tagIncest/TabooSay Uncle

Say Uncle


Note from Slick: Has an older sibling ever held you down until you said "UNCLE"? Well the Jacobs family uses the "SAY UNCLE" game for their own pleasures. All rights reserved.


It was a typical hot steamy day on the mid-Atlantic coastline. The temperatures were in the mid-nineties and most everyone was inside their air conditioned homes, cars or stores. Young 18 year-old Tommy Jacobs had just returned from the beach to his family's beach house and had just put his surf board down when he saw his mother lying on a lounge chair soaking up the rays.

"You're going to get burned," Tommy said as he walked up and glanced at her very nice and tight body. She had just turned 45 years-old but most thought she was around 30. Her short blonde hair complimented her baby blue eyes and her smile could melt most men's hearts.

"I'm covered with the high numbers," she laughed. "Are you ready to lose a game of poker?"

"Sure, but let me shower first," Tommy answered. He knew he should not be looking at her nice round buttocks barely covered by a thin bikini strap but since he had broken up with his steady he was constantly horny. "Where is Amy?"

"She went with Heidi to the mall and probably won't be back for a few hours," Mary answered. She had divorced Tommy's dad six months ago and had not dated anyone yet. As Tommy moved into the shower she pulled on her long tee shirt and got them both a large glass of lemonade. She too had noticed how Tommy's body had developed the past few months. His arms and shoulders had become muscular and his abs was nice and taunt.

Tommy soaped the sweat from his body and spent more time on his hard penis. Having his 19 year old sister Amy and her college room mate staying at the house was causing him some serious erection problems. Neither girl cared about what little they wore around him nor that he knew they were having fun teasing him.

"Hurry up in there!" Mary yelled at the door. "I've got to go."

"Shit," Tommy said as he turned and rinsed off. He had forgotten to bring his clothes in and didn't want to put his damp and sandy trunks back on. He knew the shape of his cock could be easily seen under the tight large white towel but he didn't have a choice.

Mary stood by the door wishing they had another bathroom but after the divorce available money was too short to add on to the small beach home. When the door opened she started to move past him when she saw the huge shape on front of the towel. Both froze until Tommy turned sideways and hurried back to his room.

"God," Mary whispered after the door closed. Her son had definitely taken after her ex-husband. Her body was hot as she did her thing and then splashed some cold water on her face. She had to get laid soon because Tommy was looking too good.

When she exited the bathroom she moved into the kitchen and got out the cards and the jar of pennies they used. She counted out 50 each and waited until his blushing face walked into the kitchen. Neither made note of his previous excited condition as she shuffled the cards.

"Since I'm the champ I get to call the first game," she grinned. "5 card draw one-eyed jacks wild."

Tommy smiled when he picked up his three jacks because 2 of them were one-eyed. "You are so going down today." He put in five pennies.

"Never," she glared back. Games in the Jacob family were taken very seriously and so much that they normally became very vocal and heated. She put in her five pennies and tossed away two cards.

"How many you want........loser?" She taunted.

"Two," Tommy laughed. He picked up his two and was disappointed because they didn't help his three jacks. "Two cents."

"What's wrong?" She grinned. "I'll see your two and raise you five."

"Shit," Tommy thought. "She's got me beat." But he wouldn't give in. "I'll call."

Mary tried not to smile as she laid her three twos and two fives down. "Full house."

"You are so damn lucky," Tommy growled.

For the next hour they continued their bickering back and forth until Tommy was down to his last five pennies. "Five card face up five cents pot....nothing wild." He said as he tossed in his last coins. Mary did the same and he turned over the cards. Again it came down to the last card and she won with a King high.

"Looks like I'm still the champ," she giggled as she raked in the last coins. "Luckily you are not little any more because I used to tickle you until you said Uncle after I beat you." She smiled.

"Those days are over," Tommy said as he stood towering over her small petite body. He turned to walk into the den and almost made it to the large sofa when she tackled him from behind. He fell face down on the sofa and she jumped onto his back straddling his hips. Her fingers moved up under his arm pits and commenced to tickle him. "Say UNCLE!" She laughed.

"No way," Tommy laughed back. He knew he could easily turn and flip her off of him but her legs and stomach on his ass and thighs felt pretty good.

