tagGroup SexScarlet Queen Ch. 02-03

Scarlet Queen Ch. 02-03


Chapter Two

Ellie quietly walked into the 133rd precinct of NYPD at about nine o'clock at night. Quietly, she waited in the queue for the desk sergeant. She kept her head down, but watched the antics of some of the newly arrested with amusement. Ellie saw a man, dressed as Superman, drunkenly trying to prove himself to be Clark Kent. At the same time, another drunk man having a conversation with the wall.

"Next, please," the harassed desk sergeant called and Ellie realized that it was her turn.

"I'd like to speak with Detective Winston, please," Ellie asked as she walked up to the desk.

The man eyed her for a moment, "Do you now, what's it regarding?"

Ellie inwardly hated using her 'voice', a special power that commanded others to do her bidding, but this really wasn't the place to talk, no telling who was listening or waiting for her.

So she used the 'voice' and repeated, "I'd like to speak with Detective Winston, please."

The man looked at her for a brief moment as the 'voice' took effect, then dialled Detective Winston's extension number.

"Hi, there's someone here to see you, a miss..."

"Ellie," she said giving only her first name.

"...Ellie. Send her up? Okay. Right, detective will see you, third floor, take the elevator."

Ellie thanked the desk sergeant, and walked quickly towards the elevator. She hated elevators, they felt like death traps, but she took this one so not to appear suspicious. There were many people waiting for the elevator, but Ellie made sure she got on first, and pushed the button for the third floor. She chose a spot on the side, so she could slip out with ease.

Holding a breath, she waited for the doors to close and the elevator to start to ascend. Finally, when the doors had closed and the elevator reached the third floor quicker than expected, Ellie happily exited it.

The third floor was hectic, there were people everywhere. Ellie hated knowing that she would draw attention for being an unfamiliar face on the floor, but she tried to act as if she belonged there. Luckily, people started going back to their cases and stopped looking at her as she started to relax.

Finally, she came upon Detective Winston's office. He was one of the lucky few who had an actual office not located in the bull pen. She saw that he was on the phone, and she quietly shut the door before taking a seat across from him.

He noticed Ellie for the first time, and quickly ended the conversation.

"Detective Ellie Prescott, long time, no see, how are you?"

"Fair to middling, I suppose. Though I've asked you many times to call me Ellie, just Ellie," she responded with a small half laugh.

Detective Winston was her liaison with the NYPD, and though he didn't know her full identity, he was the honest sort who kept any of her involvement on a need to know basis, just as she liked it.

"I heard you're the lead detective on the Rain de Guerre case. I've been hired to work the same case and wondered if you could bring me up to speed on any lab findings?" Ellie asked after a moment.

Detective Winston scratched his head, "Nothing's came back from the lab yet, just the preliminary report that I'm sure you received. There are no leads right now, I hope you'll be able to turn some up soon."

"Rest assured, I'm definitely going to hit the ground running. Where's the vehicle being kept?" Ellie asked.

"In evidence, I can get you access to it in a few days. Sorry, got to clear the ATF red tape first."

Ellie nodded, "I can accept that, how about the crime scene?"

"I knew you'd want to see that right away. Here, I got you a special pass to get access to it. Don't lose the pass; you'll need it in the morning to get into evidence."

Ellie nodded again.

"Oh! Before I forget, the record company sent you this pass too, so you can work where you need to, or visit who you need to within the company. If you need to speak with Rain, call the number on the back of the card. It's for his head of security."

"I rather think I'll be okay without talking to him," Ellie said a tad icily.

The detective raised his eyebrows at that remark.

Ellie decided to amend what she said by adding, "It's best for everyone that we keep my involvement to a minimum until we know with what we're dealing with. If I need any further information from him, I'll send you a message with the questions to ask him."

"Fair enough, thanks Ellie, I'll be seeing you in the morning, I know you like to see everything early, but I've got a few meetings tomorrow early, so how about we meet at 9 AM?"

Ellie nodded her head in agreement and got up to leave. She wanted to be done with this case before anyone found out she was here.

* * *

Rain sat down beside Silver, who had just completely finished hacking the Enigma system. Silver was not only a strong fighter, but he was extremely techno-savvy, having started out as one of the original hackers. He had made quick work of the firewalls, but finding the information about the mysterious detective was harder than they had thought it would be.

