tagLoving WivesSaving Her Husband's Job Ch. 01

Saving Her Husband's Job Ch. 01

byJust Plain Bob©

Bob Brandt could not believe what he was hearing. For fifteen years he had worked his ass off trying to go places with his company and now, just as he had reached the pinnacle of success, a vice presidency, he was being told he might not even have a job come tomorrow. Matt Brown, president and CEO, looked at him and repeated:

"That's the deal Bob. You get the VP slot, stock options, year-end bonuses, and I get to fuck your wife. I don't get to fuck Tina and you can start job hunting."

Bob sat in the chair, stiff as a wooden carving. Starting over at thirty-eight? Unthinkable! In a new company it would take another ten or fifteen years to reach where he was now and by then he would be too old. These day's companies wanted their executives to be young and hard-charging, not old and nearing retirement. His thoughts were interrupted by Matt:

"Well, what's it to be?"

Bob looked at him for a moment and then said, "Even if I agreed Tina would never do it. As soon as I asked her she would throw me out of the house and file for divorce."

Matt asked, "Does that mean you agree in principal and are just not sure as to method?"

Bob nodded his head and said yes.

"Good! You are now VP of sales. I'll have the paperwork back dated to the first of the month. This was a test Bob. At the VP level some pretty tough choices have to be made, a lot of them distasteful, and I had to know if you had the guts to make a hard call. The one you just made is probably the hardest you will ever have to face. I'm throwing a promotion party for you at my place this Saturday. My wife is in Paris so all you have to do is show up with Tina and then let whatever happens happen."


Bob made one last adjustment to his tie and turned to look at his wife. Tina was stunning in a white mini dress, high heels, with a single strand of pearls around her slender throat; her beautiful oval face set off to perfection by bright green eyes and long lustrous black hair. He hated what he was about to subject her to, but at the same time he told himself that he was doing it for her, so she could continue to live in the style that she had become accustomed to. Besides, deep down he did not think she would let herself be seduced by Matt - he had faith in her.

The party was one hour old and Bob could see that Tina was already 'tipsy'. Matt had been very attentive and had seen to it that the glass in her hand never fell below half empty. It was apparent to Bob that Matt's strategy was to get Tina drunk and it seemed to be working. By the end of the second hour Bob knew that Tina was hot enough to fuck. She had danced with every single male at the party and a few of the married ones and Bob knew that quite a few of them had been feeling her up and poking their stiff dicks into her legs. This was normal for what happened to Tina at parties and it used to upset Bob, but Tina told him that she enjoyed the attention and that he ended up getting all the benefits when the guys got her hot so he should just relax and go with the flow. In fact, when he had danced with her she'd told him that they might not even make it all the way home before she took his pants off of him.

At eleven thirty people started leaving and Matt came up to him and told him that if he wanted to he could watch from the closet in the master bedroom or if he preferred not to he could wait in the den or leave and come back later. Bob toyed with the idea of leaving, but curiosity won out - he had to know if Tina would do it and if she did, how it would happen. About fifteen minutes later Matt nodded at him and Bob went upstairs and took his place in the closet.

Ten minutes later Matt and Tina entered the bedroom. Tina was drunk, but not so drunk that she was unaware that she was in a bedroom not hers.

"What are we doing here?" she asked.

Matt led her over to the bed and sat her down, "We are here because you have a decision to make and this is the one place where we won't be interrupted."

"What decision?" Tina asked.

Matt said, "You have to decide whether or not Bob has a future with the company."

Tina looked confused, "What are you talking about. He was just made a VP."

Matt's voice took on a somber tone; "Yesterday the board of directors made a decission to downsize certain areas of the company. I have to get rid of two of my vice-presidents and consolidate their functions under the two remaining. Bob is last on board so technically he should be the first to be let go, but I like Bob and I think it would be better for the company if he were to stay. If I keep him I'll take a lot of heat from the board and the stockholders. I can justify my decission if I have to, but why should I risk it? On the other hand, I could take the risk if there was a reward for doing it."