Mary laughed as her fingers moved all around his sides and then over his back. She too was feeling good about the contact and didn't think it was sexual until her fingers moved down to the waist band on his cotton shorts. "Say Uncle," she said before moving her fingers over the waist band and down to the top of his ass crack.

"No," Tommy gasped waiting for her to move lower. She did.

Mary's fingers actually stopped the tickling motion as they pressed down over his hard buns. She had always admired men's asses and her son had one to be proud of. "If you......want me.....to stop....say uncle," she whispered.

Tommy too realized she was not tickling anymore but was now squeezing and massaging. His cock was rock hard underneath and wanted relief. His eyes opened wide when her hands moved over his cheeks and down to the backs of his bare thighs. Neither made a sound except for their heavy breathing as her fingers caressed his hairy legs down to the backs of his knees and them back up to the bottom of his shorts. "Say uncle," she whispered as she paused.

"Never," he said softly. He really didn't think that she would do it but her fingers moved under the cotton shorts and slowly, very slowly, up to the base of his bare buttocks. He was not wearing underwear. Again he gasped when she moved her whole hands up over his naked ass until she cupped both cheeks. She suddenly realized she was molesting her own son and moved her fingers out but he said, "I never said uncle." Which meant he wanted her to continue.

"We've played this game long enough," she said as she pulled her trembling hands free but his body suddenly turned and she found herself now sitting on the front of his knees looking down at his enormous erection pushing out his shorts.

"Tommy we have to.....stop," she said trying to convince her body to move off but it was frozen.

"But I didn't say uncle," he grinned as he took both of her hands and pulled them to rest on top of his exposed navel. As she leaned forward her elbows pressed into his hard-on.

She closed her eyes thinking that it would be better that way as she slowly rubbed the tiny hairs around his belly button and then lower to the top of his shorts. It had been so long since she had touched a man and her body kicked into auto pilot as her fingers grabbed onto his shorts and pulled. She peeked out of her eyelids when the tip of his long hard pink prick appeared and then the rest of the eight inches as the shorts moved down to his balls. "Say Un.......cle," she whispered as both of her hands moved to his rigid rod. They tickled the hot flesh at first but then curled around it and squeezed it. Only a few second later Tommy groaned and his steaming spunk shot upward and then downward onto her hands and wrists.

"OH GOD WHAT DID I DO?" Mary cried out as she jumped off of him and ran into the bathroom.


Amy and Heidi spent most of the two hours just checking out guys in the mall. Both had boyfriends back at school but both had moved back to their parents houses in different states. "I thought you were going to ask that boy out," Heidi said after they left the food court. The boy she was referring to worked in the Pizza booth.

"He's living with his parents and since I am too we really don't have a place to go unless I get a motel room," Amy giggled.

"Is it always just sex with you?" Heidi asked. Since they had arrived at the beach all Amy had talked about was missing her boyfriend's cock.

"Yes," she smiled. They pulled her Volkswagen bug up to the front of the beach house. "Too bad Tommy is my brother."

"But he's not mine," Heidi giggled.

"Now who is thinking about sex?"

Heidi had noticed Tommy's body was better developed than her own boyfriend and last night she got to see him wearing just his cotton shorts as he walked from the bathroom.

"Anybody home?" Amy asked when she noticed the empty house. She saw the two bedroom doors closed. "ANYBODY HOME?" She yelled.

Tommy walked out of his bedroom. "Stop yelling."

"Where's mom?"

"Sleeping I think," Tommy said hoping she had not flipped out after what had just happened. But they all turned when her door opened and she walked out.

"Good...you didn't buy anything," Mary smiled not looking at Tommy.

"We're going out to the beach," Amy grinned at Tommy. "Do you want to go?"

Tommy knew it would be tough staying in the house with his mom. "Sure." Besides he wanted to see Heidi in a bathing suit.

As the girls moved into their bedroom Tommy turned to go to his when his mother grabbed his arm. "I'm going to make you say Uncle," she giggled.

"Never," he said back. Good she was not upset and was actually planning on more fun.

"God you can't wear that," Heidi said to Amy as she pulled the tiny red triangle patch up over her neatly trimmed heart-shaped blonde bush.

"Why not? The beach is probably not that crowded and it's only my brother."

