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School Days


I'd been on my motorcycle for over five hours. I knew riding from Los Angeles to San Francisco would be a long trip but I was pretty sure my goal at the end of this ride would be worth it.

My destination was the Wabash School for Girls located in a rich suburb of San Francisco called Pleasanton. It was a boarding school my girlfriends parents had sent her to the week after they walked-in on the two of us having sex in her room at their house. A bit of an overreaction probably but her folks were never too keen on me anyways; after all my family wasn't rich, I hadn't gone to college for more than a semester, I didn't drive a new Camaro or a Mustang, rather my ride was an old Honda street bike I'd mostly re-built myself in my garage a year or so ago.

Karla and I still stayed close though. She'd been at the school about three months and every week or so she'd find a way to send me an E-mail letting me know what was going on. While not a religious school it was strict and prided it's self on a tradition discipline and order. It was an all girls school and they had to wear uniforms, couldn't have phones or TV's in their rooms. If she'd told me she got her knuckles smacked by a ruler I wouldn't have been surprised.

So I wasn't expecting to walk-up to the front gates and be welcomed inside. In fact Karla had no idea I was even making this trip. My intention was to sneak into her dorm and surprise her, maybe spend a few days with her then go back home. I really hadn't given it much more thought then that, though in my backpack I was carrying some liquor and a couple boxes of condoms.

I rode into the city limits and rode slowly past the front gates of the school. It looked just like Karla had described; large Gothic gates surrounding an odd collection of old and newer buildings with some grass and fields on the outside edges. A guard sitting in a shack at the entrance to the school eyed me wearily the second time I rolled past. This obviously wouldn't be the way I'd be getting inside.

I rode around the back-side of the campus and as I suspected there was a rear maintenance entrance. It was located on a quiet residential street. There was no one stationed at this gate, in fact this entrance was only guarded by a flimsy chain-link gate.

The sun was just starting to go down so I went to grab some dinner. On my way back towards the school I found a Motel just a mile or so away from the campus. I quietly rode my bike into the parking lot and parked it in the back near a dumpster. I covered the bike with a cheap cover, locked it and my helmet up then casually walked away wearing a denim jacket and carrying my backpack over one shoulder. Chances were very good that no one would give my bike a second look back here, as long as it wasn't there for more than a week or so it would be assumed that it belonged to a guest at the motel. If it did get stolen or towed I was only out $500.

Thankfully I have the ability to blend-in just about anywhere I go, though mingling at a an all girls school would be a challenge. I arrived at the rear gate, it was after nine by now and there weren't many people around. Quietly I climbed-over the top and hopped down onto the ground below. Then I casually walked towards some bushes which would hide me from the camera's I'd seen scattered around.

I skirted along the edges of the main campus, staying away from people and out-of-view of the camera's which seemed to be just about everywhere. Soon I made it onto the campus and located Karla's dorm. She'd mentioned the building number and her room number in an earlier message. What she didn't mention was that there were camera's just about everywhere and the doors to the dorms (there were four entrance's) all required the use of a keycard which of course I didn't have.

I sat there in the bushes plotting my next move. Just then I heard a girl having what sounded like a rather heated conversation with another girl on a bench nearby. Slowly I crept my way over to where they were sitting. On the ground next to the bench sat an open backpack with a key card clearly visible just inside. Painfully slowly I reached my arm out from my hiding place and pulled the card out then just as slowly pulled it towards me before sneaking away. I now had a way to get inside but I still wasn't sure how I was going to avoid detection by the camera's.

After almost thirty minutes I had my answer. I watched as members of what looked to be a Lacrosse team began filing into the dorms. Each of the girls were dressed in a uniform, wore a ball cap and carried a bag with what I would assume were their gear. That gave me an idea.

I pulled a baseball cap from my bag then grabbed a half-empty garbage bag from a nearby trash can. My assumption was that these camera's wouldn't be detailed enough to differentiate me from one of the players. I waited until no one was around then emerged from my hiding place and walked casually towards Karla's Dorm building, ball cap on low over my eyes, sack of trash, er Lacrosse gear slung over one shoulder.

