. He had worked a hard couple of days installing the French doors in their master bedroom. They were the new means of access to their newly-created area of paradise - a large, newly grassed courtyard bordered by a post and wire fence. Twenty metres square, an open gate provided access to a trail into the nearby forest she loved so much. Proudly sitting right in the middle was their only piece of outdoor furniture - a new outdoor sun-bed with a thin mattress base.

Grace had also felt glad John was taking time off to mix with mates on the neighbouring remote properties. She loved the comments he brought home from them, about how lucky he was to land such a beautiful-looking city girl. Somehow though, she was starting to feel a surge of impatience that only disappeared when she finally heard the rattle of Hank's truck moving off. Returning from the door to the intriguing woman, she felt herself again marvelling at how physically attractive she was.

"Eva, sorry. We're alone now. It's finally quiet," she murmured, caught up by the woman's allure. Despite the brief casual attire, Eva had the air of a countess about her. Her short blonde hair was neatly combed off her high forehead, and her bare flawless skin was a light golden brown. A good twelve inches taller than Grace's four foot ten, she had an almost hourglass figure.

The toddler stirred from his sleep, rubbing his eyes wearily on her hip, Grace glanced down. "Oh Eva, this is Sam incidentally. And I'm Grace," she offered as introduction.

"Grace, my English not good," Grace heard the broken reply. "Please. I show you."

Eva pulled back the cloth on the basket supported on her long legs. Lying on its side was a small puppy the size of a mobile phone, obviously weak and not moving. Grace watched her open the glass jar and fill the eyedropper inside with some of the milky contents. Forcing the tip into the tiny mouth, she squirted a minute amount inside. It all weakly flowed straight back out.

"I see," Grace softly empathised, sitting next to her as she watched. She ignored the sleepy tot onto her lap, jiggling him to encourage him to stay asleep. The tiny animal's eyes were closed. "Oh, look at it," she added. "So cute! But it'll die if it doesn't drink something soon. We should try something with a teat. I have a small baby bottle somewhere in the kitchen."

The woman gave her a polite but confused look. Grace realised her lack of English had meant Eva had probably picked up precious little of what she had just said.

"Let me look for a bottle," Grace slowly summarised instead. "I'll also ring the vet."

"Thank you," the woman replied, her eyes almost mesmerising Grace's for a few seconds before they re-focused on the tiny creature. Weary child on her hip, the barefoot young woman padded off to the kitchen.

Emerging with the toddler fast asleep a short time later, she passed over a doll-size bottle. "I tried the vet. There's no answer," she announced solemnly.

"Thank you. So kind," Grace heard the grave thanks as she let her dark brown eyes become captured by the icy pale blue ones staring. She was only able to break away when Eva's gaze lowered to transfer some of the jar's milky contents into the bottle.

Sam stirred. Instinctively, Grace deftly undid the lone button, uncovering her small curved breast to which she applied the toddler's weary head. She soon sensed Sam wasn't hungry, her squat brown nipple more often outside his mouth than in. But with him occupied, Grace could devote her attention to the stranger and her efforts to induce her tiny pet to drink. She glanced at the patrician face. How lovely she must look in happier times, she thought.

A disappointed Grace winced with Eva each time the puppy refused the bottle. She became aware the Sam had dropped from her sopping nipple and was fast asleep.

"I'll just be five minutes putting him down," Grace whispered. Loosely pulling her blouse across, her small frame strained as she picked the eight month old toddler up and gently carried him over her shoulder to his room.

When she returned a few minutes later, she could see Eva looking down at the small bundle of fur now extended across her hand, shaking her head. Grace's heart was heavy. She adored animals, and hated seeing them in distress.

"May I have a hold?" she asked softly, extending cupped hands. Eva almost poured the tiny creature into her palm. Using a thumb and forefinger, Grace stretched the forlorn length of fluff out full length. With one finger, she stroked along its body and between the closed eyes.

"Oh," she cooed at it. "He's just so beautiful. Do they grow up big?"

"Very big. Grow very quick," came the proud reply. "Hunting dog."

Lifting it gently, Grace flicked aside her long honey brown hair. She leaned right back on the couch, and lay its body flat out just under her slender neck. Now and again, its shallow breathing shuddered. Knowing how stricken it was, she wished she could save it.

She glanced over to Eva. The intense eyes were pleading as they drilled deep into her eyes. Grace was leaning forward to delicately pass the ball of fur back when she saw Eva's eyes drop to her gaping blouse.

"Please?" she heard Eva's stammer. "You try feed yourself to him?"

