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School for Sluts


The sign shone brightly underneath the sun. "Brighton College Institute for Girls", it read. Elizabeth placed a hand over her eyes and tipped her head back in order to get a better look at her new home. It looks like a prison, she thought darkly.

"Hurry up, Liz, or we're going to be late!" Her father held the car door open for her, tapping his foot impatiently. Elizabeth scurried out quickly, not wanting to anger him.

They walked down the hall to the headmaster's office. All the doors to the classrooms were shut, and there was no laughter. Liz could have sworn that she heard a scream in the distance, but dismissed the idea quickly.

When they had finally reached the headmaster's office, her father ushered her in silently. A pretty but stone-faced secretary sat at her desk, tapping away at a computer. She held up one finger to indicate that she would be with them in a moment.

It was more than ten minutes before she finally acknowledged their presence.

"Good evening, Mr. Channing, Elizabeth. It's a pleasure to meet you." She offered her hand to both father and daughter, and they shook it solemnly.

"Headmaster Walters is delighted to have you at our school. He is very eager to meet both of you. If you'll just step into his office, Elizabeth." When her father tried to follow, she held up a hand.

"The Headmaster only wishes to speak with Elizabeth at this moment, Mr. Channing. You can wait out here." And with that, she shut the door.

Elizabeth took a moment, before she turned from the door and faced the Headmaster's desk. When she did, she wasn't surprised to see a middle-aged, balding man slouching into his chair. He straightened when he saw her.

"Good afternoon, Miss Channing. It is a pleasure to meet you. I have heard many things about you from your father, all of them positive, I assure you."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Headmaster Walters," Liz said politely.

He smiled at her again before he spoke. "I'm not sure you know, Elizabeth, but this school is very...unique. And so, we need to test your abilities before you are ready to enter this school. And so, if you'll follow me..." He opened a door behind his desk, and gestured for her to enter it.

She did so, and the Headmaster immediately shut the door behind them. Elizabeth's eyes widened at the scene before her. Five men were lined up behind a counter which held various tools, but they were too far away for her to see what they were.

Fear lodged in her throat, and she gasped when the Headmaster gripped her wrists behind her, dragging her towards the counter. He had remarkable strength, and wasn't panting at all as her told her calmly, "I am sure that your father left out one detail when he was describing this school to you. Yes we are the Brighton School for Girls, more commonly known as the Brighton School for Sluts."

And with that, he pushed her onto a table. Elizabeth felt two hands shove her back, and another pair hold her legs down painfully. Metal cuffs were snapped around her wrists, successfully binding her to the table. Next, her ankles were shoved into stirrups, and tied there as well.

The six men looked at her, some leering, some with blank expressions.

"Now, Elizabeth, we know you're not a virgin, and we know you're over 18, so what we're about to do shouldn't come as too much of a shock." Elizabeth's eyes widened, and she opened her mouth to scream, when a ball was shoved in her mouth and clasped around her head.

Her clothes were cut away from her body within seconds, and she was left with only her bra and panties covering her. The Headmaster discarded her bra and began stroking her breasts.

He ran his thumbs over her nibbles, and they tightened painfully. The Headmaster sneered at her.

"Your nibbles grow hard at the slightest touch. It seems that a school for sluts is perfect for you."

Watching her face, the Headmaster signaled for a man to continue stroking her boobs while he explored the lower half of her body. His grubby hand slid across her stomach, leaving a trail of sweat behind.

He didn't even hesitate to slip his hand into her underwear and stroke her most intimate section. His gaze never wavered when he took a pair of scissors and cut her panties.

He smiled very slowly. "That's one hell of a pussy you have there, Elizabeth. You don't mind if we...explore it a little more, do you?"

And with that, two of the men grabbed the lips of her pussy and pulled them back, completely exposing her. Elizabeth tried to scream, but the ball kept her from making any coherent sound.

The Headmaster raised his eyebrows. "So you're still not satisfied? Hmmm, you are one greedy slut. But I know just the man to help you." He gestured towards the door, and Elizabeth watched in horror as her father walked into the room.

He was completely naked, and his dick sprung up into his stomach. Liz could see the bead of moisture already forming there. Her eyes started to water, and a single tear dripped down her face.