Apparently, every file about the mysterious detective was encrypted, then re-encrypted, and then hidden on a ghost drive. It was obvious that Enigma hadn't done that, because the IP addresses didn't match up. That meant someone from outside the firm had encrypted the information. When they checked the IP addresses, it appeared to come from the Ellington Conglomerate, a powerful group of companies.

The Ellington name vaguely rang a bell with Rain, but he couldn't place it. Besides, he was more interested in finding out if it was her or not. He watched the screen intently as the final encryption broke and a file appeared.

Silver turned to Rain and muttered, "About damn time, this thing has been a hassle."

"Open it man, I need to know who she is," Rain said impatiently.

Silver shook his head with silent exasperation. As his long white gold hair swayed, Rain was momentarily distracted; it was hard not to be, Silver was a very gorgeous man. He was paler than Rain, almost as pale as moonlight, with vibrant grey eyes that could only be described as liquid silver, hence his name. No one knew his real name, or where he came from, but Rain had a feeling his origins were Norwegian or Swedish, because he had heard the man cuss in those languages before.

Suddenly a picture of her loaded up on the screen, and Rain gasped. There was no denying it, it was all in front of them, the detective was Ellie Prescott.

"Print the picture and the info, Silver, so I've got something to show to Dante."

"Show what to me?" Dante asked from behind Rain.

Rain looked back and saw him standing in the doorway.

Beckoning Dante to him, he said, "Dante, quick, have a look, it's her, it's really Ellie."

Dante didn't say anything, he quickly strode across the room and looked at the photo of Ellie. The photo was date stamped, stating that it had been taken three months ago.

He leaned down and hugged Rain, "So, we finally have her within reach. Good. I got a call from Detective Winston stating that the detective from Enigma had just arrived and spoken with him. She's on her way to look at the crime scene."

"Let's go then," Rain said, jumping up excitedly.

"Remember the plan, Rain, otherwise she'll run and we won't get a second crack at it."

Rain nodded in agreement, though he had a wicked gleam in his eyes as if he was anticipating what was to come.

* * *

Ellie stood on the rooftop overlooking the building where the scene of the crime lay. She had a set of binoculars around her neck, but she didn't need them; she could see the street and building quite clearly. She could see a uniform policeman still stationed in front of the building, though Ellie was looking for something or someone out of the ordinary. It might seem strange to look at a crime scene two nights after the crime had occurred, but from Ellie's experience that was generally when the criminal came back to view his handiwork.

After all, the first night would be a hot bed of police activity, every person who lingered around the scene would be scrutinized as a suspect, and no criminal worth their salt ever wants to be a suspect right away.

Ellie lifted her camera to her right eye and started to zoom in and take pictures of the street below to look over more thoroughly later. She continued taking pictures for fifteen minutes before she became alert to the presence of someone else there. Ellie spun around ready to dart out of sight but it was too late, Rain and Dante were already there.

"How the hell did you know I was here?" she demanded, trying to buy time to think of an escape plan on the fly.

"Really Ellie, you're a born Dhampir, your blood is different, we can smell it. It's quite a powerful lure. So did you miss us, Ellie ma cherie?" Rain asked.

"No, can't say that I did," Ellie muttered as she decided to feign left before shooting past them on the right.

Unfortunately, Dante was the first to act, recognizing her plan and moving in a blurred motion, catching her in his arms. He held onto her tightly, effectively immobilizing her.

"Let me go," Ellie demanded.

"Nope, it's high time we talked, Eleanor," Dante returned.

"There's nothing to talk about!"

Just as she said that, Dante reacted swiftly. He tightened his hold as he misted them off the roof top. When they rematerialized, they were on the balcony of an unfamiliar apartment. Ellie fought to free herself, as she panicked.

"Calm down, Ellie, no one's going to hurt you!" Dante called.

"Let me go, let me go!"

Dante spun Ellie around and tilted her head up. Without warning he swooped down and kissed her. Ellie went completely stock still as shock replaced her panic. Only Rain had kissed her before, and that had been limited to one encounter which had sent her fleeing from a soiree as if the hounds of hell had been after her.

