tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSaving Savannah Ch. 05

Saving Savannah Ch. 05


After the exchange of those 'three little words' neither Marti nor Savannah knew what to say. Ultimately it felt like there was nothing else more to say. Like anything else would have been trivial. So eventually Savannah just smiled softly and rested her head down on Marti's chest, the blonde happily holding her lover against her body as they snuggled.

Generally Marti was the type of girl to stay up late and squeeze every second out of her life she could, but there were exceptions to every rule and apparently this was one of them because Marti didn't want to move from this spot. Ever. In fact if the world ended right now she would probably be content, because really, what could possibly top this?

The girl she loved more than she could have ever imagined loving anyone or anything had just told Marti that she loved her and wanted to be with her. Was willing to be with her no matter what the consequences of it might be. And right now for the first time they were truly together. They were finally a real couple. They were girlfriends.

As a result Marti couldn't imagine ever being this blissfully happy again. Like no matter how amazing future moments might be they couldn't compare to this. But... Marti wanted to try. Despite a moment of insanity she wanted the world to keep spinning so she could see if she could feel this way again, and honestly she'd settle for pretty close which she was sure she would be whenever Savannah was in her arms. Or kissing her. Or maybe even just in the same room as her.

Besides, if the world ended now Marti would be robbed of the chance of spending a lifetime with Savannah, which at that moment Marti wanted more than anything. Not that she would freak Savannah out by saying anything of course, but in that moment Marti found herself weighing the pros and cons of adoption vs artificial insemination and desperately trying to remember what Savannah had told her was her favourite flower so Marti could decide how many there should be for their wedding. Which again Marti knew was bordering on psychotic, but she was just so happy she couldn't help it.

While Marti was perfectly happy to remain where she was for the rest of the evening so she could plan out her life with the girl in her arms Savannah was trying to gather up the physical and more importantly mental strength to get up and to come out.

Part of her didn't want too, at least not right away, not when she could be spending the entire night, or at least the next couple of hours, lying in Marti's arms. But, thanks to Dan, Savannah needed to act fast.

So once she had regained enough strength Savannah murmured, "Marti, I'm... I'm hungry. Can, can we get something to eat?"

"Sure, no problem." Marti said as she let go of Savannah, making it easier for the other cheerleader to get up, "Do you wanna go out and celebrate?"

"No, I'd, I'd like to just eat in, ok?" Savannah asked as she quickly picked up a towel and wrapped it around herself.

"Ok." Marti murmured, her eyes lingering on Savannah's body.

"Just going to freshen up." Savannah said unnecessarily, "Back in a sec."

With that Savannah quickly slipped out and headed for the showers.

Considering the amount of girls living under one roof it seemed criminal to have one shower per floor, but it was just one of the little quirks Savannah had learned to deal with in college. Of course the worst part of it was that it was commonplace for the other girls in her squad to walk around wearing nothing but a towel at all hours of the night and day given what sweaty, active lives they lead. Scantily clad girls had always made Savannah nervous for reasons she'd never wanted to analyse and it had always been difficult pretending it didn't bother her.

On the bright side no one batted an eye at Savannah taking a shower right now, and the shower itself wasn't occupied, and no one really saw her, particularly the latter of which being a relief as it meant no one saw her with Marti's cum covering her face. And sure, it had dried to the point no one would have noticed anyway, but it was the principle of the thing.

Once she'd showered and returned to her room she found Marti waiting for her in a towel, the blonde gently smiling before wordlessly slipping away to freshen up herself, leaving Savannah to stare at herself in the mirror. Moving closer to it Savannah imagined she was looking into the eyes of her fellow Hellcats. Into the scary and judgemental eyes of Alice. Of Lewis. Of... her family. Her sister Charlotte, her Dad... her Mom. She could all see them staring at her. Judging her. Hating her. But still, she owed them the truth.

"I'm... I'm..." Savannah repeated over and over for what felt like hours, only finally able to say something else when she looked down at her feet and mumbled, "I'm gay."

Just then the door opened, Savannah grateful she was still in a towel because even if it was only Marti someone could have been behind her or something. Although such a thought quickly became trivial as Marti was now looking at her with concern.

"What's wrong?" Marti asked after she had closed the door.

