tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSaving the Future Ch. 05

Saving the Future Ch. 05


Author's note --

This is a work of pure fiction. There is no connection to any real people or places. Any resemblance to real life people, events, or someone else's writings is coincidental. It is for entertainment only and is not to be reproduced without written consent.


My name is Egan (25), and my great, great, great grandmother helped save the future of planet Earth. I have been tasked to write this story to document the events that would lead up to preventing a world war. Part of this story is documented facts, part of it is family oral history, and part of it is first hand knowledge..

It is the year 2169. It was just 45 years ago that my father discovered how to make it possible to have a cold fusion reactor small enough to power everything from small cars to large ships. It even replaced the polluting oil fired power stations and radioactive risky nuclear power plants of the day. Doing so averted a global war over the last remaining oil reserves.

I've gone back in time 160 years to document a pivotal time in my family's history.


I had just fixed my great, great, great grandmother's marriage, twice, and was beginning to think it was going to be a full time job just to keep the family history timeline intact.

I had originally transported back 160 years to my great, great, great grandmother's wedding, then fixed things in her and her sister's marriage just 18 months later. Now I had jumped 25 years ahead to see how the kids were doing. According to the family history records, Julie had 3 kids; first Mike, then Mary, then Sara.

My first task was to see how the first born, Mike, was doing. According to my records, Mike had gotten a law degree and was a very successful lawyer for most of his life. His specialty was commercial law, helping both small and large businesses incorporate. His skills were equally matched by his generosity, especially in helping start-up companies looking to find better ways to use Earth resources.

When Mary and Sara graduated college, they started working for two of the most promising start-up companies that Mike had represented. Both companies were ones that Mary and Sara's kids went to work for when they grew up. It had been a good year for Mary's company and, as a reward to employees, the company paid for vacation trips for some of its top employees. Mary happened to be one of those employees.

According to the family history, Mary had elected to go deep sea fishing. The company allowed her to take 3 other people along with her. She chose her sister Sara and two of Riana's oldest girls. All four girls were roughly the same age, early 20's, and had some of the same interests so it was a natural for them. According to the family history, the trip was very successful. A 6' trophy fish hung over the mantle for years.

Having jumped to the time a year or so after the big fishing trip, the companies Mike had been pumping money into to help keep them afloat, were boarded up. When I checked Julie's house, there was no trophy fish on the wall, nor were there any pictures of the big catch. Instead of the mood in the house being happy, it was instead very somber.

I knew the 'big catch' had even made the local newspaper. When I scanned the archives, all I found was an article saying that "Four local girls, on a fishing trip, are missing." The article went on to say that the brother of two of the girls, had spent almost every penny he had in order to find out what happened to them. That last bit of information might explain why the two companies Mike help keep financially afloat, filed for bankruptcy. He had diverted all his resources towards finding his sisters and cousins.

Dreading what I might find, I popped back to the morning of the fishing trip and activated the 'remotes' (my fly-on-the-wall video surveillance devices. Setting the 'remotes' to track the girls I jumped forward a week. There was no signal from the 'remotes'. Trying again, I made successive time jumps, a week at a time, until I finally got a signal, on the Mediterranean coast. From what I remembered, there was a very pricey casino in the area at Monta Carlo.

Jumping to the location, using my time device, I retrieved instructed one of the 'remotes' to return to me so I could download the video, while letting the other 'remote' continue to track one or more of the girls.

It took forever to download all the video from the 'remote', seeing as how it had recorded months worth of video logs. When it finished the download, I started playing it. As I watched, I would watch a part of the video then fast forward, watch a bit more then fast forward again. The video so far held no clues. The girls were out at sea, the baited lines hanging off the back of the boat as they trolled, and the girls sipping a drink.

I fast forwarded again. This time the video showed the girls being escorted below deck of what looked like a small Coast Guard cutter. I heard snippets of audio about how a rouge wave had been sighted that might capsize their boat and it would be safer for them if they rode it out below deck on the cutter. I saw all four girls descend down a stairway to a cabin below decks, then open a door.

When Sara suddenly did an about-face, she ran into the other three girls, who turned and bolted up the stairway only to find an M-16 in their face. The man with the M-16 motioned for them to turn around and head back into the cabin. Once in the cabin, the girls found three similarly armed men, pointing their weapons at the girls. When the man who had been at the top of the stairs came in and closed the door behind them, the girls knew it was going to be tough to get out of this situation.

The men stayed silent as the girls felt the ship take off at full speed. It was a full 20 minutes before the men said anything, leaving the girls unsure as to what the men wanted. When one of the men's walkies came to life with the brief sound of "All clear", things changed. A man with a deep gravely voice gave the girls the command to "Strip". The girls were unsure they'd heard him right and it took an even more forceful command to realize he meant business.

