tagIncest/TabooSchool Days Ch. 06

School Days Ch. 06


Melinda Briggs was always a little flustered around Christmas time, but this year was proving worse than normal. She was still single...by choice...and that made her lonely. She was still seeing Courtney and Erin...by choice...and that made her question her own sexuality.

The twenty five year old grade school librarian was proving to be a hit at school among the children and staff. Her ever-present smile and natural good looks resulted in anyone spending time with her leaving with a warm feeling.

Needless to say, she had been a popular guest at the Halloween party Courtney and Erin took her to. Most people would have been happy just to watch her walk around in her sexy schoolgirl costume. But when word got around the party that she was involved in light bondage having sex with the "lifeguard" every woman in the house wanted...well, it drew quite a crowd.

Luckily, Courtney and Erin were the only parents of kids at her school that Melinda had to worry about seeing after that episode. And see them she did! At least once a week, and usually more often than that, the women were together in bed. Sometimes only two of the three could show up—the "odd man out" usually being the married one, Erin—but oftentimes it was a threesome. They met during the day mostly, when Melinda could get away. Courtney, a 34 year old widow, was between jobs and Erin, 31, was married to a middle aged executive who considered her nothing more than a trophy.

A month ago Melinda never would have imagined herself living such a lifestyle. But the Halloween party changed everything. She was beginning to consider herself bisexual, and loving it.

But Christmas would continue to haunt her. And it was fast approaching.

It was two weeks before the big day and Melinda's condo was brightly decorated, just the way her mother used to decorate their house when Melinda was a child. Perhaps her mother wouldn't have dreamed of putting up a fake tree, but this was the twenty first century, Melinda reasoned. Up in fifteen minutes, down in ten. That's all she cared about.

She was on the couch watching TV an hour after dinner when the doorbell rang unexpectedly. Dressed in a long football jersey and panties, she hesitated at first. But at this time of evening the only visitors she ever had were Courtney or Erin. So, she walked to the window and inched the curtain open to peek out. It was a man, but his back was to her.

She cracked open the door, keeping the chain lock in place.

"Dad!" Her tone was half statement and half question.

"Hi, Melinda," Don Briggs said sheepishly.

The woman quickly undid the chain lock and swung open the door. She stepped back, allowing the man to enter.

"What are YOU doing here?" she asked.

"I'm sorry I didn't call," Don replied. "I didn't think I'd be here until tomorrow. I was able to get out of a meeting and get a flight. I hope it's not too inconvenient."

Melinda closed the door, still a little shaken. She stood next to her father, pulling down on her jersey self-consciously before taking his coat and hanging it in the closet.

"Sit down." She moved back to the couch and let him settle into the only large chair in the room. She hit the mute button on the TV remote and pulled her legs tightly underneath her, once again tugging on the jersey.

"So, how have you been?" her father asked.

"Fine." She wasn't sure how else to answer when you haven't seen your father in years and he shows up at your door.

"Michael told me you had a job," he said, referring to Melinda's brother. "A school librarian?"

"Yeah. I like my job. I've met a lot of nice people...made some friends." If he only knew, she thought.

"I knew you'd be alright. You were always very independent."

"Well, I guess I had to be, didn't I?" The implication was obvious. Don looked at her and didn't need to decipher the look on her face.

"Melinda, one of the reasons I wanted to see you was...to say I'm...I'm sorry. When your mother was sick..."

"She was dying," Melinda interrupted.

Her father continued as if he hadn't heard her. "When Beth was sick I needed to be around you more. I wasn't. I'm sorry. I was busy, and..."

Melinda chuckled. "You've always been busy. Too busy for me, apparently. My mother was dying before my eyes and you didn't care."

"That's not true," the man shot back. "The doctor didn't know how bad the cancer was and I couldn't quit work...no knowing anything."

"It was very obvious what was happening," Melinda said firmly. "You didn't want to listen to the doctor, even if you HAD talked to him. It would have taken you away from your precious job."

Neither of them spoke for a few agonizing seconds.

Melinda wanted to make her point, but for some reason she didn't want her father to leave. Despite the tension between them she felt a little relieved saying some of the things she'd felt for so long.

