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I am a 6"1", skinny, white, English schoolboy with messy dark brown hair named Geoff. Embarrassingly I am still a virgin at the age of 18 but I just say I'm picky. I attend a school in the North of England called St Aiden's, which is what's known as a 'posh school'.

As I drove up to the school one morning I saw a large amount of people gathered in the courtyard, all dressed in home clothes. I soon realised it was the day of the annual trip to Glasgow which all geography students were forced to attend to somehow benefit the progress of their A-levels. I immediately noticed that this trip combined with the 6-hour art exam would mean there would be a very small amount of people in a lot of my lessons. Grinning from ear to ear, I jumped out of my red mini and waved at my friends who were ascending the steps of the geography trip bus. I galloped through the old school door and clambered up the 4 flights of stairs required to reach my common room. This brings me onto the subject of this story, Ellie Martin.

At 5"6" she stood at about chin height on me, which I found perfect. She was bi racial, which meant that she had beautifully tanned skin. Her eyes were a gorgeous brown, squeaky-clean teeth and long flowing brown hair. Her body, in my opinion, was flawless. Although she did had a slightly larger figure this only enhanced her physical assets. Huge melons for boobs and an ass that I found my self staring at daily. This was all carried off with the sexiness of a model.

That morning I was met with the sight of her in a black sleeveless shirt with just the right amount of the buttons done up that was considered acceptable by the teachers but also enough for me to get a great look at her tits as they struggled against the shirt that barely contained them. I approached her in the tight corridor and was forced to open my body to her and stick to the wall to get past. However, as I did so Ellie stuck out her chest just a tad too much and I got a nice brush from her enormous jugs. She was unaware of the graze but it certainly had an impact on my virgin body.

My trousers began to protrude out in front of me and I was forced into an embarrassing hand-in-pocket situation in order to hide by hard on. Another thought of her huge tits would have made a mess on the school carpet. As I walked away, hand still in pocket, I turned round and saw an even more pleasing sight. A skin-tight skirt that gripped up to just below her ass! I looked on in awe as her ass moved and strained against the confines of that skirt. I saw the cheeks that I had had so many dre-

My back hit something hard and I immediately toppled over. Looking over behind me I saw a vast array of papers scattered all over the floor and my large French teacher on his back, still. I looked back over to Ellie. She was stood in the doorway to her common room looking back at me smiling sexily. I smiled back. After around 2 seconds I noticed her eyes were not on my face but on an object further down my body. My hand had fallen out of my pocket. Lying on my back with my boner reaching upwards must have given Ellie a pretty clear indication of how excited I was. Whether she knew what I was excited, for I was unsure of. After noticing me noticing her she winked and entered her door. Did someone way out of my league just look at me? I raised my fist into the air having triumphantly flirted for the first time in my life.

"What in God's name are you so happy about, I could have died!!" my French teacher yelled in a, weirdly, thick Scottish accent. (I should clarify he was unable to see my crotch but saw the hand gesture).

"Nothing, sir, just having a great day" I grinned.

The first period was maths after which I had a sit out to revise in. I endured maths with the 4 other people that weren't geographers or artists but managed to get through it utilising all the powers of my imagination. I imagined her bending down in front of me, her delectable ass pushing against the front of my trousers. I imagined her on top of me making out with me and worshipping my cock. Maths soon ended and because every person in my common room was away I was able to sit in my common room and let my hard on be free without having to lean forward or use the excesses of my shirt to cover my bulge.

Although I would have been happy to sit there all day and just think, exams were approaching and I needed some time dedicated to revision. Paper was required first. There was usually some lying around in the computer room but none today. This had me jumping for joy. This meant that I had to get more from where the paper was stored, and that place was the 6th form common room aka the home of the utterly breathtaking Ellie. Sprinting down the hall where a few stray papers from the earlier collision still remained, I crashed through the 6th form door.

"...hey..." I said gasping for air. She whipped her head round almost in slow motion, her hair flying behind her.

"oh... hi" she said smiling. Of course we'd never really been friends in her world, but in my dreams we were more than just friends.

"I need..." I pointed at the stack in the corner "...paper..."

"oh... Is that all?" she said disappointedly as he reached for the papers. Having regained my breath somewhat, I formed a proper sentence.