Grace knew instantly what was being suggested. She paused. "It's a long shot. I certainly have some left over," she thought.

She looked at the dying puppy in her upturned hand. Its head hung limply over the palm near her little finger. Spreading her blouse, she guided the blind face to the nipple. At first, it just lay there, not moving.

Using two fingers, she expressed a small drop of milk just above its mouth.

There was a faint twitch. The nose began weakly sniffing.

Feebly, it tried to lift its head but the effort was too much. Grace moved its head up so that its mouth could just touch the droplet.

She couldn't resist a cautious, hopeful smile when it weakly took it in. It started blindly probing around, tiny wide mouth agape. She put it to the small nipple slit opening and felt it take a small weak suck. There was a short pause before a second, longer attempt. Then an even longer third.

When the first milk foam bubbled from the side of its mouth, she sensed an optimistic excitement rising in Eva too. To get comfortable, Grace looked about behind, seeking something to lean against. Eva sensed what she was after. Turning her long legs towards Grace, she indicated her to lie back against her, wrapping a gentle forearm about Grace's neck as she did. Both comfortable, they both looked down at the miracle unfolding.

Grace couldn't resist turning her face slightly to smile triumphantly at Eva, and appreciated the grateful kiss that found her forehead. The sheer beauty of the woman looking so adoringly into her eyes overpowered any hesitancy. She tilted her head even further, welcoming the soft lips onto hers.

As soon as the kiss began, Grace could feel something warm and electric flowing into her mouth from the woman's lips. She felt so adored and loved in her mind, and rejoiced at the deep stirrings her body was experiencing from the puppy's peaceful but determined suckling. It felt like surges of energy and rapture were passing around and through her small body and into the small helpless creature.

Eyes closed, she let herself float in the kiss, letting the rising state of bliss fill her. A hand started sensually stroking her cheek and her shoulder length honey brown hair. The sense of total fulfillment continued even after both Eva's mouth and the puppy detached themselves at almost the same time.

The slender young woman sat spellbound as Eva's arms slowly released her. "So nice you feed yourself to him," Grace heard the smoky voice thanking her. "My pleasure," an enraptured Grace truthfully replied, stroking the furry back resting contentedly on her chest. She could have sworn it had grown so much just in the brief time she had been nursing it. It felt so much heavier as she carefully handed it back to Eva.

Coming down from her rapture somewhat, Grace started rationally thinking the whole situation through. There could still be a real problem if it didn't take to the bottle soon.

"He'll need at least one more feed tonight to keep his strength up," she suggested to the lovely woman beside her. Sam slept through his night feeds these days. Holding up the bottle, she added "We should keep trying this too." Eva knowingly nodded.

"But it's late. You must of course stay here tonight," Grace impulsively continued. "There is plenty of room in our only bed here if you don't mind sharing. I've no doubt that John will be away all night. We will try to feed the puppy again in three hours." she added, taking the woman's watch and pointing to midnight. Eva showed her understanding with a grateful smile, tenderly replacing the animal into its basket and covering it.

"Oh, I sleep here? With you? Thank you. You feed yourself to him again. Three hours?" Eva repeated, holding three fingers up. Grace nodded.

All the worry seemed to have drained from the classical features, and Grace could see the look of nervous excitement replace it. The stunning new look made Grace pleased.

"Grab anything you'll need tonight from your car then," she said. There was a confused look on the woman's face. Grace smiled, remembering her lack of English. Extending a small hand to Eva, Grace escorted her to the front door and mimed cleaning her teeth. Eva raised a hand and nodded.

Opening the door, Grace had fully expected it to be dark as she reached for the floodlight switch. But her hand froze. It wasn't needed. She took a couple of steps out onto the porch to gape about at the full moon bathing everything outside in its tranquil light.

As her guest made up an overnight bag within her vehicle, Grace stood on the porch just looking about, amazed at how beautiful everything looked, painted in silvers, blacks, dirty whites and greys in the warm night air.

Eva joined her side for a last marvel herself. Inside, Grace grabbed a towel from the cupboard for Eva, checking inside the nursery door on the way.

"Sorry! You probably haven't eaten at all?" Grace turned to Eva and apologised.

"No. But thank you. Too tired," the tall woman shook her head.

"Yes, me too. What say we head straight to bed now?" Grace asked. The tired smile on Eva said it all.

Turning on the master bedroom light, Grace indicated the far side of the king-size bed to Eva. Reaching under her pillow, she grabbed her thin nightie. When she glanced over, Eva was already undressing. Grace tossed her nightie to the side of the bed and, turning her back to Eva, eased her blouse off her shoulders. Her shorts and panties joined it at her ankles in one fluid motion straight after.

