tagMatureSchool Girl Rayne Ch. 02

School Girl Rayne Ch. 02

bySean Renaud©

A week doesn't sound like a long time to most people. Nobody would describe a week as an eternity but that's exactly what it felt like for Anna. That's how long it had been since Anna's last orgasm and it seemed like each of the seven days had stretched on to impossible unbearable lengths. It was doubly frustrating because of the cause.

How could that old pervert make her feel like this? It wasn't like he'd really done much. Sure he'd made her strip outside in the rain where anybody could have just walked up and seen her. Then he'd showered with her. He wasn't even particularly sexual about it, if anything he touched her as little as possible while still cleaning her. He'd practically glossed over her breasts without pausing to enjoy them. When he'd finished with that he'd forced, coerced was probably more accurate, her into giving him a blow job. After that he was just done with her. For the next two and a half hours she lay not six inches away from him completely nude and doing everything she could short of asking him to get his attention. She couldn't ask him of course. The moment she asked him to touch her she stopped being a victim and started being a willing participant and she wasn't.

Since that night he hadn't so much as glanced at her. Normally he'd watch her come and go, he stare in her window when she showered like the dirty old man that he was. Anna hadn't realized that she'd come to crave that man's eyes on her skin and without it prancing around her bedroom nude wasn't half as fun and her satisfaction was fleeting at best entirely absent most of the time.

Seven days. It felt like it was seven weeks. Maybe longer when she finally gave up. She pulled on a pair of skimpy shorts and the first t-shirt in her closet and walked the few feet between their apartments and knocked on the door. Anna had expected the door to open almost immediately, when it didn't she knocked again. She wasn't sure how long passed before she rang the door bell and finally decided he must have been out and turned to leave when the door did open. "Oh hello Anna. How can I help you?"

Anna glared up at the old man. She hadn't noticed before that Alfred wasn't really a little old man. How the fact had escaped her seemed really odd as she watched him looking her up and down. He was certainly old but he wasn't little by any standard. "So I haven't seen you around much." Anna's mouth was suddenly filled with cotton balls. She had absolutely no idea what she was going to say to Alfred.

"I didn't think you'd miss me. I'll try to say hi." He took a step back and started to close the door.

"Wait!" Anna blurted. "Was it. .was I not good?"

"What? Oh hush." Alfred replied with a soft smile. She could feel his eyes were back on her for a moment.

"Then what?" Anna asked.

"Nothing." Alfred stepped back to close the door again prompting Anna to step forward putting her hand against the door. "You didn't do anything wrong Anna. You just aren't ready yet. If you'll let me go."

"I'm ready for whatever you want pervert." Anna looked into Alfred's eyes and immediately considered taking back what she'd just said. Then the same way she'd felt his eyes on her soul and her legs threatened to go to mush beneath her. "Just tell me what it is you want."

"I already told you I don't want anything but to get back to my show." She could tell he wasn't being completely honest with her. There was something he wanted.

"Can I watch it with you?" Anna asked.

"Why would I want to watch TV with you?" Alfred was biting back a bit of a smile. Anna was a bit too frustrated to catch it tugging at the edges of his mouth but it was there.

"I'll watch it naked." Anna took a deep breath. Why wasn't this a lot easier? This was the same man who'd been staring at her through her window every chance he got and he she was practically begging him and he was turning her down. "Please. Will you please let me watch it television with you?"


"Yes. I'll do it nude." Anna replied.

"That wasn't a question." Alfred glanced around to make certain nobody would see her enter his apartment. "Strip." Anna couldn't get out of her clothing fast enough leaving it in heap on the floor. "Does this look like a barn?" Eyes wide Anna leaned over and picked up her clothing. "Good now follow me."

"Are we going to take a shower again Alfred?" Anna tried to keep the excitement out of her voice and that was hard enough. She couldn't hide the disappointment when he shook his head and went to sit down on his couch flipping on the television. "Where do you want me to put my clothes?"

Alfred took a deep breath letting his eyes travel the length of the young woman. "You set them on the couch stool. Except your panties. Those go in your mouth. I don't want to hear anything from you until my show is over." Anna started to open her mouth. "You're free to take your clothing and leave of course."

Whatever fight was in her drained out at those words and she stuffed her plain blue panties in her mouth. "Sit there facing me." Alfred motioned to a spot of the floor where Anna plopped down and glared at Alfred who wasn't even looking at her. She was sitting nude on his floor chewing her panties and he was watching Dexter.

Anna inhaled the scents wafting from her underwear. Between her legs she felt herself warming. It wasn't just the humiliating position this old pervert had her in, he was trying to be subtle but he was sneaking glances at her breasts and belly. She had always known when he was watching her and now was no different. Despite knowing he didn't want her getting up off her ass she was posing as much as she could while staying anchored to the spot. He told her to be silent so she would remain silent but he hadn't told her to hold still. Anna had no intention of being ignored while he watched some stupid television show.

