tagFetishSchool Girl Smoking Fetish Ch. 01

School Girl Smoking Fetish Ch. 01


All persons in this story are 18 years of age or older.

It was like any other Monday morning as I rolled out of bed, showered and got dressed for school. My mother as usual had already left for work and I entered the kitchen for my morning ritual of caffeine and nicotine. I poured the freshly made coffee into my favourite mug and then sat down at the kitchen table and opened the packet of Marlboro Menthol cigarettes she had left behind. Then my usual Monday morning changed, and I would never be the same again.

Any smoker will tell you that when they open a packet of cigarettes and find it empty, they can quickly become very irritable, especially when they are expecting to find at least one cigarette in there.

My heart sunk and I suddenly didn't want my coffee anymore. What was I supposed to do now? None of my closest friends smoked and even if they did, they didn't know I smoked. In fact nobody knew I smoked at this time. I had money to buy cigarettes but the only shop anywhere near my school refused to sell cigarettes to anyone wearing a school uniform, even if you had proof of I.D.

I only had one option and I hated it. I had done it twice before and both times made me feel inferior and somewhat alien. My only option was to stand outside the shop, out of view of the entrance, and ask somebody to buy them for me. Even though I showed people that I had my own money, at least ten people would turn me down before somebody; probably a fellow smoker was kind enough to buy them for me.

I had been stood at the back of the shop for about fifteen minutes before finally somebody approached. It was an elderly lady walking her dog and I thought my chances were looking pretty good as I noticed her puffing on her own cigarette.

"Excuse me but would you mind ..." I started to say before she interrupted.

"No, fuck off your too young to smoke." The lady aggressively replied, without even looking at me.

I was shocked to hear anybody reply like that, but especially from an old lady. And they say there are problems with the youth of today.

Anyway, a few minutes later a car pulled into the car park behind the shop and I held my hands tightly together, preying and hoping that this person would be the one.

The car stopped and out climbed a fat man who looked to be in his late fifties. He was average height with short grey hair and he looked dirty and grubby with his unshaven face and worn clothes. I always thought a shirt and trousers were supposed to make a person look smart and respectable.

"Excuse me sir but would you mind buying me some cigarettes?" I pleaded before adding, "I have money." The man stopped and gave me a stern look before he looked me up and down.

"You shouldn't be smoking at your age." He replied.

"I'm actually old enough to smoke and buy cigarettes, but the shop won't sell cigarettes to pupils in school uniform." I said.

The man looked me up and down again with the same serious expression before he finally sighed and looked around the car park. "How do I know you're not setting me up?" He asked.

"What do you mean? I said.

"How do I know there isn't a copper lurking round the corner waiting to catch me buying cigarettes for a minor?"

At first I thought he was being ridiculous but I suppose he did have a point.

"Please, you must trust me;" I pleaded again, "all I want is a packet of cigarettes and to get to school before I'm late."

He studied me again and his facial expression appeared to relax. "What's in it for me?" he smirked.

"You can be happy in the knowledge that you helped a young girl today." I smiled, trying to be a smart arse.

He suddenly looked serious again. "I'll tell you what," he said, before pausing and cupping his chin, "let me take you to school in my car and I'll buy your cigarettes with my own money."

I know it's wrong to get in a car with a stranger but my need for a cigarette had increased tenfold. "Ok." I agreed.

"And you show me your tits on the way." He added.

I stood back and gasped loudly. "No fucking way! You pervert!"

He shrugged his shoulders with a cocky grin on his face and then stared at my chest. "No tits, no cigarettes."

I couldn't believe it. I was devastated. I really thought he would get me some cigarettes. As I contemplated what he said I didn't really picture what would happen. Instead I could only picture the cigarettes and imagine the taste as I lit one.

"Ok, Ok I'll do it," I agreed, "but I'm only showing you my tits. No touching."

As he entered the shop I jumped into his car, which smelt just as bad as he did, and waited. A few minutes later he returned with a packet of Marlboro Reds and I quickly realised I hadn't told him that I smoked menthol. I wasn't particularly bothered it was just I had never tried one before and I knew they were much stronger than what I was used to.

"There's a quiet country lane that leads to the back of the school." He said, before pulling out of the car park. "When we get there you can get your tits out and I'll give you the cigarettes, ok?"

