tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSaving His Job

Saving His Job


I sat at the dinner table, nervously hoping that Dan's boss like the meal. Tom had been in charge of laying off a lot of the executives at the office, and when he suggested coming over for dinner, Dan jumped at the offer. But I was the one who had to cook the dinner and hope that I didn't upset his boss with my average cooking.

Tom was a tall, dark skinned man. Possibly of Hispanic origin, he looked like he used the gym regularly. I had a feeling he did it strictly for appearances and not for the health benefits. I had only met Tom once before, but he struck me as being arrogant and controlling. I hadn't paid too much attention to him before, but now I was forced to as he was paying way too much attention to me and not the meal.

I had dressed like Dan suggested, a casual dress, something that didn't look like we were trying to hard to impress, but showed off my assets. I had a feeling I had exposed too much as I found Tom frequently staring at my breasts. They were modest, but firm and the bra I wore lifted them, displaying them nicely in the pale green dress I wore. Dan hadn't seemed to notice. He was too busy trying to present himself as the ever diligent employee.

"So Mr. Gordon, I've been working on those reports that you wanted and I think you'll like what I've accomplished," Dan said. He had been working late almost every night at the office, trying to prove that he was worthy of keeping his job. It seemed no one was safe in these tough economic times, and there had been plenty of lay offs.

Tom Gordon smiled, "Well, I'm looking forward to reading them. That's part of the reason I came tonight. Would you mind if I take a look at them right now?"

I saw Dan pale at the question, "Um, well I don't have it here. I've been working on it at the office and I'm afraid I didn't save a copy to my flash drive."

Mr. Gordon managed to make my husband squirm with a look and went back to eating dinner.

"But I could drive up there real quick and bring them for you if you like!" Dan said. I held back a protest. It was a fifteen minute commute to his office, and that would leave me making small talk with Tom for thirty minutes.

Tom's face instantly changed from haughty disregard to delighted interest in a second. "That would be fantastic. I would hate to think that I wasted a trip out here. Not that it wasn't worth it for your wife's fantastic cooking. Go ahead and get it and I'll just finish eating while you do that."

Dan nodded and hopped up, grabbing his keys and heading out the door without another word to me. I was instantly furious at him for leaving me without even a word. And now I had to pretend that Tom wasn't undressing me with his eyes.

"So," Tom started, "I'm sure your husband has told you that there have been quite a few layoffs lately."

I nodded and shoved some potatoes in my mouth. It was a good excuse to not have to say a word. Wouldn't want to be rude and talk with my mouth full.

"Good, that makes this part easier." I swallowed the potatoes and looked up at him, my heart pounding. Was he planning on firing Dan? I never really thought Dan's job was at risk. He worked so hard, twice as hard as anyone else at that job. We had a huge mortgage payment, and a large credit card debt thanks to a run of bad luck requiring us to use it quite frequently. I had no delusions about how long we'd last without his job.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, I have been in charge of trimming the fat off this company and making it profitable again. We simply can't afford to keep the office staffed so high. I'm afraid that Dan is on the list of potential candidates for termination."

I started at him numbly. Then I wondered why he would tell me while Dan was gone. Did he want me to break the news to him? I doubted it. Tom seemed the type to want to be the man in control of someone else's life. "What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, I had planned on firing Dan yesterday, I went into his office and was going to get it done quickly, but then I saw a picture of you on his desk and had a better idea."

I frowned at him. Was he coming on to me? "What idea?" I asked, almost instantly regretting playing into his game.

"Let's don't be coy. I can choose to fire whoever I want. Steve is better qualified than your husband, but he's single and has nothing to offer. Dan however has something that would sweeten the pot. You."

"I don't think this is appropriate to talk about with my husband not here."

Tom stood up and walked behind me, placing both his hands on my shoulders, pinning me in my chair. "It may not be proper, but the timing couldn't be better. I'm giving you an opportunity to help your husband keep his job." Tom's hands began to massage my shoulders.

"He's not going to be gone that long, so I suggest you make a decision before I retract my offer and keep Steve instead."

My heart was racing and I thought furiously. Dan wanted to keep his job so badly. We were doing good, nice house and all, but I knew that if he lost his job, we would be in trouble quickly. We had no family to help, and it wasn't easy to find a job.

"What exactly do you want Mr. Gordon?" I asked. Better for him to tell me up front what he wanted. Maybe he just wanted a blow job. That wouldn't be so bad. It wasn't really sex.

Tom walked beside me, still sitting in my chair and started to undo his belt. I couldn't believe how fast this was happening! What should I do? His pants were soon undone and he reached in his underwear and pulled out his cock. It was quite large and already rock hard. All I could do was stare at it. He chuckled, "Come now Jane, I'm sure you know what to do with this."

He was so arrogant, but he had me and he knew it. I glared at him and then reached out my hand, grabbing the base of his cock. It was warm and hard. I stroked it a couple of times, feeling the length and texture in my hands. The bulbous head pulsed as I moved my hand down the length of his shaft. I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth, sucking in the head and licking all around the ridge. I tasted the salty pre-cum and then took more of his cock in my mouth.

Tom moaned. "That's it, take it all in. I knew when I first met you that you would make a wonderful whore. You suck cock like a pro. Oh, God. There you go, deep throat my cock."

I tried to ignore is offensive words and concentrate on the job at hand. My goal was to give him a great blow job and make him cum. He wouldn't be able to fuck me right away, and he'd have to hurry so that Dan wouldn't catch us. Just thinking about Dan made me feel dirty. He was out there trying to keep us afloat and here I was with his boss's cock down my throat.

I sucked and licked his cock, using my hands and tongue to pleasure him. I licked all over his balls and then back up to the head. Suddenly I realized that I was rocking my ass against the chair and becoming quite wet. Sucking his cock was turning me on! I hoped he didn't notice.