"I can't change what happened, Melinda. I can't bring back your mother. But I want you to know I care about you and Michael and I don't want us to hate each other."

She couldn't argue with that. Besides, she would never hate her father; simply blame him for everything concerning the agonizing death of her mom.

"Do you miss her AT ALL?" Melinda tilted her head to one side as she asked the question.

Her father looked incredulous. "Of course I do. I loved her. I've been lonely ever since we lost her."

Melinda stared across the dimly lit room as if she was hypnotized. He was lonely? She refused to let herself believe him. But for the remainder of the evening she remembered his words and repeated them back to herself, because it gave her hope that she wasn't alone.

They talked for two hours—no so much as father and daughter but rather as two acquaintances who weren't quite best friends. Melinda's father was forty five and she didn't view him now as an "old man." In fact, she had seen him so little in her adult life that he was practically a stranger.

He was tall and thin and just as good looking as she remembered him from her childhood. He had never mistreated her. All she'd ever wanted was for him to acknowledge her existence.

Don accepted his daughter's invitation to stay at her condo for the duration of his visit. When they were done chatting he brought in his bags from the rental car. She took him to the second bedroom just down the hall from her own and showed him where the bathroom was. They agreed on meeting in the morning for breakfast. There were no goodnight kisses. But at least they were together in the same house again...for a change.

Melinda retreated to her bedroom and closed the door. She flopped down on the bed and stared at the roof, rehashing many of the things that had been said during the evening. She truly did not hate the man, she kept saying to herself. Is that what he thinks? That she hates him after all these years? She closed her eyes.

She woke up suddenly, unsure of what caused it. She glanced at the clock. Just past midnight.

Melinda was thinking of her father, as if she'd never fallen asleep. But she was almost emotionless in her feelings now. She imagined the large bedroom she used to have at home, her parents just down the hall protecting her and Michael. But her father was alone now. It was just him and her. Alone.

A bedroom door opened. Bare feet quietly walked down the hall. A second bedroom door was nudged open and the visitor listened closely. The visitor entered the room and left the door slightly ajar. The carpet accepted each step without a sound. At the side of the bed, a shirt was lifted off and dropped to the floor. The visitor could now make out the form in the bed.

She lifted the sheet and climbed into the bed, her father's bare back facing her. Melinda felt a shiver go through her body as her breasts touched his skin. Then her stomach brushed against him. She pulled the sheet up.

Just as her arm fell over his body, Don awoke. He realized something was behind him and he began to turn over.

"No," Melinda whispered. "It's just me."

The man lay frozen in place. His daughter's arm wrapped around him while her skin pressed against his. He had little doubt she was topless, but was afraid to look or touch. Don felt her legs rub against his, below his boxers.

When he finally moved, it was to hold the hand that she placed on his chest. It was warm and soft. Don put his fingers between those of his daughter.

Melinda kissed his neck. Now he was certain it was her bare skin resting on his back. He had to say something, but what? Did he dare roll onto his back?

The young woman took her hand out of his and ran her fingers over his chest. She traced around his nipples and moved her hand lower. She felt the firmness of her father's stomach. Then Melinda touched the top of his boxers.

Don sensed her hesitation. He wasn't wishing her to either stop or continue and he decided not to influence her one way or the other. Melinda's hand moved down and her father felt strangely contented.

It only took a second for Melinda to find the tip of Don's cock under the thin material of his boxers. She stretched out her fingers and felt for the rest of the shaft. Melinda placed the palm of her hand over it.

She was pleased to feel it twitch and begin to grow. The woman rubbed it gently, pressing it against her father's skin. She rubbed it in a circular motion before running her palm up and down the shaft.

Don was getting over the shock of waking up to his daughter in bed with him, and his body was responding. Her touch was magical. It was light, yet applied just the right pressure in just the right places. The cock grew involuntarily.

When it was almost fully erect, Melinda found the opening in the front of her father's boxers and slid her hand inside. She wrapped her fingers around the cock and held it firmly. She hoped her father didn't feel her nervousness.

The cock became rock hard within seconds after Melinda gripped it. She stroked it slowly, with long, even movements of her hand. She could feel the blood flowing through it and knew at that point that she would make him cum, one way or another.

