tagNovels and NovellasSchool Aide Ch. 01

School Aide Ch. 01



It was my last term of my senior year in high school. I finally had something called a free period. At 18 I had enough credits including my current term's courses to graduate. Thus I had one period out of the day that I didn't need a class to fulfill graduation requirements. My scheduling allowed me to have my free period as the last period of the day.

Down side, I still had remain on school premises.

So, I decided to see if they needed any help in one of the offices.

As luck would have it, I was able to be of assistance in one of the counselor offices. Ms. "A" was the counselor I was assisting. I mainly did filing chores or went to a classroom to summon a student for a consult with Ms. "A", and then escort the student back to class. Time generally passed by quickly. I looked forward to my free period, as Mrs. "A" was a wet dream for me.

She had frosted silvery hair. In her early forties. About 5 feet 2 inches. Petite in stature, with small, pert breasts. I guessed them to be a handful, which later on would define my standard for perfection.

But her greatest features were her legs. She wore short dresses that barely came to mid thigh, and showed off her figure. She also had light blue/gray eyes that seem to always sparkle. When she smiled, her eyes would twinkle. Her eyes suggested a lot of life behind them.

I think that she was not aware of how her dress affected me.

On many occasions I would catch my breath as I watched her bend over to retrieve a file, watching the dress ride higher and higher up. Revealing more and more of her shapely, supple legs. I often imagined that I might someday get luck and see a glimpse of a stocking top, and hint of bare skin. Her legs were truly a sight to behold and enjoy. And as I said I did believe that she was unaware of how her charms affected me. On these occasions, my cock would swell, causing me to shudder as it wrestled to find freedom from the tight confines of my jeans.

As summer was drawing upon us, her dresses grew lighter in weight, and on occasion more revealing. It was for these days that I lived.

One dress that I can still see in my mind and causes my cock to still flutter is a light green one. Scoop cut, low enough, that when she leaned forward, I could see her silky pale green bra encasing her wondrous orbs. Her breasts seemed to form two perfect mounds, with a small valley between. My cock would give me fits as my eyes enjoyed the vision before me. My imagination completed the image by seeing two hard eraser tips jutting out from the very tip of those heavenly hills. Two engorged nubs that would be so sweet to feel between my lips, and the beginning of a mouthful of her sumptuous treats. Ahhhhhh, I silently sighed as I felt pre-cum ooze out of the tip of my cock and a growing wet spot wet my cockhead.

I noticed that Ms. "A" was looking at me with a amusing expression on her face. I think she enjoyed my growing blush as I quickly looked askance, the blush my outward sign of being caught with my hand in the cookie jar. A cookie jar worth enjoying as I was to find out later.

After being caught, I noticed that Ms. "A" leaning forward on several occasions, always catching my glances, and always smiling as I blushed. I think she enjoyed knowing that she had a hold on me. On one occasion, she came around from behind her desk, and casually sat on top of it. I was seated at my work area, and when I looked up, I saw her sitting right across from me.

My heart caught in my throat.

Her legs crossed over at the ankles, but what had my riveted attention was the hemline of her dress. It was now just inches below her thighs. I was treated to a vista of her shapely legs as never seen before. I could see the green cast shadows of her stocking clad thighs beneath the dress. I could see where the seam where the leggings gave way to the crotch. And I could see a teasing hint of the pale green of her panties. And my cock was like a flagpole, desperately trying to find room to worm its way into.

Then her legs crossed.

And I almost swooned. As I caught the briefest of glimpses of more of her panties, before settling for a glimpse of her thigh almost to her shapely ass.

At long last, I looked up, and was greeted with a look of amusement and bedevilment. Ms. "A" was in control and she knew it. Our relationship was taking a turn.

Ms. "A" slipped off the desk, but not before giving me a melting micro glimpse of her panty covered pussy, as she slid off. I was spellbound. After all, I was an eighteen year old testosterone factory, in a school with 6,000 males. Yes, I was attending an all male school. And the woman staffers knew this! Over the course of four years of enduring several teachers teasing, I had come to appreciate this quality in a woman. Lord knows, they were fully aware of their potential power.

