tagNonHumanScales Ch. 04

Scales Ch. 04


My apologies for the long delay between my uploads. It's been a very hectic year for me and I haven't had a lot of free time to write. I'm hoping to be more active for the time being, so I hope you enjoy this in the meantime.


Sam was still panting heavy from the intense orgasm she had had only moments before, and she hardly had the energy to fight back as Carter slowly pushed her back onto the massage table. She was ready for anything, and she was sure that he could probably go for at least another two rounds with his stamina. She was just lying there staring at the ceiling when she heard him move around the table, so she turned to see what he was doing.

She saw him grab a bottle from her small table, and realized that he had grabbed her lube. She wasn't exactly dry after everything, so she wondered why he needed it. As Carter walked back around to where he left her waiting, he rotated her slightly so that she was lying on her right side. Sam was still wondering why he needed the lube as he poured some on his thumb, but then learned exactly what he needed it for when she felt his thumb press against her ass.

She had done anal before, but the toys had been relatively small, so she wasn't exactly accustomed to a large object being all up in her business. She barely had time to even get a word out when his thumb slid in up to his palm. He had put an ample amount of lube on so she had no issue with the entry, but the sudden stretching had sent a shock up her spine and made her jerk and arch her back.

"Oh, so you like a little anal?" Carter asked as he wiggled his digit inside her.

"On occasion" Sam managed to gasp out. "I've just never done it with another person. Mostly just with small toys."

"Would you be willing to let me take your anal virginity then?"

"Oh fuck yes! Just be gentle."

Sam felt him pull out his finger and it felt wonderful as he did. She heard him squeeze out more lube and guessed that he was applying it to his dicks. There was a sudden realization that shot through Sam's mind at this thought. He was about to take her anally, and she was ok with that, but was he going to use one dick, or both?

Sam was suddenly in fear for her poor asshole as she wondered if he would try and put both members inside her virgin ass, when she felt him pressing one tip against her ass. She them felt a sense of relief as she felt the other tip press against her pussy, and then a sense of shock when she realized what he was about to actually do. She barely had time to prepare herself as Carter pushed both dicks forward: one in her pussy and the other in her ass.

Her pussy was fine, but the stretching of her ass was another thing entirely. Sam had never been stretched out like this, and she could feel the dicks pressing against each other through her inner wall. It was a strange feeling to be sure, and she wondered why she had never let the girls try this on her before. As she was lost in her thoughts, Carter started to move.

He started off slow, making sure to drizzle more lube on as he went to keep Sam from getting uncomfortable, while also allowing himself to start going slightly faster each time. Before long he didn't need to add any more lube, and had a steady pace going. Sam was panting again, hanging on to the table with her right hand and holding onto Carter with her left as he held her for balance while thrusting. Both of them loved it, and Sam was once again reaching orgasm as Carter kept his pace to maximize her experience, but Sam wasn't having it.

"Come on stud, I want you to fuck me like you mean it! Fuck my pussy and pound my ass until you blow your hot load!"

Carter only smiled at her, and then started to grip slightly tighter as he picked up speed. Sam thought she could handle it, but she realized her mistake very quickly. As Carter went faster and faster, she once again reached orgasm, but this time he kept going, and so did her orgasm. Sam had to grab the small pillow she had for when clients flipped onto their backs and hold it over her mouth as she screamed out from the intensity of her continual orgasm.

For a good five minutes, Carter pounded away at her with no sign of stopping, when he finally hit his breaking point. With a loud grunt and a tight grip on Sam's left thigh and tail, Carter finally came again. This time though, he didn't thrust with each spurt, instead pushing himself in as far as possible and holding himself there.

After four loud grunts with each burst of fresh cum, Carter slowly pulled out his dicks, the condoms coming out last, each seemingly filled to capacity with his cum. He carefully pulled each one off and tied it shut, tossing them both into the wastebasket by the table and taking a seat next to an almost comatose Sam. She was drooling slightly, and would spasm on occasion while making squeaks and tiny moans.

Carter looked down at his crotch, and noticed that despite two very strong orgasms of his own, he was still slightly erect, and cold probably still go again. He closed his eyes and sighed, and then recoiled as he felt himself being flung onto his back. He didn't even have time to react before Sam had clamped herself to his face, and was very wholeheartedly kissing him, tongue and all.

She was dragging him back onto the table lengthwise, back into the position he had started in when he arrived, and he figured she was just wrapping things up to thank him for the amazing sex. He was mostly right, at least up until the point where Sam then flipped around and took both of his once again stiff dicks into her mouth. It was just the tips at first, her tongue flicking over them both and removing the excess cum, but then his head fell back and his eyes rolled up into his head as she took both shafts all the way down to the base.