"yeah, gotta get some revision done." I said straining to keep my eyes connected with hers as she leant over forwards for the paper, almost flaunting her voluptuous curves.

"ok what's the revision on?"

"bit of everything really, I'm kind of struggling." I was still keen on staying in the same room as her for as long as possible.

"Maybe... I can help?"

I stood slack jawed for a solid 4 seconds before snapping myself out of it and spluttering a "yes". She giggled at my attempt at speech and passed me into the hallway, brushing her thigh against my zipper. I shuddered.

"ok but what about the 36? Surely that needs to be square rooted?"

"no because the X has no power above it." She said smiling slightly.

"oh God I am an idiot. Sorry for this I know it's a tad boring."

"nah it's fine. I was getting bored so its fun to hang out with someone so cute but also dumb." She joked

"oi twat! I'm trying my hardest here!" I said in mock outrage.

She lightly punched me in the arm to which I responded with a punch or my own but slightly harder. She then pounced on me pinning me to the sofa we were doing work on. My first instinct had me resisting to which she laughed at. Being kind of lanky I was unable to lift her off me and she seemed like she was applying a lot of pressure to my arms. I soon realised that I was in an extremely advantageous position. Looking down the body that was currently straddling me I saw straight into the darkness of her cleavage and even saw the shades of the nipples. At this point I would have usually put my hands over my crotch to cover the inevitable boner but at that point I was unable to. I looked up at Ellie's face and began squirming. I couldn't have her getting a poke in the crotch from my little guy otherwise I would be the laughing stock of the school. I kicked and yelled at her to get off but she just thought it was all part of the game. I closed my eyes waiting for the inevitable penis to leg contact. And then it hit. The skin of her thigh felt wonderful against the trouser covered head of my penis but that was where the least amount of my attention was. I felt her grip relax and felt one of her hands leave my arm. Thinking that hand would be soon slapping me round the face, I clenched my face and flapped my free arm. I thought of how she would gossip to her friends and how they would gossip to theirs and how they would gossip to everyone else, with the lie getting more ridiculous with each person.

I felt her hand grab my face and my eyelids flew open. She sat over me, giggling sexily as my dick dragged further up her thigh meat towards her crotch. She leant her head down.


She kissed me. It was gentle at first, like we were in love, and it soon started to grow in passion. My eyes were still open in shock as she ravaged my lips but I soon sank into it and closed my eyes. Her other hand reached for my face again and began holding it to hers just as her tongue started to invade my mouth. I too opened my mouth more and, with little to no experience, probed at this beauty's mouth with my tongue in return. My hands were still above my head. After the shock of getting off with the fittest girl in school it was hardly surprising. Ellie, being experienced, soon realised my inexperience, grasped my hands, placed one on her back and one on her ass. Her ass... I was touching it. I dared myself to squeeze the juicy cheeks and succeeded. I was soon making her groan with the pressure I was putting on her huge ass and I could tell that she was ready to advance. She soon proved me right and dethatched herself from my lips.

Sitting up, still mounting me and with my hands still wandering over her ass, she ripped open her shirt revealing those two warlocks I had dreamed of restrained within a black lacy bra that looked way too small. I gripped her ass hard in reaction to the sight of them and after the bra had been flung to the other side of the room I grasped even harder, giving her a case of the giggles. I sat up on my hands and, without even asking for permission, stuck my face in between her tits and compressed her melons against my hungry face. I heard vague moans from above me but all I was really focused on was tanned funbags I had my face squished between.

After a good 2 minutes of praising her humungous chest, I felt her hands push me back onto the sofa. Upon falling back she dismounted me.

"you're going to LOVE this." She said with a wink as she turned around.

I lay back with my hands behind my head as she slowly lowered the zipper on her skirt. Inch by inch I saw more and more flesh and soon realised that she was wearing a thong. As I sat there gasping with excitement, Ellie lowered the skirt over the bulge of her butt, bending over just to emphasise the size. She then turned round and strutted up to me until she was towering over a dazzled me.

"I've never tried a 69" she said matter-of-factly "maybe you could be my first."

With an open mouthed nod I indicated my enthusiasm and she immediately lost the thong giving me a clear view of what her beautiful thighs lead up to. A shaven cunt.

