tagExhibitionist & VoyeurScenes from a Starbucks

Scenes from a Starbucks


It's one of my favorite things to do. I get up around 9am, reach for my pipe and get some good hits of weed and take a shower. By the time the water is hot, my cock is reacting to the pot and the heat of the liquid falling over me. It's all I can do to not jack-off right here and now.

But that's not what I want. Not right now.

I get dressed. A nice black turtleneck sweater and my favorite jeans. They're very worn soft... a light blue. I wear nothing under them. The fabric will hug every curve and definition from my legs, to my thighs, to my ass and my cock. You can clearly see the outline of the shaft and how it curves up at the middle. When I'm fully hard, you can also see the outline of the head.

I love how it shows me off.

I take a few more hits and then I'm out the door. Walking, of course, I never drive on this stuff. I make my way across the street to the small shopping complex. There's a Nobb Hill Grocery store that I enter first. Just to walk around the aisles.

I'm into being watched. I've always been aware of the fact that I'm looked at by women. I'm 20, 6'3", dark hair, blue eyes, 220pnds. I swam in school and still work out in the pool. I have a 28" waist and 7"under the jeans. It's very thick, with lots of veins running up to the head. I also keep it shaved clean.

I can see some women glance down as I pass by. It sends a tiny jolt of electricity through my system.

I'm now at Starbucks, next to the grocery store. I'm at the far table in the back and I'm looking at the crowd as they come in. Who would I fuck if I had the chance? I'm always looking at women and how they dress... how they walk and how they move.Women are very sensuous creatures and I love studying them.

There's an older woman sitting outside with a man. She has short red hair, and glasses. She's wearing a red turtleneck and jeans tucked into black leather boots. She has an amazing smile and appears to enjoy laughing. She's very sexy. She has a sort of confidence that you can't help but be drawn to.

I wonder if she's fucked that man she's with. Was she loud, or in control or did he dominate her? My mind races with scenarios.

MMmmmmm waitaminute... a girl in her mid-twenties has walked in with a laptop in hand. Dark hair, pretty eyes, petite... but built solid. All in black. Black designer tank top, black bra strap showing off the shoulder, dark sunglasses pushed up onto her hair. Black jeans and shoes.

She leans back in her seat as she intensely studies her screen. She glances at anyone walking by. I wonder if she's having some hot chat with a mystery person. She keeps biting her straw at the tip as she reads, chin resting on her hand. Does she realize the natural beauty in her..?

A couple is sitting right next to my table. He's short... her size, but he has her in the palm of her hand. Look how she looks at him as they speak. She's cute. Lots of brown highlighted hair, pulled back into a flurry of a ponytail. She's got great breasts that look the slightest bit heavy for her. She has a checkered pink/white button-up, short-sleeve shirt with a jeans skirt. He's getting sugar for their coffee behind me and every time she turns back to speak with him, I have a clear view between the buttons of her shirt to her breasts, resting in her white bra.

He's right behind me. I wonder if he has any clue that I'm talking about his girlfriend. About her tits, her ass... how I'd love to suck those tits on the table right here.

No. He has no idea. They're walking out. Mmmmmm he should fuck her when they get home.

Laptop girl is smiling at the screen. A secret lover on the other end..? Is she revealing a dark side of herself to someone she doesn't know..? I'm looking at her as she eats a sandwich slowly... eyes never coming off that screen. She doesn't bit into the sandwich.. she, instead, tears a part of it off and feeds it to her mouth as she reads. Very sexy.

She's seen me looking towards her. MmmMMMm if she only knew. I'd love to be on my knees under that little table, licking her cunt as she types her erotica to her mystery man. I wonder how she cums. Does she talk dirty during sex..? Intriguing.

My cock is so hard. Here in public, in this Starbucks. I'm going to walk over to the napkins... see if anyone looks.

She didn't look... but an older woman did. A pretty long look. A charge runs through me as my cock pulsates... a delicious throb that nearly causes me to shudder. I pretended that I couldn't see her.

I'm looking at you laptop girl... as you gently bite on your thumbnail. Is he getting you hot there..? She's standing now. Fucking cute figure. Small tits, but an incredible ass. I can put my drink on her ass and it wouldn't fall. She seems to have an oral fixation.

I'm looking directly into her eyes. Look over here.

A woman and her son walk past the window. Nice tits.... nice dress. Yes, boy... I'm mentally fucking your mother in the ass as you walk by. She's not mom right now. She's a hot woman... one I could plow my cock into.

