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Saving Savannah Ch. 07


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Marti Perkins could remember the first time she entered Cheer Town, the cutesy nickname for the on-campus residence for the cheerleaders. She had initially hated that cutesy nickname, but it had grown on her, along with pretty much everyone in Cheer Town. Of course there was one person in particular.

Someone she had mocked from afar the first time she saw her, and then right to her face the first time they met. Now Marti had no idea how she hadn't been left speechless by the incredible beauty of Savannah Monroe, or why she hadn't asked her out the second she was lucky enough to talk to her instead of cluelessly mocking what her now girlfriend loved. What Marti herself had grown to love.

Luckily Marti had been allowed to make up for her mistakes and had spent the last few years winning championships with the most amazing girl on the face of the Earth by her side in what was easily the best years of her life. Now College was over. They all had graduated and celebrated the end of an era, and then waited until the last possible minute to leave Cheer Town.

Not because they feared the future and wanted to live in the past forever, but because this place was really special to them. Especially their dorm room, which was where Marti found her girlfriend. In the middle of their now former room staring at the two twin beds they hadn't had the heart to separate as it presented an important milestone in their relationship.

In fact just about every important milestone in their relationship had taken place in this room, and Marti was determined that before they leave they had one last one. One big one. Something which would be the perfect end to their college experience. The perfect end to the perfect college experience.

And sure, Marti had considered doing this in the courtyard where she first saw Savannah, or even by the information desk where they had first met, or into the tiny apartment they were moving in together, but no, this was where it had to be. As far as Marti was concerned there was no other real option, or other real choice.

Wanting to surprise her lover Marti approached as slowly and silently as possible while Savannah seemed content to enjoy her last few minutes in this room, only for the beautiful brunette to look over her shoulder at the last second, give her a beaming smile and murmur, "Hey."

"Hey." Marti replied, quickly closing the distance between them and wrapping her arms around the other girl.

Savannah sighed contentedly and relaxed into her arms and then murmured, "So, car's all packed, huh?"

"Uh-huh." Marti confirmed, pressing a quick kiss to Savannah's head, before asking softly, "Can we stay here for a second?"

"How about forever?" Savannah asked softly, and then when Marti chuckled softly into her ear Savannah added, "I'm serious Marti. I, I know we have to leave. Move on. Start our lives for real, or whatever. And I do want that. I want a life with you. But... I don't want to leave. Because in this room, in your arms, I've never felt more safe. Or more loved. This is where I learned to accept myself. Where you saved me from myself. Because of you I, I finally stopped being afraid to be who I truly am. And finally got to be happy. With you. Gosh Marti, this is where we first kissed. Confessed how we felt. Made love. How could we ever leave it?"

For a few long seconds Marti considered abandoning her original plan. To make a memory that she knew Savannah would treasure forever. That they would treasure forever, in a new place, to prove good things could happened between them outside of this room. They had their entire lives to make new and precious memories.

But she knew Savannah would never forgive her for not doing it in this place which would always be sacred for them, at a time she desperately wanted another reason to look forward to the future. So instead Marti gently turned Savannah around and cupped her cheek, taking a second to enjoy the way her girl closed her eyes and leaned into the touch before she finally spoke.

"Hey..." Marti murmured softly, waiting until she was sure she had Savannah's attention before continuing, "No matter where we are, I swear to you, I will do everything in my power to make you feel safe and loved. My arms will always be here to make you feel safe and loved. And as long as I breathe you will be safe and loved. I love you Savannah Monroe. I love you more than I ever knew it was possible to love someone. And I love this room, but it isn't the reason I came to terms with my sexuality and had the best years of my life. That was all you. You gave me the perfect first time. The perfect first kiss. The perfect college experience. The perfect life. And you saved me too Savannah. You saved me from a life of nothing but misery and sarcasm and replaced it with joy and happiness I could never imagine. I will love you for my entire life, and beyond. I promise you that as I ask... no, beg you to marry me."

