tagGroup SexSchool Days Ch. 07

School Days Ch. 07


The buzz in his ear startled Jeff awake. He mashed the button to turn off the annoying sound and read the note telling him April had gone to Tina's to get ready for their date; she wanted the dress to be a surprise. Jeff showered and dressed, pulling on a pair of khaki pants, a white button-down collar shirt and dark blue blazer.

He snagged April's car keys from his dresser, her car was a little more appropriate for where they were going for dinner, and headed down to the parking lot. He drove around to Tina's dorm, luckily finding a spot right out front. Some of the coeds sitting out on the lawn whistled at him as he went in and told the girl at the desk he was here to see Tina.

"I'll ring her," the cute blonde said as she punched the numbers into the phone. There was a short exchange after which the blonde said, "you can have a seat in the lobby, she'll be out in a minute."

In Tina's room April was more than a little nervous. The reality of telling her secret to the man she loved and had just managed to get back was beginning to weigh on her. She told herself that it was best this way, secrets could only hurt the relationship but she was also fearful of his rejection. With a sigh of resignation, she emerged from Tina's bathroom.

"Holy shit," was all Tina could muster.

April looked in the full-length mirror attached to the back of the door. Her shoes were the same five-inch stilettos she had worn for the pictures Jeff took. Her smooth tan legs were bare, no hose for tonight. Halfway up her thigh, the legs disappeared into a tight black dress that clung to her like a second skin. Her gaze traveled up her firm ass, tight stomach, and bare back to her heavy breasts that swung unencumbered by a bra tonight. The high collar gave no chance for a peek at her cleavage, though her breasts did threaten to slip out the side of the dress. Her hair was piled high on her head, a few loose strands hanging down to her bare shoulders. The dangling earrings sparkled when she moved her head from side to side.

"Not too bad, huh?" April said turning to Tina.

Tina was rubbing her breasts, her other hand pushed up her skirt playing with her pussy. "You look so fucking hot. Look at me; I'm diddling myself you've got me so turned on."

April smiled at Tina. "Then this should drive you right over the edge," she said lifting the hem of her dress.

Tina gasped and stroked herself faster. April had shaved her pussy completely bare, her lips swollen with desire. Slowly April slid a finger along her smooth slit, "Do you like it?"

Tina could only mumble her approval as she pleasured herself, her pussy dripping with desire. April moved closer, took Tina's hand from her breast and pressed against her newly shorn sex. Tina slid her fingers inside April, both hands now pleasuring a wet cunt. April came in seconds having already been aroused from watching Tina, and Tina quickly joined her, excited by the feel of another woman.

Tina pulled her wet hand from April's muff and, as the big-titted blonde readjusted her dress, licked the juices from it. The sight elicited a shudder from April before she made her way out the door, telling Tina that she couldn't wait for their plan to unfold.

Jeff was sitting in the lobby talking to some of the co-eds when the room suddenly went silent and everyone turned to look behind him. Slowly he turned, his jaw dropping when he saw April. She looked like something out of a men's magazine, the tight dress clinging to her perfect ass, and trying to contain her bulging chest.

"You ready," she asked casually as the other girls in the lobby began to murmur.

Jeff stood up, quickly buttoning his jacket to hide the growing bulge in his pants. "Sure," he stammered and said a terse goodbye to the other girls.

He slid his arm around April's waist, and they walked to her car under the stares of just about everyone who was outside. Jeff opened the door for her and she slid into the passenger seat, the dress riding up her thighs, almost exposing her bald pussy. Closing the door, Jeff went to the driver's side and slid in to the car. "Hope you don't mind we're using your car, it's just a little more 'country club' than my Jeep."

"The country club, huh. Well I'm going to give those stuffed shirts something to talk about at dinner."

"You think. You look so incredibly sexy in that dress you might get some old codger offering to marry you and give up his fortune."

"And I will tell him that no amount of money could tear me away from my hunky boyfriend."

"That's nice to know," Jeff said, his hand stroking April's leg as he pulled out of the parking spot and drove through the campus. His hand slid back and forth along her thigh and when they were finally out on the main road April pulled it higher before placing her hand on his thigh in the same spot.

