tagNovels and NovellasSaving Caitlin Ch. 04

Saving Caitlin Ch. 04


by MaddieKim

Again I want to thank everyone who took the time to read this story. I appreciate the comments and the votes. I thought if one person likes this tale then I'll have done a good thing by submitting it. It seems more than one of you liked it, so again I say thank you to each and every one of you. Maddie

Part IV

Back to the cabin

When she saw the car coming up the drive, Ginny bolted out of the cabin and flew into Jon's arms the moment he was out of the car. He automatically pulled her into his embrace and she wrapped her legs around his waist. The kiss was loud and wet. Ginny laughed while she nipped his neck.

"God, Jonny, it's been too long. We've got ..." The rest of the sentence caught in Ginny's throat when she noticed Catie in the car. "I didn't know you were bringing someone." She wasn't mad...as a matter of fact, her eyes twinkled.

"Well, well, well. Todd will be happy," she continued.

"I doubt it. I don't share." He reminded her, "Except...maybe with you," he whispered as he nipped her ear. "Ginny, this is Catie. Catie, Ginny."

Catie stood quietly after getting out of the car. She refused to show her distress at seeing another woman in her man's arms. Her man. Catie realized that was exactly how she thought of Jon—her man. She remembered the reminder Jon had given her before they left the house and again in the car. Obey him without question or be disciplined.

She had been with Jon for nine months now. She could only remember being disciplined a few times. Most of the time, the disciplines were very mild. Jon had tied her many times, used a paddle, whip or flogger on her. She realized that it only made her more sensitive to his slightest touch as he once told her it would.

Once he had made her wear only his collar and nipple clamps as a punishment. But that pain was a pleasure/pain that brought out her wild side, her need for him more. She couldn't understand it; she only knew it was true. The small tugs on her nipples, caused by the weight of the chain connecting the clamps swinging while she did the tasks Jon had given her, made her so aware of her breasts. Each tug sent a hunger between her legs and she was nearly frantic with need when he finally took her.

The truth was she loved it when he tied her up and made her fly. Before meeting Jon, she never knew that a man's simple touch could bring such pleasure.

She was still in awe when she thought about what he did to her and how he brought her nothing but pleasure. When Carl had done the same thing, he had brought her nothing but horror and pain. No, that wasn't fair. Jon never tied her, beat her, or terrorized her as Carl had done. Jon's touch only brought pleasure. This weekend was 'the final test of a true submissive', he said.

Now she was watching another woman in Jon's arms while trying to remain calm and stoic. The day before, he told her an old friend had called and they were going to his friend's cabin, the same cabin where they stayed after Jon had rescued her from Carl.

He worked a half-day so they left at noon. She was excited to return to the place where he had claimed her for his own, but she was also apprehensive. He had explained that these friends practiced a similar lifestyle to theirs. They would understand her position.

The test, he said, would be her response to him when they didn't have to hide her submission. It would include her appropriate response to his interaction with others, others who knew or would know immediately upon meeting her that she belonged to him. She didn't know the test would begin before she even got out of the car.

He had reminded her she was his and he did not share, but she must do everything he said this weekend without balking or hesitating. She must do it immediately. He would take nothing less this weekend. She must be very submissive.

He may show her off and, if he did, she was not to show any defiance if he told her to undress. She would answer to no one but him, obey no one but him. She tried not to be nervous. He did not say how many people would be there, but this much was certain, Catie had not expected the old friend to be female, or that she would fly into his arms before his feet even touched the ground. But she remembered everything he had said, determined to make him proud of her.

Ginny cocked her head, but did not unlock her legs from his waist when she looked Catie over. Turning back to Jon, she said, "Well I guess you'll want the back room. I thought you'd sleep with me. I'm disappointed." She started to release her legs to slide down.

"Don't," he chuckled, pulled her tighter against his body with one hand. He aimed the keys at the car and heard the locks engage. After putting the keys in his pocket, he held out his free hand to Catie. "Yes, we'll want the back room, but we may just have to visit yours. How about right now? Come, Catie."

With his arm tightly around her waist, he carried Ginny into the house and up to the room he had stayed in many times. Ginny's room. Ginny was a bit shorter than Cate, but they were about the same weight, although Ginny had a fuller body with more lusty curves. Her weight was nothing he couldn't handle; he was used to carrying Catie. He didn't let go of Catie's hand until Ginny slipped down his body.

