Scavenger Hunt


We've now been married for 18 years. Just like many couples our sex life has all but disappeared. Often when we do have sex it is bland and there is no spark. Many times we are just going through the motions. That is about to change. You are an extremely sexy woman and deserve better. You deserve passion and excitement. I decide it is time to give you everything you want.

The years and children have worked on our bodies. Neither of us are as tight as we use to be. But we are in our sexual prime and have something most young hard bodies don't. Experience and wisdom. When it comes to sex we know what is fun and what is just plain stupid. We each know what one another like and how to curl each others toes. We have learned many of the lessons of sex including the most important of them all; it is not about our own pleasure but that of our partner that makes sex so great. I am determined to remind you of this.

To plan my night I begin by thinking of you. You have beautiful hair with a cute short haircut. I can get lost in your brown eyes. They have sincerity and innocence behind them. I love your innocence. Your lips are soft and full and completely kissable. Your breasts are ample and soft. They are perfect in size and shape with cute little nipples poking out. Your butt, what can I say about your butt. It is perfect, soft, beautiful, supple, and intoxicating. I love the sight of your butt crack as it peaks out of your panties. I could stroke the round globes of your cheeks for hours. You are gorgeous, sexy, and beautiful.

I leave for work like normal, but leave two envelopes for you on the television. The first reads:


Tonight we are going to rekindle our passion. You deserve passion. You are and incredible person and I intend on making tonight the night you think about when you think about sex. Tonight you will experience more pleasure then ever before. But you will have to work at it. Tonight doesn't come without a price. If you are interested in experiencing the evening planned then follow these instructions.

1. There is $30.00 on the counter. Courtney already knows that we will not be home tonight and that she is to watch TJ. She will order a pizza for dinner with the money left and take care of him.

2. You are to take a shower and shave your pussy hair short.

3. Open letter #2 and read it completely. You are to follow the instructions completely.

4. If you open letter #2 then you must agree to do EVERYTHING your told to without question. If you choose not to then the game is over.

Are you intrigued? I bet you are. You love to be in the know. It has always driven you crazy to realize there is something you don't know. I figure you won't be able to resist this night. With that you reach go take a shower. Your mind is racing. What could I have in mind? Will you really enjoy it? You hope it isn't too kinky or naughty.

As you lather up, you can't shake the thoughts in your mind. As you move your hands over your body you begin to notice how good it feels. You have never believed in masturbation in the past. Normally when your feeling sexy and no one is around you push the thoughts out of your head. Now however, the thoughts in your head are to intense. You grab hold of your breast and begin to rub it. It feels nice. Wet with the combination of water and soap, your hand easily glides and kneads your globe. You roll your nipple between your index finger and thumb. This feels really good. Meanwhile your left hand moves down and begins to rub the outside of your freshly shaved groin. You lean back against the wall and spread your legs. Hot water and steam mingle around you and dance off your naked body. Suds slowly travel down from your breasts, around your bellybutton and comes to rest between your thighs and pussy. Images of what may await tonight flash through your mind as your hands work on your body.

You fingers begin to trace the lines of your lips. So soft, so hot. Carefully you part your lips as if parting the petals of a flower. You are drenched with your essence. You swirl your fingers around and move them along your slit. Spreading your nectar around you bring your fingers up to your clit. They begin pinching and tweaking your love button. Making very light brushing circles, your hips uncontrollable twitch. Your hand moves back down and continues rubbing along your inner lips. God this feels so good. I have played with and fingered your pussy before but somehow this feels different. Unexplainably you senses are heightened. As desire builds inside of you, control is lost. You thrust your fingers into your throbbing hole. You begin with two fingers. In and out, in and out. With each outward movement you use the palm of your hand to stimulate your clit. Soon you have three then four fingers in you. Your body is now bucking against the wall. You are about to climax. Your breathing is rushed and your skin if flush with excitement. You continue to move in and out, all the while assaulting your clit with your palm. You can feel the pressure build just like boiling water in a kettle. You release and scream. Your screams are loud and uninhibited. Any thoughts in your mind immediately flash away and your body almost collapses. You remove your hands and suddenly understand why women play with themselves. This was an intense climax. As you touched yourself it somehow seemed so different; you already knew exactly what you wanted and how you wanted it. The feeling was sensational. Now for letter #2.