"You like to tease him don't you?" Heidi smiled. She picked up both of the bathing suits she had brought and decided to choose the sexier one since Amy was letting it all hang out. She pulled the new white bikini over her full mounds and up over her thick dark pubic mound. She wished she had time to get a wax job but the trip came up the last minute. She pushed the few dark tendrils back under the crotch and followed Amy out the door.

"Jesus," Mary said when she saw her daughter's almost naked body. "Turn around."

Amy smiled and as she turned pulled the thin strap from between her pink buttocks. "Do you like it?"

"No," Mary said. "But you are 19 now and on your own. Don't call me if the police arrest you." She looked at Heidi. "I like your suit."

"Thank you Mrs. Jacobs."

"It's Ms. Jacobs," Mary said.


Tommy walked out wearing his baggy trunks and pretended to not notice his sister's hot bod. "Well are you coming or not?"


"So what do you think about Heidi?" Amy whispered into her brother's ear as they watched her jumping up and down in the waves.

"Nice," Tommy smiled. "But she's got a boyfriend right?"

"Not here she doesn't," Amy giggled. "So are you still a virgin?"

"Virgin?" He repeated. "Of course not." He lied.

Amy laughed. "Do you want her?"

Tommy sat up not believing what he was hearing. "Quit teasing me."

"I'm not teasing," Amy grinned. "She thinks you are hot and wants you to fuck her."

Tommy had never heard his sister or any girl talk this dirty before but he still figured his sister was busting his chops. "Sure send her to my room tonight." He laughed

"I've seen her in action and she gives a mean blowjob," Amy teased. She could see her bother now squirming around on his towel. Amy thought back when Heidi and her boyfriend had shared a tent with her and Mark. Sometime during the middle of the night Amy awoke and saw Heidi's mouth sucking off Tim's hard-on.

"Her boyfriend Tim is not very big. Are you big Tommy?"

"Jesus Amy. What's gotten into you?" Tommy blushed. The conversation was making him big....very big.

Tommy didn't have to answer because she could see the cobra lifting upward under his trunks. She smiled. "Ummm...she's going to like you."

"You're crazy...you know that?" He said as he stood up and ran to the water and dove in to cool off.

A few minutes later Heidi walked back. "The water is nice."

Amy giggled when she saw Heidi's bikini. "Do you know that you can see your nipples and bush through the wet material?"

Heidi glanced down. "Oh my God!" She grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her. A man and woman where lying near them.

Amy giggled. "I set you up with Tommy for tonight after we all go to bed."

"Amy.......tell me you are kidding," Heidi said looking upset. "He's your kid brother."

"Believe me he is not a kid. He's very well endowed."

"And how would you know that?" Heidi asked now showing some interest.

"As I told him about you coming to his room tonight to give him a blowjob he really liked the idea."

"You are such a tramp," Heidi said as she turned to look at Tommy's manly body. "He's really big?"

"Yes......really big."

Five minutes later after Tommy's hard-on had subsided he moved back to the girls and flopped down on his stomach. He closed his eyes and drifted off until he felt water on his back. He thought it was raining but when he turned over he saw his sister's wet body. His eyes roamed up to her bikini top that now clung to her small but round breasts and hard tips. Between her legs the material also clung to her pussy so tightly that he could see the outline of her pussy. "Turn over."

"Why?" Tommy asked.

"Because Heidi is coming out of the water and you don't want to miss it." Amy moved down to her towel.

Heidi's body was on fire as she moved out of the water. She had set it up with Amy to get her suit wet and to allow Tommy to see her charms. She walked slowly up to her towel and stood there.

"Damn," Tommy thought when he saw how transparent Heidi's suit had become. Even the pinkness of her breasts was visible as were the large areolas. Between her thighs the dark shadow of her bush could be easily seen. Again he got an instant hard-on.

Heidi smiled at him and did a slow turn to expose her pink round ass which was also covered by the sheer bottom.

Tommy quickly turned over to hide his rocket.

"What's wrong Tommy?" Amy whispered. "Are you hard again?"

Tommy stayed on his front until he cooled down enough to grab his towel and head back to the house. When he entered he saw his mother reading a book on the sofa.

"How was it?" Mary knew he must have had a hard time being around the two sexy girls.