Out on the fishing boat, the girls mostly just had on bikinis and a thin open-front top. When the thin tops dropped to the floor, the men were still stern-faced. When the bikini tops started coming off, the men started to smile. When the bikini bottoms his the floor, leaving the girls completely naked, the men had big grins on their faces.

One by one, the girls were forced to kneel in front the four men. Mary was first, she was adamant about not giving in to what she knew the man wanted, until the man ordered one of the other men to use a knife to cut Sara's nipples off her perfect 35C breasts. Knowing it was the only way to save her sister from mutilation, Mary went to work, unzipping the fly of the man in front of her and pulling his cock out. She was about to refuse to suck his grimy cock but then thought better not to refuse, having seen the glint of a knife blade near her sister's chest. Not wanting to give the man the satisfaction of a long drawn out blowjob, she sucked as hard and as fast as she could. A few minutes later, her mouth was overflowing with salty cum, which she was commanded to swallow.

This was repeated with each girl until each girl had sucked each man twice, and the girl's stomachs were filed with a large cum lunch portion. Two of the men wanted to fuck the girls as well but was sternly reminded that his cock would be cut off if he tried. Having the girls suck their captors off was one thing but the buyers wanted an untouched pussy. A hypo-spray was shot into each of the girl's necks and they crumpled to the floor.

Six hours later, the ship tied off at a darkened, remote dock. The girls limp bodies were slung over the men's shoulders and carried to a waiting van, then unceremoniously deposited within. Twenty minutes later the van pulled into a hanger at a small airfield. The girls were given an extra dose of hypo-spray then packed in crates labeled Fine China: Handle With Care, then loaded into a cargo plane. Because the 'remotes' stuck very close to the subject, they got packed into the crates as well.

For the next 12 hours, the only thing the 'remotes' recorded was blackness and engine noise. At the 12 mark, I heard the unmistakable sound of tires screeching as they made contact with a runway. A few minutes later the engines stopped and the cargo hatch was heard opening. Hear next was muffled voices, with a Mediterranean accent, giving orders, and the crates being lifted off the plane. The engine noise of a truck started up and lurched. Another 20 minutes later, the truck came to a stop and the crates were taken out of the truck and placed on the floor. The sound of a crowbar was heard as it pried the lids off the four crates. My 'remotes' were now able to give me video. With the girls still unconscious, men slung their naked bodies over their shoulders and carried the girls each to a separate cell with a makeshift bed.

Riana's girls were the first to wake up, soon calling out Mary and Sara's names. As Sara and Mary each came out of their drug induced sleep, their brains began to try to make sense of where they were and how long they'd been out. Minutes passed into hours without a sign of another living soul. The silence was broken when a plate of non-descript food was shoved through the bottom plate of their cell door.

Not sure if they should eat what was shoved into their cell, the girls ignored the food, until hunger overcame caution. Eight hours later, the same thing happened again, no voice, just a plate of food. After three days, the girls were well not starving but they had a ravenous urge to have sex.

On the third day, a masked man showed up at her cell with a pair of handcuffs, a gag, and a hood to put over her head. As she was led down the corridor, the sounds of her sister can cousins began to fade, until shut off completely by a closed door. More corridors, more doors, and a couple flights of stairs later, Mary was bent over a padded sawhorse bench and tied so her arms extended downward.

With the hood still over her head she could not tell what her surroundings were, only that she sensed someone nearby. Then a voice whispering in her ear that she would not be hurt. It told her that, in fact she would enjoy the next hour. Mary felt what seemed to be a feather, traveling up her arms and legs. Normally, it wouldn't have caused much of a sensation. For some reason her skin was hyper sensitive, but not in a bad way. It actually felt pleasurable. The feather on her legs had only stroked the outside of her legs, now it was moving up the inside of her thighs.

She tried to fight it but the sensation was too overwhelming. She knew where the feather was heading, her pussy, and she knew she must fight the urge but her body overrode her brain and couldn't wait for the feather to start caressing her outer pussy lips. In anticipation, her pussy lips started to moisten and her clit started to swell, pushing out from her slit. Mary was panting when the feather finally touched her clit, sending sexual shockwaves through her body. In a matter of minutes she was shaking so hard from an orgasm, she nearly shook the bench apart, a spray of girl cum dampening the floor.

The voice proceeded to tell her she could experience more of and even more intense climaxes, all she had to do was give into it. She weakly said "Never", but after experiencing 4 more sessions, amplified by the drugs in her food, she finally gave in. She was now their sex slave.

The other girls didn't have quite the resilience that Mary had. They gave in after only 3 sessions on the bench.

A few days later, all 4 girls had been fitted with a decorative collar that disguised a remote shock device, and dressed in outfits that had large holes cut out for their breasts to stick through. The skirts were short and they had to wear split-crotch panties. Their job was to be sex toys for the high-rollers at the casino. They were to do whatever was asked of them, whether it be a blowjob, fucked in the their pussy, or fucked in the ass. Refusal to do so, or doing so without looking like they were enjoying it, would elicit a strong shock at the neck. At first shocks were frequent. After a few days, the girls learned the only way to survive was to give in and do as their captors asked.

