For Kimberly, she became engulfed in the alien's frenzy of lust, its monstrous hunger sending relentless waves of ecstacy through every fiber of her being and inundated all of her senses, blanking everything else out save the feelings of rapture as its inhuman shaft rammed at her.

The alien turned Kimberly back over, its arms wrapped under her back while it hunched over her, Kimberly could only let her head dangle back, her own cries and gasps filling her ears along with the alien's carnal grunts.

She could never remember how they ended up in her bedroom, but Kimberly found herself straddling the huge alien who had laid itself out on her bed, a giant whose knees were out past the edges of the mattress. The alien's massive hands lifted up her breasts then slid down to her hips, clutching her pelvis it heaved itself upward to pound at her.

"Yes, that's it!! That's it!!" Kimberly sobbed, the pleasure so intense she was crying tears of delight as she fell forward and braced her arms down on the alien's broad chest. She needed fulfillment, she had to reach her climax again, she needed it so desperately she did not care how much she had to labor under the alien's forceful hammering of her body.

She kept her legs spread out wide, her buttocks bouncing violently under to the movements of the alien under her. She had to keep her eyes closed to concentrate, she was exhausted but she made herself keep up with the alien as she braced herself over its chest, her breasts wildly whipped back and forth as her whole body was jolted and jarred by the ecstatic pounding that grew more intense by the second.

Then without warning, the alien bellowed and tensed as Kimberly finally felt the anticipated surge of power in the enormous, rigid organ buried within her. She flung herself backward in ecstacy, her own orgasm erupting within her matching the fountaining geyser of alien seed erupting into her body.

Kimberly's eyes glowed golden and shot out with power as she felt herself impregnated once again, another new hybrid life taking root right beside the first deep within her womb.

"Aaaaaa," Kimberly groaned and a profound and keen sense of gratification washed over her, sending her into a heady daze of bliss that drowned her into unconsciousness. The last thing she sensed was the alien's hips already starting to pump at her once more, building up another load of inhuman seed to be sprayed deep into her body. And Kimberly knew there was another load waiting for her after that, and another, and another, and another, and another-----


"That's impossible, check her again."

"Listen for yourself, there are at least a dozen separate heartbeats in her womb!"

Voices awoke Kimberly. She instantly knew she was in the hospital but she could not remember how she had gotten there. She was laying on a table in one of the examination rooms and she felt a cold touch against the side of her swollen, distended belly.

Dizzily opening her eyes, Kimberly stared down at herself. She was naked and amazed at how huge she had become. Her belly was nearly twice as big as any pregnant woman she had ever seen but Kimberly felt no concern or worry. She felt only felt a wonderful joy, a deep gratified sense of completion as she lifted up a hand to caress the expanded tightness of her pregnant middle.

"She's awake."

"Get the sonigram, she can't be carrying -twelve- inside of her."

"Look at her, how else would she be so big?"

Kimberly only smiled. She couldn't really make out the faces of the doctors around her, but she could sense their confusion. They were wrong. There weren't twelve new lives within her, there were fifteen. She could hear and feel each one inside her, their shapeless, shifting bodies experimentally forming various new vital organs as they shifted and moved around her distended womb, each one happily maturing within her with each passing minute. She wouldn't have to wait long, Kimberly knew, she could tell she would give birth to her hybrid offspring very soon.

Then there were shouts and screams and all the lights in the hospital room went out. Kimberly heard a crashing sound but she felt no fear or worry. Her offspring's father had come for her.

She remembered wandering out of the apartment sometime before the dawn in a daze, leaving the finally expended and resting alien in her bedroom. Wrapped in nothing but a rumpled comforter, she had felt herself start to swell with the hybrids deep within her. She had aimlessly meandered out onto the streets, unable to form any coherent thoughts with her sanity shattered and fragmented by the unearthly pleasures that had relentlessly assailed her the night before.

The last shreds of her reasoning had broken down in the delirious bliss from the sensations of the new inhuman lives growing inside of her womb. Somehow she had been brought to the hospital, but Kimberly no longer wanted to wander away, she wanted to be found.

Kimberly opened her eyes and saw the alien standing over her bed, its crimson eyes glinting.

She only smiled at it. She felt no fear, no horror. She knew the alien was here to take her back to its world, to return with her so she could give birth to their offspring.

"Once I give birth, you're going to impregnate me again, aren't you?" Kimberly murmured to the alien. "You need more offspring from me to breed with your species, don't you?"

The creature only stroked the side of her cheek in a confirming answer and Kimberly smiled again as it lifted her up in its powerful arms.

"I always wanted to save lives," Kimberly sighed. "Now I guess I'm saving an entire race. That's not really not so bad, is it?"

The alien grinned back as it stepped through the solid wall with Kimberly naked and pregnant in its arms. They disappeared from the face of the Earth and left to save a world.

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