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School Exam


Sara was 18 years old. A beautiful young girl. She was getting ready to join the cheerleading squad at school, and for this she needed to get a physical done and have an approval from her doctor that she was in good health. Her mom made an appointment to take her in. Her mother told her that they would be going to see Dr. Redding. He had be Sara’s moms doctor since she was a teenager. Sara was a bit nervous about going, but her mother assured her that it would be fine. That doctor Redding was very gentle and was very thorough.

Sara and her mom arrived at the doctors office a few minutes before the appointment, they sat and talked as they waited to be called back to see the doctor.

“Sara, no matter what happens inside the examining room, just relax, and know it is all ok. This is the same kind of exam I got when I was your age. It is something every girl should do.”

A few minutes later, Sara was called back. Her mom went with her. When they walked in the room a nurse was there.

“Sara, I need you to undress, including your bra and panties, and then put on this gown. Dr. Redding with be with you in a moment.”

The nurse left and Sara proceeded to change out of her clothes and into the gown.

There was a knock on the door, and Dr. Redding came in.

“Good morning Mrs. Appleton.” “ Good morning, Sara. How are you today?”

“ I am fine.”

“She is a bit nervous about the exam Dr. Redding, but I have reassured her that everything will be fine.” Mrs. Appleton said.

“Well good then, lets get started.” Dr. Redding said.

“ Sara, I need you to sit up on the table for me. I normally would have my assistant in her, but since your mom is staying she does not need to be in here.”

Sara sat up on the table with her legs dangling off the side.

“Sara we are going to start off by me checking your ears, nose and throat, and then your breathing.”

Sara sat there while Dr. Redding proceeded to look into her ears, nose and throat. Then he listened to her breathing from her back.

“Very good Sara, now I want you lay back on the table. When you do I need you to open up the gown.”

Dr. Redding could see a very nervous look on her face.

“It will be ok, we just need to do a breast exam on you. It is very important that all girls check their breasts once a month, and I am going to teach you how to do that.”

Sara looked up at her mom, and her mom gave her a comforting smile.

Sara laid back on the table and let her gown fall open.

Dr. Redding moved next to her.

“Just relaxed Sara, and if you want keep your eyes closed, if that will help you any.”

Sara laid there with her eyes closed, shaking inside.

Dr. Redding took his hand and placed it on her breast. He slowly massaged her breasts in circular motions.

“You are going to feel me add a little pressure as I go Sara, I need to make sure there are no lumps inside you.”

He continued to works his hands around her breasts.

“Now Sara, I need to make sure that your body has the right response to stimulation. It is very important that we make sure your body is working the correct way.”

When he finished saying that he glided his fingers over her nipples. He started rubbing her nipples under his hand. They started to grow hard like little pebbles.

“Very good Sara. You are being a very good girl. Your body is reacting just the way it should.”

“Now, I am going to add more pressure to see what happens.”

He took her nipples between his fingers and gently began to squeeze.

Sara looked over at her mom.

“It is ok dear, just relax and let the doctor do his job.”

Dr. Redding continued to squeeze on her nipples. He would tug at them a little bit. He could see Sara starting to squirm. She could not see the smile on his face because of the medical mask he wore. “Sara, your body is acting just like it should. Every time I squeeze your nipples or pull at them, I can see your whole body reacting. That is very good. So far, I think you are a very healthy girl.”

“Now I need to massage your stomach to make sure there is no pain. While I do that I am going to have your mom help me out. She is going to continue massage your breasts and nipples. I want to make sure your body is stimulated the right way, so we can have a complete evaluation of you.”

Sara’s mom stood up and came next to the exam table where she laid.

As Dr. Redding started to feel around her stomach, her mom started to cup her breasts. Sara kept her eyes closed tightly. She was starting to get a funny feeling through her whole body, something she had never felt before.

“Mrs. Appleton, make sure you are massaging her nipples, squeezing them and tugging at them. I need to make sure your daughter’s body is one hundred percent functioning correctly.”

With that, Mrs. Appleton started to roll Sara’s nipples between her fingers.

Dr. Redding proceeded to check her stomach.

“Very good Sara. It seems everything is in working order so.”

“Now, Sara what I need you to do is scoot down to the end of the table. Bring your legs up and move down as far as you can. It is time to move on to the next part of the exam.”

“You are going to find your body will probably do things that you have not experienced before, and that is ok. If everything is working right, then you will feel sensations that are new and exciting to you.”

Dr. Redding moved down to the end of the table, and pulled over a tray next to him that was covered by a sheet.

He uncovered the tray. The first thing he picked up was a pair of latex gloves. Sara could him stretching them over his hands, and then heard them snap.

“Sara, please spread your legs open a bit more for.”

She did as he said.

“Good, now we will start.”

“You are going to feel me touch you. Just relax, I will talk you through this.”

Sara felt his finger on her.

“Sara, I am now touching you. Do you know what the area I am touching is called?”

Sara shook her head no.

“This is your clitoris. Every woman has one. It is a very special spot on you. I am going to make sure that it is functioning correctly.”

As he said this, Dr. Redding started to rub her clit with his finger. Sara started moving on the table.

