Scavenger Hunt


"Can you order me a drink while I take this?" my girlfriend asked as she answered her phone.

"Sure baby!"

Sara and I had just arrived at the lounge/restaurant. As she walked away, I admired the view of the sexy little backless dress she was wearing. God I love when she wears a dress!

It was early, but the place was already filling with an up-scale crowd in their mid-twenties to forties. I walked up and ordered a couple of drinks from the bartender.

"Can you help us?" the pretty brunette girl next to me asked. She and her friend were holding a piece of paper and giggling.

"Help you with what?" I asked

"We're on a photo scavenger hunt!"

"I'm Katie, and this is my friend Becca." The blonde next to her smiled and reached out to shake my hand.

"Ben. Very nice to meet you" as a shook Becca's, then Katie's extended hand. I'd guess they were both in their late twenties or early thirties. Katie was slimmer than her friend, and perhaps 5'4" with the heels. Becca had to be close to 5'10", with swimmers shoulders. Both were attractive, but not overly so. Clearly dressed up for a night on the town though.

Katie went on to explain "It's a contest for a bachelorette party. We are separated into teams of two with a camera, and we have 4 hours to see who can get the most points." She showed me the paper as I glanced down the list with different points assigned for each:

- Picture of you doing a flaming shot (5pts)

- Dance with the oldest guy you can find (5pts)

- Kissing a bald man's head (5pts)

- Pick your nose next to a cute guy (10pts)


"Hmmm, I'm sure my girlfriend and I can help you out with one or two of these"

"Help them out with what?" Sara asked as she walked back up and wrapped her arm around me while giving me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Hi baby! This is Katie, and her friend Becca. They're on a photo scavenger hunt for a bachelorette party and asked if I could help out" I responded and then turned toward the girls "This is my girlfriend, Sara"

Sara quickly reached out her hand to say hi and "Oh, that sounds like FUN!" "Let me see the list" as she grabbed the paper from my hand. I paid for our drinks and took a sip as Sara started reading through the list with Katie and Becca. They were clearly having fun reading some of the challenges.

"Oh my god" - "Where do you even find someone in acid wash jeans?"

As the girls continued to talk, and occasionally whisper & giggle. Sara started to get a devilish little smile on her face. "We'd be happy to help out with some of these" She then grabbed by hand and said "follow me!"

She quickly pulled me through the crowd with Katie and Becca following behind. As we made our way to the back of the bar, she turned down a hallway where there were 3 unisex bathrooms, opened one of the doors, and pulled me inside. Katie and Becca quickly came in and closed the door behind them.

I still wasn't sure what was even going on as I looked around the small room. Pretty nice for a bathroom actually - marble floors, a place to sit, nice vanity and an extra full height mirror opposite the sink. Sara turned to me after locking the door.

"Baby, I'm going to need you to get undressed" She said smoothly.

"What?!?" I asked in protest.

"Baby, don't embarrass me in front of our new friends. Now hurry up - I'm not sure how much time we have, and I already promised we were going to help them win the scavenger hunt!"

Sara has had me naked in public before - in her back yard, a deserted stretch of beach, or even in the car. I was always happy to comply in the past - she gives the most amazing blow jobs, so it's pretty much impossible to turn her down when she wants to take my dick out. Admittedly, I've even gotten pretty turned on by the thought of someone accidently discovering us. But this was DIFFERENT. She's never had me naked right in front of other people!

My head was still spinning as I started to unbutton my shirt. I'm not even sure what I was thinking - it was just the way Sara was looking at me - I was practically under a spell. She smiled slightly as the last button was released and I slid the shirt over my shoulders - reaching out to take the shirt from me and place it on a nearby hook.

I couldn't even look at Katie or Becca as I first slid my shoes off, then unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants and lowered the zipper. I slid my socks off as I stepped out of each leg - again handing my pants to Sara.

Standing there in just my boxers, I looked up at Sara to see if I was done, but she quickly raised an eyebrow, and the meaning was clear. By now, my heart was racing, and I still couldn't bring myself to look at the girls - just choosing to stare into Sara's beautiful blue eyes. I was getting turned on, and Sara knew it. Again she raised eyebrow to encourage me to continue.