It was probably half way into the show when Alfred unzipped his pants and pulled his stiff cock out. "Do you want to play with my cock?" Anna nodded her head. "Well come over here Anna, just your hands unless I say you can do more." Anna again nodded her consent. She didn't know what was so exciting about Alfred's cock but just holding it in her hands sent tingles up her leg. Nothing about it seemed particularly extraordinary except that she desperately wanted to do more than commit every vein of it to her memory but that was all he would allow her to do. Anna had run her fingers over every single bit of flesh taking special time to trace around the crown and weigh his sack "You can use your face, but don't spit out those panties."

It was humiliating to be forced to behave like an animal but she obeyed him leaning close and nuzzling her face against Alfred's cock. The soft skin against her cheek or brushing against her forehead gave her an unexpected thrill as did the musky smell wafting up from his scrotum. She nuzzled her nose in against them inhaling his masculine aroma. It was then Anna noticed she was slick halfway down her thighs and she was shifting her weight slowly back and forth trying in vain to satisfy the hunger smoldering there.

The bastard was still focused on his show so he couldn't see her pleading look in her eyes. She needed this and not just between her fists. Anna knew she'd be satisfied just to feel his cum dripping over her face but she wanted it inside her. She was sitting between his old man's legs and he was putting her through her paces like she was a common slut. She'd never let a man disrespect her like this before. He wasn't even giving her permission to suck his cock and she'd was still gnawing on her panties while he watched television. Anna's cheeks burnt with anger at that fact but she didn't let that stop her from stroking. She was going to get him to cum even if he did ignore her the entire time. "Stop."

Anna barely twitched after he told her to stop and she could feel him doing just that in her grasp. His cock was pulsing between her fingers. Somehow she was the one straining to keep control of herself while he seemed to be perfectly calm turning his attention back to 'Dexter' seemingly unconcerned with the woman at his feet. She could feel his heart beating through the flesh throbbing in her hands and felt it gradually slow. "Continue." Alfred kept her like that for the rest of his show, bringing him right up to the edge before he ordered her to stop and then she'd sit there feeling the organ in her hand slow. Normally she was the one in control when she was holding a cock in her hands and yet this one was holding complete sway over her life. Right then her entire world was concentrated around it. She considered disobeying him for an entire heartbeat then put it from her mind and hoped he'd lose control.

When the episode ended Alfred cupped her face in his hands and pulled her up with a smile. "Are you ready to suck?" Anna nodded excitedly and Alfred pulled her panties out and tossed them aside. Her lips were wrapped around his cock before he could even let go of her face. The warm slightly salty taste of his flesh in her mouth was euphoric. It was the first time Anna was disappointed when a blow job only lasted less than a minute. When his warm semen washed over her tongue she made certain she kept every drop of in her mouth. Anna's lips remained sealed around his flesh refusing to stop until he started to soften and then she squeezed the last drops into her mouth and sat back. He was smiling at her. She couldn't explain why his approval meant so much to her. He was just some dirty old man who'd tricked her into a blowjob, and she was just for the first time in her life enjoying the thick fluid swishing around in her mouth. "Swallow." Without even the thought of hesitation Anna gulped it down.

"Thank you." Anna wasn't really sure why she was thanking a man for allowing her to suck his cock. As absurd as it sounded in her head she knew that was the proper thing to do. "Can I ask you something?" Alfred told her she could. "Will you please fuck me? I haven't been able to cum since you made me suck you off last week."

"I didn't make you do anything Anna. Just like now you were free to leave anytime you want." Alfred smiled and let his eyes slowly slide over the young woman in front of him. "Sure it was raining but you could have gone and huddled up in the doorway or gone up stairs or gone down the block and waited at the mini-mart."

Anna took a deep breath and suppressed a shudder. She still didn't like how she could literally feel his eyes as they passed over her. Before it had been creepy and thrilling and now it was frustrating and exciting. Right then he was staring at her pussy. She knew he could see the slick from her arousal, it had to be glistening in the light. Anna wondered if he could see how swollen it felt or how her clit was aching. "Okay. You didn't force me to do anything. Will you please, please fuck me now?"

"Patience is a virtue and something you need to learn." Alfred replied. "You could have left, you can still leave if you-"

"I don't want!" Anna cut him off. "What I want is to fuck! Why won't you fuck me? I know you find me attractive. You've been staring at me since I moved in for fucks sake!"

"Don't raise your voice with me little girl. If you'll be patient a little longer-" Alfred reached over and grabbed her panties off the couch, "-open." Anna's eyes lowered but she submissively opened her mouth and let him stuff her panties back in her mouth. "Good girl." She could hardly believe that she was letting him not only talk down to her like she was a child but worse he was treating her like an animal. Anna knew that she should gather what was left of her pride, put on her clothing and leave this old disgusting pervert alone. Then a sudden pulse shot through her clit and she settled in to listen and hopefully he'd fuck her when he was finished with whatever nonsense he wanted to spout.