I nodded and my mouth went dry. Now that I was sat in his car, reality was setting in. Was I really going to show some dirty old man my tits for a packet of cigarettes? What the hell was I thinking? I thought.

We both sat in silence as we took the short drive towards the lane and out the corner of my eye I noticed that he kept fidgeting between his legs as if adjusting his pants. I began to feel nervous and I could feel my hands shaking as the car appeared to be slowing down. A few hundred yards into the lane and he turned left and then down into a lay-by that was completely out of view of the lane. My heart started to race and I could feel it thumping against my chest as the car finally stopped and he turned to face me.

"You remove that lovely blouse and Ill remove the cigarette wrapper, ok my little angel?" I couldn't look at him. I suddenly felt ashamed of myself. What would people think of me if they knew what I was doing?

Fuck the cigarettes and run, Sophie. Run! Run! Run! I was screaming inside but my shaking hands reached for the top button of my blouse and I began to unbutton it.

There were only five buttons on my school blouse and by the time I had reached the third button my cleavage, along with the tops of my bra cups, was visible and his breathing had become ragged.

"That's it, now remove the blouse." He groaned as I released the fifth and final button.

I did as he instructed and then sat back in the passenger seat with my white bra covered breasts exposed. I was so scared that I had forgotten about the cigarettes until he pulled one from the packet.

"Do you have a lighter?" He asked. I leaned forward and searched through my bag. I could hear little whimpers as I leaned over and crushed my breasts into the top of my thighs.

After a few seconds of rummaging through my bag, I sat back up clutching my little pink lighter and gasped at the sight in front of me. The man had taken his cock out and it was standing very erect between his legs. It wasn't particularly a big cock but then I hadn't seen that many, in real life, to compare it with.

I stared in shock at his cock, perhaps a little longer than was necessary and then I looked up at him. He was smiling through yellow stained teeth.

"Good girl, good girl." He grinned, "Now take off that pretty little bra and keep your eyes on my cock."

His words sent a tingle down my spine and I quickly reached for my bra clasp as I watched him grab his cock. As I fumbled for the clasp I became aware of how hard my nipples were and as I moved slightly to reach behind my back I felt moisture in my panties. The sight of him gently stroking his cock was turning me on. My eyes widened as he slowly pulled his foreskin back and revealed a fat purple head seeping pre cum.

"Fuck, you got big juicy tits for a young girl." He hissed as I removed my bra and bared my breasts.

I smiled weakly at his compliment. "What size are they?" he asked, stroking his cock a little harder.

"32C." I replied, looking into his eyes. He had that determined look on his face and I suddenly felt nervous again.

"Don't look at me, look at my fucking cock. Keep your eyes on my cock." He ordered.

My gaze immediately dropped back to his cock and I watched in silence as he moved the cigarette towards his cock. He was holding the unlit cigarette at the opposite end to the filter and slowly, very slowly he began twisting and turning the filtered end across the top of his pre cum soaked cock.

My mouth fell open but nothing came out. Not a sound. I just sat there in shock as I watched the soft filter become soggy with his pre cum. I knew what was going to happen next and I didn't have to wait long before he lifted the cigarette away from his cock and raised it towards me. As I continued to watch I focused on the thin streak of pre cum that was still attached to the filter, stretching back to his cock. Eventually it snapped, but it left an inch or so dangling from the filter.

I felt confused by my feelings and excitement as I took the cigarette from him and held it between my fingers. I stared at it for a moment, feeling the stickiness on my fingers.

"What are you waiting for?" he chuckled. "You wanted a cigarette so there you go. Put it in your mouth and light it."

He knew from the state of my nipples that I was turned on, but he didn't know my pussy was pulsing at the thought of putting the cigarette in my mouth.

Eventually I placed the cork filter between my lips and tasted the salty twang of his pre cum. I quickly lit the cigarette and closed my eyes as I dragged long and hard on the filter. I exhaled quickly on the first drag but on the second I took my time and enjoyed the much stronger, fuller flavour of the cigarette.

My eyes were still closed when I felt a rough, grubby hand on my right breast. I tried not to panic and took a third drag from the cigarette. When I exhaled this time I felt dizzy from the extra nicotine, and the hand on my breast was now rubbing my nipple.