"N, nothing." Savannah mumbled unconvincingly.

"Savannah, you're crying." Marti pointed out as she quickly moved to her girlfriend's side.

Looking up into the mirror Savannah saw that Marti was right, which was weird because she honestly hadn't noticed given how hard she had been trying to concentrate on coming out to her own reflection.

"I was just..." Savannah began to make excuses but Marti just looked at her in this way which prevented the brunette from lying, "I was practising."

"Practising what?" Marti asked softly as she moved a little closer.

"Coming out." Savannah whispered, unable to look Marti in the eye.

Smiling softly Marti cupped Savannah's face, "There's no rush?"

There was but Savannah didn't want to tell Marti about it, so she told her a white lie followed by a couple of half-truths, "I know, but... I just really want to get this over with. I, I just... I want to do it before I loss my nerve, ok?"

"Ok." Marti said softly, gently pulling Savannah into her arms, "I just want to be with you. I don't care how or when or even if anyone finds out, so just tell me how you want to play this and we'll do it. I'll do whatever you want me to do."

Savannah smiled softly, then told Marti the plan she had been working on since pretty much after Dan called her and that she had finalised in her shower, "I, I was thinking we could tell the squad over dinner. That, that kind of gets most of it out the way in one go, then tell your Mom, then... mine, my family."

Marti bit her lip. Savannah was clearly struggling just to tell her how she wanted to come out, so who knows what she would be like when it actually came down to it. However she had seen Savannah perform well when she needed to under stressful situations, and as much as she didn't want to push Savannah into anything she wasn't ready for Marti also wanted to be able to scream from the rooftops that she was in love with and dating Savannah Monroe.

So after a brief pause Marti said, "If that's what you want... just be sure it is. And if it's too much, or you want to chicken out, or whatever, just say Goth, ok?"

"Goth?" Savannah questioned with a frown.

"Yeah, Goth." Marti grinned softly, "It's what you called me during our first meeting, remember? Shortly after I called you a football groupie, then, erm, other not so nice things were said. Point is, we could have a safe word which we can use if one of us changes their minds, or just doesn't think they can go through with it right now or whatever."

"Oh, ok." Savannah said softly, knowing she really didn't have the choice but it was nice for Marti to think of that.

"Ok." Marti confirmed unnecessarily, an awkward pause falling between them before Marti asked, "So... do you want some help practising?"

Savannah just kind of looked confused in response so Marti gently pushed Savannah around so she was facing the mirror again, got behind the other girl and wrapped her arms around her.

Then Marti murmured softly but firmly, "Repeat after me... I'm gay."

Savannah was a little distracted by the feeling of Marti's body pressed against her, particularly Marti's breasts pressed into her back, but she soldiered on and after only a brief pause stammered, "I'm... I'm gay."

"Good." Marti praised softly, trying not to sound patronising. She definitely wasn't trying to be, but again Savannah wasn't exactly brimming with confidence, and... well, "Now, try not looking down."

Biting her lip and blushing slightly Savannah looked back up at her reflection and this time said slightly more confidently, "I'm gay."

"Excellent. Great job Savannah." Marti praised, this time sounding a lot more like she meant it, "Again."

"I'm gay." Savannah said, this time without hesitation, and kind of liking the way it rolled off her tongue.

"Great, and again." Marti encouraged.

"I'm gay." Savannah repeated a few times with appropriate encouragements from Marti before beginning to ad lib a little, "I'm a lesbian. I Savannah Monroe am a... am a raging homosexual who is in love with another girl. I'm... I'm dating another girl. I'm, I'm in a lesbian relationship, and I'm happy... even if it makes me a hell-bound sexual deviant."

"Ok, good but... about the last part..." Marti quickly interrupted, choosing her next words carefully, "I don't care what voice inside your head says otherwise, you're not a hell-bound sexual deviant, ok? You're beautiful, kind, and amazing. And normal. No, you're extraordinary, but... there's nothing wrong with you, ok? Nothing!"

Savannah smiled at the kind words. She wasn't sure she believed them, but she wanted too. Either way she would probably be receiving some not so kind words so she needed to be strong.

"Ok." Savannah murmured, wiping away tears which began falling during her little confession due to relief, happiness and terror, "I, I think that's enough. Otherwise I'm going to freak out or something, so can we just get this over with?"

