tagErotic HorrorScary is the New Sexy Pt. 01

Scary is the New Sexy Pt. 01


I paced through the crowded streets following the clustered group of students that my friend had joined as they searched for where we would be partying next. Feeling the cool air against my face I tightened the straps of my sweater's collar as the cool October breeze brushed along my cheeks and through my long brunette hair. I looked around in vexation at all the glaring neon lights coming from the city bars while intoxicated pedestrians stumbled past us. Most of these students I'd never meet before and the only reason I was following them was to hang with my new roommate Lily. Lily was the random Sylvie and I was assigned with when we put out a request for an extra roommate for our apartment lease.

She an exuberant girl who seemed to spend all of her nights out on the town with her friends at some sort of bustling party or club. Even though it was only the first week of the month I was astonished that she had not already flunked out her first semester from all the time she spends drinking the night away. I'm actually envious of her adept social skills. She's only been her a month and already seems to have more friends than me and it's already my junior year. When I think about it though I really don't want any more friends since I already have a solid group; I just want someone special to spend my time with.

This might be embarrassing to admit but I've never really had a sustainable relationship. There have been plenty of dates I've been on with some pretty great guys but nothing that developed into a long lasting working bond. I would like to change that about myself. I'm sure most of my friends would describe me as bland if asked. Sure intelligent, healthy, pretty, and well-managed, but nothing that really deviates me from the norm. I've been convinced my whole young life that if I would be successful and presentable than I would be satisfied with myself. Well I am still far from satisfied, yet I know that I have the capabilities to improve myself to be a happier individual. All I needed is to jump outside of my comfort zone to put myself out there for more opportunities to meet someone. I've spent my whole life waiting and I'm tired of waiting for good things to come to me so I'm going to seek and get myself a guy and make myself the type of person that people find interesting.

Yet there I was questioning myself again, looking tensely at the entrance to the club that Lily and her friends began to enter. I could see a faint glow of colors and a light fog emitting from the otherwise dark entrance. My heart pounded as I grabbed my identification to present to the bouncer standing there with his impassive expression. I hesitated, but eventually showed him my id then proceeded to walk down the stairs. Almost immediately I could hear the defining music overwhelmingly pound against my head. A blanket of fog covered the bar dance floor as flickering lights whirled around the walls.

"Well you're not gonna just sit there are ya Shay? Come on over and join us girl!" Lily said to me as I sat there alone on one of the bar stools.

Her voice was barely audible over the horrendous trap tracks that were played by the part-time DJ.

"I'm good Lily, just not up for it right now."

"Oh don't be acting so antisocial Shay. You were telling me earlier today that you wanted to go out tonight to meet some suave, sexy gentleman and now I'm her helping you find some. The more you sit on that stool the more you'll look like a clueless girl hopelessly trying to pass the time. Now if you get out on the dance floor with us then you'll start looking like the lady one of these guys would want to get to know."

Lily grabbed my wrists and dragged me over to the dance floor. Her little posse was dancing in a huddle; some were grinding against other guys while others flailing around flamboyantly. Putting on a forced smile, I began to do what I would hardly call dancing. Oh god I knew I was trying to get out of my comfort zone and to meet guys but, was this really going to help me? Lily sent a snarky smirk my way noticing how awkward I must have looked attempting to keep up with the others. I mouthed her to 'shut up' and she giggled in return. Well this wasn't too terrible I suppose. I've gotten used to the hoard of people and the same glaring electronic songs after a couple minutes passed; maybe I was actually beginning to enjoy myself.

It had been two hours since we arrived and Lily bought the two of us an all you can drink Long Island glass. Before we knew it we were completely hammered and I was having the best night I've had all fall. I recall going over to the bar and having an entire conversation with some random guy I felt attracted to about the upcoming political primaries or some nonsense like that and what I thought about each of the candidates recent debates. After what I assumed him leaving in annoyance I rushed back onto the dance floor to find Lily and sure enough she was still there breaking a sweat. I sang along with the group to the music's lyrics while spilling my drink all over the floor. When my stomach felt like it had taken too much abuse I decided to go take a break by leaning against one of the walls and set my half-finished glass down on the adjacent railing. A wave of nausea rushed over my body as I temporarily sobered up, running to the restroom.

"Shay darling you okay in there?" Lily asked me outside the stall.