Savannah bought her hands up to her face and whimpered as Marti let go of her, moved back slightly and then knelt down on one knee while presenting her with a little black box containing a beautiful engagement ring. Given they were both women, and how Marti used be so dismissive about marriage, Savannah had made peace with the fact this day would never come.

Now it had, and she was so dumbstruck that all she could do was weep and pray that Marti would understand that the tears sliding down her cheeks were from overwhelming happiness. Yet the seconds ticked by and Savannah couldn't blame Marti for being disheartened.

Thankfully Marti's pretty face falling was enough to finally jolt Savannah out of her dumbstruck state enough to weep, "Yes, yes, a thousand times yes."

Smiling widely Marti quickly stood up, grabbed Savannah's face with both hands and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. It wasn't very long, but it was easily one of the most intense of their lives, which was really saying something. It was like their souls were caressing each other. Making love to each other. Loving each other. Both of them would just love each other with every fibre of their being.

Then Marti broke the kiss and just hugged her tightly as Savannah wept. As they both wept, Savannah was relieved to realise she wasn't the only one overwhelmed by the moment. A moment which seemed to last a lifetime. Or at least Savannah wished it would. Eventually though, the spell had to be broken, and unsurprisingly it was Marti who broke it.

"You really had me worried there for a second." Marti said softly into her ear.

"Sorry." Savannah said softly, moving back and looking into Marti's beautiful eyes, "But you did blindside me."

Marti frowned, "I was going on and on about how much I love you."

"Yeah, well... you do that anyway." Savannah smiled.

"Fair point." Marti acknowledged.

There was another moment of silence, and then Savannah rightly pointed out, "You know we can't actually get married, right?"

"Not yet." Marti said boldly, "But I have a good feeling about this. And no one can tell me I can't marry someone so beautiful and amazing just because their junk is the same as mine."

"Marti!" Savannah scolded, before giggling, "Way to ruin the romance."

"Ruin, huh?" Marti raised an eyebrow, taking that as a challenge, "How about this, I swear to you, one day I will find a way to marry you."

"That's better." Savannah smiled, "Now, give me my ring."

"Huh?" Marti frowned, before feeling foolish as realisation hit her, "Oh, right."

Savannah tried to wait patiently and act all ladylike, as she had always been taught. But then again she hadn't exactly been brought up to be expecting marriage proposals from girls, and given how much Marti had just made it clear that she loved her, and knew her, Savannah didn't think it would be a deal breaker when she snatched the little box away from her girlfriend. It was partly Marti's fault anyway.

She was the one who was taking ages getting the ring out of the box. Although that didn't stop the blonde from looking at the brunette with a mixture of shock, amusement and maybe even a little disappointment as Savannah tore the box away from her. Then Savannah discovered it wasn't as easy as it should have been, and maybe she should have been more patient. Oh well, she got it in the end, and the ring did look really, really good on her finger.

"Oh baby, I love it." Savannah cooed happily.

"I know it's nothing special, but-" Marti began to explain apologetically before she was cut off.

"Nonsense, I love it. And I love you." Savannah said, taking a moment from staring at her new ring to kiss Marti on the cheek.

Marti blushed a little, gave Savannah a few more long seconds to stare at her new accessory and then said, "Right... well... we, we should probably get a move on before we get thrown out or something."

"Oh Marti, we're not going anywhere. At least not for the next hour." Savannah grinned, that grin become increasingly wicked as she added, "Or did you really think we were going to leave here without having sex one more time in this bed?"

Marti swallowed softly and then said, "I thought that was the point of spending so long 'getting up' this morning."

"No, that was just part one of that bed's farewell tour." Savannah smiled wickedly, "And that was before you proposed. Now you've at least got to let me go down on you for like an hour."

There was a brief pause and then Marti softly said, "You know I didn't propose just to try and get sex, right?"

"Yeah, I know. You're not a guy. Besides, you don't need to work so hard to get laid. In fact, all you need to do is ask nicely." Savannah grinned, before quickly clarifying, "Unless you're not in the mood, in which case-

"NO! I'm definitely in the mood." Marti quickly interrupted, "I, I'm always in the mood when it comes to you."

