tagFetishSchool For Sluts

School For Sluts

byHattori Hanso©

"Dean Whitaker, your two o'clock is here."

The Dean looked up from his desk and responded to his secretary, "Let her in."

Seconds later, a beautiful brunette strode through the door into the Dean's office. The Dean looked her up and down. The girl wore a white, strapless sundress that fit her curves nicely. The Dean, a quick wit and keen observer, enjoyed the baby blue nail polish the girl wore on her fingers and toes. Her eyes were of a similar hue. The girl's hair fell somewhere between the middle of her back and her shoulder blades, swooping gently in natural, slightly wavy splendor. She was tan and she was definitely a brat.

"Good afternoon Dean Whitaker. I'm Katie." the girl said, as she extended her hand.

The Dean shook Katie's hand and then gestured to the chair in front of his desk, offering her a seat. Katie sat herself down in the chair and the Dean began to ask her some questions.

"Okay, Katie. First things first. Have you given any thought to your major, yet?"

"Well," the brunette began, "I have given it some thought. Right now, my major is General Hardcore, but I'm also thinking about minoring in BDSM."

"Really?" responded the Dean, genuinely interested. He loved his job.

"Yeah. I've always loved sex, don't get me wrong. Like, regular fucking is great and all. But, sometimes, I like to be treated... you know, like a whore."

The Dean, satisfied with this answer moved along.

"Okay, Katie, fair enough. You are prepared for you entrance exam, right?"

"Oh, yes, of course." the girl responded happily.

"Okay then. Stand up." said the Dean.

Katie bounced up out of her chair. The Dean also stood and approached the girl. Katie had automatically folded her hands behind her back, her interest in S&M showing through.

The Dean spoke. "Katie, remove your dress."

With a smile, the brunette unzipped her dress and slowly slid it down her tanned, toned body. Suddenly, Katie was standing there, naked, her dress in a pile at her pretty painted toes. The Dean circled her. Her body really was nice. She was built for sex. Her tits were perfect. A handful plus, topped with half inch nipples that stood at attention and pointed to the sky. Her ass was plump, round, and oh-so-spankable. And, of course, her pussy was delectable. It was cleanly shaven. Smooth. Her thick, tan thighs barely met in the middle with her feet planted together. The Dean thought she was as cute as a bunny, but would probably fuck more than one.

The Dean paused behind Katie, facing her backside. He stared down her naked body, then broke the silence.

"Katie, I'd like you to tell me about your most naughty fantasy. Tell me what makes you wet."

The girl's face blushed slightly at the Dean's words. Before she could begin, the Dean began to fondle the girl's tits from behind. He was right, they were a handful plus.

A slight gasp passed through Katie's sticky, lip-glossed lips at the Dean's touch. She began to divulge her sexual intrigues.

"Well, Dean Whitaker, I have one particular fantasy... actually, it's a dream I had a few years ago. I remember waking up, right after the dream, my panties were so wet. The inside of my thighs were warm. Everything was warm."

The Dean continued to massage Katie's tits. Her back was now resting on his chest as she continued her story.

"So, anyway, in the dream, I was blindfolded, but I could see myself, from like, a different perspective, not my own. I was watching myself. And, aside from the blindfold, I wasn't wearing any clothes. I was taken into a small, dark room and in the room there were like, a bunch of guys, of all ages. All of them were dressed nicely in suits and ties."

The Dean slid his hands down from the girl's tits, down her torso, enjoying the feel of her ribs and smooth skin on his palms. As he slid his right hand over Katie's sexy tummy and his left hand down to her left thigh, gently massaging her sensitive skin, he questioned, "What happened next, Katie?"

Katie, focusing on the Dean's ministrations, continued her tale.

"One of the men in the room told me to get down on all fours. He said, 'Get on the ground, pig. Put your ass and pussy up in the air.'"

The Dean now had his right hand between Katie's legs, and his left hand gently clasped around her neck. Her skin was moist and warm.

Katie swallowed hard and tried to concentrate.

"I got down on my hands and knees. When I did, the man who had called me a pig approached me from behind. He spit on my ass, and my back. The other men in the room were quiet. I remember having a sickening feeling in my stomach, but I liked it."

The Dean interrupted.

"You like to feel humiliated then, don't you Katie?"

As Katie began to answer, the Dean dipped two of his fingers lower, and slid them slowly along Katie's moistening slit. Katie's response to the Dean's question was a little raspy, like a moan waiting to happen.

"I do like to feel humiliation, Dean."

"Call me 'sir', Katie." the Dean interjected.

"Okay, sir."

Katie's hips were subconsiously rolling from side to side as the Dean teased her pussy. The anticipation was killing her.