She could hear me vomiting my guts out and gasping while she waited patiently.

"I'm... I'm good Lily. Just, one moment please."

After a couple minutes I came out of the stall flushed and panting.

"Oh you poor thing, did my wittle Shay overdo herself tonight having too much fun hmm?"

"Oh shut your trap Lily." I said laughing back coyly.

She put her arm around my shoulder as I waddled out of the club with her and waving goodbye to my new friends. We soon arrived at Lily's car to drive back to our apartment.

"I think you had enough fun for one night Shay darling don't ya think?"

"One night? I've had enough fun for the rest of the month."

"Well I'm proud of you; you did well for someone who doesn't usually party as far as I'm aware."

"You're right; I don't get out a whole lot. Thanks for having me and taking care of me tonight Lily. It means a lot, especially from someone I've only known for about a month and never really hung out with yet."

"No problem sweetie, I love seeing my friends having a good time and it gives me a chance to get to know my new roommate more too." I looked at her feeling chagrined.

"Plus you need to get out more to better your chances of finding a new boy toy right?" Her voice was coy.

"Heh funny, but yeah you're right I suppose. I've never really gone out that much since I've been here I'm embarrassed to admit."

"It's all good Shay, I know it doesn't come as natural to some people as it does to others; it just takes practice and patience. Luckily for you I've been going out for a while now and I can usually find the best places to hang pretty quickly and am quite the socialite when I need to be."

"You do seem really experienced with all of this I've learned."

"Yeah I'm quite the popular girl around these parts, or so I'm told at least."

"You must have guys clamoring for you all the time I'd imagine." I said with a giggle.

"Actually as surprising as this might sound I'm still single."

"Still single huh? How can such an interesting person such as you still be single?"

"Well I... just haven't found the girl I want to be with yet."

"Girl? I... Oh! Well, I'm sure you'll find someone soon. It just takes some time."

"Yeah I'm sure I'll find someone I'm compatible with, just haven't been with anyone for some time now. The partying lifestyle isn't really who I am either. I just feel I've been and seen so much already it feels like life becomes a bit dull at times so I try to keep things interesting."

"Doesn't that make you exhausted? I don't know how anyone could ever keep up."

"I do keep myself really busy; time just seems to fly by for me. I used to stay up really late so I'm usually good with having only six hours of sleep most nights."

"I wish I had your energy. I wouldn't have to worry about all my homework and co-curricular activities then."

"You can get used to it eventually; not to sound cocky but I wouldn't recommend trying to keep up with me though." We both chuckled at her comment.

As we continued on with our conversation, getting to know each other more we finally arrived back at our apartment house. It was a decent sized place located at the end of one of the more sleepy streets in the area; far away from the bustling downtown or party scene. As we pulled up and parked the car I got out, stretched my arms and yawned. The neighborhood was silent with no activity except for the lone street light just two blocks down that flickered every couple minutes. I felt relaxed watching the trees shiver from the night breeze blowing overhead. The moon light up over our house as everything kept silent in the darkness. Clouds overhead littered the sky giving it that unique, Midwest fall atmosphere. I sure did enjoy fall, it was cool and the trees and leaves looked gorgeous. It was the kind of season that gave me an urge to go out for a walk and come back inside to relax and snuggle up under a warm blanket and movie.

Well maybe not too snuggled up now, I'm too wasted for that I thought as I stumbled in through the front door with my eyes barely open. Sylvie was still up watching Netflix in the living room. I waved at her then proceeded to shamble my way from the restroom, to the sink, and then final collapsed on my bed before falling into a deep sleep.

"Well something tells me she had herself a good night." Sylvie commented to Lily who was watching down the hall making sure I had made it to my room. "Think she'll live?"

"Yeah I think she'll be last until morning. She'll just have to endure the inevitable bitch of a hangover when she wakes up. How you doin' this lovely night?" Lily asked as she went to microwave some leftover dinner.

"Pretty good, just a relaxing night. Finished up my readings over an hour ago and just watching some movies now."

"What movie you watching?"

"Lost Boys, you heard of it?"

Lily grabbed her food from the microwave and headed over by the couch where Sylvie was. "Lost Boys... Hmm don't know if I've ever heard of that one."

