tagErotic HorrorSchool Crossing Guard Ch. 02

School Crossing Guard Ch. 02


"Do you like my body?" She said moving her arms away from her body so that I could see all of her in one look. She was stunning naked and she knew it.

She was one of those few people who looked better without their clothes than with their clothes. All of us benefit from wearing some article of clothing to hide our imperfections, but she had none. She was flawless. She could have worked as a nude artist's model. With a flat, toned stomach, developed thighs and calves, and a round ass, yet without the muscularity of an ice skater, she had a dancer's body. Actually, I found it hard to believe that she was able to hide this body beneath that drab school crossing guard uniform.

"Yes, you have a fabulous body," I said cupping her breasts.

She had firm tits. Her tits were much bigger than Amanda's tits. Amanda was an A cup. Dot was definitely a C cup. Her pubic hair was trimmed and, although her pubic hair was darker than her head hair, she was definitely a natural blonde.

"Is my body better than Amanda's body?"

"What? Amanda? Please no, I don't want to talk about her, now, especially now, when I am in bed with you." I cringed and suddenly was overwhelmed with guilt. It was disturbing that she would mention Amanda's name at a time like this. Moreover, why would she need reassurance about her body when she had a body like that?

"Do you like my tits?" She said looking down at her breasts and sticking out her chest.

"I love your tits. They are so—"

"Are they bigger than, you know—?"

"Please stop." I could not believe this woman was comparing herself to my dead wife. I looked at her in horrified disbelief.

"I'm sorry, I was only trying to—"

"Trying to make me lose my erection and trying to make me not want you? Well, you succeeded." I stood up, gathered my clothes, and quickly dressed to leave.

"Don't go." She sat up in bed allowing the sheet to collect around her hips.

"This isn't working," I said staring at her tits. Her nipples were so erect. "I'm sorry." I could feel my cock begin to harden again. "It's too soon to be in another relationship." Yet, I knew that there was no way that I was leaving and leaving her. There was something about her that drove me wild with desire for her.

She really did have wonderful tits, so round, so firm, and so high up and I am such a sucker for a nice set of knockers. It took all the self-control that I had not to lunge at her tits and take her big nipples in my mouth, again. Her tits did not sag at all. Her nipples were pink, puffy, and perfect.

"I understand." She took my hand. "I can be more like her...or not. I was just trying to see what you like and the kind of woman you want. I can be whomever you want.

I spotted her orange safety vest hanging up with her hat over it. Her white gloves were together on the bureau. I wanted to gather them and bring them over to her.

"Just be yourself." I felt her fingers wishing she was wearing those white gloves. "You are the woman who I was attracted to," her tits gave me goose bumps, "just be yourself." I so wanted her to put on her hat and have her blow me. "I don't want you to be anyone else."

I wanted to ask her to put on her uniform but I felt that I would weird her out asking her that, especially now, when I am telling her to be herself. This was not the right time to ask her to role play the school crossing guard to satisfy my sexual fantasy. I fantasized about feeling her big tits through the material of her orange safety vest, to have her curl her white gloved fingers around my cock as she stroked me, and then to blow me while she wore her school crossing guard hat.

"You are right. I wish I had your confidence."

"Good, I just don't want to even think about Amanda, right now."

She nodded her head in agreement and lifted my hand to her mouth, and started sucking my index finger as if it was my cock. Damn, if there is one thing that drives me wild with passion, with horniness, and with imagery, it when a woman sucks my fingers as if she is blowing. I closed my eyes and imagined my cock in her mouth with her wearing her hat.

"I love you."

My eyes popped open. She was looking up at me with stars in her eyes while giving head to my index finger.

"What?" I could not believe my ears. I needed her to repeat what she had just said to make sure that I did not imagine it.

"I love you," she said removing my finger from her mouth and then reinserting it deeper.

"You love me! What do you mean you love me? We've only just met." I pulled my hand away.

"I've always loved you," she smiled that smile that made her look incredibly pretty, "since the first day I saw you."

"I've only just started walking the kids to school."

"No, you are wrong," she said shaking her head. "I saw you 3 years ago when you and Amanda walked Ashleigh to school on her first day. I was there. I crossed the three of you. That was the first time that I saw you. That was when I fell in love with you." She smiled up at me and took my hand, again. "You were so handsome in your blue pinstriped suit and red and blue geometric tie." She put my hand on her breast and I fondled her tit. "It was love at first sight."

My mind was reeling. She remembers what I wore three years ago when I don't remember what I wore yesterday. She loves me. I can't believe this whacky woman loves me. WTF! She is creeping me out. Has she been seriously lusting over me for three years? Has she been longing after me? Has she been masturbating over my image? All the times that she crossed me and my kids, she never made a move, she never confessed her desire for me, and she never said anything.

