tagRomanceSaving Clara Ch. 07

Saving Clara Ch. 07


Hello dear readers. I know it was a long wait, not as long as some you have endured from me but I feel bad for leaving you out in the cold for so long. I have so many ideas jumping through my head that some of them turn out to be nonsense.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I have managed to cobble together for you, your comments mean the world to me, honestly I take them all to heart and I try to fix my mistakes. Speaking of which, there was a comment on one of the chapters which brought up the dancing between Clara and Ander.

I did make a mistake when it came to Clara's crippled leg, as I read through my chapters it sort of fell through and I lost track of it completely when they were dancing which is a tremendous mistake on my end. I am sorry and thank you to the anon that pointed it out. I will address the mistake in the next chapter, and try to rectify it accordingly.

Anyway, I bestow upon you the latest installment of the story. I really am not sure how many chapters are left, the end is really close but with all the dialogue it might make it past ten. Please feel free to comment and as always, happy reading. -WH


The realization that I will tell Ander everything scares me, I want the suffocating lies to finally be gone, for better or worse; but what if it is for worse? What if Ander becomes angry with me again? It truly hasn't been that long since his anger ruled our relationship, this change is completely different... I close my eyes and focus on his fingers slowly tracing the scars on my back sending a stream of tingles down my spine, if I could live in this moment life would be simpler. Why can't life be this easy? The steady motion sends me into a state of warm hypnosis, sleep wraps its arms around me and I begin to embrace it. The day has been long and full of revelations, I need this reprieve.

"Clara?" Ander's voice is very soft, as if he is frightened he will wake me, I am tempted to leave the embrace of sleep to join him but I am too far gone to claw back to the surface. I feel him move then I feel something warm on my back, his hands and something else, it takes a moment to realize he is kissing my scars. I am teetering on the edge of the abyss but I don't want to leave yet, I love the feeling of his lips on my skin, the idea that he can heal my scars with his touch. Reality narrows until it is just us, just his warmth raining down upon my back, leaving a river of electricity in its wake. I begin to fall away from the world, "Could you ever love me?"

The words pierce me but it's too late to escape, sleep crashes over me, flinging me into an unimaginable depth of darkness. For what seems an eternity I tumble through the suffocating blanket, fighting to escape, except the door to reality is lost to me so I have no choice but to allow the wave to carry me into the endless void. Thoughts evade me in this place, instead becoming fleeting images, tendrils of passing emotions. Everything is darkness and light, black and colorful, limitless contradictions; it is all the same, all a part of something larger. I feel warmth surround me and I cry out as it wraps tight, constricting until I cannot breathe, the strange world fades until there is nothing.

There isn't any light, but I can make out a form that is complete blackness against the darkness surrounding me. I blink a few times and try to move but my body is paralyzed, I can't even make a sound, I can only watch as the figure moves toward me. But it doesn't move like a human, it flows toward me, like liquid. The form leans over me, my body completely bared to it, and I can barely breathe as it caresses my thighs. Its hands are hot on my bare skin, it parts my thighs and makes a soft sound deep in its shadowy throat, it speaks words that are little more than alien sounds to me. I want to shove it away, but I can't make my body move, two orbs of gray light rest in its face, carving a path across my body.

It leans over me, and the heat of the creature swells against me, coating me in a blanket of warmth, something wet envelopes my nipple and I cry out, my voice awakening from its slumber. I still can't move but I am breathing hard as the shadow sucks at my flesh until my nipple hardens into a nub of sensitive heat, its hand caresses up my thigh until it rests against the tender ember of heat. It presses against me and I feel the invasion of its fingers within me, I whimper at the assault. The creature looks down at me, dark eyes pinning me in place, something about those eyes, those...

It speaks more alien words before placing its face against mine, and I feel its warm mouth on my ear lobe, nipping at the skin, I feel like I will suffocate under its heat, my body is full of electric need as the fingers move within me, stoking that traitorous little fire. A familiar wave rises within me, aching to be free, to feel that release. The shadow pulls away from me, those eyes hold me as the hand moves against me, I feel the invasion become thicker, then it brushes that tender nub that feeds directly to my fire. I whimper, but the creature does not release me, the sound seems to spur it on, it thrusts its shadowy fingers into me, hard and fast, curling its hand within me until it brushes something that feels like heaven.