"Yeah it's about this rouge group of vampires that meet these kids in this California town. I won't spoil the rest since I just started it about ten minutes ago."

"Well certainly sounds like an interesting movie."

"Oh I love this movie! One of my favorite horror films and kind of sexy too. Something about being bitten by a handsome, romantic vampire I find to be such a turn on you know."

"Yeah that does sound kinda kinky actually. I'm sure I'll enjoy the movie, just as long as it doesn't, suck." Sylvie looked over at Lily with a deadpan expression.

"What I saw the opportunity and decided to take a bite at it." She said shoving in a mouthful of food.

"You're very punny Lily."

I couldn't tell what it was but I started to feel a strange presence looming over me. An overwhelming yet gentle presence that caused me to shiver under my sheets. I was so exhausted that I could barely open my heavy eyelids. As I found the strength to open my eyes I looked up at the ceiling to see nothing but shadows and the seldom flickering light shining through my window from passerby vehicles. I tried lifting my head but I felt almost glued the bed. I wanted to scream when I suddenly felt a hand brush over my chest. I managed to turn my head to its side to see who was in my bed with me.

"Hello Shaylee." she said as she came in closer to steal a soft kiss from me.

I could not grasp any words as I gawked in awe looking Lily dead in the face wondering what she was doing in my room lying next to me.

"Since we are both available right now Shay I just thought I'd stop by to check on you and make sure you weren't feeling lonely at all." She said as she approached closer, wrapping her legs and arms around me.

"Lily! What are you doing in my room?" I started to panic from my new found friend groping me in my own bed.

"No need to be so tense sweetheart, you've had such a long night and I only wanted to give you a massage. Your muscles look so tense right now."

Her lecherous gaze was absolutely mesmerizing almost like she was trying to hypnotize my innocent mind. Realizing the situation my mind suddenly came back to reality telling me to run for help.

"Get off me Lily! What gotten into you you're scaring me!"

Just as I attempted to escape she was able to grab my left arm and turn me over pinning me down.

"Oh love, I'm sorry to say this but you aren't going anywhere tonight. You're all mine now." An evil snicker was followed up by a gentle lick along the back of my neck.

I was now shivering in a new found terror from what was going on.

"Do you know what I am going to do to you Shay?" She said in an alluring tone.

I panted heavily upon hearing her dreadful comment.

"I am gonna rip off your clothes, tie you down, then ravage your gorgeous body until your limp.

There was a short pause as I soaked in what she had just said. My mind raced as feelings of dissonance coursed through my thoughts while my blood ran warm. Was I actually getting off to her statements?! This was so wrong she just said she wanted to practically rape me but... but why did I enjoy this so much?

Without warning she did just as she said she would be quickly slipping off my undergarment and t-shirt I had fallen asleep in hours prior. It was at this moment I felt my naked body succumbing to her exposed self as she continued to pin me down. With one last effort I tried squirming away in an effort to break free. I was met with Lily holding me down tighter as if I was her prey she had just captured. An insidious coo echoed from her through the silent room as she took delight in holding me down against my will.

"You look so delicious right now Shaylee, every struggle you make will only bring me closer to the edge and want to fuck you harder." Her voice was deviant while emitting passion.

Her palm pressed against the back of my head pushing me into the bed cushion tightly. A blindfold was placed around my eyes obscuring my vision completely while a pair of soft nylon rope was tied around ankles and wrists behind my back. Shivers ran down my spine feeling her warm breath brushing against my ears. The tip of her wet tongue slowly swayed along my neck up to my earlobe circulating around it. I moaned in a strange mix of fear and arousal from how she continued violating me. I cried loudly feeling her tongue dive deep into my ear as her other hand grasped firmly around my neck chocking me for a moment.

"I see you are enjoying yourself aren't you. You may not want to believe you are but trust me when I say I know exactly how to pleasure a lady. You're just so fine Shay I have huge urge to just kidnap you right now and keep you stored away so I can pleasure you all to my heart's desire. Wouldn't you enjoy being my fuck toy Shay?

Words failed to escape my throat but I could not at all find any comments to make. All I could do was constantly be entranced by Lily's comments. I actually did want to submit to her, to pleasure her; she somehow won not just over my better judgment but over my basic common sense screaming for me to get away. Without warning she shifted herself up and turned me over so I was now on my back. I did not have a moment's reaction before she fiercely grabbed my hair and shoved her dripping cunt over my face.