Dante trailed his tongue around the edges of Ellie's lips until she gasped in shock. Using her surprise to his advantage, Dante plunged his tongue into her mouth, though he was mindful of being too forceful. After all, he hadn't wanted to dominate or overpower Ellie; he wanted it to be sweet and sultry, a taste of what life could be like for Ellie.

Surprisingly, Ellie clung to him as she tentatively kissed him back, though she was completely unsure of what to do. Dante taught Ellie as he suckled her tongue before returning to duel with it. They were both lost in the kiss until someone cleared their throat. Breaking apart they both looked over at Rain.

"Pas Juste, I want a turn, though I realize it must wait until later. We really do need to talk and don't you dare think of trying to escape, Ellie. We will continue to hunt you down I promise it for this has been long overdue."

"No, I mean what I said; there's nothing to talk about," Ellie returned.

Rain scowled at Ellie, "Two hundred years ago you nearly got me killed. If nothing else, I demand that you hear us out. You owe both of us that much."

Ellie rubbed her face before she sighed, "Fine, I will hear you out."

Dante cautiously let Ellie go as Rain turned and opened the balcony door. Ellie moved past him then suddenly ducked behind him. Dante was momentarily perplexed until he realized what had caused Ellie to do that. Ellie had seen Silver and, instinctively, she had ducked in between Rain and Dante for shelter as she cowered.

Rain looked over his shoulder briefly before looking up and seeing the knowing look in Dante's eye. After all, both knew that Ellie wouldn't have sought refuge between them if she was truly scared. No, instinctively, she trusted them though her deep rooted fear probably kept her from believing it.

"Hi Silver, we'd like you to meet Ellie. Say hello, Ellie," Rain stated.

Ellie rested her head against his back as she slowly shook her head no.

"Ellie, I told you that you are safe, Silver is a long time friend and is currently protecting Rain from the maniac who tried to kill him. Go on, say hello," Dante encouraged.

Ellie looked up at him with large doe-like, wine-coloured eyes and shook her head wordlessly again; though this time she added a silent plea asking him not to push it. Rain and Dante knew not to push her that hard as both looked to Silver apologetically.

"Sorry Silver, um..." Rain started.

"It's alright, I'm not offended. Right, I'll give you some privacy. Call me if you need anything."

"Thanks Silver," Dante said as he watched the other man disappear.

"That was rude, Eleanor," Rain scolded without looking back at her as he sat down on the couch.

"It wasn't intentional, I don't like strangers," Ellie said in her own defense.

"Oh, I am well aware of that, your paranoid nature is beyond enough," Rain retorted.

"Well, excuse me for living, if I offend you so much then why don't you just leave me be."

Rain shook his head, "It doesn't offend me, it exasperates me. I can't help but think of everything we've lost out on because of your paranoid nature. We could have all been happy!"

"We wouldn't have been, I am not the right woman for you at all. Whatever animalistic nature we were struck with has long since faded..." Ellie started.

"...Has it Ellie? That's news to me, because it didn't seem like it when we kissed a moment ago. You wanted me, you still want me and better yet, you still want Rain. No matter how much your paranoia says that you don't, your body says it does, we can smell your lust," Dante said quietly from behind her.

"So what, my mind rules me, not by body," Ellie retorted.

Rain snorted, "I don't doubt that, but come now, ma cherie, everyone has a moment of weakness and I wonder what keeps you warm in that cold lonely bed at night? Is it the thought of us, like we think of you, do you scream our name as your hand seeks self-relief?"

Ellie coloured, "I don't have to answer that."

"No you don't, but your expression tells me that I am spot on."

"I don't do that, you, you crass bully," Ellie sputtered.

"You don't self pleasure? Seriously, Ellie, no wonder you're paranoid, you know it was one of the treatments of hysteria."

"I am not hysterical!"

"You're near enough to it now," Dante commented.

"Urgh... you said you wanted to seriously talk and you two haven't done that at all."

"Oh we have been seriously talking but judging by your mutinous expression it is not the type of conversation you want to have. Whatever. Anyway, it is time Ellie that you pay the piper."

"'Pay the piper'? What on Earth do you mean?"

Rain summoned a piece of paper from the air, "Do you know what this is, Ellie?"

Ellie lied as she shook her head faintly, though her mouth went dry. It couldn't be, surely Craven or someone else must have burned it.