I swiped the key card and after a heart-stopping moment a green light came on and I heard the door unlock. I quickly made my way inside and climbed the first set of stairs I saw.

Looking around the empty upstairs hallway I didn't see any camera's so I dropped my bag of garbage in the stairway and made my way to room 207 where Karla and another girls names were listed next to the door. I tried the door and of course it was locked, though I won't go into it here, it wasn't a hard lock to get past. I silently opened the door, glided inside then closed the door quietly behind me.

I was inside my girlfriend's dorm room! Something I doubted any other boyfriend had ever been able to accomplish! The lights were off and I heard the sounds of two people sleeping nearby. In the dim light the room appeared to be laid-out much like a small Motel room. Adjacent to the door I'd just come through was a bathroom, then beyond that were two beds with a nightstand and a clock between them. Across from the beds were two matching desks with a bureau between them. Along the far wall underneath a windows an air conditioner hummed quietly.

I tip-toed into the room and now was faced with a problem, which bed was Karla sleeping in? Both the forms under the blankets looked similar. After a moment I recognized an ugly stuffed Monkey I'd seen on Karla's bed before. With that I carefully stowed my bag near the foot of the bed then removed my shoes and pants before carefully crawling under the covers.

I took a moment to relish the sleeping form in front of me. I lost myself in Karla's scent, I guilty eyed one of her luscious tits as it hid barely covered by the button-down night shirt she was wearing. She was sleeping on her side facing me and I briefly considered rolling her onto her back and having my way with her, though the last thing I needed was for her to start screaming so instead I gently tapped her on the shoulder.

Her eyes popped open and for a moment she looked confused but then a big smile washed across her face and she tackled me in a big hug.

"What are you doing here? How did you get in?" She asked excitedly.

"I missed you and thought maybe I'd spend the weekend with you." I replied.

"I'm so glad you did!" Karla said as she enveloped me in a big hug, her tits only separated from my chest by the thin material of her pajama top.

Her roommate now began stirring.

"What are you going on about Karla?" She asked groggily.

"Leah, Jack is here! Can you believe it!?" Karla said excitedly.

"Keep your voice down, I don't want this to be the shortest visit ever you know." I said nervously.

Leah leaned-over from her bed and shook my hand. "I've heard so much about you." She said.

Introductions complete I playfully grabbed at Karla's tits, casually un-buttoning her top.

"Oh, I think I get what this is about." Leah said. "I'll go see if I can sleep in Liz's room tonight, I think she said her roommate went home for a few days."

"If you leave you could be missing-out on a whole lot of fun!" Karla said.

If I was hard before, hearing Karla basically ask her roommate to join us in a threesome made me almost cum right then and there! In the next instant Leah climbed-out of her bed, she was only wearing a short nightshirt which she quickly pulled-off over her head. She was skinnier than Karla and her tits a lot smaller. What impressed me was the fact that her pussy was shaved smooth. Later I would find-out she was the captain of the school's swim team so she was required to shave all of her body hair.

But none of that mattered because Karla kicked-off her short pajama bottoms and rolled-over on top of me, and quickly my engorged cock slid into her warm, tight pussy. Leah was laying on the bed next to me and we quickly began making-out. Yeah, riding a 25 year old motorcycle five hours on the highway had largely sucked, but this right here, was quickly making-up for it!

Before long Karla was riding my cock for all it was worth and Leah was sitting on my face, both the girls were locked in a deep kiss which was working well at muffling their moans.

It didn't take long with all that going-on for me to loose it and begin pumping my seed deep into Karla's thirsty womb. Throughout the rest of the night Karla and I would fuck for a while with Leah sucking on my balls, rubbing Karla's Clit, then we'd switch it up again and Leah would be riding my cock while I buried my face in Karla's tits. All too soon though I heard someone's alarm clock going-off.

"Fuck, I forgot I have swim practice this morning!" Leah said tiredly.

"Sucks to be you!" Karla said as she momentarily removed her mouth from my hardening shaft.

"Well we have a bigger problem. What are we going to do with him while we're at classes?" Leah asked.

