tagInterracial LoveSay My Name Ch. 06

Say My Name Ch. 06


Ok everyone here's Ch. 6. I think there might be two more chapters after this one then it's going to be the end. Thx for reading and ideas for more stories will be greatly appreciated. I hope this one keeps you on edge...as usual! :)

Six months later

"Nick we just finished an hour ago." Nynia rolled over onto her back and watched as Nick raised himself over her.

Nick rubbed his head into her neck. "I know, but I'm addicted to you." They both laughed, but it quickly turned into a groan as his phone rang. He answered it with a growl and sighed.

"Let me guess you have to go to the office." Nynia said with a smile as she rubbed his cock.

"Yeah, but when I come home your going to be mine." He leaned down to kiss her. "How about we meet at my house later?" Nynia smiled at him before she nodded. She watched him walk out the door of the bedroom. That man is all mine tonight.

"Adam your phone is ringing." A whiny voice said into the quiet room. Another voice on the other side of the body in the bed joined in on the whining. "Please Adam answer the phone then we could get back to what we were doing."

Adam reached over the brunette for his phone. The blond was running her fingers up and down his back. He growled lowly into the phone. "Hello?"

One of his co-workers Max responded in an urgent voice. "Adam all hell is breaking loose down here!! There's some woman with black hair demanding to know where Nick is, but that's not the crazy part she's-"

Adam hung up the phone before his friend could finish the sentence. He jumped out of his king-sized bed and threw on some clothes. He looked back at the bed with the two women in it.

"Sorry ladies, but business calls." He leaned over and gave each pouty mouth a hot kiss, and then he gave each ass a hard smack. He smiled at them on his way out the door, but his face quickly contorted into anger. That bitch Leslie was back, but this time she wasn't going to get Nick. He dropped down into his classic GT 500 with a black and chrome finish. He revved up the engine and enjoyed the vibrations of the six cylinder engine along with the other illegal parts that lay under the hood. He drove his car onto the country road, turned up Nickelback, and sped off; a man on a mission.

Leslie stood in the middle of Adams' other shop considering he rarely worked at his automotive shop. She smiled demonically at the uprising she was causing. She had refused to leave the shop and she had thrown many of the tattoo books on the floor. She had harassed most of the customers causing them to leave. Her hand slowly fell to the bump in her belly. She had to calm down because she didn't want to hurt her baby. The red haired man named Max was trying to stop her from doing damage without trying to hurt her.

"Look if you don't stop this shit I'm calling the cops!" He yelled down at her.

She looked at him with innocent eyes. "Please I have the cops wrapped around my fingers. They couldn't touch me."

A new voice entered the room and ran cold shivers down her body. "Maybe we could kill her and hide the evidence." Leslie turned around and saw a man with ice blond hair and cold silver eyes. He smiled at her darkly and she began to fear for her life.

Max looked at the man. "Derrick that's impossible she's pregnant."

A familiar voice interjected into the conversation. "Yeah and that would take all the fun out of torturing her. How's the bitch today?" Adam looked at her coldly.

Leslie laughed out loud. Adam was Nicks' best friend and right hand man and since the divorce she'd been gunning for him. He'd been the one to bring evidence of her affairs against her. Because of him she'd lost her luxury life and stable environment. She looked at him with disdain in her eyes.

"Hey Adam nice seeing you. Have you fucked any other married women? Or was I the only one?" Adam laughed at her. He'd slept with her just to make sure his evidence was legit. It took everything in her not to attack him. Adam and Nick had teamed up against her to make sure she didn't touch a dime of Nicks' money. She saw Adams' eyes widen as he took in her appearance.

"Yeah I know motherhood agrees with me. I just came to find Nick, my wonderful man Nick." She spat his name into the room.

"He's not here Leslie so how about you get out and go back to hell." Adam glared at her with hatred.

"I can't I have to find Nick. Now!"

"Why the hell is it so important you find Nick? You weren't worried about him when you were married to the man."

Leslie looked at the faces of the three men before she dropped the bomb into the room. "Because Adam, I'm having his baby."

Nynia was pacing around Nicks' house waiting for him to get off of work. She had fixed him a traditional soul food dinner that she hoped he liked. He was a good ol' country boy at that. She smiled as she remembered the sex they had this morning. It was each one of them giving there body and soul to the other. Her pussy started to get wet from thinking about him. Before she could get lost in her thoughts a knock sounded on the door. Nynia walked to the front door puzzled at who it could be. She opened the door to reveal a woman who looked cold as ice. Her ice blue eyes and black hair framed a sharp face. The woman had to have some warmed in her considering she was pregnant.