From the recordings, I had most of the information of what had happened to them. What was missing was a critical piece in time when their captors first showed up; there was a glitch in the recording where the 'remotes' rebooted right before the abduction started. In order to stop the abduction from happening in the first place, I needed to talk to one of the girls in person. I knew doing so could trigger a time paradox but given what was at stake for mankind in the future, I had to risk it.

Going on the web, I was able to get a good match on images the 'remotes' had recorded of the inside of the casino with pictures on a web ad. Next I would need the kind of money they used in this time period. Tapping into the banking network, I managed to set myself up with an account with about $5,000,000 in it. Sure it was wire fraud, and sure it would be discovered soon but not before I had the information I needed to time jump back to stop their abduction and life as a sex slave. Besides, when I corrected the timeline, there would not be a need to set up a fraudulent bank account, thereby never having committed a crime. While this might sound simple, one must exercise extreme caution or the results could be devastating.

From here on in, the plan was simple, walk into the casino with a fat bankroll, start losing money and look depressed, hoping one of the floor bosses would send one of the girls working the floor to 'comfort' me and get me to keep spending money in the casino.

It so happened that one of Riana's girls was working the card table near me. As I started losing, intentionally, I motioned her over to stand by me 'for luck'. With those bare breasts sticking out at me, it was actually hard to concentrate purposefully on losing.

After I lost $500,000 I asked Katie if we could go over to one of the darkened tables on a far wall where she could 'loosen me up'. After telling me the price for the massage and not seeing me flinch, we both walked over to the area that would be a little more private.

Since she was suppose to be 'servicing' as many customers as possible, she went right to work on fishing my cock out of my pants. In the short time of her 'employment', her fingers had learn how to get a man hard quickly. With the speed with which she was trying to get me to cum, I had to act quickly. In the middle of her sucking my cock, I started to relate that her brother had hired me to locate the girls and get them out of there. Momentarily stopping what she was doing, to give me a look of hope, I told her to keep going as if I were any other customer, otherwise it would look suspicious.

When she had gotten my cock sufficiently hard, and I had imparted all the information I could without needing a response from her, I told her to straddle me and ride my cock until I came. This would put her in a position where I could look her straight in the eye when I asked her questions. With questions requiring a simple yes or no answer, she could blink or nod slightly. This would attract less attention than having an intense dialog.

As she expertly rode my shaft, she gave me details about the critical time right before and at the moment the abduction started. It was hard to stay focused on remembering all the details, what with her boobs bouncing in front of me and her pussy enveloping my cock. She was so hopeful she would be rescued soon, she put a little extra effort into riding my cock, so it wasn't any great surprise I was shooting my cum into her hot pussy. When she dismounted, she bent down and licked my shaft clean before putting it away. Before walking back to the tables, she gave me a quick wink and said thanks.

Just to make things convincing so Katie wouldn't get in trouble, I managed to find a way to lose another $500k before walking out the door.

As I started devising a plan to keep this terrible mess from happening in the first place, my thoughts wandered to the remarks by family members about how Katie and her husband were married for a good 70 years. I'd like to think her instinctive knowledge on how to keep their sex life interesting, had something to do with it.

Time jumping back to the day of the abduction, I first did a distance jump so that I ended up on the fake Coast Guard cutter. I then planted a briefcase, packed full of evidence about the sex slave traffic, in a place that could easily be found.

Next I rented a boat so I could go out to point where I could intercept miles away from where it encountered Mary, Sara, Katie, and her sister. Broadcasting an SOS on the Coast Guard distress frequency about being boarded by a boat, I took off to hide out on a small coral island nearby. The Coast Guard had triangulated my position and sent gunship helicopters and a destroyer sized Coast Guard cutter to the last known position.

As it turns out, my timing was impeccable, both the helicopters and the cutter arrived at the point of my Mayday broadcast at the exact time the fake cutter passed, on its way to abduct the girls. There was a brief, intense skirmish, in which only two of the ship's crew survived. The fake cutter was thoroughly searched and the briefcase was found, along with rescuing 5 other girls in a bottom hold. The evidence in the briefcase was used to put together a raid on the casino. The owners and staff were arrested and charged with multiple counts of kidnapping, extortion, money laundering, etc, etc. In all 40 girls were rescued and returned to their families. Some would have to go through months of therapy to get past the ordeal they'd been through.

For Mary, Sara, Katie, and her sister, it was a minor news story on page 5. As the fake cutter was being searched on the far horizon, the girls were busy reeling in a 6' trophy fish. Just as the family stories go, the mounted 'catch' was hanging on the wall two weeks later.

Since I couldn't write down details about the abduction that never happened, I just had to chronicle the story of the catch of the 6' fish. It had been another close call and I wondered how much more I would have to intervene before I got back to my own time

To be continued . . .

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