"Oh, I think you do - judging by the look of horror on your face. Yes, Ellie this is our betrothal contract, which as you know in the Vampyr world is serious business. Trying to break one of these can cause serious repercussions. Ours has been a little modified, because in the vampire world, as it happens, two do not mate but three. Therefore, this bonds Dante, myself and you together in near wedded bliss, ma petite," Rain drawled.

"No, no, it can't be. Surely Craven burnt it or got rid of it," Ellie murmured.

Though she knew the truth of it, despite being unofficial, Craven was still considered one of the leaders of the vampires. When Rain had been first turned into a vampire she had gone to Craven to seek a solution to turn him back human and to stop her aunt from going further off the deep end by trying to kill Rain. Craven had sworn that he'd only help her this time if she swore to become betrothed to whomever he chose. Evidently, he hadn't been able to save Rain or her aunt, but, regardless of the failure, she had still signed the papers in her own blood first. By doing so, she was bound to whoever else signed the papers. There was no way out of it, all Rain and Dante had to do was declare themselves and her fate was sealed.

Ellie felt herself tumble to the ground as darkness encroached her vision. In a blink of an eye, Dante caught her and laid her down on the couch that he had been sitting on. Ellie started to take low shallow breaths.

"Just breath Ellie, just breath, everything will be alright," Dante said as he knelt down beside her.

"No, it won't," she choked out.

"It will, but we'll talk about that in a moment, now calm down love," Dante said soothingly as he brushed her hair softly.

Ellie still felt panic but Dante's tenderness was starting to have the desired effect as she started to calm down.

Soon, Rain joined in, as he rubbed her back and said things in French that she didn't quite hear over the pounding of her heart. Once that ebbed away and the stars disappeared from her vision, Ellie slowly sat up.

"Burn it, just get rid of it completely and we can all continue on as before," she said quietly.

Rain looked at her for a long moment with a dark look before he said quite clearly, "Like hell, Ellie. For I, Rainier Alexandre Montgomery de Fortenot, declare my intentions to enter into a betrothal with you, Eleanor Aquitaina Reina Prescott and you, Dante Cyril William Caldwell."

"No," Ellie said in denial, wishing he would take back the words.

"I won't take them back Ellie, my part is done. Dante..." Rain said looking at him.

Ellie looked at him wide eyed, hoping he wouldn't utter the words. Dante bit his lip as if he wished that things were different, but he, too, declared himself.

"Oh, God," Ellie mumbled as she drew herself in and made herself as small as possible.

"You signed that of your own free will Ellie, don't say for one moment that you did it to protect me. That was evident when you left me alone with your aunt, who locked me in a cage and tried to kill me, instead of taking me to Craven directly. Don't play the martyr now, it is time to grow up and face the world, no more hiding."

"Why, why! Why couldn't you both have said no!" Ellie shouted at them in anger.

"You know why, you little fool, from day one we were always meant to be. Don't lie, don't shake your head in denial. I know you felt it then, with both of us, as we felt it. I know you feel it now, tell me honestly that you don't want us!" Rain snapped.

"Just because I want you, doesn't mean I want to act on it!" Ellie shouted back at him.

"That has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. You want us but you don't want to act upon it? Why, what's holding you back?"

"It isn't right!" Ellie retorted.

Dante shook his head, "It may be a taboo relationship, Ellie, but it has always been right."

"No, that's not what I meant, what I meant is that you'll take over my life and ruin everything!"

"Like hell!"

"Calm down the both of you. Right, yelling at each other will do no good. Ellie, we've searched for you for nearly two hundred years, that alone should tell you that we've always wanted to be with you. I desire you and want to be a part of your life as much as I want to be with Rain. I can see you're about to go off the deep end with your fears, but all I ask of you is that we spend the next week getting to know one another," Dante stated trying to bring peace.

"I don't want to," Ellie retorted.

"Well, too bad, ma belle, you have to, now," Rain snapped back.

"Rain, you are not helping. Look give us the next week or so to prove you wrong Ellie, if by the end of the week, after getting to know us, you still are adamantly against it. We'll all speak with Craven to see if there's a way around it."

"I warn you Ellie, if you run at any point, the deal is off and we stay betrothed," Rain stated firmly.

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