A cry is torn from me, it repeats the motion and the feeling combined with the soft flick against my clit is enough to push me dangerously close to the peak. A scream is ripped from my throat and I buck against it, uncaring of what it is, completely lost in the flood of heat tearing through me. All thought shatters to be replaced with this wild ecstasy, I grip the hand between my legs, trapped upon the crest of this wave of pleasure. The dark figure speaks soft words that escape my understanding, my body feels too hot, as if I will burn alive if it doesn't stop, I try to push the creature away.

Its broad chest is hard against my hands, bearing down upon me, and I am not strong enough to resist it. Its hands caress my waist, moving steadily over my flesh leaving a trail of electricity until it reaches my breasts, its fingers tease my over-sensitive nipples and I can't help the moan that escapes my throat, the creature makes a soft sound that resembles pleasure as it manipulates my breasts. Squeezing and pinching the tender flesh, I cry out when it lowers its mouth to one, suckling the nipple into its hot mouth, a rough tongue covers it before nipping at the flesh. I cry out and want to escape this torture but the creature takes my sound as encouragement. It alternates between lapping at my skin and roughly biting me, I groan when it moves to my other breast and repeats the action.

The area around the creature begins to glow, the feeling against my skin becomes electrified, the room explodes with color mimicking the feelings inside me. Its fingers curl within me causing the room explode with starlight, I whimper as it strokes me so tenderly I can find no resistance against it. My whole body is coiled tight in anticipation as his fingers continue to stroke me, the rough texture of its fingers is enough to make me pant, its teeth find my nipple and it strokes that heavenly place. The world around us explodes into a swirl of colors, I whimper against the sudden swell in my womb but there is no resisting its insistent press against me.

My climax is too much, I explode upward, I see the shadow above my prone body, the moment my eyes lock on my form I lose focus. The image blurs until I am lost in a dark whirlpool of different images, that same shadow is always beside me, a dark arm encircling my waist, standing before me as I sit in front of it, hovering over me as I lay completely prone, behind me with arms wrapped tight around me, kissing me, and then an image flickers before me of it whispering sweet unknown words to me. My heart swells with emotions I can't describe, I turn away from the image only to be met with another, it is holding me, cradling me in its arms pressing me tight against its broad chest.

Each time I turn away a new image replaces the last until I am spinning through them dangerously, I feel sick as the emotions reach a crescendo within me, I slam to my knees and cover my face. I feel a presence before me, I look up slowly to find the dark figure kneeling in front of me, it reaches forward and caresses my cheek, I want to pull away but there is something about it that stops me. Every image was this creature comforting me, pleasuring me, I tremble at the thought, the creature's gray eyes study my face before it leans forward and kisses me. I melt into it, the creature's lips curve against mine and I reach for it, wrapping my arms tight around it. I'm afraid it will disappear again, I pull away from it and look up into those soft gray eyes bright with emotion. The shadow takes a more familiar shape, the darkness falls from it in thick sheets until it is just Ander. Tension flows from my womb, I stare up at him and I smile, he wraps me in his arms and the universe swallows us.


There is warmth surrounding me, everywhere except my face feels too warm, I open my eyes but the sight before me makes no sense, I'm surrounded by water, I struggle to get away from it but something holds me down, I take a deep breath to scream when a strong hand covers my mouth. Fear pierces through me, "Clara." I freeze at the familiar voice, I tilt my head until I can see him, he watches me as my eyes focus on him, "Are you going to scream?"

I glare at him but shake my head, he smirks and pulls his hand away, I feel something pressing insistently against my ass and it takes me a minute to realize it is his cock. I try to move away but he holds me firmly against his body, I look away from him blushing wildly. Now it makes sense, we are in the bath together. The dream is still clinging to me like a cobweb, I wonder if any part of that was real. Even with his arms wrapped tight around my waist, essentially trapping me, I feel safe pressed against his firm chest. I let out a deep breath then rest my head on his chest, pressing my ear to his damp flesh so I can hear his heartbeat.

