tagNovels and NovellasSaving the Starlight Ch. 06

Saving the Starlight Ch. 06


Aware that during the evening when Paul Wentworth introducing his 'special' new woman and the liquor had flowed a little too liberally, Fenton Murdoch was careful when driving to where Trinity had left her car as he had no wish to be stopped by police and breath-tested and in effect to be found driving while drunk.

Trinity looked tired and he caught her by surprise when he asked, "Do you ride?"

"You mean Cowgirl?"

Paul almost failed to take the bend and croaked, "I mean horses."

"Oh that's so hilarious." Trinity, screamed in laughter to cover her embarrassment.

"Yes I do ride a horse," she said, enunciating carefully. "Why?"

"Would you like to hit the saddle next weekend?"

"At your aunt's sheep station? Yes, I would be delighted. I want to see Garfia's last foal."

"Has my mother been talking to you?"

"Yes dummy, how else would I know?"

"Lawyer intuition?"

She cackled in laughter and he said they better have coffee and talk until she sobered up.

"I'll stay the night."

"Okay but no sex. I've something in mind for next Sunday. We've both had too much to drink to have good sex so I want you to sleep in the spare room."

"Okay providing you put me to bed and kiss me."

"Yes, that would be lovely," he said.

They reached home without incident.

Trinity was carried her to the spare bedroom and undressed her to her underwear. Fenton kissed her navel and had to pull her fingers out of his hair as she'd fallen asleep.

Trinity stirred as she heard Fenton yell from the doorway, "Trinity - wake up! It's almost time to go to work."

She was so disappointed hearing the front door slam and he hurried off.

Trinity yawned her was to the kitchen where she found a light breakfast ready for her and a note saying to have a great day darling, She said aloud, "Yes darling, I do Cowgirl. Come on Sunday!"

* * *

Ten minutes after leaving home Fenton sat down for a business breakfast at the Events Centre with Malcolm Stewart, executive chairman of the centre's board of directors, his daughter Blanche Pennington, creative director of an advertising agency and Shirley Gill, events and displays general manager at Events centre.

It was a very productive meeting.

Malcolm Stewart agreed to hire the stadium with the roof closed to the trust at cost for three hours on a Sunday afternoon. The estimated cost for staff including parking attendants, lighting, cleaning up, a revolving stage would be between $6000 and $8000 depending on attendance. Food and drink would be charged to patrons at commercial rates by contract operators.

Fenton was told the seating capacity of the stadium was 43,000.

"We'll fill the stadium, you can count on that," Fenton said.

Malcolm smiled.

"We've only had a complete sell-out twice since we opened. You might do it if there was no charge and good entertainment but you plan to ask for a minimum donation of twenty bucks per person with children sixteen and under being admitted free."

"Malcolm," Fenton said patiently. "We need to fill the stadium and so we'll fill it."

"Dad I'm on salary and I'll organize the event including entertainment without you charging out my time and use of resources, Shirley said."

"Okay agreed. Email me an agreement to sign to pass on to accounts."

"It's already in your mailbox dad."

Fenton thanked Malcolm for his tremendous support.

He asked Blanche is she had the idea of the scale of the presentation and could she work in with Shirley and fundraiser Eric Yarrow on that event as a three-person executive, with Shirley as convenor.

"Yes of course and Shirley has already agreed to meet tomorrow to help me sell the idea to my partners to provide input as a community service. She already uses our agency a great deal so comes with clout."

The Sunday chosen was just six weeks away.

* * *

The next Sunday Fenton and Trinity, after a busy week for both of them and dinner with Paul and Kimberly the previous evening, left early for the sheep station to arrive in time before his Aunt Beth and husband Frank left at 9:00 to go for the second day a regional horse show jumping.

The greetings between both Beth and daughter Paula with Trinity pleased Fenton because his two relatives were obviously very impressed by the visitor.

Paula, turning quite shy, introduced 'a friend' Owen Tancred and Fenton made the most of the occasion to signal to Paula he approved of the blond shepherd who worked on an neighbouring property.

Paula took Fenton and Trinity down to the stables and introduced Trinity to the line-up of eleven including two mares visiting for mating. Paula then left saying she and Owen would leave soon to meet friends to go somewhere for lunch.