"Now I want you to eat me out you slut."

My whimpers were muffled over her swollen pussy that was spread over the entirety of my muzzle as her fluids dripped along my cheeks. Feelings of satisfaction rushed over me as I tried blurting out her name for more. Her hands grabbed my long hair pulling me deeper inside her. I lapped at her warm, slippery insides until I was veritably suffocating from the lack of air.

Lily let out a large moan of satisfaction as she was getting closer to a climax. She was yelling my name. "Oh fuck me harder. Oh god, Shay, Shay, SHAY!"

"Shay, Shay, SHAY!" I jolted up from under my covers looking at the entrance of my room which was now dimly lit with sunlight.

"Are you getting up yet? It's almost noon now, you should take a shower and grab some brunch if you want to have any hope in curing your hangover." Sylvie said to me.

"W-what... No I don't have a hangov... Owww my head is pounding!"

"Like I said, take a shower and eat. I'll see you in the kitchen when you're cleaned up."

I dropped my head onto the bed, lying in my bed like a slug while caressing my body pillow. Oh fuck, what was I dreaming about again? I looked at my pillow noticing it was covered in my saliva. I kept staring at it in a puzzling manner trying to remember. I froze in motion as the memory of my dream came back into my head. Did just have a dream where Lily was... No that's impossible! She would never do anything such as that; and why do I remember enjoying it? I decided to blame the alcohol for my lucid dreams and jumped out of bed. I blushed looking down noticing that my underpants were also soaked. Once again just blame the alcohol Shaylee, I told myself as I got ready to take a shower.

There were a couple plates of pancakes set on the table as I walked into the kitchen feeling newly refreshed.

"Are you feeling more alive now Ms. Party Animal?" Sylvie asked giggling.

"Getting there slowly." I said holding a glass of iced orange juice against my forehead.

"I've never knew my nerdy, bookworm of a friend could party so hard; I'm so proud of you."

"Neither did I. I guess Lily was so kind as to spread some of her enthusiasm onto me." I grabbed a fork-full of fluffy pancakes and syrup as I hummed in delight from its homely taste.

"So I'm gonna be going for a run and hang with some friends later. What are you gonna be up to today?" Sylvie asked.

"I will be at the library to finish some of my readings and one mini-essay I have for Tuesday."

"You actually read all those chapters for your financial classes? I thought you'd just get by from reading the Power Points themselves?"

"Hmm, probably but I feel more organized and prepared when I read the chapters even if it is a few hours extra more of work. I'll be back later around 6:00pm though."

"Sounds good to me, we should watch a movie when I get back later too!"

I nodded in agreement as I cleaned up my dirty dishes and packed my stuff to get ready to walk over to the library.

"By the way Sylvie have you seen Lily?"

"Not sure, I think she left earlier this morning around 9:00am to go do something."

"I'm still jealous of her energy, she drank more than I did yet was still able to get up early.

"Yeah you and me both Shay."

"Well I'll catch you later Sylvie, have a nice evening."

"You too Shay, catch ya later."

I sat there staring at my books lying on the table as I was constantly being distracted by the thoughts of what had occurred in my dreams last night. I've had lesbian and bisexual friends before and know I've had some questionable thoughts when I was a teenager and always assumed it was just a phase since I found all of my crushes on males my whole life. Maybe I did have some feelings for Lily though. It was certainly a possibility since our communication seems great while our opposite personalities do seem to complement each other well. Trying to figure this out was difficult since I could not determine whether I had a sexual attraction towards her or just a very large amount of fondness of her likable persona. Though I do vividly still remember that dream and how turned on it made me. Being sexually deprived for a long time does not help the situation either. It has been about two years since my last real relationship and two years of no one to be close to both emotionally or intimately. Maybe my deprived dream last night was the result of withdrawal from a lacking love life. Regardless, even if I did have feelings for Lily and was willing to experiment on trying something with her she probably wouldn't want someone like me. I'm just normal and she is so interesting and enjoyable to be around. She would most likely rather stay a friend of mine and find someone with more excitement in their life. Looking out the window beyond the bookshelves I sat pondering about my thoughts while watching the cool rain trickle down the panes. I placed my headphones back on to distract myself from my thoughts as I continued reading my chapters.

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