Being so near to him makes me feel as if I will burst at any moment, I can only imagine he is feeling something similar if his throbbing cock is any indication. I rest my hands on his thighs and his heart beats faster. I glance up at him to find him with heavy-lidded eyes, I pull my hands away a blush racing across my skin, "Why are we in the bath?"

Ander smiles down at me, "You needed a bath, I made quite a mess of you my dear, and I did not wish to wake you."

I narrow my eyes, "That is highly irregular."

If possible, his smile grows wider and I study the shape of his mouth, I like it better when he smiles, "I was merely trying to help a beautiful woman in need."

I roll my eyes and wiggle my hips, he groans and thrusts against me, "Taking advantage of a woman more like." Ander's smile is gone, to be replaced with that heated stare, his eyes glow with lust, I try to raise my arms but he pins them to my waist with one strong arm, I let out a whimper as he explores my body with his free hand, first cupping my breast in his palm then running the pad of his thumb across my nipple. I gasp at how tender it is, he watches my face as he strokes my sensitive flesh, "So responsive today."

I stare up at him in disbelief, "Did you..." I can't even finish the sentence as he twists my nipple gently between his fingers and I cry out, his arm anchors me firmly to his body preventing even a thought of escape.

"You are very responsive, even in sleep dear Clara." He still watches me as his hand trails down my body, I clench my thighs together unwilling to allow him the satisfaction, "What did you dream of when I touched you?"

There is a heated edge to his voice, I look away and press my lips together, "Ander..."

His mouth finds my earlobe, his tongue darts against the curve of it and I roll against him, heat flowers between my legs, "Are you upset I touched you while you slept?" His hand is teasing against my clenched thighs, but he makes no move to force my legs apart, I lose my focus when he bites my neck. In a motion his legs have pinned mine so that my body is completely spread before him, I cry out and struggle against him but it is like a child struggling against a giant. He has complete advantage over me, and the realization makes my fire burn ever brighter. His mouth rests against my ear, his breath sending shivers down my spine, "Answer me dear Clara, unless you do not wish to cum in a reasonable amount of time. I could torture you to get the information I desire."

I tremble against him, his hand moves lower, until he is cupping me, gently holding the pulse of my fire in his hand, his fingers tease at the slick folds. I whimper and dig my nails into his thighs, he drops his head onto my shoulder and groans, "It is inappropriate to threaten a lover."

He nips at my shoulder, a shiver rolls through my body, "I am not a very appropriate lover." His voice is thick with desire, I drop my head against his shoulder and revel in the madness, "Last chance to answer the question my dear."

I think back to the last time he tortured me and the memory makes me shiver, "If I am upset then what?" I look up at him, desperately trying to ignore his fingers petting my slit, he grips me tighter his expression dark with an emotion I can't place.

"Then I shall immediately stop and beg for your forgiveness." His tone is firm, his fingers have moved from my heat and rest innocently upon my thigh.

"You would beg for me?" I mean it as a joke, my tone is light with humor but his expression remains deadly serious.

"I would do anything to please you." My heart pulses so hard that my head swims, I stare into his motionless gray eyes and my stomach twists. I can feel the tension in his body, as if he is waiting for a strike, and it takes me a moment to realize he thinks I will break his heart...

"Let me go." I manage to keep my tone firm, his eyes drop and he uncoils his body from mine, I move and I can feel his body deflate. My heart squeezes hard in my chest, aching with the love I can't bear to admit, I stand and face him then watch his gaze as I plop down in his lap. His looks at me with that stoic expression, I study his face before I reach up and cradle it in my hands. The stubble on his cheeks stabs my palms, I focus on his eyes as I drag my fingers through his dark hair, I trace the curve of his ears then my right hand brushes along the faint ripple of scar tissue. He shivers beneath my touch but doesn't move to stop me, I drop my gaze from his and focus on the flesh beneath my hands, I gently follow the trail of his throat across his shoulders to his thick arms, blanketed in thicker scars. I imagine the fire that carved his flesh and I tremble, "Do your scars embarrass you?"

