tagNonHumanScales Ch. 02

Scales Ch. 02


Saturday came and went with relative quickness. Sam had a few other clients that she saw that day, but they were just repeat customers that want nothing more than a massage, for which she was thankful. William had given her a thoroughly enjoyable start to her day, and she was excited to see what this new guy was like. She wondered if she would be able to get to sleep easily that night given her curiosity, but the fatigue from her day caught up to her once she hit her bed, and she was sound asleep in less than a minute.

Sam woke with the rising sun, which meant that it was peeking over the building next door, so it was about 10am when she stirred. She was slightly groggy, but otherwise well rested. Once she got up and began stretching and moving around, she felt more awake. She checked her phone to see how her schedule looked and saw 'NEW GUY! Noon' on her calendar. Her tail twitched excitedly, and she got herself cleaned up and presentable, which for Sam meant a tank top and leggings, before heading out early.

A short walk later and Sam was inside and getting things set up. She had freshly laundered towels, and a new scent to use in her wax burner that was reminiscent of the air after a heavy rainfall, which she turned on after dropping a small chunk of wax into the top. She pulled out a set of fresh sheets and got them all situated on the table, then grabbed what she called the log, the long round pillow she used to prop up the client's ankles while they were face down, and set it on the end opposite the hole for the client's face.

She had been relatively early, but that was because she had wanted to make sure everything was immaculate looking so as to not give a bad first impression. She was so caught up in her tidying up that she didn't notice the time, and so when she heard a knock at the door, she panicked slightly. A quick look around told her that it was nothing to be concerned about, as she kept the place almost spotless at all times anyways, but nerves have a funny way of making you think that even perfect isn't perfect.

Unless it comes to musclebound shark spliced. Sam opened the door, and she swore that there was a glowing light coming from the ceiling down around this hulking man, and that there was a chorus singing something you would describe as church music as he locked eyes with her. Sam just stood there in shock as this incredibly masculine specimen graced her doorway, and her suddenly thirsty eyes, with his presence.

"Uh, Sam, right?" he asked as she just stared at him wide-eyed. It took her a second to realize he was talking to her.

"Huh? Oh! Yes! Hi, I'm Sam! You must be Carter! Please, come in!" she very nervously and hurriedly spat out. He looked at her in a concerned way, but he didn't understand just how flustered she really was.

He was easily 6'6", and she could tell even under his loose shirt and jeans that every single inch of him was solid muscle. His forearms looked like they were hewed from granite, and she wanted oh so desperately to run her hands over every inch of him right that second. Jim may have been a tall glass of water, but Carter was an Olympic sized swimming pool, and Sam wanted a drink.

Sam just stared at him as he looked around, and then she realized that he was glancing over his shoulder at her, and she suddenly remembered that he was here for a massage.

"So uh, just, go inside the curtain there and strip down and lie on the table. Once you're done I'll come inside and we'll begin, ok?

Sam saw him swallow nervously and nod his head as he went moved the curtain aside and let it fall behind him. She could hear him undressing, and she was lost inside a girlish fantasy where she was imagining him doing it right in front of her, but she had to shake her head to get rid of those thoughts, or else she wouldn't be able to focus on her technique. Once she heard the table stop groaning from him climbing on top, she waited a few more seconds before heading inside herself.

He was lying on the table just like any other client, but the table looked dwarfed by his size. His feet were hanging over the edge, and this was the largest table available. She walked around him slowly, taking in his muscular back with her eyes as she went to grab him a towel to cover his midsection. Not everyone was comfortable with lying completely nude on the table with no towel, and especially not new clients.

She draped the towel over him, then got a quick pump of oil and laid her hands on his upper back. She had imagined that his body looked like chiseled rock, but she wasn't expecting it to feel like it as well. She paused for a brief moment, and then broke the silence with a question.

"Have you ever had a legitimate massage before?" she asked. He shook his head a little in response.

"No one's ever been able to do it properly because of my skin."

Sam ran her hands along his back and could feel the coarseness of it, and she was sure than anyone that didn't have either incredibly thick callouses or scaled hands like her would've likely cut themselves up a bit without anything to cover their hands.

"I can feel the stiffness in your muscles just from touching you. You feel like a boulder more than a man. I can fix that. Once I'm done, you'll feel like a brand new you."

Carter nodded slightly and Sam began to go to work. She normally would be wary about going so hard on a new client, but he needed this more than he realized. She had completely forgotten about earlier. She was in the zone, and she wanted to make sure that he left her feeling like a million bucks. She hadn't scheduled anyone else that day, so she had all the time she could want.

What normally would've only been a quick hour stretched out into almost two as she worked every knot and kink out of his back, neck, arms, and legs. Every time she released a bundle of pressure, he gave a sigh of utter relief, and that told her she was very swiftly earning him as a repeat customer. After finally finishing his back and extremities, she asked him to flip over. She held up the towel between him and her, giving him a sense of privacy so she couldn't see his manhood.

Clearly though, it didn't make much of a difference. There was a noticeable bulge that make Sam blush a little, but she did her best to ignore it and began to work on his head. She massaged his entire face, and made her way down to his chest while still sitting behind his head. She didn't think anything of the position until she felt a few stray brushes of her breasts against his head, and suddenly that noticeable bulge became a tent, complete with two prominent points on each side.