"Awww, that's actually kind of sweet." Savannah smiled softly, "So are we going to do this or-"

"Oh definitely." Marti grinned, quickly closing the distance between them.

Returning the grin Savannah took a few steps forwards herself, doing her part to close the distance as quickly as possible. As a result their bodies smashed into each other and they began frantically kissing like the newly engaged couple that they were.

Even the feeling of their teeth smashing together painfully couldn't spoil the amazing mood they were in, especially as they spent the next few minutes almost literally tearing off her clothes, Savannah grateful for the fact that she had at least one suitcase of clothes left to pack that she could change into if anything happened to what she was wearing. Although even if she didn't she wouldn't care, she needed to be naked right now and fucking her beautiful fiancé.

Marti was in the same kind of mood. And again she was always in that kind of mood when around Savannah. Sure, she loved her clothes, but she loved Savannah even more. And right now, she really needed Savannah to be naked. Luckily she had become an expert at removing another girl's clothing, especially from Savannah's tight little body.

Well, only Savannah, obviously, just like Marti only wanted Savannah for the rest of her life, because anybody else would be a distant second, the lovesick blonde thought as she stripped the beautiful brunette. Then a few long seconds Marti momentarily lost the ability to think as she completed her goal and was confronted with a naked Savannah Monroe.

Marti couldn't ever imagine a time that she wouldn't find naked Savannah breath-taking, and she knew her girlfriend felt the same way. Which was heart-warming really, and in this case provided both girls a few long seconds to admire each other before they went right back to kissing passionately.

They did that for quite some time, somewhere along the way falling onto the bed and taking it in turns to roll on top of each other. Which they, or at least Marti, tried to keep nice and gentle at first, but inevitably things heated up with Savannah in particular grinding her body into Marti's in a way which made her moan lustfully, then return the favour.

Just as Marti was really working up a rhythm she found herself pinned down to the bed on her back and Savannah grinning down at her. As the stronger of the two she could have easily broken the hold, but honestly she just didn't want too.

Savannah's mouth was like the eighth wonder of the world or something, and right now Marti was staring at it and thinking about her girlfriend's earlier promise. Then she was moaning softly again as Savannah leaned down to kiss her neck. Marti then continued to moan softly as Savannah covered her neck in kisses, before sucking on it hard enough to leave a mark.

Normally Marti was the one doing that, although recently Savannah had been more than getting her revenge. Truth be told they were very territorial about each other, and while they trusted each other completely the green eyed monster took over whenever one of them saw the other trying to reject the advances of one of the many on-campus students.

Mostly frat guys, most of whom just couldn't take the hint, no matter how many times Marti punched them in their smug faces. Which led to a lot of apologies, mostly from Marti to Savannah, but at least the make up sex was always good. And... Marti quickly forgot about this unpleasant topic as Savannah's mouth moved lower. Not quite as low as she wanted, but still very good.

Savannah loved Marti's boobs. She always had. Even back when she was in the closet she remembered mentioning to Alice that Marti had nice boobs, which was always a plus because the unfortunate truth was good looks had always mattered in cheerleading and... wow, no wonder no one was surprised when she came out.

Because sure, her point was solid, but she had not said it in an objective way. Oh well, nothing she could do about that now, nor did she want to concentrate on it. Not when she was kissing down Marti's chest and up over her girlfriend's beautiful boobs, Savannah lingering on that soft flesh before eventually taking a nipple into her mouth and giving it the attention it deserved.

Marti's boobs were perfect. They were big, but not too big. If Savannah wanted to she could hold them in her hands, but they were big enough to motor-boat, which was something Savannah had done more than once when she was drunk or when she was feeling silly, but she could also hold them both in her hands if she wanted, and she did want to, she always wanted too.

Right now though, she was covering that soft flesh in kisses and she didn't want to stop prematurely. Not when she was having so much fun, and not when she was driving Marti crazy in the process.

"Savannah, please just, ah fuck!" Marti swore as Savannah finally gave her what she wanted.

Not in the mood to resist, at least not in that moment, Savannah wrapped her lips around Marti's left nipple and sucked it pretty roughly considering she was just getting started. She then moved to the right nipple just as quickly and gave it the same treatment.