Ander is silent long enough to draw my gaze to him, "After the fire I nearly died, the burns were so severe the doctor was certain I would be dead in a day. I believe I would have but I convinced myself that my wife and son required me, I realized my friends would be devastated if I died. So, every day of my recovery I fought for them, it was agony but I never gave up on the people closest to me." He takes a deep breath as I trace the lines of his scars, "The only two people that treated me the same were Gregor and William, everyone else left, my parents tried to be there for me but they just offered solutions to a problem that had none."

I study his face before I drop my gaze, "May I have a straight answer?"

He chuckles, "I have no room in my mind for such trivial matters when I am devising ways to please my dearest Clara."

I look up at him before I shake my head, "Ander, you shouldn't..." Before I can get the words out he seals my lips with his own, I sigh when he grips my waist pulling me tight against him. His cock pulses to life, beating against my slit insistently, I bury my fingers in his hair drawing him as tightly against me as possible. As soon as I part my lips his tongue invades, heat flares across my skin as I meet his thrust with my own. His hands stroke across my burning skin, tingles of excitement follow his palms, I wrap my arms around his neck crushing my body against his own, I can barely tell where my body ends and his begins.

His lips are tender one instant before becoming ravenous then returning to gentle passes, I roll against him, I rise as high as I can with his grip on my waist, as soon as his cock moves up I slide my body down angling myself so that the head of his cock pierces my slit then I hesitate. He draws away from me and stares into my eyes, and for a moment the wild heat pulsing through my blood slows and I can see our future so clearly, "Ander, I..."

In one motion he lifts me and guides his cock to my slit, I groan as he lowers me onto him so slowly I can feel every inch of him stretching me. Ander grips my thighs just below my ass, I clutch his biceps and revel in the feel of his muscles rolling beneath my fingers, I whimper as he lifts me fully from him then drops me onto his lap. I yank back and arch against him, I toss my head and cry out as he repeats the action. I place my hands on his shoulders and grind myself on his cock, his eyes roll back and I feel his cock twitch within me.

In that instant I feel tremendously powerful, I watch his face as I repeat the motion, his jaw clenches tight and he sucks air through his teeth. Ander catches my gaze with scorching gray eyes, he leans forward and catches my lower lip in his teeth, I whimper as he slides his tongue along the sensitive skin. He buries his cock within me at a steady pace, I relish the way he fills me so completely, Ander suddenly pulls from my eager lips, "Touch your clit." I stare at him, completely lost for words, he narrows his eyes at me and growls, "Clara."

The sound of my name as he thrusts deep within my womb snaps me to attention, I blush wildly but drop my right hand under the water and tentatively rub the slick button that will ultimately set me off. I arch my back and as I lean into him my nipples rub against his chest, the rough hair causing me to gasp. Ander thrusts against me as he drops me onto his cock, essentially slamming into me, I grit my teeth as the wave threatens me, roaring toward me so quickly I have to slow my fingers to stave it off. I lean forward and kiss him hard, Ander slams into me hard and I feel his seed begin to pulse into my womb, my fingers twitch and my own climax forces me back I snap my head back and scream his name.

I drop my head onto his shoulder panting, basking in the afterglow of a moment I doubt I could ever share with another person, I close my eyes and tighten my grip around his neck. I almost told him... I still want to, but the moment of weakness has passed, I love the way the world feels when we are together, yet it isn't always like this... I remember we are in Amelia's home and a shiver races across my skin, just the thought of everything she has said to me, I can only imagine what sort of plot she has managed for today, "Clara?"

I don't want to pull away from him yet so I remain glued to his chest, "Hmm."

His grip tightens around my waist and I imagine he is deliberating on whether or not to tell me he loves me, the thought seems ridiculous but then I remember: Could you ever love me? The world seems to halt, I don't know how I could have forgotten such fateful words, I yank away from him and stare into his wide gray eyes, "What troubles you Clara?" I stare into those eyes, if this shatters they will haunt my dreams, I realize I have been staring at him for far too long and I look away with a blush crawling across my cheeks, "Is it natural for a woman to blush when a man is within her?"

Ander's voice is tender with playfulness and I blush even hotter as I feel the softening cock still tightly embedded within me, "I am afraid I would not know my Lord."

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