"Good, I see you've still got the table in here." He looked at Ginny as he spoke. "Take your clothes off, Caitlin." Jon pulled Ginny's broomstick skirt up, finding what he expected—a naked ass. Never looking at Catie, he pulled Ginny over to the table, pushing her face-down on it.

It was a strange looking table, approximately three feet high and a foot wide at one end. It remained the same width for about three feet before it suddenly narrowed to four inches, continuing for another three feet. The legs were like a sawhorse connected to the table, but spreading much wider at the floor. Straps were attached to the back legs of the table. Catie didn't remember this table from their last visit, but they had used a different room. She watched as Jon bunched Ginny's skirt around her waist so that her stomach and pussy were bare on the wider end of the padded table. He positioned her with her pussy just hanging off the table so her clit could be fingered. Jon hooked the straps to her thighs, ankles, and waist to keep her in the exact position he wanted...open and ready. He walked to the narrow end and pulled up two cuffs attached by chains. He put them on Ginny's wrists, pulling the chain to stretch her arms under the narrow beam of the table. She was now immobile and taut as a violin string. Her breathing was already ragged.

Jon eyes never left Ginny. "Come here, Caitlin." He noted that she had done exactly as he commanded. He gave her a wicked smile and a wink, then pulled her to him. He crushed his lips to hers and gently pushed her back a foot.

"Unzip me, Caitlin, and make me ready. Are you getting wet, Ginny?"

"Of course I am, you fool. Ow..." Jon smacked her ass hard.

"I have a new submissive here and she shows more respect than you. Mind your manners, Ginny, or I'll get the whip before I release you."

"Yes, master. I'm sorry, master," but there was a chuckle in her voice.

Jon smirked, touched Catie's chin to stop her sucking, and withdrew his hard penis from her mouth. He had her rise and put her hands on Ginny's ass cheeks.

"Finger fuck her, Caitlin, and spread those pretty little cheeks for me."

Catie did exactly was she was told, but knew she was going to hate see his cock going in and out of another woman. When he put on a condom, pulled her fingers out of Ginny's cunt, and thrust his cock in, Catie knew she was right.

"Caitlin, let Ginny clean your fingers. That's right. Now straddle the beam and let Ginny pleasure you. Good. Lean back, Caitlin. Get into her face. She can't move. Good girl. Do her good, Ginny. Caitlin, you may cum at any time."

Ginny began licking Catie's cunt.

"Move a little closer to Ginny, Cate. She can't move to you. You've got to come to her. Ah, yes, that's right, baby."

He watched Catie's face for several minutes as he slowly thrust into Ginny's tight little cunt. He saw the confusion, the apprehension, then several minutes later, her orgasm as it rolled softly through her body. He began pounding Ginny hard when he saw Catie was nearing her climax. Jon started to finger Ginny's ass, pulling her moisture up around it. He pulled out and changed orifices just moments before the tension of orgasm crossed Catie's face. The sight of a woman taking Catie flying was intoxicating, and when Ginny's orgasm hit only moments after Catie's, he tensed and came, too.

Catie's back was against the narrow beam and Ginny rested her head against soft skin of Catie's thigh while Jon braced his hands on the small of Ginny's back. They stayed this way in suspended animation until Jon's breathing returned to normal.

"Come here, Caitlin." She immediately sat up, still breathing heavily. She swung her leg across the beam and over Ginny's head, and walked to Jon. He gave her a big smile, mouthed 'very good, baby, very, very good', and said out loud, "Kneel, Caitlin." He pulled out of Ginny's ass, pulled the condom off, went around to Ginny's head and swung his leg over the beam. "Clean me up, Ginny. Taste what you do to me."

Minutes later, Jon released Ginny from the table and gave her a mind-blowing kiss. He scooped the clothes off the bed, took Catie's hand, pulled her up, and started for the door.

"I'm going to take Catie to the back room, then get our bags. Who else is coming besides Todd?"

"Jane and Peter for sure and maybe Mark. If Mark comes, I don't know if he's bringing Krista. I heard they were last year's news. He said he would call if he couldn't make it. Todd is bringing someone, but I don't know who."