“ Just relax sweetie. I know it is a new feeling to you. Just lay there and let the feeling move through your body.”

Dr. Redding started to apply more pressure to her clit. Moving his finger in small circles.

“Very good Sara. Your clitoris is starting to respond to my touch. It is starting to grow harder, just like it should.”

“ I am going to move my finger faster on you. As I do this you should be feeling a warmth between your legs and your body should be producing a wetness. This is very important.”

He continued to move his finger over her clit. He could hear her breathing start to increase. She looked up at her mom, with a helpless look on her face. Her mom just smiled down to her.

Sara could feel a tingling all through her body.

“ Sara you are being a very good girl. Just relax, and let things happen.”

He could see that she had pressed her lips together, as if trying to not to make a noise.

“It is ok Sara, you can make noises. No one will hear you. It is very normal.”

With that Sara let out a moan. She couldn’t believe the feeling that was running through her body.

Her whole body was starting to shake.

“Just let it go Sara.”

Dr. Redding applied more pressure and started rubbing her clit with quicker motion.

Sara was laying there with moans escaping from her mouth. Dr. Redding knew she was about to have the first orgasm of her life.

“Sara your body is doing great. There is allot of wetness down here between your legs. That is just what we wanted.”

“Mrs. Appleton, I want you to started massaging her breasts again. It is important to see how the body works together.”

Sara lay there with her doctor rubbing her clit and her mother rubbing her breasts. She couldn’t believe the reaction her body was having.

Her breathing started getting more intense, she wanted to scream out.

With in a few seconds she felt this warmth rush through her body, her legs were shaking uncontrollably. Her body felt on fire.

“Good girl. Your body did perfectly Sara.”

Dr. Redding loved knowing he had just made her have her first orgasm.

“Now we will move on to the next part of the exam. I normally would have to use some sort of lubrication for this, but you have done so well Sara, and have allot of wetness to you, that I won’t need it.”

“It is time I see what is going on inside of you. You are going to feel me insert a finger inside your vagina. Just lay still.”

Dr. Redding slowly started to slide his finger inside her. He couldn’t help but to think to himself that she was very tight. He could tell she had never had sex before.

“Ok, Sara, I am now going to place another finger in you. You are going to feel me move my fingers apart inside of you. It is important that I stretch you just a bit for the tools I will need to use in a few minutes. Do not worry this will not damage you in any way.”

Once Dr. Redding had two fingers in her hole, he started to move them apart, spreading her open.

“Sara, can you feel that?”

Sara nodded yes.

“Good. Now I am going to move my fingers in and out of you.”

Dr. Redding moved his fingers in and out of Sara. Her body was responding beautifully.

He removed his fingers. He picked up something shinny off the tray next to him.

“Sara, this is a speculum. I am going to use this, so I can see inside of you. It will spread you open just like my fingers did. It is going to be cold when it goes in, but it will warm up in a few seconds.”

He started to slowly insert the speculum. Sara jumped at the coldness of it.

She could feel him opening it inside of her.

“Sara, I am going to turn on this light above me, so I can get a better look.”

Dr. Redding spread her open, and started looking inside of her.”

“Everything looks perfect.”

He removed the speculum.

“Now Sara, I have a special tool that I am going to use on you. For it to work correctly, I am going to have to move it in and out of your vagina. It will probably stretch you open more than my fingers and the speculum did. And it may hurt at first, but you will find that in a few seconds it will feel very nice, and you may even experience the same feelings you did just a bit ago when I was testing your clitoris. “

Sara could not see what was happening between her legs, because of the sheet covering her. She could hear something open. Probably was the zipper on the bag for the tool she thought to herself.

“Ok, Sara, you are going to feel some pressure on the opening to your vagina. Just breath deeply and relaxed.”

She could feel something pushing at her. The pressure was getting more intense.

“Ok here we go Sara, I am going to push the tool all the way in you.”

Sara let out a scream as the tool was pushed into her. Her mother softly ran her hand across Sara face and told her it was going to be ok.

She could feel this thing stretching her open, she thought she was going to rip.

Dr. Redding held onto her knees.

He thrust the tool deeper inside her. Once the tool was all the way in. He began moving it in and out. He started slowly, then picked up the pace.

“Sara you are doing wonderfully. Your vagina is perfect. Just a few more minutes with this tool, and we will move on.”

Dr. Redding pumped his cock in and out of her tight pussy. He loved the feeling of a virgin. He thought to himself about all the girls he had taken their virginity away from.

Sara was starting to breathe hard again. Her moans were becoming louder.

“Yes, Sara that is good. Let it go again. Your body is acting just like it should.”

Dr. Redding could feel he was near orgasm. He grabbed tighter onto her knees.

“Just a few seconds longer Sara. When I am done with the tool, I am going to squirt a special liquid into you. It is very important that I do this. You may feel a slight warm gush.”

Sara was holding on to the side of the table as her doctor continued to move this tool in and out of her. Her body was losing control. She felt light headed and as if she was almost floating.

Without warning she could feel something fill her vagina. She thought to herself that this must be the liquid Dr. Redding was talking about.