I went down for another pass at his balls, when he pulled his cock out of my mouth. With my suction, it made a loud pop sound as he pulled out. He pushed the few dishes left on the table down to the other end and sat back in his chair. "Sit on the table with your pussy against the edge in front of me."

I looked at the clock and wondered when Dan had left. Would he be back soon? I had no choice but to obey though, and I sat in front of Dan's boss on the table.

"Lay back and spread your legs."

I obeyed, humiliation turning my face red. I spread my legs slowly, not wanting him to see my wet underwear. He quickly pulled them off and lifted my legs to either side of his face, my feet rested on his shoulders and back. He tasted my cunt, his tongue sliding up my folds and chuckled. "You're soaking wet. Just like I like my whores." He went back to licking my cunt, laving his tongue around my clit with quick, rhythmic movements. Soon he had his fingers working in my pussy, finger fucking me while he licked my cunt. I moaned and pushed my pussy against his invasive fingers. All rational thought left and I just wanted him to fuck me.

Tom's cell phone rang. I thought he would ignore it, but he answered, still fucking me with his fingers. I was so wet that my pussy was making a squelching noise with each thrust of his fingers. "Hello, Dan." He said.

Oh my God, he was talking to my husband while finger fucking my pussy. I hoped Dan couldn't hear the sounds of his fingers entering my wet cunt.

"No, no that's alright, go ahead and take your time. I was just eating your wife's delicious dessert. Excuse me for a second while I have another taste." Then Tom bent down and started to eat out my pussy, moaning. The phone was right by his mouth, catching all the sounds of his feasting.

I was pissed at Tom for blatantly taunting my husband, even if Dan probably had no idea what was going on. But another part of me was experiencing the best oral I had ever had. His tongue was furiously licking my engorged clit and I wanted that huge dick inside of me, stretching me out.

Tom stopped eating me, leaving his fingers inside my quivering cunt. "Oh, Dan, your missing out here. I've never eaten anything so delicious." He listened for a while, never stopping his ministrations. "OK, well text me when you find it. Thanks." Then he hung up.

He pulled me off the table and grabbed the bottom of my dress, pulling it roughly over my head. Next he grabbed the back of my bra and quickly unfastened it. My breasts spilled out, my nipples hard and sensitive to the air. "Lovely tits." He said. He put his mouth over my breast, nursing it, almost painfully before moving to the other one. He pulled my hand to his cock and I grabbed it and began stroking his thick penis.

After a moment, he pulled away and sat back on the chair. "Come now, take my cock into that tight little pussy of yours." I did as he asked and straddled him. I lowered my self onto his cock, his swollen shaft stretching my cunt, sliding in with the aid of my juices. I sat there for a second, feeling his cock deep inside me. His hands gripped my waist and he thrust up into me. I grunted with the force of his fucking and rolled my head back, pushing my tits in his face. He licked the swollen buds and I pulled his head closer to my breasts. I couldn't control myself, I had never been this hot in my life.

"That's right, take this strange cock inside you. Show me with that pussy how much you want to save Dan's job." Tom was fucking me hard now, meeting me thrust for thrust. His chest had a fine sheen of sweat from his exertion. His eyes never moved from my bouncing tits. "Your so fucking tight for a whore. Does Dan's small cock keep you virginal tight? I'll loosen you up. Come on, stretch that pussy out on my cock!" His hands left my hips and grabbed at my breasts. He shaped them in his hands, his fingers working at my nipples, hardening them .

I continued to bounce up and back down on his thick rod. It filled me like my husbands never could. Dan wasn't small, but compared to Tom, anyone else would be minuscule. I rode his cock and all thoughts of Dan left. Tom started slapping my ass, sharp stinging slaps, one after another. I found I liked the pain and was quickly approaching orgasm. "Don't cum inside me, I'm not on the pill." I quickly said. I can't believe I forgot to make him wear a condom. I didn't feel like myself. Maybe I was a whore. Maybe it just took Tom to bring it out in me.

"Oh it's too late for that, Jane. I'm filling your pussy with my seed!" He yelled out his orgasm as he shot load after load of hot jizz inside of me. I felt his cum fill me, his continued thrusting pushing his seed deep into my fertile womb. The danger of possibly getting pregnant by my husband's boss sent me over the edge and I came hard, screaming and clawing at his back.

"Oh fuck yeah! That feels so good! Give your whore all of your cum!" I yelled.

I came until I almost passed out.

"Oh, Jane. Your perfect for my needs." His cock was still inside me, twitching as the last of his seed spilled into my cunt.

"What?" I asked. I was still groggy from the fucking Dan's boss had given me. My pussy was sore, but it felt so good.

"You will be a perfect whore for me. You cheated on your husband and then let me fuck you without a condom. And then when I came inside you, possibly impregnating you, you came so hard you almost blacked out. Cheating on your husband is a turn on for you."

"No!" I protested. "You made me!"

"I merely suggested that your husband might lose his job. I did not physically force you. You didn't even have to think about it. Starting immediately you will pleasure me any way I choose, anytime I choose."

He stood me up, pulling me off his cock. "You made a mess on my dick. Be a good whore, get on your knees and clean me up." I looked down at his dick, covered with my juices and his cum. I thought about his seed inside me and became wet again. I dropped to my knees in front of him and took his dick into my warm mouth. I sucked his cock, laving my tongue all around the shaft in head, cleaning off every last drop of our sex fluids.

I looked up at Tom, with his cock deep in my mouth. He smiled at me, knowing he had me. A part of me wanted to stop and tell him to leave and never come back, but it was a small part. What I really wanted was his cock inside me again. I guess I was a whore. I wondered what else he had in mind for me.

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