"Okay. See you in a bit." A moment later, he was pulling Catie down the hall and into the last room on the other side of the cabin. It was the same room they used during their first visit. He shut the door, pulled her still naked body into his arms and kissed her. He unzipped the pants he had just zipped moments ago and pushed her down on the bed. Following her down, he didn't even remove his pants all the way before rocking against her hips.

"You were perfect, baby. I thought it might be easier the first time to undress for just one other person. You did just what I told you do. That's why, love, I'm giving both of us a reward."

Then Jon's brows furrowed and a slight frown crossed his face. "I know I told you that I would never share you...that I don't share. So technically, I just did something I told you I wouldn't. I don't see what I just did as sharing, I guess. I think when I made that promise I was thinking more of sharing you with another man. That will never happen, Catie. I promise...not this weekend, not ever."

"I'll never do a threesome again, either. No man...and never again with a woman. I have to admit, though, Ginny's head between your legs was one of the most erotic things I've ever seen, but it won't happen again. For us men, we're such simple souls, seeing two women make love is a real turn on. I got so hard, I thought I'd come right out of Ginny's mouth and go right into you. Seeing your breasts peak as Ginny aroused you was hot. Your nipples got so hard, I knew if I reached out and touched them, they'd stab right into my palm, and when you climaxed, well, all I can say is it was hot.

"You obeyed me, my sweet slave, but I'll not ask you to do it again."

How could he talk so much, Catie wanted to scream, 'forget Ginny'. But soon she forgot everything as he slowly drove into her making her crazy with want.

He buried his face into the side of her neck and continued the age-old dance against her sex. His need for release having just been quenched, he focused on her; he could never get enough of her. She climaxed twice before he released his semen into her. With her, he didn't use a condom. He pulled them to their sides and held her tight against him, not wanting to leave her body yet. He kissed the top of her head.

"Is there anything you want to ask me before I get our bags?"

"Were you...are you and ..." she couldn't bring herself to say Ginny.

"Are Ginny and I lovers?" He pulled back enough to see her face. "Jealous?"

She blushed.

"Not now. We're just friends. Our temperaments do better as friends. Anything else?" he asked, smiling down at her.

She shrugged. "She's very pretty."

He chuckled, "Yes, she is, but not as pretty you, Catie, at least not in the same way. And you're quite a bit younger. Watch out, love, she may scratch your eyes out for that." When her eyes widened in apprehension, he laughed out loud. "I'm only kidding, Catie. Ginny is one on the nicest people I know. She's like a sister...well, maybe not a sister. I don't think I'd fuck my own sister, if I had one," he continued thoughtfully.

"Will I be able to do what you want me to?"

Anxiety crept into her voice as she thought about what had just happened in Ginny's room and her inward response seeing Jon make love to another woman. What would happen when they all were there?

"You just did. Mind me completely. I won't take you anywhere that you're not ready to go, Catie." Jon kissed the tip of her nose then ran the pad of his thumb lightly across her bottom lip before he kissed her so tenderly, Catie sighed. "No more threesomes, Catie. You're mine."

She looked at him a bit doubtfully and he chuckled at her trepidation. Then he got a very strange look on his face, she was his, damnit—but only for a few more months. He mentally shook off the feeling of loss that thought brought. He gently kissed her before getting up and zipping his pants.

"I'm going to get our bags. I want you to be wearing a dress when they come. Why don't you take a quick shower?"


"Jesus, it's been years since we've all gotten together. You were the baby, Jon, and now look at you. You make more than all the rest of us put together."

"Hardly, Todd, but I do okay."

Todd eyed Catie with open appreciation and lust that made her uncomfortable. Jon noticed both and said nothing, but let his thumb caress the back of her hand as he held it. It was just after lunch and they were out on the deck overlooking the lake. Jane and Peter had arrived just before supper the previous night. Todd and a girl named Susie arrived sometime very late after Jon had taken Catie to bed. Mark had arrived mid-morning. He had come alone.

Catie liked Jane right away even though she was older and so much more poised. She was feeling less intimidated by Ginny. Susie was an enigma and Catie didn't know what to make of her. She didn't seem to fit in with the rest of them, but Catie supposed she herself didn't fit in yet either. It was the first time for both Susie and Catie. Jon told her at every opportunity that she was doing fine and she should join in the conversation any time she felt comfortable.

