tagErotic CouplingsSchool Days Ch. 01

School Days Ch. 01


My experience in sex school made me who I am today. I still remember that first day in class, how crazy I thought it was to have to strip down on the first day. Well I am getting ahead of myself, let's start with how I decided to go to sex school.

I didn't enjoy anything nearly as much as sex and the workings of it. I had no idea what I wanted to do or what was even out there. I always figured I would just be a housewife but school is where you normally find someone anymore. I picked up a bunch of brochures and there was the one for sex school that got my attention. That's how I decided to go!

My first class was a class on fetishes. I stupidly thought clothing was required and we would be taking notes. Looking back I can now tell which ones were also having their first day of sex school. The first words from the professor was take off all your clothes and never wear any to his class ever again. I was a bit shocked and slowly took everything off. I got distracted from seeing the guys in the class, some being very well hung to the point I wanted to go down on my knees and take them in my mouth right at that moment.

There was one who was more handsome than the rest put together and he was staring right at me. Watching as my hands slipped inside my panties to pull them off with the rest of my clothes. I wondered if he had been watching me the entire time or just after he finished taking his clothes off. The professor then told us to partner up with a member of the opposite sex. Without much more than stares he walked straight to me and grabbed my hand to show that I was his partner. I couldn't even formulate any words.

All I saw was the professor's mouth moving and watched my curious partner pull me right in front of his body and then right into his lap. His hands traveled the length of my body as I shivered under his touch. I had never felt a mans hands to be so soft against my breasts while teasing my nipples making them stand tall.

He starts whispering dirty suggestions in my ear making me grind my ass against his cock which was as hard as my poor nipples. Then the professor walked towards us and told us to stop it we are not demonstrating that stuff yet. I started giggling.

Then the professor explained the first assignment would be to live with each other and find out what the other likes in the bedroom and possibly outside of the bedroom. My fetishes went flying through my head and I felt the pussy become wet with the thoughts of showing the mysterious man doing them with me. I just hoped he liked cuffs and other items to be tied down with.

Then the professor told us to get going on the assignment. I turned on the guys lap to face him to at least find out his name. It was James. I then introduced myself as Mackenzie. I whispered in his ear that we should go back to my apartment. He got up on his feet quicker than I had the chance to continue with the suggestion.

We pulled up outside of my apartment and entered my small studio apartment. He went straight to the group of boxes that I still had not unpacked. On the way over we decided his place would be better to live at since his was not nearly as small. He carried all the boxes to his car, then came back in and couldn't wait any more.

He came straight towards me attacking me with his mouth and hands once more just like he had started doing in class. This time I let the moans out of mouth more willingly so he could hear how much he was pleasing me and my body. His hands were on my waist lifting me up onto the counter. Our bodies so close a person couldn't even fit a coin between us. His forefinger slid into my wet pussy and it felt like that was the only place it could ever belong. He brought that same finger up to my mouth and push it in and I liked my sweet juices off of his finger.

He slid his cock into that spot where his finger had been. I moaned at the relief of his cock inside my wet cunt. His strokes were slow at first and rapidly picking up with speed. His mouth came down upon my right boob. His tongue working more magic there. I felt his hand slide between us and start stroking my clit. I moaned some more and glided into my first orgasm of the night. He came soon after.

We went back to work to finish moving everything and him keying me with a house key. He had to leave for work and said he would be back in about six hours. I found myself going through the house trying to decide what he was into instead of unpacking. First place to start was the bedroom.

We all know we keep some dirty dirty secrets hiding in bedside tables and those boxes that are sealed or appear sealed. I though started with the closet. It was a bit organized but the space was amazing! I would get my own side of the closet. Getting a bit side tracked I finally started going through his entire side. First the little dresser like furniture with the doors. I opened them up and just found some cuff links and what might be family heirlooms. I closed it back up with a little disappointment. I looked through the clothing hung up and in drawers. I did find out he had some man-thongs that I figured I could get him to do a fashion show for me in. Other than the man-thongs he was 100% a boxer brief man.