"Now it's important you understand that I'm not doing anything that you don't want. My door is always open. You aren't being raped or coerced or anything else. Everything that's happening is because you want it to happen. If you agree nod." The words hadn't finished leaving his mouth when Anna responded emphatically. "Good. Now you will do everything you are told without question or hesitation. If you ever say no to me I will show you the door. I hope you understand how, dangerous, this is for me. If word were to get out that a sixty three year old was having sexual relationships with a nineteen year old. I'd be run from the neighborhood, I could lose my job or worse." Anna nodded again.

Anna tried to hold still as he spoke but he wouldn't stop staring at her. He kept his eyes oozing over her body and it made her squirm. It was difficult for her to bear and the only the panties wadded in her mouth kept her from whimpering loud enough to be heard. She tried to meet his gaze, somehow communicate her need to him but he wasn't interested in her eyes. Her breasts, her stomach and her thighs were eating up his focus.

"So if we understand each other and you understand that you are to do what you are told if you still want to fuck me feel free to climb on." Anna's eyes lit up as she scrambled the short distance between them and straddled Alfred. With her wadded panties still in her mouth she had to exhale through her nose when his manhood sank into her. Anna's hands immediately went to his shoulders but remained there for only a moment before she wrapped her arms around his neck instead clutching him close to her body.

Alfred reached down and grasped her buttocks prying them apart and slowing her gallop down to what he imagined was an agonizingly slow trot for her. His suspicion was confirmed when she pulled back just enough to stare desperately into his eyes. She tried to over power him but he was surprisingly strong and she could only go as fast as he allowed. Anna squeezed her thighs around his middle hard trying everything she could manage to convey her need. Alfred grinned up at her enjoying the power he held over the young woman. She was completely helpless in his grasp. He knew as he looked into her eyes that even if he released her hips she'd keep the pace he'd set for her. Anna was beginning to tremble and even the gag stuffed in her mouth her muffled moans were perfectly audible. "Go on." Alfred hissed in her ear and slapped her rump.

The couch creaked beneath them when Anna's hips slammed into Alfred's. Her head snapped back and for several blissful seconds the only thing she was unaware of anything but her inner muscles clenched down. Anna's hips kept moving for a few more thrusts before she collapsed against Alfred resting her head on his shoulder.

"You okay?" Alfred slapped her rear again getting a jump and a nod out of her. "You get what you wanted?" Another exhausted nod. "Good. Now go take a shower, alone, and when you come back you can tell me how you expect to be treated but be warned if I don't like it, I'll send you away."

Anna briefly narrowed her eyes then turned and walked to his shower. She was laughing when she stepped under the hot water and felt it pouring over her body. It was suddenly funny that she was taking a shower and he wasn't the one soaping her nipples. He'd only done it once before but it was somehow laughable without him. She wanted to feel him behind her with his cock lightly brushing against her buttocks. Anna wanted him to be the one scrubbing her back and exciting all those spots she didn't even know she had. It should have been his fingers between her thighs brushing gently over her still super sensitive bits and making her shiver.

"I wonder what he wants me to say." Anna mused turning so the water washed down her shoulders and back. "If it were some boy I'd just tell him I'll be his slut, his whore, his cock sucking little bitch but if that was all he wanted he could have had that already. Besides I think I made it pretty clear I was willing to do that." Anna leaned her head back letting her hair get wet while she continued to think aloud. "I'm willing to do whatever it takes." She continued her musings for almost half an hour before deciding on her answer. She had no clue if it was going to be remotely good enough but she did know that either it was the right answer or it wasn't but staying in the shower longer wasn't going to provide an answer.

Anna's heart felt like it was going to beat its way clean out of her chest when she walked back into the room. Alfred didn't seem to have moved the entire time she'd been gone. His now flaccid cock was still out resting against his thigh. The television was still on as well though Anna had no idea what the show was after the quick glance she gave the screen before sitting down on the couch. "Alfred?" Without taking his eyes off the screen he acknowledged that he was listening. "I don't know what you want from me but I know what I want from you. I want you to treat me however you think I deserve to be treated."

"And you understand that I may be harsh with you?" Anna swallowed hard and nodded. "And you will obey without question." She nodded again. "Good. Well first rule Anna, you not show up unannounced. When I want you I will contact you, do I make myself clear?" Anna said that she did. "The second thing you need to know is a woman always cleans her man after she's done fucking him." Anna's eyes widened realizing that was why he hadn't zipped up yet.

"Sorry." Anna quickly looked around for a tissue. Seeing a box on the coffee table she started to reach for them when Alfred cleared his throat and what he expected of her was suddenly obvious. She knelt between his legs and reached out for his cock."

"You get a pass this time Anna, just don't let it happen again. Rule three is don't apologize. Just fix whatever you did wrong. I don't expect you to be perfect, certainly not right at the start." Alfred smiled and kissed her lightly on the forehead. "Right now get dressed and get out. There is an envelope with your clothes. Don't read it until tomorrow."

"Yes." Anna blurted wondering what Alfred had in mind for her.

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