"Don't worry girls, I'm not going anyplace. Though I could use something from the Cafeteria." I said casually.

"That's nice but that's not what I meant." Leah said. "You know what will happen if Ms. Weatherly finds him in here? We'll be expelled and he'll be thrown in jail!"

"Relax, we managed to keep the noise-down last night, and I have no intentions of leaving this room until Sunday so how's old Ms. What's-her-name going to find-out?" I asked.

"Leah's right, if they did a surprise inspection of our dorm right now we'd be screwed." Karla said looking around at all our scattered clothes, my boxers wadded-up at the foot of the bed and a mess of opened condom wrappers spread seemingly all over the floor.

"Yeah but how often do they actually do those?" I asked still unconvinced that we had anything to actually worry about.

"Whenever they want. A month ago they found a Bong in a room one floor above us and so every day for the next week they searched every room in this building." Karla said wearily.

"I don't know how we're going to hide him." Karla added.

"I have an idea, which just might work but we'll need to work quickly. Karla clear some space in the back of our closet, just pile everything towards the front near the doors but make a space in the back wide enough for jack to lie-down in. Jack you pick-up all this, stuff all over the place and I'm going to find a blanket and some thread." Leah said.

"What's your plan?" Karla asked as she opened the sliding doors to the small closet in the wall next to her bed.

"I'm going to take all of our stuffed animals and sew them to this blanket which we're going to throw in the closet. Jack they always knock before they come-in to do an inspection so as soon as you hear that knock you bail into the closet, pull the blanket over you, which with the animals sewn to it will look like that's where we keep them and stay there until you're sure that their gone. If they don't see anything suspicious they will probably just make a quick lap of the room then be gone." Leah said.

"That's brilliant!" Karla exclaimed as the three of us now set to work putting everything together.

A few minutes later Leah made her way out the door with a bag of trash which she said she'd dump someplace on her way to practice while Karla and I enjoyed a quick shower then a brief fashion show as Karla dressed in her school uniform which consisted of a pleated, knee-length skirt and a top.

"I have a free period about ten so maybe I'll see you then for a quickie." Karla said with a wink just before she walked-out the door.

"I'll be waiting." I said confidently, though what I actually wanted to say was 'I'll be sleeping', I was feeling pretty drained by this time.

As promised a few minutes after ten Karla returned to the room. I was lying shirtless on her bed with a wide smile on my face (in her hand I saw she was carrying a Styrofoam take-out container!)

"What would you have done if I'd been Ms. Weatherly?" Karla asked.

"You and Leah said she knocks before she comes in. Trust me, I've been practicing at getting into my hiding place. My backpack and all my clothes are already there." I said.

"Well then I think such a busy boy deserves a reward." Karla said as she hopped-up onto her desk backwards then playfully swept the hem of her skirt up at me, showing that she wasn't wearing any panties.

I stood-up and pulled her close to me. She leaned-back on her elbows and spread her legs wide for me. I stopped for a moment to grab a condom but she tightened her legs around my waist and said,

"Not this time, I want you to ride me bareback!"

I needed no further invitation and besides we'd already gone through almost half of the condoms I'd brought with me.

Karla's ass scrapped across her desk, my cock roughly fucking her pussy, my face buried squarely in her tits.

I came quickly then we sat at Leah's desk eating the breakfast she'd brought-up for each of us. Karla explained that Leah had almost gotten caught by Ms. Weatherly earlier that morning when she'd asked why Leah was carrying a bag of trash with her to practice. Leah quickly made-up some excuse about having had a late night writing a paper and filling a trash can with discards. She said she thought she'd bought it but said that we needed to be even more careful as it didn't take much to tempt Ms. Weatherly's suspicions.

Sure enough not ten minutes after Karla left for her 11:00 class (sans panties I'm proud to say!) I heard a firm knock on the door. I wasted no time in basically leaping from the bed where I'd been laying watching a movie on my tablet and getting into the closet, expertly tossing the stuffed animal-covered blanket over my body, leaving just a small peephole I could see-out of just as I heard a key working in the lock on the door to the room.