"Dot, I don't understand, why didn't you—"

She pulled me back in bed, unbuckled and unzipped my pants, and took me in her mouth. She was really going at my cock giving me a fantasy blow job with a lot of head bobbing, sucking sounds, moaning, and hand movement. It had been several months since I have had my cock in a woman's mouth and have felt that incredible sensation and it did not take me very long to show her my desire for her, again. Yet, never have I had a blow job like this. This was an interactive video blow job that you only read about in fiction and not in reality. Yet, here I was getting the real thing. Still hard even after I cam in her mouth, we made love again. She made me cum twice already. Even when I was a horny, hormone driven teenager, never have I cum more than three times and now I cam off for the third time exploding a big load of cum in her mouth. She was a sexual animal.

She made me forget the conversation we just had. She erased my mind of all my thoughts with this unbelievable blow job she just gave me and with the sexual pleasure of making me cum three times, once from fucking her, and once from making love with her, and now again with an outrageous blow job.

Then, if that was not enough, she had these incredible set of knockers. Being with Amanda and her A cup tits, I forgot what it was like to feel the weight of a big tit in the palm of my hand. I forgot what it is like to take a big nipple of a big tit in my mouth while my other hand kneads, fondles, and caresses her other tit. Then, to do her doggie style while reaching around and under her to take one of those huge knockers in each hand was, well, unbelievable, she was such a good lover. She was more than any guy would want, and she loves me. She fucking loves me. My mind was spinning.

My cock was still half hard and a little sore. As soon as I looked over at her orange vest with her hat hanging over it on a hook and the white gloves, her white gloves, tossed on her bureau like two severed hands from a cartoon character, I started getting hard, again.

"What are you on Viagra?" She looked down at my cock and took it in her hand. "You are insatiable." She laughed. "Never have I been able to find a man who can sexually satisfy me, until you." She started stroking me.

"Can you do me a favor?"

"Anything for you lover. Do you want me to suck your cock, again? Do you want to cum in my mouth, again?" She smiled. "I would suck your cock every day before you left for work if," she paused as if not sure if she should continue, "we were together."

Although, her comment about being together was premature, an understatement, as this was our first date, if you want to call having sex three times in 3 hours a first date. This entire day was crazy, so her comment was no less crazy. It all was just part and parcel to a zany day with the loony school crossing guard.

What the fuck! If she can ask me nutty things, I may as well go for it.

"Can you put your school crossing guard uniform on? I want to feel you through your uniform clothes. Then, I want to half undress you and fuck you while you are still wearing your orange safety vest and your white gloves."

She looked at me with excited anticipation.

"And after I fuck you, I want you to blow me while you are wearing your hat."

"And can you do me a favor?" She asked me the question giggling with glee and squirming all over the sheet.

"Anything Dot," I said with apprehension. I had no idea what the Hell she was going to ask me now. I figured she would ask me to marry her. Yet, I said, "At this point, Dot, if you wear that uniform, there is nothing that I won't do for you."

As soon as I said that, I wanted to take it back. Now, for sure, I knew she was going to ask me to marry her.

"Well," she turned red and was reluctant to continue in her request.

"Go ahead, don't be shy. I just asked if I could have sex with you while you wore your school crossing guard uniform. What could you possible ask me that is more deviant than that?"

"Well, when you are eating my pussy, can you call me Mommy?"

I looked at her. What the Hell, she really does have nice tits. If she wants to pretend to be my Mommy, who am I to deny her fantasy, especially when I want her to satisfy my school crossing guard fantasy. This would make such a great story for Literotica, I thought, if only I knew how to write it. (I'll be getting negative comments on this one, for sure.)

"You want me to call you Mommy like in a son calling his mother Mommy?"

"Yes," she rolled her eyes like she was going to faint, "Oh, God, yes."

She stuck two fingers in her pussy by her clit and started masturbating.

Over the months that followed, we became a couple. I wanted it to start slow, very slow. I was only looking for some comfort, a warm body to wake up to and pound when my thoughts of Amanda were so exhausting and draining that I felt like not continuing. I do not do well being alone. I need a woman in my life. I am sorry if that statement detracts from my love of Amanda or makes me sound shallow or fickle. I can assure you that I truly loved Amanda, as I have grown to love Dot. Only, I cannot be alone with myself. I do not have the self assurance to live alone. Conversely, Dot, the opposite of Amanda was a bit suffocating, draining, clingy, and too giving of herself. She could not do enough for me. She was always there. Sometimes, she made me feel claustrophobic. Yet, the sex, oh, my God, the sex, sex with her was non-stop incredible. Every day, yes, every day, multiple times a day, was like the first night of our Honeymoon. We fucked like demented dogs on hormones.