The last time she had given him head, it had only been one dick. This time she was going all out, and he didn't know if he could handle the feeling. He was stiff, but he had already blown two large loads for Sam, and he wondered if he even had a third one left in his balls to give. Whether he did or not, Sam seemed determined to find out for herself as she continuously bobbed on his dicks, never once stopping or coming up for air.

It felt like an eternity of pleasure as Sam performed the most amazing blowjob Carter had ever had, and he wasn't sure how long he would last before giving up the ghost, when he suddenly felt a pressure building up yet again in his nether region. He was going to cum again, and it was going to be a big one. He wanted to tell Sam, but she was still at it, and seemed to be going even faster and sucking even harder than she had a second ago.

Carter barely had a moment to wonder at this when he felt the gates break open and the cum start to drive its way up and out. His only response was to reach around Sam's body and grab her head tight, holding her still as he came down her throat with all the force he thought he had expended earlier. Carter grunted hard from his gut, and his dick throbbed hard as he came again and again into this sexy spliced goddess's throat.

After finally emptying his balls for what felt like the last time he would ever need to in his remaining years, Carter could only breathe heavily as his whole body was exhausted from the ordeal. He wasn't sore, but he definitely wouldn't be able to walk for a bit with the way his legs felt. He almost felt as though he had reached nirvana when he felt a sudden shock run up his spine. Sam was sucking on him hard as she pulled herself up and off his dicks, creating a vacuum effect with her mouth and throat.

Carter spasmed again, but nothing came out this time. As his dry orgasm faded away, he lifted his head just enough to see Sam toss her head back and swallow loudly. She followed it up with a smack of her lips and a satisfying sounding 'ah'.

"That", she said as she turned and looked seductively over her shoulder at Carter, "was a LOT of cum. Were you holding out on me to try and last longer?"

Carter could barely shake his head in response, and he chuckled weakly as he did.

"You know, I have a bit more free time in the evenings. Less time constraints for longer and more...interesting sessions."

Carter glanced back down at Sam, who was twirling a loose bit of her striking red hair with a finger while smiling at him.

"In case you're interested."

Carter chuckled a bit more, coughing slightly because of the soreness starting to creep up on him.

"But Miss, I thought this wasn't one of those kinds of massage parlors?"

"Oh it's not, which is why you'll be getting these special sessions in the privacy of my home."

Carter paused in thought for a moment. Had he heard that right?

He heard her hop off the table and walk around to her small table. There was a small noise that he recognized as her pumping oils, and then the sound of her rubbing her hands together.

"Now then, let me give you an actual massage so that you aren't nursing some sore muscles later on. I also recommend a nice hot bath tonight before bed to help loosen you up a bit more. That lactic acid buildup from all those squats and dead lifts can be murder on you the next morning."

"Has that rabbit spliced been keeping tabs on me for you?" Carter asked in confusion.

"Liz? No, she isn't keeping tabs for me. She just happens to know how I get around hot guys, and likes to keep me hot and bothered. She's such a tease."

"Does she know about the things we've been doing?" Carter asks with a worried look on his face. She knew how the truth might make him feel, but it was better to be honest now and see how things go from there.

"First off, yes, she knows."

Carter swallowed hard and looked incredibly nervous at this.

"Second, she is one of my best friends in the whole world, and she wouldn't dare tell a soul about what I do behind closed doors, especially when it involves my job. If she did, I'd eat her."

Sam looked Carter dead in the face and flicked her tongue out just like a normal snake would.

"It'ssssss just naturesssss way of life after all."

Carter bit his lip hard, trying not to laugh at the wide-eyed deadpan look she was giving him after having stereotyped herself like some old 20th century snake person in a movie. Sam saw this and smiled herself before giggling as she gave Carter's legs a thorough and proper massage.

"Seriously though, she won't tell anyone. Plus, she hooks up with her boyfriend in the locker rooms later at night when no one's around on occasion. You've probably seen him at the gym before too, since that's where they met."

"I've seen them talking at the desk on occasion. He seems nice."

"He's a peach. Real down to earth guy."

"She ever tell you what he's like in bed then? It sounds like you're both pretty open about your bedroom antics."

"She doesn't need to. Not too long ago we had an orgy at her place and he fucked me damn near unconscious. It was great, but I couldn't do anything fun for about a week."

Carter's only response was a slow blink, but his eyes were wide open in surprise. Sam looked up at him and giggled again.

"Like you said, we're open about our bedroom antics, only it's less of talking details and more of our beds are open to share with each other and friends."

"So you've slept with your friend and her boyfriend?"

"Separately and together, yes."

"So then Carter..." Sam says cryptically as her hands drift back up to his junk.

"You ever wanted to fuck a bunny spliced?"

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