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Scare Tactics


"It will happen when you least expect it. Just know it will happen." He told her.

She had no idea what he would have planned, but it didn't matter. The tone of his voice, and the excitement of the unexpected had her wanting and willing to try. After all she is the one who suggested it.

Was she getting herself in too deep telling him not to hold back on the fear factor? Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows, she may end up loving it.

He was one who disappeared at times when he needed time for reflection. Knowing his past, she understood during these episodes, and let him be.

Waitressing at a local diner was her muse until he came from his shell again.

A week passes, and as she closes up the restaurant, an uneasy feeling takes residence in her gut. Although to her surprise, she knows she can feel his presence. He may not be close but she feels her stomach flip happily yet frantically when he even thinks of her.

She finally locks the doors at the front of the diner and takes the trash to the bin out back. She falls into her beat up junkie of a car, and starts the engine. Her legs and feet ache from being on them for a double today.

She turns the key twice only to hear the click of a dead battery.

"Dammit." She whispers.

She will be walking home.

Stupid car.

If she could afford a new one she would invest, but times are tough these days. She checks the compartments of the vehicle, making sure she has all she needs and proceeds to exit and lock the car.

She descends down the street, earbuds filling her ears with music, not paying attention to her surroundings.

A song ends and before another can begin the rumbling of an engine catches her attention.

Turning, her stomach feels sick instantly, and she rips the headphones from her ears. She turns quickly trying to find the imposing threat.

But as she scans the residential street, there are no vehicles running, no vehicles mobile at all.

"Keep your head straight, girl." She whispers to herself.

Shaking it off, she puts one bud back in place, and the other finds its home between her breasts. Keeping a keen ear to the street, she focuses on making it home safe.

Was she wishing it was him? Is that why her stomach was flipping? What if this isn't him? What was she thinking?

She begins to get scared as her mind races, creating the worst case scenario in her head.

She prays its him as she finally turns a corner.

Three blocks pass and she has not heard the engine at all. She is feeling confident because she is close to her apartment complex now. She picks up her speed, puts some pep in her step, and jams the second bud back in place.

Coming to a stop sign, she looks both ways. Not seeing any approaching cars, she continues without stopping.

A dark van pulls in front of her. The side door flies open. A man in a ski mask faces her. She turns tries to run, but arms come around her mouth and stomach silencing her screams and picking her from the ground. She was caught and there was no escaping.

Her captor pulls her back into the van calmly as she kicks their legs and screams into their hand. She tries to pry his arm off her stomach, but his strength is no match for her and the attempts are no avail. He squeezes relentlessly around her jaw, sending pain throughout her skull.

"She's a screamer I like that!" He laughs as he looks to the person in the driver seat.

They have a mask on as well, so she can't distinguish who they are. She blinks, releasing tears from her eyes, as she tries one last time to escape his grip. She writhes frantically, but it is no use. She knows, from their fluidity, they had taken before. She has no chance of getting away. As soon as they are in the van, he takes his hand from her mouth, keeping his hold on her torso. She tried to scream but he slides the door shut and she was locked inside.

"Hold her!" He snaps.

The person behind the steering wheel stands and comes to them. Grabbing her wrists tightly she realizes it was a woman's hands. She closed her eyes and starts crying harder.

"Please! Please! Please! Let me go. I won't say anything, just let me go." She cries.

"She begs too. I like this one!" They woman says. "She might be a keeper. Let's bring her home; I will play with her for a while before we get rid of her."

"No, please no!" She cries. Before she can continue begging for her life, she gasped in horror as she feels a sharp stab on the side of her neck.

"Tie her ankles first." The captor says after a few seconds. "Then we can tie her wrists."

She tries to move but the man had his legs over hers holding her in place. She whimpers as her limbs are finally restrained. Her sobs die down as her body begins falling into a deep dark prison. Soon black surrounded her, and she is unconscious, and at her captors mercy.

She awakes to find her body hanging by her wrists, and her legs spread wide below her.

She tries to close the gap between them to find she is secured to the floor and unable to move.

She looks above her to find her wrists bound in handcuffs and connected to a chain so her body stays erect.

The door opens and she hears laughter, a woman's cackling.

She tries to pull on her restraints, her mind races again, what if this isn't his handiwork?

The woman now, in front of her, pulls a switchblade from her breasts, and flicks it open.

Cutting her clothing off piece by piece until she is hanging erect and naked.

Strong hands come behind her, pulling and jutting her ass out and to his massive hard length.

Her heart feels moments from a massive coronary thrombosis.

"Are you scared yet, you filthy cunt?" His voice rasps behind her.

She can't tell if her heart stops or if the overwhelming feeling of relief has done the job for her.

Just his voice alone has her juices flowing through her folds.

Her body relaxes instantly as his shaft enters her, filling her.

His hand tangles into her hair as he pulls her head to his shoulder.

"I asked you a question."

"Yes, Sir." She says. There is no containing her smile as the words make their way past her lips.

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