She with her baked casseroles, muffins, and gifts for the children was already in high gear. She was moving way too fast. She was acting so much like she was my wife, already, when I was still in love with Amanda and the thoughts of marrying again were in the distant future, if ever.

Then, a few months later, when she stayed the weekend and I was in the master bath showering, she was going through Amanda's closet trying on her clothes. To walk in the bedroom and see Dot in a dress that Amanda wore to Stephen's Christening was too much to take.

"Take that off! How dare you violate her memory and go through her things. Get out! Get out of my house." In hindsight, maybe, I overreacted. In hindsight, I wanted to rip the dress off her and take Amanda's dress to bed with me so that I could sleep soundly, finally, with the scent of her lingering perfume. In hindsight, I was crazy and still in love with Amanda. In hindsight, Dot did not deserve that hostility from me. In hindsight, I was falling in love with Dot, if only she would back off a little and give me some time and some breathing room.

I felt bad that I had been mean to her. I called her every day for a week and she did not answer her telephone. I went to her apartment and knocked on her door without answer. I unlocked her door and went inside. She lived plainly. Her apartment was so clean and neat. It made me want to move her into my house. My house was a bachelor's pad in comparison. I could not remember the last time that I vacuumed, even.

I found myself looking through some of her things not realizing that I was invading her privacy when there on her desk was a receipt from the junkyard for a headlight assembly for her Chevy pickup truck. She had a blue pickup truck. It was then that it occurred to me that it was the same make and color of the truck that killed Amanda. The police questioned her, now that I recall, they questioned everyone in town who had a pickup truck, no matter what the make, model, or color. They ruled her out because she was, after all, the school crossing guard and had an alibi. She knew everyone in town and everyone knew her. Besides, back then, she did not have a motive, until now. Now, I knew her motive. She loved me and has always loved me. She wanted me and Amanda was the only one standing in her way of getting me.

I reached for the telephone about the call the police. I could not do it. I loved her. I can't go through this again losing, yet, another woman that I love. Yet, she murdered Amanda. She is a murderer. Maybe, it was an accident. Maybe, someone else drove her truck. Maybe, it was just a coincidence that she needed a headlight assembly. It's an old truck after all.

I did not want to know. I went in her bathroom to check for any psychotic or anti-depressant medication. Still, it would not mean anything. Today, half the population of America is on some kind of mind altering medication. Besides, what did it matter, now? Amanda was dead.

What about my kids? What if she is a threat to my kids? Nah, she's a school crossing guard. She loves kids. It does not matter. I have to report her. I have to do it, if only for the memory sake of Amanda and if only to avenge her death.

I picked up the telephone again and started dialing the police when Dot appeared at her door.


"Dot!" I put the telephone down. "Where've you been? I've been looking for you for a week."

"I had to do some thinking about things, about us." She didn't smile. She looked sad. "I need to talk to you about something, something that will really upset you, I know, and something that may ruin our future together."

Fucking murderer, I knew it. That is what she wants to tell me. She wants to tell me that she murdered Amanda. She wants to confess. She probably cannot continue a relationship with me until she brings it all out in the open. Well, if she thinks that I will still have a relationship with her and that I won't turn her in, then she is crazier than I thought she was.

"I'm pregnant."

"What? You're what?"

"I'm pregnant. I forgot to take a birth control—"

"You're pregnant? With my baby?"

"Yes, with your baby, you goof. I haven't been with anyone else but you since I divorced my husband."

Suddenly, I thought about bringing her on the Murray Povich show to for a DNA test to prove or disprove that it is my baby. That's ridiculous. I'll just turn her in and the courts can give her a DNA test, and then, if it is my baby, she can have an abortion. I want nothing to do with her, now that I know she killed my wife, my baby, my Amanda.

"Dot, listen, I—" I looked down at the headlines of the newspaper that she held in her hand.


"They found Amanda's killer." She held up the newspaper.

I was sick. She handed me the newspaper and I stared through it. I really thought that she was the killer. I was about to call the police and report her. How could I think that?

"I was afraid that you would not want me once you found out that I was pregnant and that they found Amanda's killer. I figured all of that would be too much for you to handle." She started to cry.

I walked over to her and hugged her.

"It's okay," I said, "don't worry about anything."

"Don't worry," she said. "I'll have an abortion. I've already made the appointment."

"What? Abortion? Are you crazy?"

She looked up at me.

"I just thought that you would not want me and—"

"Let's get married."

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