She straddled my face instantly, immediately coving my view of the outside world with her huge ass cheeks. I felt her hands wrestle with my trousers until both them and my boxers were pulled to my ankles as I felt a small breeze on the underside of my cock. I focused my attention on her vagina thinking the sooner I start the sooner she will. Taking a deep breath of pussy flavoured air I dived in with my unprepared tongue. I thought I'd make out with her pussy like I did with her earlier, and as soon as my lips wandered over her folds I received a groan of approval. I quickly brought my tongue into the mix, thrusting it into her sweet tasting hole. Her response was fast and I began to feel the wetness of Ellie's mouth surrounding the head of my cock. Her lips were soft and caressed my dick at first. I continued to lick at her with my face in between her athletic bum cheeks. Her lips began bobbing on my cock a lot faster and I felt her tongue swirl over my head with every bob. I knew I was getting close. Grabbing hold of her mighty behind I, regretfully, pushed her off me and stood up.

"what's wrong?" she asked kneeling down in front of me, looking up with a pout.

"I don't wanna blow too soon."

"Ahh, you want to fuck me first don't you big boy?" she asked teasingly.

Already knowing the response she stood up and walked over to the sofa, over emphasising her ass movements. she gestured for me to sit in the centre of the sofa. I sprang over and jumped into the indicated spot. She confidently sat on my lap with her entrance poised over the head of my 8 inch prick. I looked up at her wondering what she was waiting for. She grabbed my face, pulled me into a hard kiss and began to sink down onto my length. The warmness of her cunt felt wonderful against my skin and I just sat, balls deep and locked in a passionate kiss with a girl straight from my fantasies. Her tits were crushed against my chest and I felt her nipples rubbing against my pecks. She soon began to rock on my ever so slightly. I could feel about an eight of my length enter and leave her with each rock but that was more than enough to keep me happy.

I grabbed hold of her ass and decided to take charge after a while. With a cheek in each hand I pulled Ellie up to just below the head of my cock and quickly dropped her. She groaned loudly, urging me on with the occasional "fuck me". I repeated the pattern again and again getting more frantic with each drop. She soon began to relieve me of my lifting and started to raise and herself with her own athletic thighs onto my fully erect dick. The slapping of skin on skin soon filled the room and I was groaning at every drop. I muffled my own noises by stuffing one of Ellie's massive tits into my mouth. My tongue swirling around her bronzed nipple causing a moan to shudder through her body.

Annoyingly she stood up.

"Babe. The ass please."

I became less annoyed. She placed one hand on the sofa cushion next to me and used her other to slap her arse, inviting me in. I darted behind her and was greeted with the sight of a tight brown eye.

"you got any like... slippery stuff?" I asked

"nah babe, bareback please!" she said in a pleading tone

I didn't want to hurt her so I spat on my cock and then on my finger, which I put in her ass hole and wiggled. Feeling satisfied that I wouldn't rip her, I put my head at the entrance and pushed forward. I felt her resist but I knew she wanted it so I held the curve of her waist and pushed it back onto my dick as I pushed forward. "nggghhhhuuuuuhhh" she yelled, as my cock head slipped into her fat ass in an instant. I started forward again progressing inch by inch with her asshole becoming more and more stretched. I finally reached the hilt and again we just stood there enjoying the feeling. I leant forward and rested on her back. She turned her head and I my lips were met by hers. We shared a passionate lustful kiss both really going at each other's mouths. I flapped my arms around her body, until I reached her dangling tits. Caressing them I kissed down Ellie's neck and the top of her back. I started to pump. At first slowly, only doing about a quarter of my length. With each thrust I pulled out more of my length, which was then immediately stuffed back in. When I reached my full length I went for it. I pushed with all my might into her ass over and over, pounding her and demolishing her hole. She screamed with every thrust but still begged me for more. My balls were slapping against her vagina with every thrust and I could tell she had orgasmed at least three times. I leaned over again grasping her tits roughly, our sweaty bodies meeting in a cucoon of lust. She begged me to come inside her. After 20 minutes I fulfilled her wish. I shot gallons of jizz, filling her anus to the brim after which she shuddered to an orgasm too.

We collapsed together, my slightly deflated penis still half inside her in the spooning position.

"Not bad for a first timer" she said, out of breath.

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