Then she settled into a more familiar routine, one which involved kissing up and down Marti's boobs as she made her way back and forth in between her girlfriend's nipples and sucked them with varying degrees of force. She also quickly added her hands and tongue into the mix, using the former to push Marti's tits into her mouth and play with the one her mouth wasn't paying attention to while swirling the latter around each nipple and flicking them.

Over and over again Savannah did this. Honestly she could have done this all day, but they had limited time in this bed, so she could only ignore the first couple of times Marti pleaded for her to go lower before she finally did it.

She still slowly kissed her way down Marti's stomach and then lingered on her strong thighs for a couple of minutes, because while they were in a hurry it wasn't like when they got drunk and hooked up in a bathroom. No, she had time to give her woman's body the attention it deserved, and by golly Savannah was determined to give it no matter how much Marti would have preferred otherwise.

Marti had a love-hate relationship with Savannah's teasing. A certain amount of it she loved, but even when they were kind of in a hurry Savannah would push her luck as much as she could.

Marti was just grateful they didn't have all the time in the world, because thanks to Savannah's now expert mouth, tongue and hands by the time the brunette settled herself in between the blonde's legs Marti thought she was about to explode.

Then the now former cheerleader captain lowered her head, stuck out her tongue and slowly slid it over her former squad member's aching for attention pussy lips, causing Marti to cry out in a mixture of pleasure and relief.

She then continued to cry out, but only with pure pleasure as Savannah repeated that long slow lick over and over again, in that glorious moment her lover giving Marti exactly what she wanted, and what it felt like she needed. Savannah even lingered on her clit at the end of every lick, just to make the initial cunt lapping that much more intense.

Of course it couldn't last, and Marti's greedy body adjusted to the pleasure it was receiving and soon ached for more. And yet not only did Savannah keep up the slow and gentle licking, but the clit lingering became increasingly infrequent until Savannah was deliberately avoiding her clit altogether, which of course made Marti whimper pathetically.

Feeling embarrassed by that sound Marti snap, "Savannah, you're such a clit-tease."

At least Marti tried to snap, however any annoyance or even anger was undermined by the fact that her words came out as a petulant whine, not unlike a stroppy toddler not getting their way.

Which of course made Savannah chuckle at her expense, making sure to back off momentarily so Marti couldn't enjoy the vibrations on her pussy, which was really just adding insult to injury. Then Savannah went right back to that slow, gentle cunt lapping which had driven Marti crazy countless times, especially in this bed.

Suddenly Marti was flooded by thousands of fond memories of the things which had went on in this bed, and her heart once again ached that this would be the last time Savannah would gently lick her pussy in this bed. She had no doubt that Savannah would eat her out again, as it was easily one of Savannah's favourite things to do, something she had blushingly admitted several times before, but it would never again be the same.

It would never be in the bed they had first done it in. And she wanted to rush this why? Because of some probably not reinforced rule about leaving by a certain time? Fuck that, Marti was going to enjoy this one final time, and if that meant letting Savannah go down on her for as long as she wanted, well, everyone had a cross to bear, and this one really wasn't so bad.

Savannah was definitely in that mindset. She knew they had to go, but she at least wanted to try and do this whole 'one final time' thing right, especially as Marti had just proposed. In fact Savannah would rather be caught licking her girlfriend's pussy by a janitor, teacher, or even their now former coach then do a half-hearted job at pleasing her woman.

Savannah Monroe did nothing half-heartedly, especially not eating pussy. She was an out and proud lesbian now, not so in the closet that she was in denial about what she truly was, and she had this amazing woman to thank for it, and she did so every day, but especially today, so she didn't care if they got caught by the next girls to live in this room, she wasn't stopping until she made Marti Perkins have a nice hard orgasm to end their time here together.

The thought made Savannah blush furiously, but she didn't take it back. She used to be a lot more worried about getting caught, and she had almost died of embarrassment the first few times it happened, but somewhere along the way she became addicted to it. She wasn't sure why.

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