...two? Her eyes had to be tricking her. She blinked hard, but sure enough, there were two points holding up the towel. She finished up his chest and made her way down to his right leg, and she did something that normally she only did with the clients she knew she could trust to keep quiet about her giving extras: she removed his towel. She didn't know what she should actually expect once she had, but underneath his towel and pointing prominently to the ceiling, were two very stiff looking dicks.

They weren't like a normal human dick. They were smoother, and tapered off into a point as opposed to a rounded knob like a normal dick. They did, however, still have the length and girth of a regular man, and that impressed her. Sam's eyes were the size of dinner plates, and she played it off as carefully as she could by starting to massage his abdomen and waist area, being very careful to not actually touch him, but the temptation to play with him was becoming stronger by the second.

She moved past his throbbing fun parts and instead began to work on his left leg, and she figured that she could probably hold out if she focused on the massage, but once she got home she would need to get off as fast as possible. She was starting to get horny, and that was not good for her. Once she was in the mood, she had to get some release or she would go crazy. She finished his left leg and moved around to his right. She was in the home stretch now, and she could make it.

It was almost instinctive. He hadn't quite meant to do it, but he knew he wanted to. He wanted so bad to just squeeze her ass and finger her clit that he could almost feel it. There was a sharp intake of breath, and then he could've sworn he really did feel it. He squeezed a little, and his eyes suddenly shot open. He was feeling it, and when he glanced down he saw that he had reached out and grabbed Sam's left thigh.

She wasn't stopping what she was doing, and as he slightly moved his hand up, she shifted a little and spread her legs out a bit more. She wasn't expecting him to actually touch her, but she supposed he couldn't help it given how hard he still looked. She had almost made it without giving in to her lust, but the moment he had touched her, she went over the edge. She was going to give him anything she wanted now, and that was that.

She paused for a moment, stretching her neck from side to side, and then gently pulled his hand away. If he was disappointed, he didn't show it in the slightest. Especially when she then carefully pushed down and wiggled out of her leggings. Carter had been looking at her since he had started to touch her, and his eyes widened a bit when she shucked her leggings off. He then swallowed hard when she sat on the edge of the table and pulled his hand back between her legs, guiding his hand to her now moist pussy.

As he carefully ran a finger along her skin, she reached over with her right hand and began to stroke one of his dicks. She was moving slowly, but it felt amazing. He was sure she would let him do just about anything at this point, and he was right. So when he slipped a finger into her pussy, her gasp of relief was all the confirmation he needed. He was going to make sure she enjoyed this as much as he did.

Sam was loving the feeling of his finger inside her. Her skin was certainly thicker than most, so she was able to enjoy his rough skin grazing her inner folds to the utmost. It was like having a studded dildo, only it was so much better. She stroked him absentmindedly, being gentle and not wanting to get him off before she had gotten her fill of this amazing sensation.

As Sam started to get into it, she slid a little farther up the table, still stroking Carter, but giving him better access to her pussy. He seized the opportunity and slid another finger up inside her, making her gasp sharply before moaning in content. He was now moving around a lot, and Sam was starting to pant and moan as he was giving her an experience she couldn't properly describe.

He kept moving faster, sliding his fingers in deep as his thumb rubbed against her clit on the outside, and after a few moments she stopped stroking him and leaned back onto the table, her head on his chest as he furiously finger fucked her. Her moaning got faster and somewhat louder, and then without warning she snapped her legs shut and into a sitting position, her back arching, and her mouth in an 'O' shape.

Sam had hit the jackpot. She was seeing stars, and her vision was flashing so many different colors. She couldn't move for the intense pleasure that was running through her entire body, and she was thankful that Carter had stopped moving his fingers. If he so much as twitched, she was sure she'd scream out her desire. He didn't though, and all that was heard was a heaving panting as Sam came down from a very powerful orgasm.

After a few minutes, she unclenched her legs and Carter very carefully removed his fingers. As he did, Sam noticed that he had gone a little limp, but she wanted to return the favor, and knew just how to get him right back up. She took his hand and turned it palm up with his two wet fingers in the air, and looked him dead in the eyes.

"Did you know snakes can eat things that are bigger than them?" she asked, and then she took both of his fingers into her mouth, wrapping her tongue around them and sucking them dry of her juices.

When she let his fingers go with an audible pop from her mouth, she saw that he was now once again proudly pointing back at the ceiling with both of his dicks. She smiled and walked over to her small table, pulled a condom out of the drawer, quickly climbed onto his legs like she had with William, and slipped it over his right dick.

"Let's see which side cums first."

Carter didn't get a chance to respond, because Sam then downed his entire left dick right to the balls, and was sucking on him with all the skill she had. At the same time, her right hand was stroking his right dick in opposite rhythm to her blowjob. He felt like he was a cow, and she was a farmer trying to milk him for all he had, and it didn't take long before he couldn't hold back any longer.

His left hand reached out and got a fistful of Sam's hair, and he held on tight as he bucked his hips and came hard. Both dicks were firing off, one into a condom, and the other into Sam's throat. He was grunting hard as copious amounts of cum shot from both, and Sam wondered just how long it had been since he had last gotten off. He was still grunting when she sat up, and he glanced down just in time to see her swallow his load.

It was the hottest thing he'd ever seen, and she was the most gorgeous woman he'd ever encountered. He had come for nothing more than a massage, and instead ended up fingering his masseuse to orgasm, which she then followed up with an intense happy ending for him. He only had one thought on his mind at this point:

"So" he said with a pant. "Same time next week?"

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