I carefully pulled my boxers down and stepped out of them, looking back up to see Sara beaming the most amazing smile as I handed her the last of my clothes, leaving me completely naked in front of three fully clothed women. I tried to cover myself, but she quickly pushed my hands aside.

"Don't be silly Baby! I wouldn't have had you get completely naked if I wanted you to cover up!"

She wrapped her hand around my dick and I nearly fainted from her touch. My knees felt weak, as she began to slowly stroke my cock. God it felt good! I was so hard, I could feel my dick twitch with each pulse of my heart.

"Now let me see that list again" she said, snapping me back to reality. As Katie handed her the list, Sara continued to slowly stroke me. I was now keenly aware of Katie and Becca watching me, staring directly at my hard on. I was both too embarrassed, and too turned on to do anything more than manage a weak smile as Katie finally looked up for a second to see my reaction.

"Oh, here's a good one. Stand over there and put your hands up against the wall, Baby." My cock twitched as she let go and pointed me toward the opposite wall. As I walked over and placed my hands against the smooth wall paper, she added "lean forward a little more"

"Picture of you spanking a guy's bare ass - 50pts!" Sara read aloud. "Pretty sure that will count as a bare ass". I still couldn't believe this was happening. My girlfriend has me stripped naked in front of two complete strangers, who were about to spank me.

"Why don't you two stand on either side of him, and I can take a picture as you each spank one cheek?"

Katie and Becca walked over to me, standing close enough to feel their dresses brush up against my leg. "Nice ass" Said Becca. As Sara looked down to prepare the camera, Katie used her left hand to gently squeeze my balls. I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning out loud.

"Ok, ready? One... two... three!" As the flash went off I felt both hands smack my ass - hard!

I could feel the sting, and the heat as both cheeks started to burn a bit from the assault.

"That was great, but let's take one more just to be sure" said Sara.

"One... two... three...!" Sara practically squealed as she took the second picture. At the same time, Katie again squeezed my balls and spanked my ass cheek. My cock practically lept from the attention, and I felt my face flush with embarrassment - knowing Becca and Katie could both easily see how turned on I was at this point.

"Nice job Baby, I think that one came out great!"

"Hmmm..... what next?" Sara pondered while again looking at the scavenger hunt list. "Oh, here's a good one "Convince a guy to take a picture of his hard on for you - 50pts"

"Come here, baby" Sara whispered.

As I walked over to her, my dick was at full attention. She handed me the camera, and pointed at my dick. "Here you go"

This wasn't so bad I thought to myself. There was no way someone could identify me from the picture, and at least I wasn't getting spanked this time. As I prepared to take the picture looking down at my hard cock, Sara spoke up "Wait! I've got a better idea"

"Come here and hold on to him while he takes the picture."

Becca and Sara obediently walked over, and following Sara's directions, wrapped their hands around my dick and balls. Katie gave me the slightest, almost imperceptible, squeeze.

"Oh" I moaned as my knees again weakened. She grinned widely seeing the effect such a slight movement had on me. I again went to take the picture, and as I did, she ever so gently squeezed again. "Uhh" I muttered while trying to bite my lip. "Click"

"So, which one should we do next?" asked Sara as she grabbed the camera back from me. Becca and Katie continued to hold on to my dick, gently squeezing and teasing me.

"Number 25?" Becca said softly.

Sara read aloud "An actual picture in the act of giving a blow job - 200pts....Hmmm, this could be fun." "go ahead and kneel down in front of him"

Now Becca was the one who was a little embarrassed. Her face turned crimson as she knelt down in front of me and looked up at Sara for direction. My hard cocked bobbed just in front of her face, as Sara reached around me to position the camera looking down at Becca and my dick.

"Go on" Sara whispered. Becca kissed the tip of my dick before slipping it in to her mouth.

"Oh God!" I wimpered as I finally got the attention I needed so badly. But before she could continue, Sara interrupted "Hold on a sec"

You could hear a little pop as my dick slipped free from Becca's mouth. "Why don't you freshen up your makeup so we can get a better picture?" Becca stood up and walked to the mirror to apply a fresh layer of lip gloss. Meanwhile Sara whispered into my ear "You look so sexy baby. Completely naked in front of all of us. Look at how hard you are" Katie overheard this and squeezed my ass in approval.