You approach letter #2 timidly and with great apprehension. You haven't even opened the letter yet and you have already gotten yourself off. Never in a million years did you expect it. You feel good though; no after thoughts of regret or shame. What you did is perfectly natural and millions of women do it. As you open the letter a small card appears inside. The card says "Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt!"

Over the next few hours you will embark on a scavenger hunt that will lead to me and the night you are waiting for. You must complete all tasks on the list. If you need a clue you can call me and I will help you. Each clue will cost you something though. Use them wisely.

Your first task is simple. You are to go shopping and find a new dress for tonight. The dress must be extremely low cut in front to show off your ample breasts. It should also be high up your leg. When I look at you I want the dress to be so high that your butt cheeks practically show and the front teases people with the hopes of seeing your panties. You should also get shoes to match your new dress. I am thinking something in a heel.

So it has begun. You go out and begin looking for a dress. Store after store you try dresses on. Usually you wouldn't dress like this, but for one night why not. This dress isn't low cut enough; that one isn't high up the leg. You figure if you have to get a slutty dress you might as well get a real slutty dress. You want to simply knock my socks off and surprise me. Finally you find it. The dress is tight and shows all of your ample curves. It is cut so high that it doesn't completely cover your butt cheeks. The bottom of each cheek just barely shows. The front will show just the slightest hint of your panties. Hopefully the dress doesn't ride up, otherwise people will get a little show. You find a pair of shoes that match and get ready for the next task. You are completely giddy at this point.

The next clue is simple and really doesn't require much from you. Find the relaxation you seek at the Mountain Peak. "What does this mean?" you wonder. You start out by calling a few friends and asking them. No one seems to know what it means. Finally you decide to give me a call. "Ok, ok, what is the answer to the riddle?"

"If I give you the answer do you promise to embrace the punishment?" I ask.

"Yes, but I think you should just tell me" you say.

"That is not how this game is played," I reply. I tell you to do a search on the internet for the Mountain Peak Spa in South Carolina. With that I hang up.

When you arrive at the spa they tell you everything is ready for you. They take you to get your hair done and give you a note. The note reads:

Pick blonde or red for your head....tell her your choice and she will do the rest.

You tell the hairstylist that you want red and she goes to work. While the hairstylist works on coloring your hair a small lady approaches and asks what color you would like your nails. You select an off shade of red that will go with your dress and should go with your new hair. While at the spa you are pampered. You get a pedicure (your first one, a little weird but not bad) and your nails done. When they reveal you hair it is short (the way you like it) but extremely red. You have never had your hair this red before. It looks perfect on you and complements your eyes completely.

While at the spa they have you soak in a large hot bubble bath while you sip champagne and listen to music. Next they take you for a long deep massage. You are asked to disrobe and lay down on the table with your face in the pillow. A towel is all that covers your bare ass. They leave you here to relax for a few minutes until Anna your masseuse arrives. She begins rubbing your back, arms and legs. You have had massages before but this is incredible. You realize there is a huge difference between me and a trained professional. It is a little weird for you to have another woman rubbing your body but it feels so good. Anna rubs all over your back and even removes the towel to rub your butt. I can only imagine the erotic image of Anna rubbing her hands along your ass. Kneading them and pushing any tension out of your flesh. You don't want to admit it but the massage is turning you on slightly. As Anna finishes up she hands you the next part of your adventure.

The card reads:

It is time to go shopping again. You are to go out and buy a pair of sexy panties. They should have a lot of lace and of by the way.....the should be crotchless. You heart flutters just a tiny bit at that word, crotchless. You have never worn crotchless panties before. This is definitely a little naughty. You shrug it off and decide that tonight you are going to be naughty.