Tina stared at him, "What are you saying?" she asked.

"Simple" said Matt, "I've wanted you in my bed since the first time I saw you and now I have an opportunity to make it happen."

Tina looked at him with a stunned expression, "You can't possibly mean...." but Matt cut her off, "Oh but I do Tina, I most assuredly do mean it."

While he had been talking he had pulled his stiff dick out of his pants and now it danced only inches from Tina's face. She watched it bob and jerk as if mesmerized and in a very weak voice said, "You're mad!"

"No baby, just horny" replied Matt.

"This is crazy," said Tina. "I can't do it! I love my husband and if he ever found out he'd leave me and that's not a risk I'm willing to take."

Matt smiled and said, "There is no risk. George and Cynthia were too drunk to drive and I had Bob take them home. It will be an hour and a half before he gets back."

Tina was silent for several moments and then she said, "You promise me that Bob will never know?"

Matt said, "Not from me and you and I are the only ones who will know about it."

Tina sat there silent and from the closet Bob was trying to will her to agree to do it, not because of the promotion, but because suddenly he wanted to see her fuck another man. He wanted to watch her wrap her mouth around a strange cock; see her hands caress some other guy's balls and watch his cum run down her cheeks. "Do it baby, do it!" ran through his mind like a chant.

Matt stepped forward until his cock touched Tina's cheek and then he took hold of it and began to move it back and forth across her face. Tina looked up at him and weakly asked, "You promise?" Matt nodded a yes and Tina opened her mouth and took him in.

For the next hour Bob watched as his lovely wife fucked his boss. At first she was just passive and sat there as Matt worked his cock back and forth in her mouth. And then Bob had seen a change come over her as tentatively her left hand came up and moved to the cheeks of Matt's ass and then her right hand had come up. Tina pulled Matt into her mouth and she started giving him a blowjob that Bob, who had been the recipient of many of them himself, knew would drive Matt wild.

Tina went from passive to aggressive and by the time Matt had his clothes off and Tina had slipped out of hers Matt was no longer in control. Tina sucked him, fucked him and then sucked him hard again. She was insatiable. Finally Matt said:

"It's almost time for Bob to get back. We need to stop."

Tina laughed at him, "What's the matter. Can't keep it up? You wanted me honey, and now you've got me and you're telling me you can't handle it. Poor baby."

Matt, stung by the sarcasm, said "I'll show you who can't handle it" and he rolled Tina over onto her stomach.

Tina laughed again, "Good! If I have to be a slut tonight you might as well take my ass to."

With a roar Matt pushed his cockhead at Tina's little brown eye and pushed. Bob saw Tina clench her teeth and grimace as Matt kept pushing his cock into her ass, but he knew she loved to be ass fucked and that in only moments she would be begging him to fuck her harder. It was a full five minutes before Matt emptied himself in her ass and as he pulled out of her and collapsed on to the bed next to her, Tina rolled over and leaned on her elbow. She smiled at Matt:

"I'd like to suck your cock again and fuck you one more time, but I guess I should make myself presentable for Bob when he gets here" and she got up and went into the bathroom.

As soon as she was out of the room Bob got out of the closet and headed downstairs and he was in the kitchen making himself a drink when Tina and Matt came down the stairs. Bob looked at Tina, but she showed no signs of the sexual encounter she'd just had. Matt on the other hand looked worn out. Bob said:

"I looked for you to tell you where I was going, but I couldn't find you."

Tina patted his arm, "No problem. Matt kept me entertained while we waited for you to get back." She turned to Matt and said, "It's late and we need to get going. Thank you ever so much for the party. Maybe we can do it again sometime" and she stood on tiptoe and kissed Matt on the cheek leaving Bob to ponder on the "maybe we can do it again sometime." Did she mean...? No, Bob thought, she couldn't. Could she?

To be continued.

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