The headmaster frowned at her. "Now, now, Elizabeth, you wouldn't want to deny your own father the right to fuck his daughter, would you?" He reached out a hand to fondle her dad's rock-hard cock as he spoke.

Her father gave the headmaster a secret smile, then bent down on his knees. Elizabeth felt his warm breath on her still-exposed pussy, and then his mouth was sucking her.

She felt the other men's hands drop away, but her dad's hand's were right there to replace them. His thumb rubbed her clit in a circular motion, while his tongue slipped in and out of her cunt.

Elizabeth could feel herself getting closer to coming, which sickened her. This was her father, for heaven's sake. But his fingers and tongue continued to make her body respond in a way that disgusted her.

When she felt the pressure lift from her clit, she sighed with relief. But it was to be a short-lived relief, for seconds later his finger began to jam into her cunt. He finger-fucked her for a minute, then placed the tip of his finger on her sensitive nub.

She came in an instant, tremors racking her body and making her buck. She could hear the men laughing at her, and was absolutely mortified.

"Well, she's easy to please," one man jeered.

"The slut doesn't even need to be fucked for her to come," another said in mocking tone.

The headmaster didn't say a word. He motioned for her father, who was laughing as well, to move out of the way. He stuck a finger into her vagina, twisting it around. One of the more-serious men pulled the gag out of her mouth. She opened it to scream, but found that the Headmaster's cum-juice covered finger had replaced the gag.

Choking a little, she tried to move her head out of the way, but hands held it in place. "Suck your own juices, bitch," Headmaster said nastily. "You know you want to. Sluts always do." Elizabeth stubbornly refused, and the man's eyes narrowed.

"Bring the whip," he said in a cold voice, smirking as her eyes grew wider. "You will suck my finger Elizabeth," he said calmly. "Unless you want to endure unnecessary pain."

The tallest man handed him a long stick with a chain attached to it. He cracked it in the air once, then brought it down on her pussy. The pain made her begin to suck on his finger automatically, and by the second lash, she had licked it clean.

"Good girl, Elizabeth," the Headmaster said condescendingly. "Now it's time to give your old man a little bit of pleasure. After all, he deserves a little gratitude for raising you so well."

One of the cuffs slid of her wrist, but was captured by a strong grip and led towards her father's erection. He let out a groan as the man began to pump her hand up and down. Elizabeth balked at the idea of giving her dad a hand job, but one more crack of the whip and she was sliding it up and down on her own.

Her hand grew wet with the pre-cum dripping from her father's dick, and it made a squishing sound as she ran her hand along the length of him. It was only a couple minutes before her father shuddered and let out a shout, spraying her with sticky, white fluid.

The Headmaster ordered her to lick it up and swallow, and she began to do as he asked. She didn't want to be whipped again. Then, without warning, she felt a hard object pressed against her entrance. It was the Headmaster's cock, she realized with surprise and fear. Sometime when she was giving her dad a hand-job, he'd taken off his clothes.

As he began pumping his dick in and out of her, her father walked around behind the older man. His penis was hard again, and he rubbed it against the Headmaster's ass, wrapping his arms around the man.

They were lovers, Liz concluded. She felt like throwing up. It was already disgusting that the Headmaster's cock was filling her, and that she's been forced to feel her dad's dick, but to learn that her father was bi only added to the sick feeling in her stomach.

One of the other men had begun to rub her clit, bringing her on the verge of a climax again. But the Headmaster came fairly quickly, probably from the added pleasure of her father's hard-on pressed against his butt. Her father came again soon after, and the Headmaster pulled out of her cunt.

"Stop rubbing her pussy, Leonard. She can finish herself off." He reached out a hand towards her dad and pulled him towards himself. Grinding their dicks together, he said, "Come on, Mitch. I have something I want to discuss with you in my office. You gentlemen are dismissed. Thank you for your time."

He turned towards Elizabeth, who was still on the verge of an orgasm. "Feel free to masturbate. I'll be glad knowing we gave you pleasure. Welcome to the academy."

Elizabeth was left alone in the cold room, but at least she was no longer bound, as the men had undone the restraints before they left. She let one hand fall down to her pussy. She didn't want to give them the satisfaction, but she needed to come.

After a brief masturbation session, she headed towards the Headmaster's office. She was terrified to learn what the rest of the day would bring.

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