She mimicked his every move, her hand resting on his stiff cock as he brushed against her bare pussy. A small groan of realization escaped from his mouth and he turned briefly to see her beaming smile. "I hoped you'd like it," she said stroking him through his khakis as his fingers slipped into her.

"You're going to make a wet spot on my dress," she said pulling his hand from her crotch.

"And you're going to ruin a perfectly good pair of pants," he retorted.

"Well I know how to get around that," she said, unzipping his pants and pulling his thick cock out. Jeff watched in disbelief as her head lowered to his lap and he felt her warm lips encircle his cock. The feeling was heavenly as April slid her lips up and down his stiff tool, his foot unconsciously pressing harder on the accelerator.

Finally realizing he was traveling much too fast he slowed the car and glanced at April's body strewn across the seats. Her dress had ridden up and was now barely covering her ass. Fortuitously there was a small wooded rest area just off the road. He pulled into it and quickly brought the car to a stop. Reaching his free hand over her, he massaged the firm flesh of her rear before pressing further and finding her wet pussy. Sliding a finger in; he finger-fucked her in time with her motions on his cock.

April was on the verge of an orgasm, her mouth stuffed full of cock, while Jeff toyed with her pussy. Just as she was about to climax, his finger left her pussy and slid to her ass. She tingled with fear and excitement as his slippery finger massaged her puckered hole. Wiggling her ass she hoped she had indicated it was okay for him to continue. Tina's talk of anal sex had piqued her curiosity. The finger returned to her pussy and she was disappointed.

It only lasted a moment though as she felt the slippery digit pressing on her ass again. Gently he rubbed around her wrinkled anus, before sliding his finger in up to the first knuckle. April's pussy gushed as he stimulated sensitive nerve endings she had never known existed. Pressing back on his hand as she sucked his cock, April took his finger all the way up her ass. She loved the feeling of penetration and knew that she would have to take his cock up her ass tonight, maybe while Tina licked her pussy or maybe fucked her with the strap-on.

April began to fantasize about how it would feel to a cock stuffed in pussy and her ass, while she sucked on another. She was too enthralled with her own fantasies to realize how close Jeff was to orgasm and the first blast of cum almost made her gag. She recovered though and sucked up every drop from Jeff's diminishing tool, his finger slipping from her ass as he went soft.

"That was fucking hot," Jeff said as April zipped him up and smoothed out her dress.

She kissed him on the cheek and then whispered in his ear, "Not nearly as hot as later tonight when I let you stick that fat cock of yours up my ass."

He was instantly hard again, the thought of fucking April's ass consuming his consciousness. "We could always skip dinner," he said with a sly grin.

"What's the matter you don't want everyone staring at your slutty girlfriend," she asked taking his arm. "Or is it that all you can think about is bending me over and shoving your dick up my ass. Reaming me, while I beg for more as you plunge faster and deeper into me, until you shoot your hot sticky load up my butt."

Jeff was amazed at the sexual openness April had found and he couldn't think of anything right now except pleasing her. "The second one," he said tersely, "because I love it when other people look at you. Last night at the bar, I was hard as a rock watching you shake your big tits at the crowd. All those girls at the dorm, all they were thinking was, he's going to go fuck the shit out of her and she's going to love every minute of it."

"Well then it's decided," April announced, "We're skipping dinner and I'm going to get the shit fucked out of me." She dangled the key in front of him.

"What's that?"

"I got us a room at the hotel by the lake. We have our own private balcony with a hot tub and a king size bed."

"That's some surprise," Jeff said.

"Oh there's more, but you'll have to wait until later."

Jeff started the car and headed toward his new destination. April had already checked in so they went right up to the room. "I'm going to order room service," April called to Jeff as he wandered around the expansive suite and out onto the private balcony. She hung up the phone after ordering and joined him outside.

"This is gorgeous April, how did you afford it?"

April grinned, "Let's just say I managed to save a few hundred dollars today and decided to put it to good use."

He pulled her tight to him and kissed her, the faint saltiness from earlier still in her mouth. April melted into his embrace, her hips rubbing against his rapidly swelling cock, breasts pressed tight against his chest. Jeff's hands slid down her back and began to pull the tight dress up over her firm ass.