Melinda pulled on the cock until her hand, with cock in tow, rose out of the boxers. She looked down on the throbbing dick with admiration. The tip was red and swollen, ready for whatever Melinda had in store for it.

She took a moment to gently caress it. Her nipples hardened at the thought of having the huge cock inside her pussy. Then she couldn't wait any longer.

Melinda let go of the cock and pushed on her father's boxers until they began to slide down his legs. She moved until she could remove them entirely, Don still on his side but gradually rolling towards her. She was glad it was as dark as it was, at least partially hiding her semi-nudity.

Once the boxers were off, Don found himself settling onto his back, looking up at the form of his daughter in the darkness. She let the covers slide off her body. Still reluctant to let her father see her bare breasts, Melinda bent over and forced his legs slightly farther apart. She took his penis in her hand, then kissed it.

Don felt the softness of her lips. They were everywhere on his cock. Then her tongue touched him and he stifled a moan. His legs were stiff from anxiety and he had to force himself to relax.

A moment later his cock was inside his daughter's mouth. His body froze in place. He looked down and watched her hair flow up and down as she worked her lips on his shaft. Melinda's hand gripped the base of the cock, sometimes forcing it up to her face.

Don felt the pressure build in his balls. He was about to give in to the need to cum when Melinda backed away. In the darkness, he saw her removing her panties. Now, just an outline of a beautiful naked young woman rose above him.

Melinda repositioned herself so her legs straddled her father's waist. Slowly she lowered her body to his. When her damp pussy first touched his cock she thought she couldn't go on. However, her desire to please him and have him accept her made her continue.

She took the stiff cock in her hand and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. Certain, now, that he was about to have sex with his daughter, Don put his hands on Melinda's hips. Together, they maneuvered until Don's erect penis was deep inside Melinda's pussy.

He took a second to take pleasure in the tightness of her youthful body. She welcomed the size and stiffness of the cock below her. Then they began to make love.

It was awkward at first until their rhythms matched and the anxiety wore off. Melinda leaned forward a little and Don raised his knees a few inches to cradle her ass. The next couple minutes were sheer ecstasy for both of them.

When Melinda took her father's hands and placed them on her breasts, she knew it would only be a matter of seconds before she came. He squeezed her nipples and cupper her breasts in his palms, sending waves of her pleasure to her pussy she could not ignore.

It was impossible to tell who started to cum first. They each called out in the shadows for the other and then were lost in their individual orgasms. The bed rocked as Don forced his cock up into his daughter. Melinda squeezed her pussy around her father's penis and shifted her hips up and down with each thrust.

Don's hands found her breasts once more and seized onto them. Melinda sighed her approval. She played with her clit as stream after stream of cum filled her pussy and groans filled the bedroom.

Melinda thought she would cum forever. She was pretty sure her father was done before she finally took her hand away from her clit and collapsed onto his chest. Don wrapped his arms around his daughter and they rolled on the bed, kissing tenderly. They ended up on their sides, looking closely into each other's eyes for the first time since Melinda entered the room.

"I love you, Melinda. I always have," Don whispered.

"Oh, Daddy."

Tears flowed freely from Melinda's eyes. Her father hoped the darkness hid his own.

"Merry Christmas," Melinda said softly.

The next morning, Don entered the kitchen to find Melinda in a nightgown cooking breakfast. They talked completely around the subject of the previous night and were both much more comfortable around the other than when Don first arrived. They sat and ate together, agreeing on plans for Don to stay a couple of days.

"A friend of mine is coming over tonight. Can you be here to meet her?" Melinda asked, referring to Erin.

"Of course. I'd love to meet your friends."

"I think you'll like her," Melinda smiled. "She's the most beautiful woman I've ever met. And really nice. She has two kids at my school."

"Are you setting me up?" Don asked between bites.

Melinda laughed. "No. I wouldn't do that. Erin's married to some rich, old guy anyway. But that doesn't mean..."

She hesitated. "Doesn't mean what?" Don asked.

"Oh. Nothing. Please say you'll be here."

"I will," he assured her.