Nynia looked at the woman. "Hello...is there something I can help you with?" The woman barged passed Nynia and walked into the living room like she owned it. Her sophisticated heels clicked on the floor and the room itself became chilly because of her presence.

"Hi Nynia I'm Leslie. Do you mind getting me a cold bottle of Evian water? I'm very thirsty." The voice that came out of the woman was haughty and arrogant.

Nynia looked the woman up and down before she responded. "I'm sorry but I'm Nicks' woman Nynia not the help."

"Oh too bad considering that's all you're good for in his book. Oh and by the way did little Nicky tell you about his wife because here I am. Just to let you know we've been laughing it up since he met you."

Nynia tried to fight the tears that entered her eyes, but they fell anyway. She should've known better than to fall for a man like Nick. It was Robert all over again. She'd fell in love with his charm and his "love" for her. She couldn't believe that she was just another toy in his life. He'd been married all along, but he felt he needed excitement.

Leslie interrupted Nynias' thoughts. "Oh no...don't tell me the little black girl thought she was good enough for Nick." She laughed into the room. "Please honey Nick isn't stupid. He knows that in order to get the inheritance from his father he has to marry within his race sweetie. Oh I know what you're going to say "but he took me to see his family" yeah it was to make it look real. You think he would actually ruin his reputation by marrying you. You were just another taste of candy he wanted."

Nynia looked at the woman coldly before she responded to her. "I don't believe you." Her whisper carried all the guilt and shame she felt.

Leslie came up to her. "Oh don't worry sweetheart I know Nicks' a good fuck, but it's time to let go. He just needed a little adventure before he settled down. His baby can't be raised in a life of scandal."

Nynia looked at the woman's round stomach and began to sob uncontrollably. She felt so humiliated that she'd let the same thing happen to her once again. She'd slept with him, thinking that he'd loved her, but she was just another walking pussy that he'd had to taste. Nynia got up to leave when Leslie stopped her.

"Oh don't worry sweetheart it was easier for you to find out this way. He would've left you by making you cheat on him. It wouldn't have been hard all he had to do was bring his friend. You would've slept with him and his friend would've told Nick. Then of course Nick would break up with you and he'd be free of another woman."

Nynia shook her head at the thought. Nick might've used her, but he wouldn't have been that low. Just then the front door came open and Nicks' voice drifted into the living room.

"Nynia I have someone for you to meet." A man the size of Nick came through the door. His black hair was thick and fell to the middle of his shoulders. He had green eyes and a muscular body. He had tattoos running all over his arms and they disappeared into his shirt. Nynia looked back at Leslie who had a "told you so" look on her face. She then turned back to Nick. She walked up to him and looked him in the face.

"You bastard." She whispered. "You bastard I loved you. Why didn't you..." She pummeled Nicks' chest with her fists. Sobs racked her body and she ran past Nick and his friend out the door and didn't look back.

Nick turned on Leslie his hands itched to curl around her neck. "You dirty bitch. I can't believe you. You're that filthy were you'll hurt someone? I pray that child doesn't have to deal with a mother like you." He spat at her then realized he'd lost the best thing in his life. He threw his head back and roared with rage.

"Let this be a lesson Nick. No one leaves Leslie Lewis and thinks to get away from me. My father would disown me if I didn't stay with you and I refuse to be poor." Nick looked at her with disgust.

"It's all about you isn't. You don't give a damn about anybody because you're a ruthless, cold-hearted bitch. Why don't you just kill me now?" Nick picked up the letter opener that was lying on the end table and he held it out to Leslie. "Kill me because I'd rather die than live with you."

Leslie tried not to let the words hurt her, but they did. She tried to stop the tears, but they continued to flow. She didn't want Nick to be happy with anyone, but her. She felt so stupid and shameful for allowing herself to think that.

"I'm sorry Nick...I'll make it right let me go-"

Nick cut her off midsentence. "No you've done enough damage. It's too late now, but you can take you and your child away from me."

Leslie walked out the door feeling numb. Nick wouldn't love her, hell he never did. She'd finally seen the error of her ways.

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