She looked at me. MmmMmm... laptop girl made eye contact.

I'll be jacking off to her when I get home. Drop all those loads all over me as I think of her sitting there. I'll aim for her neck and let it all run down, before I lick it off.

A gorgeous brunette in low cut jeans just walked in. Wow. I mean WOW.

Father and son just walked in. They're behind the woman. She's fucking hot. Mid 30's..? She looks like Padma from TOP CHEF. Sunglasses prevent me from seeing her eyes. That is an incredible body.

The kid, 13 maybe, is checking out her ass. Lol.. He'll beat off when he gets home, for sure. I did at that age. Look at him take it all in. Father is ordering drinks... and son is fixated on the woman in front of him. I remember being that age... everything was so fucking sexual and new. MmMMMmmm... the journey had just begun.

Oh shit. A younger woman, my age walked in. Short black skirt. Long legs. Great face and hair. mMMMmmm... I'm looking at you. Where do those long legs go to..? Paradise. She's tan... very tan and she keeps brushing her hair back. Every inch of her is hot to the touch.

She does ballet moves as she waits her turn. Devastating smile. Her little black leather pocket purse hangs off her left shoulder. I'd love to push her against the deli glass and pull her skirt up to see that ass. My cock has throbbed three times since I've looked at her.

Laptop girl is smoking a cigarette. If I knew her chat name, I'd love to send her a message. Maybe she wouldn't know it's me. I'd see how raunchy I could be with her sitting there. There's a group of people standing behind her. She looks annoyed as she waits for them to leave. That hanging bra strap is hot. So is the way she tries to hide the fact that she knows I've been looking at her. She looks flustered a bit. Is it me..? MmMMMm... I love it.

Skirt girl has left. The girl can walk. Look at that move.

I'll have her image in my mind too when I'm getting off.

Latop girl is leaning over a chair to pick up her bag. Goddamn that is some hot ass. She's inside now... inches from my table. I'm hard for you. I want to fuck you. You have no idea I'm writing this... and it's about you. And that amazing ass in those black jeans. Your bared shoulders and that black bra strap. That ponytail and those eyes. That mouth. MMMMM could I fuck your mouth.?

She's gone. Skirt girl is walking outside with her boyfriend, holding his hand. They walk as though they're clothes drying on the line in a gentle breeze. He's a lucky man to be hitting that. I'd do it often if I were him.

Time passes. I check my email.

There's now a woman sitting in front of me. Full figured. Dark hair and eyes. Black shirt that reads NAUGHTY on it. Lol. Nice tits. Nice eyes and lips. How naughty are you, bitch..? Could you take what's in my mind..? Me tying you up, all spread out to me. I'd use your toys on you and go down with you aggressively. Squirm all you want, you won't be freed until you cum in my mouth. Then I'll kiss that tiny mouth of yours so you can taste yourself.

Father and son walk out... he takes one last look at the hot woman in sunglasses, who's now sitting and on the phone. Yeah... I don't blame you kid. That's beat-off material if ever there was.

A friend of my mother's just walked in. Hi, Gloria... I'm writing porn as we speak. You're talking about how jennifer is coming home from college for the summer and the whole time, I'm typing about how I'm looking at your body and thinking about all the times I've masturbated about you in the shower. I'd love to fuck you in the ass... you have such a great ass. Love that low-cut white sweater you have on. DD's I'm sure. Heavy. I'd love to just grab them and shoot my load over them.

She's sitting at the nearby table. Reading her paper. MMmmmmm... do I dare do it..? This would be hot. Or I could get in fucking trouble. But I'm so stoned and hot at the same time and there's Gloria... without Alan. All alone. Sucking that straw.

I'm going to get up... walk past her... get a napkin for her and offer it to her. When I do this, my cock will be right at face-level with her. MMmMmMMm... do I dare do this..? Flaunt my hard cock like this..? She's known me since I was a kid.

I'm going to do it. Be right back.

Fuckfuckfuck... I'm shivering a bit at what happened. I saw her watch me walk by, but I'm not sure if she saw it. Then, when I gave her the napkin.... she took a very long look at it while she said "thank you." She's got this slight smile as she's reading the paper.

You say the word, Gloria and it's all yours. Goddamn that was fucking hot. I even twitched it a bit in front of her.

Time to head back. I need to jack off.

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