"Go anywhere and take any horse except the visiting mares," she said.

"All the bulls are up the hills in two of the back paddocks and so everywhere else is safe riding. I've packed you lunch in two saddlebags. Have a bath or a shower when you return. Bye guys."

Paula looked pleased when Trinity darted forward to kiss her and said she and Owen must come to the city for a return of hospitality.

Paula looked at Fenton and he smiled and nodded, confirming although their naughty affair was behind them he wished to remain socially bonded.

Trinity made a great fuss of Garfia's progeny and was disappointed that the stallion Bashir remained less than interested in her.

Trinity sensed there was something between Fenton and Tarfat and when he said she could choose any horse she opted for Bayda.

"Why her?"

"Because she's white, like her mother and seems to rather like me. What does Bayda mean?"


"Oh how lovely."

They wandered hand-in-hand up to the house for coffee and returning with the saddle bags, saddled up and were off.

After about half a mile Trinity asked Fenton very casually, "Have you had sex with Paula?"

"Yep and she's not my blood cousin."

Trinity made no reply.

"Are you mad at me?"

"No, Paula told me Owen and she had just met and they have really clicked. She said you were responsible for urging her to break out of her rotten marriage and find a new life."

Fenton said, "Beth told me when I called her earlier in the week that Paula has filed for divorce. You have helped give Paula a second chance; good boy."

They rode side by side, not conversing much, just drinking in the quite scenic valley there were riding along that contrasted to the rugged hills. The terrain became even flatter and Fenton pointed. "See up ahead where this valley joins a much wider valley?"


"This creek we are following turns to flow into a bigger stream that swings to the north-east before joining a river that goes east to the coast. We'll follow that stream to where it joins the river and have lunch there as it's a pretty area of very fertile river flats flanked by rising woodlands."

"Is that where we do it?"

"Yes, providing I'm given the green light."

"Oh you have that. I've been pent up ever since last Sunday wanting you in me."

"So you like sex?"

"Oh yes, can we gallop?"

"No unless you want us to lead the horses around to cool down before they are allowed to drink. When we go through that gate up ahead we can finish the distance at a light canter and then we can get down to rough and rumble."

"Ooh, I like the sound of that."

"What the light canter?"

That comment was ignored.

After attending to the tethered horses, the couple flicked their Akubras back over their shoulders - Trinity, who didn't own one, was wearing one of Beth's. They kissed, long and slowly and eventually began to fondle.

"Let's undress," she said.

"Wow!" she said, unbuckling her jeans.

Fenton was already out of his and had just dropped his underpants.

"Do you like this spot? I've been here many times but never with a woman for this purpose."

"What purpose is that?" she asked, holding up her breasts to him.

He grinned and turned to pull a blanket from a saddle bag.

The spot Fenton had chosen was atop of an eroded river bank, thick with grass and the water below was bubbling over rocks. Skylarks provided overhead music. He sat on the rug, legs apart, watching her suck a breast, looking at him sideways, rather impishly, deciding her next move.

It was a great move.

He'd expected her to push him back and then fall on to him. But no. She advanced towards him, displaying her lovely legs and then exhibiting class and experience she simply sat against him, but leaving a gap between their crotches, placing her legs over and out beyond his hips. They both stared down as she grasped him and drawing her butt back lined up and slowly pushed forward.

"What nothing required to lube up?"

"The saddle took care of that," she said and confirmed at the ease in which he entered her for a couple of inches and halted, giving her time to adjust to the fat cock.

They began kissing wetly, he playing with her breasts until she began moaning.

He pulled away and they stared as he pushed forward a bit, her head jerking back slightly, and her mouth opening but there was no complaint. He repeated that twice more, producing from her repeated responses.

Although still not full docked he stopped. When Trinity realized that she began rocking and the joy of well-lubricated friction triggering personal sensations broke out smiles on their faces. He began moving and they went to work.

Smiling, Trinity said what she was thinking: "This is the true meaning of bliss."

The continued until she sighed and her faced turned into a really fat smile and she said "Wow," that was unexpected so early but keep going, don't stop."

He grinned like a winner but that slid into a frown when she exclaimed, "You aren't wearing a condom."

"Oh heck I forgot."