You visit a local lingerie shop and find the perfect pair. The color almost completely matches your dress and the leg holes are designed to open the crotch of the panties as your legs open. The idea of tonight still has your pussy wet with anticipation. You now have a new outfit, new hairstyle and color, fresh pedicure and manicure and your first pair of crotchless panties. You are ready for anything. Uncertain of what to do next you head home.

Waiting for you in the middle of the living room is a small suitcase and a note. The card says:

Pam, I am so proud that you have made it this far. I can't tell you how turned on I am right now. I must warn you though. So far this has been the easy part. If you continue from here you will be doing things well outside of what you normally do. I will give you this last chance to change your mind. If you decide to change your mind, I will come home right now and we will make love, but it won't be everything that tonight could be. The choice is yours.

Outside of what I normally do. If he only knew, is all you could think. Curiosity has gotten the better of you by now. Well curiosity and lust. You know that you can't turn back. Your mind and your body simply won't allow it. With that you take out the next card.

I am glad you decided to continue to play our game. It is time once again to go shopping. You need to purchase the following items:

- a large vibrating dildo at least 7" long and 4" in circumference

- a small glass dildo

- one remote controlled vibrating egg

You are taken back by the list. It was hard enough for you to go into Fredericks and buy crotchless panties, now you have to buy sex toys. No way, you think to yourself. He can just forget it. You try to talk yourself out of it. There is an uncontrollable pull in your stomach though. You give way of your fears and decide to complete the list. You don't want to go into any of the local smut shops so you drive about 20 miles out of town to a classy sex boutique. You and I have been in there before and it was always clean and nice.

As you enter the store you feel a lump in your throat. You can't believe what you are about to do. Should I look around and act casual or just run in and get what I need and go; this is the dilemma you face as you walk thru the door. Just get the items and go. You rush into the area with adult toys. It is amazing how many toys there are. All different types, shapes, sizes, colors and even creatures. As soon as you enter you feel like all eyes are on you. However, when you look around it seems that no one is paying any attention to you.

You quickly find the vibrating dildos. As you look through you find the first one that meets my request. You grab the big black dildo and stuff it in your basket. You then look and find the vibrating eggs. This one is shaped like a butterfly; that one is shaped like a rabbit; this one has two eggs (one for each hole). Finally you see what you are after. A simple silver egg with a remote control. You can't help but wonder what I want this for. Finally you reach the glass dildos. The selection is small but you only need one. As you contemplate the festivities for tonight you have no doubt that this will end up inside you. Why get a small one then. I might as well really enjoy it. With that thought you pick up a medium glass dildo and head toward the register. You feel naughty buying all of this stuff. They must think you are going to go home and just screw yourself into a coma. If they only knew. If you only knew.

With your shopping list complete you return once again home. Like before, another letter awaits you. This one reads:

You are almost done. Soon we will meet for dinner, drinks, and the nights entertainment. Your final challenge is this....I have a special location planned for our rendezvous tonight. You must figure out where it is to pass this final test. This will require a little detective work on your part. I am confident you can figure it out. But if not you could always call me for more help. Now it is time to get dressed and figure out the location. Meet me at the Château restaurant at 7:20. Bring the suitcase and your purchases with you. Don't look into the suitcase.

Speaking of still need to be punished for your first clue. You are to go to Honey's Gentlemen's Club by yourself. You will go in and watch at least two different women dance on stage. You do not have to sit at the stage but you must tip them when they come around. Finally, before you leave you must get a lap dance from one of the ladies.

See you tonight.

Now he's gone to far, is all you can think. There is no way you are going to a strip club, especially not by yourself. Even if you did go, your not getting a dance. You simply don't do things like this. Your body if filled with nervousness and anxiety. Your mind races with the thoughts of going to the club. Reason tells you not to go, but reason isn't in control right now. Your pure desire takes over and your willpower gives in to temptation. You have never been this type of person before. You have always let logic and reason lead you. Not today.

