tagSci-Fi & FantasyScene Under a Desk

Scene Under a Desk


Jason adjusted his tie one more time, resisted the urge to glance back at the receptionist, then rapped as confidently as he could on the large door.

"Come in," came the faint sound of a voice heavily muffled by the door. Jason reached nervously for the door handle, and gave it a turn.

The office inside was lushly appointed -- a thick burgundy-colored carpet, a large window flanked by heavy drapes overlooking a wooded ravine, a small glass conference table, and plush couch and chairs by themselves to one side. Before the window was a large, heavy wooden desk of the old-fashioned style, crisply appointed with two computer monitors and a neat stack of papers. A brass nameplate read "KATHY BYERS, CEO".

Behind the desk sat a tall, slender, professional-looking woman in her early forties. Everything about her looked cold and corporate, from her shoulder-length black hair to her thin, round glasses and dark suit. Full lips were pursed together in a tight expression of intense concentration, as she sat bolt upright behind the desk, typing on her keyboard. "Well?" Kathy asked brusquely, not looking up as Jason entered the room. His shoes made no sound on the soft carpet.

"Ms. Byers? I'm Jason Kobell. From Medfield University." He shifted nervously in his interview suit. "I was assigned as your intern for this semester, um, in the business school's Forward Placement program, and --"

Kathy looked up for the first time, and stopped typing. Her dark-eyed gaze was piercing, and was followed a split second later by a cold, formal smile. "You're the new boy?" she asked, looking faintly amused.

Jason started to approach the desk, then hesitated, wondering if this was bad etiquette. He fumbled in the file folder he was carrying instead. "Uh... Yes, Ms. Byers, I'm Jason Kobell." Nervous fingers found what he was looking for. "I have a letter from Dean Goldman which --"

Kathy's eyes flicked up and down him once more, and then went back to her computer screen. "My new intern," she said crisply, cutting him off. "All right. Close the door."

Jason quickly closed the door, cringing as it bounced slightly in the frame with a brassy clang. "I'm a junior... I'm majoring in accounting," he said, trying a smile. Kathy said nothing, and began to type once more. After a pause, he went on, shifting the folder around nervously. "It's really an honor to get to intern at Bannerman McFey, and especially, you know, as assistant to the CEO." Realizing that he was talking too fast, Jason tried to calm down. "I really hope that --"

"Yeah," said Kathy, sounding disinterested, though she let her contemptuous gaze drift over to him once again. "Come over here. Let's talk about your duties." Nervously, Jason approached.

In frank, contemptuous tones, Kathy told him what his job was going to be that summer.

Jason's initial cold shock of astonishment gave way to stunned panic, and then a desperate defiance. Before taking the internship at Bannerman McFey he had heard the usual business-school rumors about the company, but you could hardly believe half-serious stories of executive women with "special needs". Of course everybody had heard of dickgirls, but Jason never could have imagined that...

"N-no," he blurted out, interrupting her and surprising himself. His boss frowned, pursing her lips in a thin, annoyed line. Jason took what was supposed to be a confident step backwards, but one foot stumbled on the carpet. "You've got to be... you can't... you've got to be kidding me." He stepped backwards again, anger forcing down the lump in his throat. "No fucking way."

Kathy's eyes narrowed, but they were full of a mocking amusement. "Yeah?" she said crisply. "Don't need this job, huh?" She examined one neatly manicured hand, then folded them together on the desk and leaned slightly forward. "Then I guess Dean Goldman will be getting a nice letter saying that you were canned from your internship for... oh, insubordination and unprofessionalism." Her tone grew harsh. "Sound good to you? Tough luck for your course grade, I guess. How's that honors program working out for you?"

Jason stopped moving toward the door. He couldn't think of anything to say.

"Or maybe," said Kathy, her tone softening very slightly, "you can take care of my, ah, office needs, do a good job as an intern, and your employment future will look much brighter. Got it?" She stared evenly at Jason, raising her eyebrows a tiny bit.

He felt like his knees were going to buckle. After a moment, Jason just nodded.

"Good," said his boss dismissively, returning to her work. A long moment passed.

Jason stood there awkwardly, listening to the sound of tapping keys. Then: "So... um...," he said weakly, "What should..."

"Under the desk," said Kathy curtly, without looking at him. Jason swallowed, then circled the large desk nervously. His new boss was wearing a linen skirt which reached to slightly above the knees and clung tightly to her pertly rounded hips. She scooted her desk chair aside for a moment, exposing a cavernous space beneath the desk which was easily large enough for him to crouch in. Feeling an unsettling mixture of ridiculous and scared, Jason brushed past her legs and crawled into the dark, sawdust-smelling compartment.