"I accept the oversight and keep going. I've never had a guy cream into me and have wondered what it would be like."

"You might be disappointed. I'm pulling out to roll one on."

"Don't you dare, I don't want the magic of this to ever stop. Come on big boy bang away and gush into me to ring my bell."

"Okay and I have to say I really liking this Trinity, you're so tight."

"Oh is that why I've become rather breathless. Ohmigod I'm about to cum again."

"Great and hold on. I'm picking up the pace and perhaps we can climax together."

"I'm about to burst."

He soothed he was only ten seconds away.

Two joyful yells of delighted pleasure poured from them, briefly violating the peacefulness of the remote rural valley.

The wine was in a cooler and went down well with cold roast beef and a tasty mixed salad. They rested for a while and ended their stay with Trinity's triumphant yell as she wildly got herself off, riding Cowgirl and fingering her clit.

Later in the shower back at the farmhouse they were at it again.

They headed home, tired but content.

Liberty asked sounding confident, "Is out status now lovers?"

"Yes," he yawned

Trinity shifted in with Fenton the next day.

She had to ask if she could and she could have throttled him when he replied, "Okay but why would you want to do that? Your father has a much nicer home."

They went together and had supper with Fenton's mother and it pleased her greatly when Fenton, acting the perfect gentleman, announced he'd asked Trinity to move in with him and she'd accepted.

"You two make such a handsome couple," his mother purred, holding Trinity's hand.

* * *

Fenton was worried. It took him a couple of days to put a finger on it, the day Trinity had gone to Wellington for a university law class reunion and staying overnight. He was working on business matters at home and became aware progress was slow.

He thought about his mother. She'd fallen into a hole and he knew why - she'd retired, too early. She'd always had a busy life and now rarely left her cottage.

Paul and Kimberly met with Fenton and Trinity at least once a week.

The older couple had bonded well and continued to show affection but not much fire. And why not?

Fenton decided Kimberly was bored and was exposed to a lifestyle she felt didn't suite her. Fenton winced as Paul and Kimberly's planned small family wedding was just over a month away.

He sighed, wondering why he had adopted the ill-fitting role of social worker, the Mr Fix-it of his small community around him. Was he bored? He didn't think so. He and Trinity were cruising and the admission produced a further frown.

Sally was going about like a frump and her turnover in real estate sales was down she'd told him. And so was her smile.

His Aunt Beth was not herself despite being happy that her stepdaughter appeared to have met Mr Right, the guy called Owen, who already was in love with her.

Fenton concluded Beth was not happy because her new husband wasn't. Why not? He didn't have a clue expect perhaps Frank now considered he'd made a mistake marrying Beth, although Fenton found that difficult to believe as Beth was a great person.

At a personal level, Fenton's former school friend Shirley, wife of the construction steel merchant and steel erection contractor Stand Gill, showed increasing signs of desiring Fenton.

Fenton wanted nothing to do with that because he really wasn't into adultery because the repercussions were potentially enormous and moreover he'd only recently entered a beautiful relationship with Trinity.

Besides, imagine the disaster that could occur after a couple of hot times with Shirley if Stan found out, which would be possible. The contracts would continue because the twin towers job represented big money for Stan, but withdrawal of co-operation would delay construction completions and generate chaos.

Locked into negative thoughts Fenton wondered who else could he think of to spread the gloom he was wallowing in.

Trinity appeared to have become mechanically-minded about her job, but as far as he could determine remained pleased with him although she hated his grotty house. So part of her bubble had burst. He dropped thinking about Trinity like that, surrounding her in negative thoughts.

Well what about the fund-raising appeal?

It was going rather well. The list of new donations including special activities by social groups that had aligned to the Starlight appeal was expected to top $800,000 next week according to the director of fundraising Eric Yarrow. At least Eric appeared happy and was working full-throttle.

The new Rotary President's Project had been announced and would engage in fundraising from next week. That pleased Fenton along with introduction of the auditing blanket associated with it to cover all cash coming in and that included Eric's activities.

Fenton was sure Eric was clean and would remain aloof from fiddling accounts but one could never be certain. It would be good to have full accountability as once that was in place businesses in the entire region would be asked for cash contributions.