You go into the bathroom and begin to get ready. As you undress, you fantasize about what might happen tonight. You pull your new panties on and run your hand between your legs. With a quick little rub you realize that you are wet and ready for action. These panties are kind of growing on you. You don't linger though. You have just enough time to get ready, complete your next message and meet me for dinner.

It is time. You gather your courage and pull into the parking lot of the club. Going inside you get ready to pay the cover charge when the guy at the door allows you in for free. He sees what I can only imagine right now. You are a fiery red head dressed to kill. The dress you are wearing shows your body very nicely. Your breasts are pushed together and the dress cuts very low. It leaves very little to the imagination. Had it been cut even an 1/8th of an inch lower your nipples would be showing. Riding high along your thighs the dress doesn't even completely cover your ass cheeks. Each cheek hangs out slightly, giving everyone a tempting look at your butt. The feeling of the panties is incredibly exhilarating. With each step your thighs rub your pussy just a little. It provides a nice tease.

As you enter the club you realize it isn't as sleazy as you had imagined. The club is actually well lit and the girls are very attractive. As you walk thru the club you notice most of the men staring at you. One guy even comes up to you and asks for lap dance. You tell him no, but secretly you are flattered. Choosing a seat in the back of the club you watch a couple of girls dance. There is certainly a large selection of women to choose from. Just about anything you desire can be found. You search and search. Who will give you the dance. Then coming up along the wall by your chair you see her.

She must only be 5'3" and very dainty. She has long brown hair and small breasts. You wave at her and she approaches.

"Hi, I'm Tiffany. Are you having fun tonight?"

"Hi, I'm Cindy and I'm having a pretty good time," is all you can seem to say. Your heart is beating incredibly fast and you are so nervous.

"Are you here all alone?" she asks.

"Yeah," you say with a shy demeanor.

"What brings you here tonight?"

You then tell her about the cards and this assignment.

"Well honey, I'll take good care of you. Let's go back here and I'll be gentle," she tells you with a slight laugh.

As you sit in the oversized chair, Tiffany sits on your lap, throwing her arms around your neck. "Might as well wait until the next song starts. You want to get your money's worth." Her skin is soft against you and she is amazingly light on your lap. As the next song gets started Tiffany stands and begins to dance. She rocks her hips back and forth to the music and runs her hands all along her body. Spinning around, she reaches down to touch her toes leaving you staring directly at her as. You can see her pussy lips peaking out from her thong. Tiffany pulls out all of the stops....piece by piece she removes her clothes until all the remains is her panties. She has very cute little breasts with large nipples. She straddles your legs and plays with her breasts. "Do you like them?" she asks you.

"They are very nice," you reply.

With that Tiffany reaches out and grabs your breasts. As she kneads them through your dress she says, "I wish mine were as big as yours." Tiffany then gets on all fours and begins crawling toward you like some hungry animal. Placing her hands on each of your knees she thrusts your knees apart. You have lost yourself in the dance and forgot all about the panties you are wearing. Now Tiffany is staring directly at your shaved pussy. As she dances her head comes in close and her tongue darts out to give you a little lick. You have never had a woman touch you there before. God it fells so good and you are so wet right now. Tiffany stands on the arms of the chair and bumps and grinds here pussy right in front of your face. She then pulls the thong as you see the thin strip of material disappear into the folds of her lips. She moves down a little and you instinctively lick her lips. She lets out a low moan and grinds against your face for a moment. With each movement your tongue darts in and out of her pouty lips. Suddenly the song ends and marks the end of this phase of your experience.

Meeting for dinner you walk into the restaurant. You are simply stunning. I never thought you could ever look this hot. Every man in the place wishes he was me tonight. Ever man in the place wants to do nothing but throw you down on one of these tables and fuck you until you scream. Hell, I want to throw you down and fuck you right here and now. I wouldn't even care who watched us. As you approach the table I tell you how incredible you look.

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