"You are very beautiful," Grace heard behind her as she kicked them to one side. She glanced over her shoulder. Eva was already reclining in a lace nightgown on the other half of the bed, sheet up to her waist. Her eyes seemed fixed on Grace's shapely behind.

"Body so small, but perfect. Like beautiful doll. Such lovely skin," she heard her purr.

Grace felt compelled to turn, nightie in hand, and allow the woman's hungry eyes to take in the brown circles on her small jutting breasts, then the rest of her slender figure.

When she had taken her time and was finished, a stirred Grace slowly eased the short nightie over her head. As it fell to her hips, she stared into the pale loving eyes before turning to switch off the lamp. She was at a complete loss to explain why she found this woman so magnetic. Rolling into bed, she snuggled readily into the open arms offered to her, feeling herself relax as Eva caressed her face.

Nestling closer into the warm body, she felt herself drifting off. One of her last thoughts was how bright the moonlight outside was through the gap in the French door curtains.

"Three hours now," she kept hearing Eva politely repeating. In a half-dream, she tried to open her eyes. It seemed as she had just fallen asleep. Eva was sitting in her nightgown there on the bedside beside her. The curtains though had been drawn back and the French doors were wide open. She marvelled at how bright the moonlight still was outside. A quick glance at the clock confirmed it was just after midnight.

Eva rose, allowing Grace to slowly swing her small legs out and try to stand. Her legs seemed unsteady and she vaguely felt her long hair being disturbed and her arms raised into the air. Groggily, she was realised that Eve was removing her nightie.

"Nice and warm outside. Feed puppy there?" came the seductive suggestion. Grace could only nod meekly as strong hands lifted Grace's shoulders and legs and effortlessly carried the pretty young woman out through the French doors. Grace found herself being lowered onto the moonlit sun bed. The basket was already there, waiting.

In a state of childlike wonder, she gazed up at the bright night sky all around. She could sense an intense rush building on Eva's face looking down at her.

"You feed yourself to puppy now?" Grace heard Eva's unexpected hoarse, excited whisper. She felt so glorious here in the warm bright night, free of all clothes. She smiled up and obediently nodded her assent.

Eva's thrilled face almost began to glow. "This is wonderful," she kept repeating, and Grace could feel the beautiful woman's exhilaration soaring too. When the puppy was gently lowered, Grace was surprised at how much larger and heavier it had become. Its eager eyes were now wide open and it seemed to be three times as big as before.

The eager animal's wide snout quickly took in the whole tip of Grace's breast. From the first urgent sucking, Grace could feel the strength growing in the puppy as she felt her milk gush into it. Eva's lips lovingly came out of the starry sky above.

Between the long succulent kisses stimulating her, she heard Eva murmuring "Beautiful girl" and "So lovely". Despite these endearments and the determined tugging at her small breast, she felt herself starting to doze off again.


The naked moonlit flesh stirred on the mattress. Stretching out on her back, Grace started to open her eyes. Inside she was feeling vibrant and glad to be alive.

There was no longer any furry presence on her chest. The bright full moon though seemed to have crossed from one side of the sky above to the other. It must be getting close to dawn.

"You awake," she heard Eva's voice confirm. "Good. We go soon."

"The puppy! Did it take to the bottle?" Grace turned her head to ask.

"Yes. Dog big now. He fine," she heard. Grace stared up to find herself drowning all over again in the thankful eyes. She parted her mouth as Eva's face pressed down onto hers. During the long, moist kiss, she cried softly into Eva's mouth when a cool palm began smoothing around one small breast, then rubbed it all around her rib-cage. She kept swooning aloud as Eva's tongue invaded her mouth, the hand now circling its way down her taut belly.

Her own tongue shot straight up into Eva's mouth, the only way she knew to respond to the two exquisite fingers plumbing her feminine depths.

As she opened her blissful eyes, she panicked and threw Eva off. There was an enormous animal like a gigantic Great Dane getting up off the ground right next to them on the sun bed.

"You not be afraid," the alarmed girl heard Eva's reassuring whisper. "He want say thank you too. He not need milk. He big now. He need meat."

Towering at least two metres over her body, the monster lowered its huge friendly head, almost as big as her entire body. She became alarmed when it began affectionately licking away at her body with long swipes of its huge slobbering tongue. Shooting into a sitting position, Grace saw it freeze in uncertainty when she threw out the protective palm.

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