Back to the bedside table I went since the closet held not enough to find out the juicy parts. I opened the drawer and found exactly what I was looking for. He had a blindfold, handcuffs, gags, remote controlled vibrator, and lube. I knew I would be in for a treat tonight if he would open that drawer. Having found what I wanted, I decided to unpack, starting in the closet.

I found a spot for everything except the box full of all my dirty secrets. There had to be a good hiding spot for them. The only people who knew what was in there was the admissions board and myself. I had no intention of letting James into that box any time soon. I found a spot in an unused bedroom down the hall and put it there at least for now. I was tired and in need of a cold shower. I went into the master bedroom where the bathroom was connected to. I stripped down and walked into the shower and turned on the water. The thoughts of James' toys had made me wet.

I let my hand travel over my body searching for release. One finger just slid right in and started stroking my clit to stimulate myself. My finger gradually went into my pussy hole. I brought it in and out pretending it was James taking me again and again. I started moaning in pleasure then I felt someone behind me. My head turned and there James stood right behind me.

"Want the real thing or do I get to finish watching you do it yourself?"

I was stunned and couldn't formulate words so I just grabbed his cock in my hands and bent forward showing him where to go. His penis then rubbed against my pussy's entrance making me sigh. I was almost to a point of begging. All I could think was after the shower going to his bed and using those hand cuffs on him. Oh boy the image was burning my thoughts so much. Finally he thrust into me while his hands held my waist. His cock felt so good inside my wet pussy. It had been crying for this for a long time. I didn't think I would ever get tired of feeling this.

He finally begin stroking his cock in and close to being out of my pussy at a slow rate. His right hand moved its way to my mound waiting there for the right moment. His rate of pounding into me had increased and I felt like I was about to melt from how good it was feeling. Then his right index finger slid onto my clit and started rubbing it softly at first and gradually getting a little rougher. My back started to arch into him as I cried out in my orgasm. His orgasm came with mine and hearing his in my eardrums made me cum more.

We got out of the shower and we went and laid down in bed. Tomorrow was another day but I already had a feeling I would awaken in the middle of the night horny and wanting him. He would just have to wait for his midnight snack until later.

The only thing I like better than morning sex is sex in the middle of the night that awakens the guy to find me riding his hard member. So I slept for around two to three hours before I woke up and decided to play midnight snack. I went under the covers and found his waist and went to work.

I took his member into my hand and started petting it as I call it. After awhile I couldn't resist the urge to have him in my mouth, his body and essence made it hard to resist. I then place my mouth at the tip of his member and slid my mouth down while massaging his cock with my tongue. I kept my pace going up and down on him until I was sure his was at his full length.

I then pushed the blankets back so I could straddle him and ride him until I was good and done. I lowered my pussy down onto his cock and started riding like I hadn't had any for far too long. Taking my time, I decided to use him as my own like toy and make him beg for a faster speed. I looked down and saw his eyes wide open looking right at me. I gave him a little smirk and continued on with my little game.

His hands reached for my waist in an attempt to quicken the pace but I put an end to it by pinning his arms back down. "No bad boy! James no!" I wanted full control for now at least. I released one of his hands so I could touch one of my breasts and play with the nipple. For his entertainment I showed him an interesting talent for sucking my own titties until they were at full arousal and standing up nice and perky. I finally let him touch but if he did one move I didn't want it was back to pinning and me taking control.

He grabbed my waist and pleaded with me to go faster. I finally decided to give in wanting that same release. My finger found my clit and began stroking it as he pounded me down harder and harder onto his pole. I moaned and cried out in pleasure so loud I was sure his neighbors heard everything.

As we both reached our climaxes, I only knew one thing for sure.....

I would be loving this semester if I got to share his bed! I can't wait to see what else is to come.

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