Melinda was anxious for Erin and her father to meet each other. She had the condo spotless when it was time for Erin to arrive. The two women had talked during the day and Erin had promised to wear something "appropriate." Melinda giggled at the time, but now she was seriously interested in seeing what her friend would show up in. Don had changed into jeans and a sweatshirt while Melinda wore her normal jeans and oversized sweater.

Father and daughter were watching TV when the doorbell rang. Melinda jumped off the couch and rushed to the door, pulled it open and warmly welcomed Erin inside. The guest pulled off her coat and Melinda gazed at Erin's 1980s style sweater dress. It clung to every curve of the woman's body, stopping half way down her thigh.

"Erin. It's fabulous. Where did you find it?" Melinda asked while hanging up Erin's coat.

"I had to go online to get this one. They don't sell them much in the stores."

"It's beautiful. Now, come in and sit down," Melinda said, taking her friend's hand.

They walked to the couch. "Dad, I want you to meet my friend Erin. Erin, this is my Dad."

Don was already standing and they shook hands politely. The man's eyes were unable to keep from scanning the blonde. After exchanging greetings, Melinda urged everyone to sit down while she got drinks.

Erin sat in a chair, folding her legs and gracefully giving her short dress a slight tug toward her knees. It seemed apparent to Don that no bra separated Erin's breasts from the fluffy material as their full roundness and prominent nipples could easily be discerned.

Despite the distraction, they managed to talk for the short time it took Melinda to arrive with the snacks. The young librarian was happy to see that her father and Erin seemed to get along and found enough things in common to hold a conversation. It was uncomfortable enough for her to have her girlfriend/lover in the same room as her father/lover without having to entertain them, too.

In fact, as the evening progressed Melinda found herself on the outside of much of the dialogue. This didn't necessarily upset her, but she felt a twinge of jealousy as Erin became more and more relaxed around Don.

During the second round of drinks, Erin rose from her chair to take a short tour around the living area of the condo. She stopped at the various wreaths and nick-knacks that brightened the walls and shelves, commenting on several of them. Don was more intent on watching the shapely woman move than on what she had to say. Erin's ass seemed to float around the room under the tight fitting dress.

Melinda went to the kitchen during the tour and Erin eventually made her way into the same room, leaving Don alone on the couch.

Erin walked up behind Melinda and put her arms around the hostess. "I think your Dad is very nice."

Melinda tilted her head back. "Thank you. I'm glad you think so."

"But you're still mine." Erin kissed Melinda on the side of the neck.

"Hmm. I hope so."

"Have you told him about us?" Erin asked.

"No. Not really."

Erin kissed her again. "Do you want to?"

Melinda felt the familiar tingle between her legs that she always got around Erin and Courtney. "I was more concerned with...well, I wanted you...I wondered if you wanted to be with my father?"

Now it was Erin's turn to feel the tingle. "Are you serious? I mean...I don't mean I wouldn't. I mean would that bother you?"

"Can I watch?" Melinda said innocently.

Erin laughed out loud, then covered her mouth. "Melinda. You are SUCH a brat."

"Well, can I?"

Erin put her hands on the librarian's breasts. "Why don't you join us?"

"I just might."

The women kissed and moved back into the living room without any further discussion. Melinda knew from being at parties with Erin and Courtney that Erin would know what to do next. The only question was: What would her father do?

Erin walked ahead of Melinda and nonchalantly took a seat next to Don. Melinda headed for the chair Erin occupied earlier.

"What was so funny?" Don asked.

The women looked at each other and laughed nervously. "Just woman stuff," Erin answered. She glanced at Don and blinked her long lashes at him a couple times.

"Actually, Erin had a question for you, Dad," Melinda interjected. At this, Erin shot a confused look at her friend. "She'd like to know if she could stay with us tonight."

The inference was immediately clear to Don—she meant the three of them. Erin, of course, not knowing of the previous night's activities wasn't sure how to take it. She still didn't know how much Don knew about the women's relationship.

"I think that would be wonderful," Don said cheerfully. He reached out and put his hand on the exposed portion of Erin's thigh.

Now it didn't matter to Erin what the hell Melinda meant. She was going to have this man and anything else that happened was just icing on the cake. She moved her leg a few inches closer to Don, who slid his hand up the inside of her thigh.

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