Their tongues continued dueling as he grasped her bare buttocks and squeezed them, kneading them. After a few minutes she pulled away from the kiss and turned away from him, his cock nestling in the cleft of her ass. She ground her hips back onto him, his hands going to her breasts rubbing them through the fabric, her nipples stiffening under his touch.

April could see their hazy reflection in the sliding glass door. It was erotic, almost like watching someone else. She could see his hands move over her chest, watch as his head dipped to her neck and kiss her in that spot that drove her wild.

April leaned back into him more and whispered in his ear, "What are your fantasies?"

Jeff replied, "You are my fantasy."

Always the gentleman April thought as she turned in his arms again and looked into his eyes. "Besides me," she said, "If you could have anything in the world what would it be?"

"Just tell me what you have in mind," Jeff said. He hated it when she played these games.

"Well..., would you ever want someone to join us?" She asked nervously.

Jeff was a little taken aback, "Do you have someone in mind?" He wasn't sure if he liked where this was going.

"Maybe. It's someone you know."


The knock on the door saved her. She had gone too fast, pushed the idea too soon. Quickly adjusting her dress, she opened the door for the room service waiter. April signed the bill, the waiter giving her lecherous looks the whole time. "Thank you," she said coolly and ushered him out the door.

The few minutes had given Jeff time to gather his thoughts. "Guy or girl?" He asked as he strode into the room. April looked into his eyes, not sure which answer would hurt him less.

"Girl," she said softly.

A smile crossed his face, "You like women too."

She nodded slowly, hoping his smile was a good thing.

"Well let's eat and then we can talk about it," Jeff said gathering his food and sitting down at the small table. They ate in silence, neither sure what to say, each wondering what the other was thinking. Finishing the steak, Jeff set his plate on the cart then took April's and put it there as well.


April was prepared for this one. "Why do you like them? The soft curve of a breast, the smooth skin, the full lips take your pick. It's not like I'm some disgruntled, I hate men lesbian. I just like to occasionally feel the touch of another woman."

"Okay, now who?"

Again the knock saved her. "Housekeeping." April got up and went to the door. She opened it to find Tina glancing nervously up and down the hall. With a smile she opened the door wide and Tina strode in. Jeff was in shock as she walked toward him. Tina was dressed in a French maid outfit that looked fantastic. Her pert breasts strained slightly at the satin bodice, the short skirt barely covering her small ass. Long satin gloves encased her arms to just past the elbow, a small white apron tied around her waist. She stood tall on red stiletto heels.

"Good evening, monsieur," she said with a bad French accent, "I am dessert, the French tart."

April slid up behind Tina to see Jeff's reaction. His smile told everything. "Let me get this straight, both of you like girls. And my surprise is that the three of us are going to spend the night together, doing whatever we want to each other. I get to participate not just watch."

"Whatever you want," April assured him. "We will do any and every thing you ask us."

"To you or each other," Tina added, her pulse racing at the thought of what was about to happen, and she turned to April and kissed her full on the mouth.

Jeff thought he was in a dream. He had fantasized about his two ex-girlfriends entwined in each other's arms, and now here they were willing to do his bidding.

"Works for me," he said standing and unzipping his pants. "Why don't we start with the two of you giving me a blowjob?"

The girls were on their knees before him in seconds, fishing his stiff rod from his boxers. Using just the tips of their tongues they licked up and down each side of his cock. Jeff watched in disbelief as the two kissed with his cock between them, their lips covering his shaft. Soon they began alternating sucks, each girl taking the thick rod down to her throat before pulling it out and offering it to the other. The sight was incredibly erotic and it wasn't long before he felt the stirring in his cock.

"I'm gonna come," he warned.

April shifted her attentions to Jeff's heavy balls as Tina sucked him hard, remembering the times he had filled her mouth with his hot seed before. As the salty fluid filled her mouth, she shuddered with a small orgasm. Unlike all the other times she didn't swallow it though; she had other plans for this load. Pulling her lips off the tip, she looked up at Jeff and opened her mouth, showing him the pool of semen he gave her.

With an impish smile she grabbed April and pulled her close. Their lips met and April tasted the saltiness. She looked at Jeff, who was staring wide-eyed waiting for the next move. The two girls kissed more passionately, some of the jism passing between them, some dribbling out of their mouths and dripping from their chins. Jeff sat back in the chair mesmerized by his two most recent girlfriends kissing each other and licking his semen from their faces.