Fenton knew he was in a trough and guessed that was associated with the stadium venture, now only ten days away. Signage was up, newspaper and radio station promotion was almost hitting the straps. The special event preparation was bubbling away. Yes! That was it - bubbling, not roaring away! In thinking negatively about some of the people around him he'd unmasked the biggest negative thought that had been eluding him.

Fenton made a call, almost tempted to cross his fingers. The response was great - she said it was a light day for her and yes she would meet him for lunch.

Fenton put down his phone, still amazed that he'd chosen her to call. He knew he had to discuss his thoughts urgently with someone - why but her?

Fenton chose an outside table under an umbrella, in easy view of the busy sidewalk. Angela Radwanksi, wife of the Mayor, arrived on time and looking beautifully groomed offered a cheek which he kissed.

"I hope this is just a private meeting as you said, and not an attempt at seduction; I'm old enough to be your mother young man."

She laughed lightly and Fenton grinned and asked what she'd like to drink. They both were delivered a white wine. He said he needed to talk to a wise and knowledgeable female, adding that Trinity wouldn't be home until late tomorrow morning. He said Angela seemed to know everyone and was already aware she possessed a keen mind.

"Are you sure this is not an attempt at what I mentioned earlier? You are really flattering me."

Angela saw his face fall so added kindly, "Please continue - teasing comes naturally to me. Please start from the beginning.

Fenton told her about his mother.

"Oh that's easily fixed. Farmer's wives are like doctors, accountants and lawyers; retirement doesn't suit them. Just leave this to me. I knew your mother well in the old days. I'll visit her and invite her to join a couple of my committees and to join the learner's class at the Bridge Club. Then you'll see her make a comeback."

"But mum doesn't like cards."

"Well, Bridge and what surrounds it - I mean the people - provide a great intellectual challenge, something to occupy your mother's mind. Trust me."

"Ah Paul he's my lawyer and I know Kimberly and can guess what the problem between those two is," she said after Fenton raised his concerns about them. Angela made a number of suggestions that Fenton could discuss with Paul and perhaps involve Trinity.

"This is all about positioning and stimulating momentum isn't it?"

Angela looked a little bewildered and said if he thought that it could be.

She didn't know Beth or Frank but listened intently as Fenton briefed her.

"It's a second marriage for both of them so problems at grooving in must be expected. Your aunt sounds lively and strong whereas the weakness and lassitude you see in new husband Frank is probably because he's still in transition - not prepared yet to let go of acute memories of his previous wife and lifestyle. My advice is to encourage your aunt to get him out and about more and to shift some responsibilities on to him to provide challenges."

"What to suggest they go on a cruise and ask him to plan it and make the bookings."

"Hello my morose luncheon companion is coming out of his cave is he? Actually that's rather a good idea - I suggest you talk to your aunt about it. Oh, if they decided to go suggest they sell the idea to friends to accompany them - I'd suggest two couples."

"You make great friendships at sea. Ivan and I have been on three cruises and the change restored his batteries as they say. Gawd, the memories - two days at sea and he becomes an animal in bed. Oh, I'm sorry Fenton, I've embarrassed you. Old people like us still have sex."

"Really, I had no idea that was so. More wine?"

"Yes thank you Fenton, but my limit is two glasses. Who's next on the list?"


"Oh yes."

"She's lost much of her fire."

"So you've noticed that too? Well you talk to her about it Fenton."


"Yes you. Sally doesn't bother much with women or haven't you noticed?"

"Is that because other women feel threatened?"

Angela answered diplomatically, "Something like that. Who's next?"

"Just a minor worry about Eric Yarrow being at the base of the money tree. He seems okay."

Angela leaned forward to whisper. Ivan and she had shared that very thought. So Ivan had him checked out and found Eric had an unblemished track record.

"I think we have good safeguards in place."

"So do I. Perhaps we should ask the incoming Rotary audit team to go back to the very start of fund-raising."

Fenton said that was an excellent idea. He was watching Angela eat her triple chocolate dessert when she asked, "Is that all. I mean it Fenton, is that all?"

His gaze failed to meet hers and she said triumphantly, "Aha - out with it Fenton."

"The lead-up to the stadium event looks great but I don't feel excitement in the street," he blurted.

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