“Very nice Sara. You have done a wonderful job so far.”

Sara could hear the doctor zip back up the bag the tool came from.

“ Now Sara we will move to the last part of the exam. The next part might be a bit uncomfortable, but it is something that must be done.”

Dr. Redding walk away from the exam table. Sara could hear water running in the sink. She could not see what he was doing, his back was toward her blocking the sink.

“I need to now exam your rectal area. For me to be able to do this properly, I must first clean you out. Have you ever heard of a enema Sara?”

Sara said no.

“Well don’t worry my dear. Allot of people have this done. I will be as gently as possible.”

Dr. Redding walked back to the table. He was holding a bag with a long tube connected to it.

“Sara, now I need you to change position for this to work the best it can. I know this is going to be a little embarrassing, but trust me this will make you as comfortable as possible.”

“ I need you to get on your hands and knees on the table.”

Sara didn’t move for a moment.

“ Go ahead, the sooner we start, the sooner you can be out of here.”

Sara moved to all fours on the exam table.

“You are going to feel something wet on your anus Sara. It is some lube that I will use to ease away the pain. It will be cold, but that will go away in a minute.”

Sara could feel Dr. Redding’s finger on her opening. A cold wetness covered her hole.

“Next you will feel some pressure on you. I am going to insert the tip of the tube inside you. Do not worry it is not very big.”

Just then Sara felt something pressing at her.

“Relax, it will make it easier.”

She felt something push into her. She jumped. Her mom ran her hand down her back, trying to relax her.

“Now, Sara, I am going to flip the switch on the tube. When I do that you are going to feel warm water rush into you. As the water goes in, you are going to feel fuller and fuller, and your body will want to get rid of it. Do not push it out. It needs to sit there for a minute to clean you out. You may feel some cramping in your stomach as the water fills you up. I am going to have your mom massage your stomach to help rid you of some of the discomfort.”

Dr. Redding flipped the switch on the tube. With in a second warm water started flowing from the bag into Sara’s asshole.

Her mom started massaging her stomach.

Sara felt herself getting full. The cramping Dr. Redding talked about was starting to happen.

“We are almost done Sara, just a little more water.”

Sara didn’t think she could handle much more, she thought her inside were going to burst. “Ok, Sara all the water is now in you. I am going to leave the tip of the tube in you for a minute to give the water time to work inside of you.”

Her mom continued to rub her stomach.

After a few minutes Dr. Redding removed the tip.

“ Clinch yourself tight Sara. I want you to get down off the table and go right into the bathroom that is connected her next to the exam room and I want you to go and sit down on the toilet and release the water. Come back in here when you are done.”

Sara got down off the table. She rushed to the bathroom, she didn’t think she could hold it much longer. She sat down on the toilet. As soon as she sat down the water started expelling from her. She sighed in relief. She was thinking to herself that she hoped she would never have to do this again. When all the water was out of her, she returned to the examining room and got back up on the table.

“Let me clean you off good Sara.” Dr. Redding stated.

He took a cloth and wiped her clean.

“ I need you to scoot down on the table like you were before for the first part of the exam.”

Sara scooted down.

Dr. Redding replaced the sheet that was there before.

“Just like I checked your vagina Sara, I must do the same to your rectum. During this part of the exam , I will use lots of lubrication to make it easier on you.”

Once again she felt the cold substance on her. Dr. Redding rub the lube around her hole.

“I am going to insert a finger now. I want you to bear down. This will make the entrance allot easier.”

He slid his finger inside her. He could feel her hole clamp around his finger. Her ass was nice and tight, he knew this was the first thing she had ever had up there.

“ I need to stretch you open some, so I am going to use two fingers. Just relax. “

Dr. Redding took two fingers and slide them in her. He kept telling her what a good girl she was.

He spread his fingers apart.

“Now, Sara, remember that tool I used in your vagina before? Well I must use it here too. This is the most important tool that I have.”

Sara thought to herself that this tool would not fit inside of her. She remembered how big it felt inside her vagina, she figured there was no way it would fit inside her ass.

“I want you to bear down again. I am going to add more lubrication.”

She could feel the coldness again.

Then she felt the tool press against her hole.

“Here we go Sara, this won’t take long.”

“I am going to go slow.”

Sara could feel herself opening up to the tool. She could feel it moving into her. She cried out.

“It is almost in all the way. It will feel much better when it is in.”

She felt it slide in more. She felt very full.

“I have it now , Sara. I am going to start moving it in and out.”

Dr. Redding moved his tool in and out of her slowly. He was in heaven taking her ass.

Sara was losing control again.

She felt like the tool in her was up in her stomach. She wanted it out, but enjoyed the feeling it was giving her body.

“Sara you are doing perfect. We are almost done.”

The tool pumped in and out of her for a few minutes. Then she felt the liquid flow into her just like it had done in her vagina.

The tool was removed.

“Sara, you did great. You have been the perfect patient. I am going to leave the room. You can get dressed and pick up your physical slip at the front desk.”

On his way out the door, he looked over at Sara’s mom.

“I will see you in two years when you bring in Monica.”

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