Kathy rolled her chair back in, narrowly missing running over Jason's hand, and returned to her spreadsheet. After a second, however, she paused and gently tugged her skirt up her hips until it formed a bunched-up ring. Underneath, in the dim light, he saw a pair of white satin panties, with a dramatic and unmistakeable bulge at the front. He suddenly realized that he could make out the spicy odor of her pussy, mixed with a strange musky note.

Gulping, Jason reached slowly forward. Kathy's girlcock was warm and thick, and began to grow hard almost the instant that he pulled it through the leg of her panties, throbbing rigidly in his reluctant grasp. It rose smoothly from between two plump, swollen lips, its pink, walnut-shaped head seeming eerily feminine. In the dim light, it seemed to wink at him menacingly.

Jason forced back his revulsion, trying to keep his mind on thoughts of his future employment prospects. He slowly leaned forward and took the spongy tip of Kathy's cock gingerly between his lips. "Get on with it," came muffled from above. Suddenly, his boss drove her hips forward, thrusting the thick meat impatiently into his mouth.

"Mmfrg!" gurgled Jason as his mouth was suddenly stuffed with her swollen shaft. He heard the desk chair begin to creak as Kathy rocked back and forth, cramming her throat-stuffing length in and out of his face. As he gasped for breath, he heard Kathy say, "Come on, hurry up." Jason recoiled and drew back from his boss' choking cock, bumping his head against the side panel and coughing loudly. "Suck hard," came her voice again, mixed with a quiet laugh.

Catching his breath and blinking back tears of anger and shame, Jason took Kathy's thick girlcock in hand again. The rigid, spongy flesh throbbed heavily in his hand as he squeezed it. Then, reluctantly, he ducked his head and went down on his boss. As Jason settled into a rhythm, letting her pulsing cockhead drag up and down his tongue and sucking hard with each stroke, Kathy seemed to relax back into her chair and let Jason service her. Once she drove her hips forward suddenly as he sank his lips down her shaft, jamming her cock into his throat. Jason choked and gagged, banging his head hard against the drawer and sending the pencils jumping. Kathy laughed. The soft click of the keyboard continued.

Jason couldn't tell how long he knelt under her desk, frantically sucking off his new boss. The compartment quickly grew hot and stuffy, his nostrils filling with a mix of sawdust, chair leather, and the steadily stronger scent of Kathy's spicy, dripping juices. All the while came the sound of typing, the occasional shift of her hips in her comfortable chair, the rustle of turning pages, and his own desperate slurps as he pumped her girlcock in and out of his mouth.

Suddenly Kathy sat rigid in her chair. For a moment Jason thought she was going to stand up, but then his boss' cock began to swell in his mouth, growing thicker and rock-hard. His mouth filled with a faintly salty musk as a thin trickle of cream dripped from Kathy's pulsating cockhead. Jason panicked, suddenly not sure what to do, and started to draw his lips back along the trembling shaft. Before he could move, his boss let out a muffled groan and stabbed her girlcock forward into his throat. Jason gagged as the swollen member burst, sending a long, fat rope of spunk splashing straight into his belly. He fought for air around the throat-clogging bulk of Kathy's cock, jet after endless jet of her girlcum draining into him with audible spurts.

"Stop!" Jason gurgled, struggling around the thick meat in his throat, and finally managed to lean back. Kathy's cock continued to pump out its thick load in thick, gooey pulses, her hot milk rapidly filling up Jason's mouth and forcing him to swallow again and again. He tried frantically to keep his nose and throat clear of Kathy's cum, as his slowly swelling stomach began to protest against the copious load of spunk pouring into it.

Finally the flow dwindled to a few stubborn squirts and stopped. The chair squeaked as Kathy leaned back, pulling her spent girlcock from Jason's mouth with a wet pop. She neatly tucked it away in her panties and pushed back from the desk. "You can get out now," she breathed.

Jason crawled out from under the desk, wincing as his legs had fallen asleep. Kathy was leaning back in her chair, watching him now with what might perhaps be a look of satisfaction on her face. "I guess you get the idea," she smirked. "Ever done that before?"

Jason scrambled to his feet. The warm, heavy load of spunk Kathy had pumped into his belly sloshed violently backwards and forwards as he stood up, and his belt felt painfully tight around his waist. He started to say something, but suddenly let out a wet belch.

Kathy laughed. Jason could feel his face burning, though his cum-packed stomach felt a lot better. His mouth still felt coated with her salty lust. "You're welcome, I guess," snickered his boss, regaining her composure. Kathy waved him out of the way, and Jason walked slowly around the desk. He resisted the urge to cradle his bloated gut in one hand.

"So, um," mumbled Jason, fighting another burp. "What..."

"They'll find you a desk or something," said Kathy with another wave of her hand, gesturing towards the door and turning back to her work. "That will be all. For today, anyway."

Jason put his hand on the doorknob.

"Oh," added his new boss, the sound of the keyboard beginning again. "Congratulations on your internship. I'm sure at least one of us will enjoy this summer."

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