As I said earlier, the school year was drawing to a close.

I two short weeks I will have fulfilled my rite of passage. I would graduate.

Little did I realize just how much the upcoming two weeks would be in fulfilling this rite of passage, or that graduation would mean more than just cap and gown.

Ms. "A" seemed to be more relaxed and open after the little teasing incident.

Her demeanor changed. I felt as if I had crossed a line. I was no longer just an aide. We chatted more. And on occasion, when she knew the coast was clear, would innocently bend over, providing me with a peek of her heavenly orbs, or a glimpse of her luscious thighs. She knew that I found her attractive, and I sensed that she enjoyed this knowledge that she owned a part of me.

It was the next to last Friday before graduation.

She wore the same light green dress that she had worn the day she found out that she could easily have my undivided attention. Same silky, shimmering, pale green bra. Those two magnificent orbs topped with two eraser tips poking through. She enjoyed my apparent discomfort as my cock fought for any free space to claim.

It was just passed the end of the day, the dismissal bell had rung several minutes ago, and the pandemonium of 6,000 students eagerly seeking exit had died down to a trickle.

We were alone in her office. She closed the door, and pulled the window curtain down. I heard the clasp of the lock being engaged. My heart felt like a jackhammer. What was up?

Ms. "A" turned around and leaned back against the door. Was it for support? I don't know, but with her hands clasped behind her, her chest stood out, and for the first time, I had a sense of her breasts straining to be free. It was only in my imagination, but I could see her firm breasts, pushing against the confines of their silky captors, begging for release.

Her perplexed look suggested she was wondering what was going through my hormone addled mind.

She then came over and slipped up onto her desk, facing me.

Her feet dangling.

Her thighs slightly parted.

And time stood still.

My eyes riveted.

My heart feeling like it was going to burst.

My ears picking up the sound of the pounding surf – my heart beating so loudly.

Beneath the green cast shadows of her dress I could see that she was wearing a different type of pantyhose. Something I hadn't seen her wear before. Before I was witness to glimpses of her supple thighs beneath a thin layer of pantyhose. On that memorable day just a couple of weeks earlier, when I had been given a tease of a view of her panties, it was beneath her pantyhose. Today the pantyhose had been replaced a different style. One I had never imagined existed. For you see, I was still a virgin. I was not worldly wise or even sexually street smart. So what I was seeing was both highly arousing and new. In more ways than one.

Ms. "A" was wearing a pair of pantyhose that was crotchless. I was treated to a view of the top of the sheer material, and bare skin above.

And as she slowly parted her legs, I was privileged to a most private show of her most intimate self.

It was my first time seeing a woman's glory in the flesh. Up to that moment, my sightings of this most holy of shrines was confined to Playboy magazines. Ms. "A" had them beat!

Her pussy was neatly groomed, with just her lips framed with silky snow colored glistening hair. Glistening and shiny from what evidently was her nectar. I might have been a virgin, but I did have some rudimentary understanding of biology, and knew that when a woman was excited, she would glisten here.

I could see that her lips were puffy, and her pussy looked like a flower, with the petals unfolding.

I sat there transfixed, and unable to move.

And before I knew it, the curtains closed. She slid of the desk, came over to me, and gave me a hug. I felt her firm pert breasts pres against me, and felt her right leg press knowingly against my hard cock.

She ran her fingers through my hair, and said that she had a special graduation gift for me. Could I pick it up at her apartment. Tomorrow.

I didn't have any plans for Saturday, and nodded silently, cursing myself inwardly for being so naïve, and appearing to be such a twit. But, looking back, I think it was my lack of understanding in these matters that appealed to Ms. "A".

She smiled and gave me her address and directions. Three O'clock. And I was in a fog. I felt her tousle my hair as we un-embraced. The last thing I remember before I walked out of her office was her smile.

I was walking on air on knees made of rubber.

My cock chaffing with each step.

I made it home, but could not recall the journey.

The object of my focus and vision, the woman who would define both physical and spiritual high water marks for my transcendence from boyish loaf to early adulthood.

Ms. "A" would set in motion an appreciation of the finer qualities that maturity offers in the seasoning of experience.

To Be Continued...

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