Suddenly he let go of my breast and grabbed my right hand. I didn't want to think about what he was going to do so I turned towards the window, kept my eyes shut and continued smoking. As I felt my arm being pulled further away from my body he spread my fingers before quickly closing them around his cock. I didn't try and move my hand, but even if I wanted to I wouldn't have been able to as he clamped his hand over mine and started to stroke himself.

Frightened and confused I continued to smoke, taking longer drags with each breath as I tried to ignore what he was doing with my hand.

"You should be watching this. You're a fucking natural." He groaned.

As I exhaled my last breath of smoke and flicked the cigarette away I turned round to look at him. He smiled, placed a second cigarette between my lips and with both of his hands started grabbing at my breasts. I looked down at his cock to see who or what was still using my hand to stroke his cock. But there was nothing holding my hand. I don't know how long I had been doing it for but I had subconsciously squeezed my tiny hand around his fat cock and had continued to wank him off.

I suddenly felt possessed as I lit the dangling cigarette and exhaled thick smoke between his legs. He groaned and pinched my nipples and in turn I squeezed his cock harder and quickly exhaled another thick cloud of smoke over his cock.

"Come here you dirty fucking bitch." He hissed, before grabbing the back of my head. "Suck daddy's fat cock like a good, dirty, little girl."

I didn't have a chance to respond as he forced my head into his lap and unzipped my school skirt. Within seconds I was bent over his gear stick and hand brake in just my white cotton panties and holding a cigarette with his cock buried deep in my mouth.

He smelt and tasted awful but I was trapped. The only time he let me up was when he pulled my head back by my pony tail and told me to blow smoke on his cock. I would take a deep drag and try to exhale slowly in an attempt to avoid the smell, but he was in total control and his cock was quickly back inside my mouth.

"That's it bitch, suck my cock, take daddy's cock down your slut throat." He grunted as he pulled my panties down. "Yes that's it; daddy's going to finger your dirty, soaking wet cunt as you suck him off."

His words were driving me crazy as nobody had ever spoken to me like that before and by the time his grubby fat fingers had reached my pussy I was almost cumming.

"Perfect." He snorted. "Soaking wet and tight, just the way a school girl's pussy should be." He continued, before sliding a finger inside me. The disgusting smell seemed to evaporate as the feeling in my pussy took over and willed me to suck him harder, deeper and faster.

After a while I had this strong salty taste in my mouth and I suddenly realised that he was about to cum. His cock was pouring droplets of pre cum into my mouth and I was swallowing them down as I prepared for the full load. And soon enough I got it.

"Oh, fuck yeah," he grunted, pushing my head further onto his cock. "Suck it bitch, suck daddy's cock and take his spunk." I cupped his balls and swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock as fast as I could. I could no longer bob my head up and down because of the pressure he was applying to the back of my head. Under no circumstances was he letting me go until he had cum inside me mouth.

"Oh, Oh yeah baby, yeah that's it, fuck ... oh fuck take it you dirty fucking bitch!" He shouted. And with that the first stream of cum bolted straight to the back of my throat and I quickly gulped it down. I didn't have time to think about it too much but I did notice and enjoy the thick sticky texture of his sperm as he continued pumping it into my mouth, forcing me to swallow.

I counted at least five or six large pulses and I knew I had swallowed a lot of cum. When I finally lifted my head from his cock I realised I was still holding a cigarette. With barely enough for a drag I flicked it away and lit up another one.

I then sat back in the passenger seat with my panties around my ankles and began to gently rub my pussy as I smoked. I hadn't even smoked half of the cigarette before I arched my back off the seat and came violently, leaking juices onto the seat below me.

Surprisingly the whole episode had taken half an hour, leaving me with ten minutes to get to school. I quickly got dressed and as he drove me to school I managed to smoke another cigarette before putting the packet into my bag.

"Hey, I'm Dave by the way." He said as I climbed out of his car.

"Nice to meet you, Dave," I replied with a smile. "I'm Sophie."

"Hey, Sophie." He called out to me.

"Yes?" I replied, bending down to look through his car window.

"You can be happy in the knowledge that you satisfied a dirty old man this morning." He chuckled, before pulling off.

I stood with a grin on my face watching as he raced away. I wonder if he will buy my cigarettes next Monday morning. I thought.

Chapter two will only be written if requested and Chapter one receives high votes. I dont want to commit to a second chapter if this one isnt up to scratch?

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