tagLoving WivesSaving Her Husband's Job Ch. 03

Saving Her Husband's Job Ch. 03

byJust Plain Bob©

Bob was halfway to the airport when he realized that he'd left a folder full of information that he would need on this trip on his desk at home. He looked at his watch and saw that he still had enough time to get home, get the papers, and still make it to the airport in time for his flight. He turned onto his street just in time to see Tina come down the front steps and get into a long black limo. What the hell is going on he thought as the limo pulled away from the curb and he followed, all thoughts of the folder on his desk gone from his mind. He was surprised when the limo pulled up at the Hilton and Tina got out. He looked for a place to park and found one close by, but then he hesitated. The limo was still there - waiting for Tina to come back out? He decided to sit tight and see what would happen.

Five minutes passed, then ten and just as Bob thought that he might have guessed wrong, Tina came out of the hotel on the arm of a tall black man that Bob instantly recognized. John Wright was one of the company's biggest customers and his company was responsible for a good twenty percent of Bob's company's bottom line. But what was he doing with Tina, or better yet, what was Tina doing with him? He followed them to Carl's ChopHouse and then one hour later to one of the many nightspots that dot the Lower East Side. He couldn't take a chance on getting caught spying on his wife so he had to be content with waiting outside and keeping an eye on the limo.

But he didn't have to be inside to know what was going on. Tina would be drinking and dancing and after several drinks he knew that Tina would stop pushing Wright's hands away. Two hours later they came out of the nightclub and Bob followed the limo back to the Hilton. Tina and Wright went inside the hotel and the limo pulled away. With a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach Bob knew that Tina would not be coming out until morning, and with that realization came the certain sure knowledge that Tina and Wright had not met accidentally. There was only one way the two of them could have gotten together.

Matt Brown stumbled groggily to the front door wondering who in hell could be ringing his doorbell at two in the morning. He opened the door to find Bob Brandt standing on his doorstep.

"Bob! What are you doing here? You are supposed to be in Atlanta."

Matt was so surprised at seeing Bob that he never saw the right cross that sent him tumbling to the floor. Bob stepped inside and kicked the door shut behind him.

"Why am I supposed to be in Atlanta Matt? To take care of legitimate business or to get me out of the way?" Bob reached down to help the older man to his feet.

"Who is it Matt?" a voice called. In a voice slurred because of a fat lip Matt said, "It's Bob sweetheart. He's here about a business matter."

Matt turned and walked toward his study and Bob followed. Matt went straight to the wet bar and fixed two drinks. He handed one to Bob and then he touched his jaw, "Why did you do that?" he asked.

"You know damn well why! What I want to know is how did you get her to do it?"

Matt smiled a rueful smile, "Quite simple. I blackmailed her. She's done quite well for the company. I would imagine that your bonus alone on the deals she has closed for me will be in excess of a hundred thousand."

Bob was stunned. "How long has this been going on?"

"Since the night of your promotion party. I taped my little romp with Tina and then I told her I would show it to you if she didn't cooperate."

A voice behind Bob said, "He's quite good at that" and Bob turned to see Laura Brown walk into the room. "Quite good at getting women to close his business deals I mean. He used to have me doing it until he thought I was getting too old and too fat."

Bob looked at the ample curves barely hidden behind the almost transparent black nightie and thought "old and fat my ass."

Laura went on, "He didn't have to blackmail me though, I did it willingly and loved every minute of it. I've always suspected that the real reason behind his making me quit was that I was liking it too much. Now I have to satisfy myself with the pool man, the TV repairman and whomever else I can find to scratch the itch." She turned to her husband, "Run along Matt. I'll handle this and then I'll be up."

Matt smiled at her and left the room. Laura turned to Bob and said, "He loves to fuck me when I'm full of another man's cum. We aren't going to disappoint him, are we?" She noticed the look on Bob's face. "What? Are you going to tell me that you didn't dive right into Tina's wet pussy as soon as you could after Matt fucked her?"

From the sheepish look on Bob's face she knew that she had hit home. "I'll bet you are sorry now that you missed out on fucking her all the times she's worked for Matt. Well, if you are good to me I'll see to it that you are home in time to fuck her in the morning. She will still be full of John's cum for you. Don't you worry. Tina is having a good time with John tonight. I know I did when John fucked me." She saw the look on Bob's face and said, "Of course I know all about it. Matt and I are partners and we have no secrets from each other. You might be surprised at how full your life can become if you and Tina adopt the same philosophy."

The whole time she was talking she had been undoing his pants and as his cock sprang out of confinement Laura said, "Ooh, that's a nice one" and she bent to take him in her mouth. Although Bob had no way of knowing it, at the exact instant that he sent the first of several loads into a willing Laura, across town his wife Tina was receiving her first load of many.


Tina was surprised to find Bob on their bed when she got home and she was even more surprised when he got up and pushed her onto her back on the bed. He pushed her dress up and pulled down her panties:

"Did you clean up or is he still in you?"

It took a second for what Bob had just said to register, "You know?" Bob nodded. Tina said, "There's probably a pint of him still there" and at those words Bob thrust himself inside her.

For the rest of the day they went at each other like animals in heat and it wasn't until late in the evening that they were too tired to continue. They lay in bed, side by side, and Tina told Bob of her sexual escapades and how much she had enjoyed them. Bob told her about how he found out, the trip to Matt's and his interlude with Laura. The only hostility surfaced when Bob told Tina about his promotional talk with Matt and how he had agreed to let Matt try and seduce her. Tina's anger went away when he convinced her that he only agreed because he knew that Matt wouldn't be able to do it.

"I guess I was wrong about that."

Tina, somewhat embarrassed at how easily she had given in to Matt, changed the subject back to Laura. Tina asked, "Was she as good as me?" and Bob had smiled at her, "Honey, no one is as good as you." They fell asleep in each other's arms.

Two days later Tina was awakened by Bob who was dragging his tongue up and down the slit between her cunt lips. The bedside phone rang and Tina picked it up. It was Matt, "Tina honey, I need as favor."

"Hang on" she said, "I'll have to ask Bob."

Bob looked up from what he was doing and nodded his head yes as he continued work on her pussy. "Matt? Bob says it's okay, but listen, he needs Laura to take care of someone, okay?" She listened for a few minutes and then said, "Thanks. I'll have Bob call her with the details." She hung up the phone and giggled, "God, are we wicked" and then she twisted so she could sixty-nine with her hubby.

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