tagTransgender & CrossdressersScenes: Jasmine's Release

Scenes: Jasmine's Release


Authors Note: This is the latest installment to my Scenes series. It is basically a sex scene between two people so don't expect lots of background on either of them. This story was inspired by JasmineTS. This is a transgender story so if this subject doesn't appeal to you please stop reading now. For all the rest of you, enjoy the story and as always thank you for reading and commenting on my work.


I know I have to get ready for our evening out but I just can't get work out of my mind. I need this evening to relax or I'm going to become a basket case. Jasmine has been looking forward to it all week so I don't want to disappoint her by being somewhere else in my head. She has an unusual calming effect on me and I've grown to appreciate it and her for all the other things she brings into my life.

Entering the bedroom, I see Jasmine standing nearly naked at the large picture window. She's wearing her favorite black lace garter belt along with some sheer black, back seamed stockings. I notice her matching bra and panties are still sitting on the bed, telling me something outside has distracted her from getting dressed. Her left hand is on the heavily tinted glass as she stands with her feet shoulder width apart. Her attention is focused on the shirtless men below, working on the road. Her right hand is stroking her hard cock slow and steady. I smile thinking to myself, 'What a naughty girl.'

I marvel at her statuesque beauty. At 5'-11", Jasmine's body has a sinuous feline appearance. Her long frame resembles that of a big cat; muscles tense as if ready to pounce, accentuating her feminine curves. Her breasts, a perky B cup, fit nicely in my hand and her smooth brown skin is soft as silk. That thick black mane of hers falls just below her shoulder blades like a shimmering flow of pure jet. I can't see Jasmine's pretty face but I can imagine her chocolate eyes are burning with ardent desire while she coyly bites her lower lip, considering which one of them she wants to start with. It may make us late but I've got to have her. Removing my clothes so as not to alert her of my presence, a stealthily make my move.

I quietly step up behind her; my right arm encircling her waist, pulling her to me while my left hand cups one of her firm breasts. Jasmine jumps when she feels my stiff cock wedge into the crack of her ass, she knows she's been caught. My hand replaces hers stroking her ridged dick. It's slick with her pre-cum and throbbing with her arousal. Now having both hands on the glass, Jasmine arches her back, making her puckered opening more accessible to me.

I glide my slick hard cock up and down the length of her cleft, coating it with my pre-cum while my right hand resumes stroking her member. Her breathing has quickened and she's moaning softly, thrusting back into me; eager to have me penetrate her. I roll her hard nipple between my fingers making Jasmine gasp.

"Don't tease me," she pants, still focused on the workmen, "Fuck me...Please fuck me."

I nuzzle her neck and give her earlobe a playful nip then whisper, "But you've been naughty..."

Tilting her head skyward, she groans deeply as I tease her anus with the head of my cock then return to sliding it along her crack. She's trembling with excitement and frustration; I'm going to make Jasmine cum but not just yet. I continue tormenting her with my hands and my steely cock, bringing her to the edge then backing off to let her calm down.

"Please...Please fuck me," she begs, desperation filling her voice, "Let me cum..."

"Are you gonna be a good girl?"

"Yes...I promise," she pleads.

I grip her breast firmly, tweaking the nipple with my fingers. I place the head of my cock against her opening and slowly push the slick tip inside her.

"OH FUCK YES!" she cries, driving her hips back to get all of me into her tight hole.

I hold myself fully sheathed in her ass for a few moments, feeling her clench and grip my invading member. I withdraw and thrust back in while stroking her cock in time with my actions. Jasmine begins to meet my thrusts with her own as I ramp up the speed and force. I can feel her trembling and I know she's close to orgasm.

"Are you ready to cum for me?" I ask with a sudden abrupt thrust.

"Yes...Yes...Make me cum..."

I roll my hips a few times side to side, drawing out the torture. Jasmine is panting with frustrated desire, waiting for me to release her. Her tight ass is pulling at my cock and if I let her continue that much longer, I'm going to cum myself. It's time to give her what she needs.

"I want you to cum for me right now," I growl in her ear.

My hips are slamming into her firm butt cheeks urgently and my hand is a blur on her shaft. Jasmine suddenly tenses then lets out a groan, painting the window with her hot seed. It splatters on the glass and drips toward the floor. I'm about to cum as well so I yank my cock from her ass and spin Jasmine around. She instinctively drops to her knees in front of me, knowing what I'm about to do. Her mouth is open and her eyes shut as the first rope of pearly cum lands in her mouth and on her chin. I stroke my member to coat her face and chest with my sperm until I'm spent.