A moment later the door opened and a tall, middle-aged woman walked-in with a muscular Filipino man behind her. I held my breath and for the first time this entire trip I got nervous as the woman poked at the garbage in the can beneath the desk where just thirty minutes before I'd been fucking Karla on.

"I'm telling Monte those used condoms I found in the trash can in the Communal Room didn't walk there on their own!" The woman said.

"Probably just a prank." Monte said as he looked under both the beds in the room.

"They don't pay me what they do to take chances like that!" The woman snapped-back. "Regardless these two will be getting a notice to clean this room up! I mean look at the state of this closet! It's much worse than it was the last time I was in here, and it smells musky in here for some reason."

Monte now turned red and began giggling, "You said one of the students had a free period last hour right? I guess we know what she was doing!" The man said as he grabbed his crotch with his right hand.

The woman looked at him as if the man had just said he was an Alien. Then she turned her gaze back to the room, shuffling through some loose papers on Leah's desk before saying,

"Come along, we have almost thirty other rooms to inspect just on this floor alone."

With that the pair walked-out the door, closing it roughly behind themselves.

"Are you sure they didn't know you were here?" Leah asked nervously.

"Relax, I'm sure if Jack thought he'd been detected he would have bolted before now." Karla said reassuringly.

"Yeah, though we will want to be sure that going-forward we leave the air on higher or get an air freshener; I think she could smell that someone had been having sex in the room." I said.

"Yeah, we'll need to be more careful, though I don't think they'll be back-up here tonight unless they suspect something else." Leah said.

"I agree!" Karla said excitedly as she began un-buttoning her blouse while she walked towards me.

Karla and I fucked off and on most of the night as we had the night before, though this time Leah really did go down to another girl's room to sleep after an hour or so as she had an all-day swim meet the next day.

Karla, Leah and I spent the majority of that weekend naked and in bed with each other. Avoiding detection by Ms. Weatherly and her cronies became our game. Karla worried that the cafeteria staff would notice that she kept taking double-portions of food out of the Cafeteria with her so she and Leah took turns requesting extra portions.

Oh sure Ms. Weatherly remained suspicious of basically everyone in Karla's building and even came through once late at night, made all the residents stand in the hallway while their rooms were once again searched. Karla told me later it was all she could do to keep from laughing as she stood there in the hallway, naked under a robe feeling my cum leaking-out of her pussy and running-down her legs.

Finally though Sunday came around. After much discussion the girls decided that Sunday afternoon would be the best time for me to make my escape as most of the school would be at a Lacrosse match way on the other side of the campus.

I waited until the match had been underway for an hour, the fact that the sun had gone down so it was dark outside which would help keep me hidden hopefully until I made it off the campus. I'd like to say that Karla and I had one last marathon fuck session but to be honest, all three of us were pretty sore by this point. I guess after four nights of being cooped-up in a small dorm room, we were all ready for me to leave.

Leah managed to sneak a wig from the Theater department which looked atrocious but from the back (and from a distance) sort of made me look like a girl. Karla and I shared a last kiss then I donned my baseball cap over the ugly wig, through my backpack over one shoulder and after checking to make certain the hallway was empty I made my way out of the room and quickly down the hall to the staircase. Karla and Leah stayed in the room so if I got caught they wouldn't be caught with me.

I moved quickly down the stairs and through the building to the side entrance I'd come-in four days previously. I made a point not to look like I was running, rather I was trying to make it look like I was just in a hurry. Soon I was outside. No one was around so I kept-up a quick pace following a concrete path which led to another dorm. At the point where the path came near the greenbelt which surrounds the campus I casually made my way into the brush.

A few minutes later I was back at the maintenance gate which was closed. I found the same portion of the fence I'd scaled before, I stashed the wig under a bush and in the next instant was up and over the fence and walking on the public sidewalk. I'd done it! I had snuck into a strict all girls boarding school, spent the majority of the weekend naked in bed with my girlfriend and made it back out without being caught! Just then I heard the man yelling behind me, on the other side of the fence to stop.

It was the Filipino man, Monte. I stopped where I was, not wanting to look suspicious by running, but that was my next move if I needed to.

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