"Sir, should I continue telling you about my dream?"

"Yes, Katie. Continue."

"At that point, I felt hands on my ass, pawing at me. Like, I felt hands on every part of my body. The hands were rough with me. There were fingers pulling on my nipples, grasping at my pussy, the lips, my clit. Then, the speaker guy ordered everyone to stop touching me. The hands stopped. I was shaking. I think I was quivering, really. The speaker called me a 'trashy pig' and a 'slut' and then he slapped my right ass cheek very hard. It took my breath away. He slapped my left ass cheek. Right. Left. He called me 'filthy piglet' and kept smacking my ass till..."

Katie's voice trailed off. Meanwhile, as Katie had been talking, the Dean was sliding his fingers over Katie's clit, down along the entrance to her pussy, and underneath, almost touching her asshole. Her thighs were sticky.

"Katie. Finish telling me about your dream."

"Sir, I think if I keep talking about my dream, and you keep doing what you're doing, I might cum, sir."

"Finish telling me about your dream." reiterated the Dean, dismissing Katie's qualms.

"Okay, I'm sorry sir."

The Dean slid a finger inside the girl for the first time. Her knees bent slightly and she moaned.

"The man kept spanking me, in front of all those men, and, in the dream, he slapped my ass until I squirted. I came on my hands and knees, blindfolded, from being slapped on the ass by a man I didn't know. My cum trickled down my thighs, onto the floor. The speaker laughed at me. He called me a 'pig whore' and then he slammed his cock into me. All of a sudden I felt all of the hands groping me and being rough with me again. And that's when I woke up. But, I wanted to go back to that place as soon as I opened my eyes."

The Dean slid another finger inside the girl and was now fingering her with his right hand and pulling her nipples with his left.

"That's a very dark fantasy, Katie."

"Ohhh, I know, sir." the girl replied. Her eyes were closed.

"Tell me. Would you like to cum, Katie?"

"Mmmmm, yes sir."

"Beg me to make you cum."

The Dean's fingers were skilled and the girl was under his control. Katie was grinding her sweet, round ass into the Dean's crotch. She could feel his cock between her naked ass cheeks. Her toes were clenched into the rug. A bead of sweat rolled down her face.

"Oh, sir, please, make me cum. I'm so close."

The Dean manipulated Katie from the inside with his fingers, stroking the firm nub of her g-spot. He reached down with his left hand, grabbed her thigh forcefully and pulled it away from her other leg, allowing his right hand greater access to her pussy.

"Mmmmm, I'm gonna come sir... don't stop..."

The Dean pulled his fingers out of Katie's depths and with the same hand he had been fingering her with, abruptly slapped her on her ass, hard. His left hand held Katie's gorgeous hair in a bunch and he slapped her tanned ass again. He landed one more hand-print-leaving shot on her cheek and it was all over with.

Katie's body began to spasm and a stream of her girlcum splashed down her meaty thighs. She would have fallen down if not for the Dean's handful of her hair.

"You're going to learn so much, Katie my dear. So much." growled the Dean.

Katie, breathlessly mumbled, "Thank you, sir."

The Dean let go of Katie's hair as she fell foward onto the desk. Seconds later, the Dean pulled his cock out of his pants and ordered Katie to suck him off.

The sweaty, sexy brunette got down on her knees and took the Dean's cock into her mouth. She sucked on the head of his cock as she stroked its length with her small hands. The Dean watched intently as Katie blew him. Her cheeks were shiny with sweat or spit, or both. Katie dipped her head under the Dean's shaft and took long, healthy licks of his balls, sucking gently. The Dean thought her face was ever more beautiful with his cock laying across it. Katie eventually went back to sucking his cock after she was sure his balls had received enough attention.

The Dean was close to orgasm. He grabbed Katie's hair again and pulled her away from his cock. She looked at him, surprised. The Dean began to stroke his cock with his right hand and held the beautiful girl in place by her hair with his left hand. He simply, calmly stated, "Take it on your tits." Then, the Dean shot a white stream of jizz onto the middle of Katie's ample chest. The girl opened her mouth, trying to catch some of his cum. Semen ran down the girl's tummy, pooling in her belly button until it dripped off of her tan body and onto her dress and baby blue toes below.

The Dean let go of her hair and zipped up his pants as Katie fell back against the desk.

"Okay, Katie. That'll be all for today. I'm sure you'll be a great addition to our fine establishment. Get dressed and go."

Katie felt used. And she felt good. She stood up, cum splashed across her tits and tummy. She picked up her dress and slid it back on. She felt like such a little whore. Her dress stuck to her where the cum was. Her thighs felt greasy and warm. She felt happy.

Katie said, "Thank you, sir" and headed out the door. School was in session.

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