Having finished her makeup, Becca knelt down again in front of me, and immediately slid my cock in her mouth.

"Ok, now look up at the camera and smile" Becca looked straight at Sara, with her lips wrapped around my dick, gently sucking me into her mouth. She looked incredibly sexy with bright red lip gloss and eyes wide open as the shutter clicked.

"Perfect!" "Ok, now one more from the side" Sara knelt down to take a picture from my right side while Becca continued to gently suck on me while swirling her tongue under the sensitive tip. "Can you take him a little deeper? I'd like to see you tongue his balls while he's in your mouth."

"Mmmmph. like 'is?!?" Becca mumbled as the camera shutter clicked again. Once again my knees buckled, but Katie held me firmly around the waist.

"Perfect!" Sara stood back up, and looked at Katie while Becca continued to suck and tease my dick. "Your turn Katie" Sara said.

Katie walked slowly over to the mirror and checked her hair, and like Becca, applied a fresh coat of lip gloss. Before returning and kneeling down next to Becca.

Becca seemed a little disappointed to have to stop (as was I at this point), but she stood up and Katie slid over in front of me - immediately pulling my dick down to meet her lips. Instead of sucking me into her mouth, she stuck out her tongue, and rested the tip of my dick on it before looking up at Sara. "click" as the camera shutter captured the image.

"Oh my God - I think he's coming" blurted out Becca.

"No - that's just pre-come" Sara replied. "See how clear it is? Besides, you'll definitely know when he comes - right baby?"

"yyyy...Yes" I stuttered.

Katie then sucked me into her mouth "Mmmmmm" swallowing the pre come and began seriously blowing me. She was clearly trying to make me cum, and was frankly doing a really good job!

"Ok, how about one last challenge?" Sara asked. Becca nodded as Katie continued blowing me. I was getting really close, and I'm sure Sara could tell.

"Take the camera and stand over there" Sara directed the girls. Once again, you could hear a "pop" as my hard dick slipped free from Katie's mouth. Sara quickly reached around from behind me and grabbed my dick, stroking it while it was still wet from Katie's saliva.

"I'm going to make him cum for you, and I want you to take a picture of the first blast of cum that explodes from his dick" Sara continued stroking me faster, and was now teasing my balls with her other hand. I was getting very close.

Katie and Becca were several feet away, with Becca focusing the camera directly at my raging hard on. Katie had reached under her dress and appeared to be fingering herself while carefully watching Sara work my cock.

"Ok, he's just about there. I'm going to count down for you - ok?" The girls both nodded, never taking their eyes of my dick.

"Nine... Eight... Seven"

I began to shudder

"Six... Five... Four"

I was trying to hold out, but I was passing the point of no return as Sara continued to stroke my cock.

"Three... Two...... One!!!!" Just then my dick exploded, shooting a giant load of cum through the air as the camera flashed. Katie actually had to step to the side to avoid the blast as Sara continued to pump more and more cum from my dick. It felt like I just kept coming and coming, with Sara carefully milking every last drop before sucking the last bit off her fingers.

"That was amazing" "Incredible" the girls applauded.

I had to sit down just to catch my breath as Sara talked excitedly to Becca and Katie. "I can't believe you made him get naked in front of us!" "That was awesome!" "Did you see how far he shot?!?"

After a minute or two, I was able to get back up to my feet, and started getting dressed. As I pulled my boxers up, and was getting ready to put my pants on, I heard "Wait. We need those boxers too - item number 14"

Katie walked over and pulled the boxers back down, and my cock sprang free once again. "Oh my God, he's already HARD again!?!"

"Yup, I'm probably going to have to fuck him a couple more times before the night is over" Sara said proudly. "He usually comes at least twice for me"

I continued getting dressed (without the boxers), as the girls continued to chat. By the time I was done, they were hugging each other goodbye.

After Sara unlocked the door, Becca and Katie slipped out "Good luck with the rest of the scavenger hunt!"

"Thanks Sara! I don't think we need luck with these great pics!!!"

As they walked away, Sara kissed me deeply while grabbing my dick through my pants.

"See. I told you it was going to be fun baby!"

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