Jasmine takes me into her mouth and quickly sucks and licks every last drop from my cock, cleaning me from head to balls. When she's done I see her scooping my cum from her face and chest with her hands, licking her cream covered fingers. She smiles up at me and I can't help but admire her beauty and raw sexuality. She starts to stand up but I stop her and point to the window.

"Don't forget to clean up your mess," a stern grin on my face.

Her sultry smile is filled with fiery lust. She makes a wicked show of cleaning the glass with her tongue, lapping and lewdly slurping her seed from the window. Arching her back and swaying her hips, she releases her inner exhibitionist for my viewing pleasure. It definitely has the desired effect on me as I feel my cock stirring once more. Jasmine taps into my sexual side like no other woman has before. She knows what buttons to push and when to push them. When she finishes with the task at hand, she turns to face me, still on her knees.

"It looks like someone is getting aroused again," cocking her head, Jasmine crawls toward me, "I'd better make sure."

"Make sure of what?" I look toward the clock on the nightstand.

Jasmine sees me do that then takes my recovering cock in hand, "Don't worry, we've got enough time for you to fuck me again and still make it to the restaurant on time."

She stands and pushes me to the bed. I fall backward and pull her with me. Jasmine wastes no time and kneels at my side. Her mouth engulfs my semi hard member, working her magic on me. I can't help but groan from her amazing oral skill; she sucks cock with a passion. As soon as she's satisfied I'm ready, Jasmine rolls onto her back, spreading her stocking clad legs wide.

I was between those legs in a flash. My cock head rested at her puckered entrance and when I felt her relax, I eased myself in. We both moaned and she pulled me down in a fierce embrace. Her legs locked around me and I was in heaven. I slowly thrust in and out, enjoying the snug grip of her tight ass. Taking one of her erect nipples into my mouth, I lashed at it with my tongue making Jasmine moan louder.

Her silky legs caressed my sides and ass urging me on. I felt like a teenager again around this twenty-four year old beauty. That was saying a lot considering I'm twice her age. We are truly and odd pair but we just seem to fit. Age, race, gender, none of it mattered for us; we're just two people enjoying life with one another.

I must have slowed down or Jasmine was just getting impatient for another orgasm of her own so she rolled me to the right and took over. I didn't mind because it would allow me to focus more on her beautiful bouncing boobs. She quickly straddled me, riding my cock with a vengeance. Her cock was also rock solid. So hard in fact it was barely moving as she bounced on my lap. I could feel myself rapidly closing in on another release and I think she could read my mind.

"I want you to cum in me again," Jasmine purred, "I'm gonna put in my silver butt plug so I can feel your cum sloshing inside me all evening."

Like I said, she knows what buttons to push and when. Her words were like a magical order I couldn't resist. I felt my balls tighten and my cock swell in preparation of filling Jasmine with my cream. I made a throaty grunt and unleashed a torrent of hot cum into her body. She must have been close too because the moment I started painting her insides with sperm, her ass clenched and she coated my stomach and chest with her cum.

We panted and moaned, bounced and jerked as we rode out our respective orgasms. It didn't take long and I was spent again. Jasmine continued rolling her hips while looking down at me with a smug satisfied smile. I pulled her down to me for a passionate kiss, our first real kiss since we started. Her soft lips and agile tongue joined mine for several minutes until she sat up again.

Jasmine reached for the nightstand and removed a shiny butt plug then rolled off me and inserted it before any of my cum could escape. She then licked every bit of her cum from my body. Let me tell you that was an incredibly sensual experience. She lay down beside me for a moment, cuddling like a satisfied kitten. I stroked her lush hair, enjoying the afterglow with her.

"You need to take a shower," she stated, pushing herself up on an elbow, "And I need to finish getting dressed."

I reluctantly rolled over and sat up on the side of the bed. I picked up her bra and panties and handed them to her.

"I think you're gonna need these," I said as I stood.

She took them and gave my ass a firm smack, "You'd better hurry or we're gonna late. I'm gonna need a nice meal for what I've got planned when we get back."

I could see that mischievous smile and knew she meant business as I made my way to the bathroom. I just hoped I'd survive the night.

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