"OK," he said before walking into his room and closing the door. He wondered if Amy was really kidding him or not.


"Did you see it?" Amy whispered to Heidi as they walked back to the house.

"Yes," Heidi answered. "But I'm not going to give him a blow job."

"We'll see," Amy thought.


An hour later the four of them ordered pizza and had a few beers. They watched a movie and all decided to call it a night around midnight.

Tommy had tried to get a feeling from Heidi if their date in his room was on but she didn't show any signs or gave him any hints. He figured it was a joke from his sister so he fell asleep.


"I told you I'm not doing it," Heidi said for the fifth time in about ten minutes. "If you mother found out I'll be sleeping on the beach. Besides I'm tired and am going to sleep."

Amy frowned and tried to go to sleep herself but kept thinking about her brother in the other room probably waiting for Heidi. There was no moon outside which made the house really dark. So dark that it gave her an idea.


Tommy figured he was dreaming when he felt his lower body getting cold. In this dream a woman's hand moved down over his tight abs to the top of his shorts. The hand moved under the elastic and downward until they found and grabbed onto his hard cock.

"Shit it's huge," Amy thought as she explored up and down his length. He had her boyfriend beat by at least three inches and had never thought she would find a man this big. Her hand moved back up to pull the shorts down under his balls until his hard cock was exposed. "I promised you," she thought as her lips lowered and kissed the spongy tip.

"Ohhh," Tommy moaned. This dream seemed so much more real than the hundreds of others he had just like it. Her lips opened and her tongue flicked and licked up and down his shaft until her mouth engulfed the tip. As her head lifted and lowered her fingers stroked him until his hot spunk shot up into her lips. Never had he dreamed about the girl swallowing his cum but tonight she did again and again until he was empty. It felt so good. So good that when she pulled his shorts back up she let go of them and they smacked against his soft cock. It was enough to wake him up completely as he watched the dark figure go out of his door.

"Shit..Heidi really did it," he smiled.


Actually Heidi was the first one up the next morning and had run about a mile before she ran back to the house. She wanted to get into the shower before the rest of them awoke and made it just as Tommy opened his door.

Tommy smiled when he saw the back of Heidi's body enter the bathroom and moved up to it to hear the shower come on. He peaked back at his mother's and sister's closed bedroom doors and slowly opened the bathroom door.

Heidi had removed her running shorts, panties and sports bra before entering the luke-warm water spray. Just talking about sex all day yesterday with Amy and seeing Tommy's hard-on had raised her sexual needs. Her eyes were closed as she imagined touching Tommy's hard prick and didn't see him undressing or moving up to the glass door.

"God she is beautiful," Tommy grinned as he looked at her pink body through the clear glass. Since she was facing into the spray she did not see nor hear the door open and his body move up behind her. But when his hand touched her hip she almost died.

"WHAT?....OH GOD....TOMMY WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Her hands tried to cover both her hairy mons and her breasts at the same time. Her eyes dropped to his hard cock. "Get out of here!"

But he only smiled. "I really enjoyed last night."

Heidi was getting dizzy being naked in front of this boy-man seeing his swollen monster. "Last night? Tommy nothing happened last night." She was talking softly so the others wouldn't know they were naked in the shower.

"Yeah right," he laughed as his hand moved to her wrist covering her breasts. "But I didn't get to see these before you left my room." He pulled her wrist and she resisted at first but then let her arm fall. "God you are so beautiful."

"Tommy listen," Heidi whispered. "It wasn't me last night." She moaned when his fingertips brushed across her rigid nipple. Her eyes closed as his fingers caressed over her left breast and then over to her right one. "Don't."

"And I didn't get to do this," he whispered as he moved his other hand to her hairy bush and pressed down into it until he found her swollen clitty.

"Don't...." she gasped.

"Tell me you don't like it," he smiled.

"No........I mean yes....I..like it but we can't get caught in here like this," she said as her hand moved down to curl around his shaft. "Please leave and I promise I'll.......I'll take care of this."


"Yes, I promise," she giggled as she let him go and lightly forced him out of the shower. She heard the door close a minute later and smiled. Amy had given her own brother a blow job.


Amy was awake and thinking about Tommy's endowed manhood when Heidi walked back into the room. She had her hand down under her panties but didn't remove them.

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