"How'd you met Jon, Catie?" Todd was determined to find out all he could about their relationship.

Jon thought Todd was a probing bastard. He thought his relationship with Catie should be very obvious. Then Jon thought that it was natural to wonder how people meet even though he didn't care one iota how Todd met Susie or anything about their relationship. Of the six college friends, Todd had probably fared the worst both physically and materially. It was glaringly obvious that his fortune had not improved since the last time they had all gotten together. At thirty-five, his hair was receding, he had a beer belly, and he had the lowest paying job. He was still at the bottom end of management with little hope of moving up.

Even so, Jon and Mark were surprised Todd had such a drab girl with him. Todd usually brought the prettiest, sexiest girl...but not this time. Ginny was a redhead, green-eyed beauty with lush curves, inviting breasts, and enticing thighs. Jane was more of a reserved willowy beauty, understated and quiet, calm and serene; there was a lot of sex appeal hidden under her quiet good looks. Both Ginny and Jane were in their early thirties, three years older than Jon.

Caitlin had regained the weight she had lost when she was with Carl. She worked out with Jon—which she hated—making her slender figure curve nicely. Her hair reached nearly to the small of her back. The natural streaks caused from the sun while working in the yard, along with the salon highlights, brought out just enough blond to be alluring. Her legs were enviable. Jon knew he had found a diamond in the rough nine months ago...had it really been nine months?...and he had been right. Todd was drooling all over himself.

Since their college days when Ginny had inherited the cabin from her grandfather, they had been getting together a couple times a year. In college, they had found a common bond in many of their interests, including D/s. Jon and Ginny had paired up several times, but it didn't work because both had the need to be the dominant partner. Peter and Jane met and started dating in college. Their BDSM interest was casual and between the two of them only. They were less into submission and more into bondage. It seems little Janie liked being tied up during sex, but was pretty much her own woman any other time. That was fine with Peter. Like Jon, Peter did not share. Jane would have never have agreed to it and Peter never found it stimulating for his sub to be with another.

Neither Mark nor Todd was averse to sharing, but Mark took the hint and never infringed on Jon or Peter. Ginny, who never found Mark unattractive, had paired up with him immediately when he came alone. After realizing that Jon was not going to make a threesome the entire weekend, she would have doubled with Todd if Mark had not come. Seeing the change in Todd, she was very glad she didn't have to. Ginny found it harder to watch Jon than she thought after last night. Jon was in love and didn't even know it. Ginny smiled knowingly to herself. Maybe it was the click she felt with Mark that helped her get past that little bit of longing, accepting that she and Jon weren't meant to be. A little smile played around her mouth when she realized she and Jon were never meant to be a couple. If they were meant to be, they'd have made a go of it years ago. The little sadness didn't last long as she wondered about her feelings for Mark. It seemed his feelings for her had changed since the last time they had gotten together. That was something they would have to explore this weekend and she smiled as she tuned back to the conversation.

"He was my knight in shinning armor and rescued me from the dragon," Catie answered Todd's question while smiling at Jon who held her in his lap. Jon laughed appreciatively. She had answered well by not revealing she had been kidnapped by Carl, Jon's part in freeing her, or anything that still made her uncomfortable.

"Well, that's a little ambiguous," Ginny chirped.

"I met her just before I started this new project and she's been with me ever since. I think we do well together," Jon replied, caressing Catie's thigh.

Yeah, Ginny thought, he was hooked. She wondered how long it would take him to realize it.

"I've heard you bought a house," Peter inquired. "I never thought you would settle down. Now it looks like Todd's the nomad." Todd glared at him. "Sorry, buddy, but it's true. How many jobs have you had since college?"

"No more than Jon."

"Ah, but his jobs are projects that move him from place to place. He consults, then moves on to bigger and better," Mark interjected. He and Peter both had good jobs with healthy incomes. "I've even had him do a program for Baker's. Do you realize I've been with them for seven years now? I may need you to add a few minor adjustments to that program, Jon. There have been changes to the retirement plan and some additional benefits that could be tracked better. Can you do it from home and not have to take time off your new endeavor?"

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