April moaned softly into Tina's mouth as the brunette massaged her heavy tits through the tight black dress. Wrapping her arms around the lithe girl, April pulled her tight, licking and sucking the last of Jeff's cum from her lips. With Tina still massaging her chest, April turned to Jeff sitting in the chair.

"Now what, baby?" She asked, lust permeating her voice, as Tina lowered her head and sucked April's nipple through the fabric.

Jeff was lightly stroking his cock, hoping he would have the stamina to keep up with these two gorgeous women. "I want to see Tina eat your bald pussy," he replied.

April's eyes lit up, she had hoped he would want to see that. She stood and began to pull her dress up when Jeff told her to stop.

"I want you to leave it on. You too, Tina. Nobody takes anything off with out my say-so."

Jeff quickly positioned April on the bed, her dress pulled up to her waist but still covering her weighty chest. She lay on the bed, her legs dangling over the footboard, the heels allowing her to keep her feet on the floor. Tina clambered between her legs, her hands sliding up April's calves and thighs until her fingers grazed the smooth, puffy lips of her aroused pussy.

April thrust her hips at Tina, her pussy wet with desire and needing to be stimulated. Tina kissed the inside of April's thighs, teasing her with licks and nips around her moist sex. When she finally placed her mouth on April's wet gash, the big-titted strawberry blonde let out a long low moan. Waves of pleasure washed over her as Tina's tongue licked and probed, finally alighting on her engorged clitoris.

Jeff stood to the side watching Tina pleasure his girlfriend as his cock began to regain its stiffness. He slowly undressed, April's head thrashing back and forth from Tina's attentions, as part of his mind refused to believe the erotic scene taking place before him. He eventually stood next to the bed, his rapidly stiffening cock sticking out from his groin.

Tina was very talented with her tongue and April was reaping the rewards. Her world had been reduced to nothing but the pleasure coming from between her legs, so she was surprised when the smooth head of Jeff's cock rubbed across her lips. She willingly opened her mouth to accept the thick shaft as Jeff gently fucked her face. April was more aroused than she had ever been, her body tingling with desire, her small orgasms seeming to pave the way for stronger ones. Jeff was rubbing her tits through the dress now, and when Tina pushed two fingers into her slippery cunt she had the most incredible orgasm of her young life. Jeff's cock slipped from her mouth as April thrashed about on the bed, her body awash in warmth as Tina refused to let go of her sensitive clit. April finally succeed in pushing her head away gasping, "No more."

Tina looked at Jeff for approval and he nodded. She moved from between April's legs and sat on the bed across from Jeff, April lying between them as they each massaged one of her breasts, the thick nipples pressing against her dress.

"Why don't we let her rest for a minute," Jeff said softly, "besides it your turn." He leaned over April and kissed Tina, her hand going the back of his head and pulling him onto her lips. Their tongues dueled, Jeff tasting April on Tina's lips, as his cock finally reached its full measure.

Breaking the kiss he asked Tina, "How about a little sixty-nine?"

Tina's eyes lit up. She loved the way Jeff ate her pussy and she longed to taste more of his thick seed. They maneuvered around April, quickly assuming the position. Tina eagerly sucked Jeff into her mouth his thick cock stretching her lips as she slid up and down it.

Jeff stabbed at the slight piece of fabric that covered her swollen mound before finally just tearing it off her. He was pleasantly surprised to see Tina's pussy was freshly shaved as well, the smooth lips glistening with desire. He kissed her nether lips, savoring the sweet taste of her pussy. Unhurriedly he ran his tongue from her tiny sensitive clit all the way to her ass. Tina squirmed when he rimmed her, her body shuddering in anticipation of stuffing his thick cock up her ass.

They hadn't noticed April's recovery and she was now sitting on the bed watching them pleasure each other. Tina was on top, her lips stretched by Jeff's dick as she slurped up and down it. Despite her recent release, April slowly rubbed her clit bringing tingles of pleasure. She sat on the bed rubbing her wet pussy trying to decide which person she would please next. Finally, deciding it was Jeff they had to convince, she lay on her stomach, licking his heavy balls as Tina continued pleasuring the shaft.

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