"If that's what you want." Marti found herself murmuring again, placing a gentle kiss on Savannah's neck before murmuring suggestively, "Or, we could just stay here and-"

"No!" Savannah said firmly, moving away, "We, we can't. I mean... I just need to get this over with, ok?"

"Ok." Marti said, kicking herself for upsetting Savannah, "I didn't mean-"

"It's fine." Savannah insisted, "I know you're just worried about me, but you don't have to be."

"Well, that and I really, really want to have my way with you." Marti said playfully before quickly adding, "But for the record, I'd be happy just snuggling."

Savannah smiled softly, "Anything to avoid my mother."

Marti smiled back, however both girls exchanged a look, both knowing it was no laughing matter. Then without thinking Savannah turned around, dropped her towel and started rummaging around for clothes. When she grabbed a fresh pair of underwear she turned back to find Marti kind of just staring at her which made her blush.

"What?" Marti shrugged innocently, "Girlfriend privileges."

"What?" Savannah questioned in confusion.

"Girlfriend privileges." Marti repeated before explaining, "See, before we were dating staring at you was just kind of weird and a little creepy. But now we're not strangers or friends, we're girlfriends, so it's ok."

"Oh." Savannah murmured, mulling Marti's words over in her head and deciding they sounded about right before shyly asking, "Does it work both ways?"

Marti grinned and then opened up her towel and lent back so Savannah could stare at her in all her naked glory. And stare Savannah did.

What felt like an eternity later, but was only a couple of seconds, Savannah turned around and blushed, "I, I think we need to concentrate on getting dressed."

"If you say so." Marti grinned.


About two hours later Marti was standing in the main kitchen of Cheer Town marvelling at her girlfriend's work. It wasn't exactly a feast fit for a king but it was more a family sized home-cooked meal then Marti had ever gotten living with her mother, each place laid and ready with enough food on the table for everyone. Unfortunately this seemed to make the other Hellcats nervous as they cautiously took their seats around the main table.

That there was an uneasiness amongst the Hellcats seem to go unnoticed by Savannah who was keeping herself busy with the cooking, going as far as to clearly only half listen to Marti whenever she tried to talk to her about it. However while Savannah didn't notice someone other than Marti did.

"Sooooo, what's up?" Alice grinned.

Marti gave the bitchy girl a sideways glance and then murmured, "What, can't a captain just cook a meal for her squad?"

"I guess, but when it's not announced ahead of schedule that normally means Savannah has bad news and is trying to soften the blow." Alice said nonchalantly, before adding, "Plus everyone got the text that they absolutely had to be here, so that's got everyone on edge."

"Well relax, everything's fine." Marti said, kind of telling herself as well as Alice.

"I figured it might be." Alice smiled, turning to walk away and murmuring over her shoulder, "Good luck with whatever it is you might be announcing tonight. Not that I have any idea what it could possibly be of course."

Marti frowned, again wondering why Alice seemed so invested in her business before turning her attention to Savannah. Nobody had needed to tell her that her girlfriend was nervous or that she was trying to win over everyone with food, or even that everyone was nervous. However her little conversation with Alice had Marti questioning whether she should check one last time that Savannah was ready for this.

Quickly deciding it was better to be safe than sorry Marti slowly approached her captain and whispered in her ear, "Are you sure you're ready for this?"

"Uh-huh." Savannah nodded without hesitation, smiling softly as she passed Marti a plate with already carved meat, "Here, can you put this on the table."

"Sure." Marti said, helping Savannah finish laying the table and then sitting down with the rest of the Hellcats, all of them looking to their captain expectantly.

There was a long pause as Savannah looked out amongst so many familiar faces, pure terror filling her body like never before. It was easily ten times as strong as what she felt when she was about to perform, the fear of getting hurt or hurting someone else nothing on the pain Savannah felt was coming her way now. However while she had dreamt of this horrible moments thousands of times the difference was Marti was right there by her side, giving her this look which filled Savannah with strength.

So, finally, Savannah spoke, "Tha, thanks for coming on such short notice. I know we're all very busy-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, what's wrong? Are we still going to Regionals?" Frankie interrupted nervously.

