tagMatureSchool Aide Ch. 05

School Aide Ch. 05


The sensations of her pussy massaging my cock were too much, and I let loose.

I could feel spurt after spurt of my cum shoot forth. It felt like ropes of cum erupting.

And suddenly her pussy was now more slippery.

As she continued to rock back and forth, we could hear squishing sounds, as my cum began to ooze out of her.

We both laughed as it sounded funny to both of us. She marveled at the amount of cum that she felt flooding her within. She said she could feel several of the blasts.

I told her again that I was a virgin and this was my first time. I thought I saw her shudder slightly when I said this.

I couldn't imagine losing my virginity to anyone else.

After my deflowering I was now able to enjoy the sensations of making love. Her pussy felt incredible, soft, warm, like a velvet glove.

Her pussy felt molded to my cock.

She continued to ride me, marveling at the fact that I had just cum, and that I was still rock hard.

I cupped her swaying breasts and enjoyed rolling her nipples, and tugging on them. Seeing them pull her breasts taut. Evidently it must have sent a current through her as I felt her pussy clutch at my cock. She leaned forward, and those glorious mounds moved closer and closer.

Until the hard pink tips brushed back and forth across my lips. As the fullness of her breasts massaged my face. The scent of her body splash overwhelming my nostrils, pressed deeply in the valley of those soft, hot supple orbs.

My lips part and wrap themselves around one of the hard nubs. Feeling the microridges of the folded engorged tissue. Sucking greedily. My tongue flicks across the uneven terrain of this morsel. My lips rubbing across the outer pick circles of this bullseye. I feel the little bumps within the pick circle graze my lips.

My mouth opens wider, and the hard nubbin slips inside. My tongue lathers it as I suck in the handful of softness. I gently bite down, sucking. Feeling her firmness beneath the softness. My cock twitches as my mind envisions her feeding me. I gently buck back and forth. I would gladly spend eternity here. But her other breast deserves to be attended to.

I slowly pull my head back, drawing her nipple outward, enjoying the feeling of it stretching out from her. Feeling it become taut and straining as I continue to draw her nipple out.

I suddenly release my hold on her nipple and feel it slip out from between my lips.

My tongue leaves a wet trail from the ravaged nipple, through the warm valley to the hard nub of her other breast. I enjoy feeling her press herself against my hungry mouth. Mashing her supple flesh on me. Feeding her desire and arousal.

My fingers holding her in place, as they cup and knead her sexy ass. Her pussy, dripping with her essence, bathing my impaled cock with this offering.

I continue to orally pleasure her breast, while my fingers caress her ass, working ever closer to the warm, satiny smooth center of the valley between those two full cheeks. Her pussy rewarding me with a continual stream of her flowing honey.

She rears back, pulling her glistening breast from my wanting mouth, as my finger presses against her sensitive back door. Her eyes clinched tightly shut, her breathing deep and ragged

She pushes backward.

Is she inviting my finger to slip past the satiny softness of her rosebud. Would she welcome my finger penetrating her.

She bucks back.

And my finger suddenly slips into her.

It is so warm.

And tight.

Her ring clutches at my knuckle.

And my finger feels like it is wrapped in warm, soft silk.

I move it in a lazy circular motion, enjoying the feeling of the resilient glove like texture, occasionally feeling it press against my hard cock just a thin membrane away.

A moan escapes from her as she pushes back hard. Burying my finger to the hilt in her hot tight cavity. My hand pressed in the valley between, feeling the hot humid wetness of her other cavity oh so close at hand.

My finger buried deep within her backyard, while she has my cock impaled deeply in her front yard. A moment of pure ecstasy.

She slowly moves back and forth, riding my finger. Her ring slipping up and down, caressing me. I am amazed at the heat surrounding my finger. And the softness. It feels like my finger is buried in warm butter. Sliding in and out as she continues to gently rock back and forth. Pleasuring both places. Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

I feel as if I am in heaven. Her hips undulating, riding my embedded finger, and my impaled cock. Impaled might not be the right word, as her pussy is a most welcome hostess. Her pussy has made me feel so at home. Inviting, gracious, warm, beckoning.

Her eyes open slowly, looking dreamily, and with a sigh and a sexy smile, she asked me if I was up for more.

To Be Continued...

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