"Yes. Don't worry, it isn't anything like that, it's..." Savannah paused, again feeling overwhelmed by all the attention on her, waiting for her to say what she'd dreaded saying for so long, and again Marti was the only reason she found the strength to continue, "I, erm... I just, I just wanted to announce, that is I wanted to say... to tell you that I... I love you all. I consider each of you a friend, and more than that... you're family. All of us together here are a family. And I love you all. And I really hope this doesn't change anything, but, I... I, I just wanted to say, to tell you, that... Marti and I are dating."

There was a long, deafening silence, then Alice let out a chuckle and murmured, "Yes!"

Marti and Savannah looked at her in confusion while the other Hellcats glared that her, but before Marti or Savannah could say anything Darwin asked, "So, you guys are what? Gay? Bi? Undecided?"

Completely thrown off by this reaction Savannah blinked, looked at Marti and stuttered, "I... we... Marti?"

Quickly taking Savannah's hand in hers Marti said, "We're gay... which shouldn't change anything, right?"

To Savannah's disbelief murmurings of 'right' and 'sure' echoed throughout the room.

"Are... are you sure? Because if anyone's uncomfortable I, I mean we-" Savannah stammered.

"You realise I'm gay, right?" Darwin pointed out before adding, "And news flash, no one cares. Why would it be any different with you two?"

Savannah blinked. Before she had a thousand reasons, but right now she couldn't think of one. To be fair though she really couldn't think of anything in general, as in she was so overwhelmed there wasn't a coherent thought going through her brain, and Marti looked so happy she really wasn't much of a help this time.

Finally Savannah came up with, "You never tried to be something you're not."

"Not here, but I didn't exactly go around broadcasting it in high school." Darwin shrugged, "And take it from someone who knows, it's never easy and you're doing great."

There was another pause and then Marti asked, "Has anyone else got anything to say?"

"Yeah, most of you owe me money." Alice grinned.

"No we don't." Frankie grumbled before trying to whisper angrily, "You push them together. That's totally cheating."

"What are you talking about?" Marti glared, not liking what she was hearing.

Looking at Marti with a challenging smile Alice explained, "I started a bet going with most of the Hellcats about when you two lovebirds would come out. I figured the way you were eye fucking each other it wouldn't have taken this long, but I underestimated how aware you were of your feelings. So, seeing as I was about to lose what I thought would be easy money, I gave you a little push."

"Which is totally cheating." Frankie grumbled.

"It would be if we agreed on any rules against it before hand, but we didn't. So you owe me money bitch." Alice countered.

Meanwhile Marti was fuming, "All... all of it... everything you said... you were just trying to win a stupid bet?"

"What? Did you actually think I cared about your happiness and well-being?" Alice questioned, adding as Marti got up threateningly, "Not that I said anything untrue, and hey, as far as you and me are concerned this is a win-win."

Marti took a few steps forward before Lewis stepped in front of her and said, "I think what Alice, and all of us, are trying to say is that we're all really happy for you."

"And totally not surprised." Alice added, and then as everyone was looking at her added, "Oh come on, who was surprised? Anyone? Honestly?"

There was a few awkward murmurings and then Darwin got up, moved around to Savannah and opened his arms, "Congratulations, I'm really proud of you."

Marti and Savannah exchanged a look, paused, and then hugged the men in front of them.

"It gets easier." Darwin whispered into Savannah's ear, "Not always at first. Some people just suck, you know? But it does eventually get easier."

"Thanks." Savannah smiled.

"Also, I totally was not part of Alice's little bet." Darwin added which caused Savannah to smile softly.

After telling Marti the same thing in regards to the bet Lewis added, "I'm here for you, ok? Whatever you need."

Marti thanked him and then she and Savannah exchanged a few more hugs with the other Hellcats, fought the urge to slap Alice, and then sat down to have their meal. After a few minutes it was almost like nothing happened, conversation becoming about everything and nothing which was incredibly comforting to both Marti and Savannah. Particularly Savannah couldn't believe how well things had gone. However both of them were very aware that it was extremely unlikely their real families would take the news quite as well.


As soon as they were done with their meal Marti and Savannah quickly said their goodbyes and headed off in the direction of The Rat. Most of the journey was spent in slightly awkward silence, an impending dread filling particularly Savannah as they got closer and closer to their destination.

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