tagFetishSchool Girl Smoking Fetish Ch. 02

School Girl Smoking Fetish Ch. 02


All persons in this story are 18 years of age or older.


The following Monday I made my way to school more nervous than ever. I was shaking with excitement in the hope that I would see Dave again. I had wondered all week about what might happen if we met again, but at the same time I don't think I really understood my feelings. I couldn't stop thinking about what I had done. It was filthy and degrading yet it turned me on more than anything in the world.

As I approached the rear of the shop I quickly finished the cigarette I was smoking and sprayed some fresh perfume. Even though I had enough cigarettes in my bag I wanted to wait outside and see if Dave would return and buy me more. I hoped he had spent the last week thinking about me and what he had done.

I waited patiently for about a quarter of an hour before finally a car I thought I recognised as Dave's pulled into the car park. I felt my heart begin to race and the adrenaline started to pump around my body. I stared into the car and as the driver parked the car I saw it was him, and he was smiling at me.

"Back again are we?" he said, climbing out of his car. "Let me guess, you need some cigarettes?" he chuckled.

I nodded in shame and looked down at me feet. I had waited a whole week for this moment and now it was finally here I didn't know how to react.

"Get in the car," he ordered, "I'll only be a few minutes."

I followed his orders and nervously climbed into the passenger side. I sat quietly with my knees and feet together and placed my shaking hands on top of my thighs. A few moments later Dave returned with a newspaper under his arm and a packet of Marlboro Reds in his hand.

"You clearly didn't get enough last week did you, Sophie?" he asked with a grin as he climbed back inside the car.

Inside I wanted to answer no, I didn't get enough. I wanted to tell him how hot and dirty he made me feel the previous week and how much I had enjoyed it. But I said nothing; instead I remained silent waiting for him to take control of the situation.

"Well, we haven't got all day, so take these and get smoking," he said, "because in a few minutes it'll be a déjà vu for you."

With my hands still shaking I unwrapped the packet of cigarettes and pulled one out before quickly lighting it.

"Pull your skirt up, slut and remove your panties." He snarled.

I took a deep drag from the cigarette and whilst holding the cigarette I exhaled a thick plume of smoke and used my free hand to pull my skirt up around my waist.

"Oh yes, that's it." He groaned, "I've waited all week to see that tight young pussy of yours again."

His words sent shivers of excitement down my spine and I quickly sucked hard on the cigarette again. After exhaling the second drag I placed the smouldering cigarette between my lips and let it dangle there while I grabbed the sides of my white panties with my thumbs and pulled them down. As I pulled my panties down my thighs and over my knees he started unzipping his pants.

"Look what you do to me, slut," he spat, "I'm hard already. Now sit back so I can see that tight little fuck hole."

The words "fuck hole" suddenly rang in my head and I thought that maybe that's would he would want this time. All I had thought about was sucking his cock again and getting to enjoy the feel of his fingers inside me.

"Yes, good girl," he moaned as I sat back and instinctively opened my legs. "Look at that, your soaking wet already." He added, before reaching over and rubbing a couple of his fingers up and down my slit.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on the wonderful feeling between my legs as I continued to smoke. The longer he rubbed the deeper my drags became. I wanted him to make me cum from his rubbing while I filled my body with smoke. The feeling was so intense and exciting but also short lived as we quickly reached the same lay by from the previous week.

"Take off your bra but keep your blouse on and keep it fully unbuttoned." He said, parking the car.

I flicked the cigarette out of the window and proceeded with his next demand. Stroking and watching he sat groaning as I awkwardly managed to remove my bra. I was soon sat in his car with my black skirt around my waist, white blouse fully unbuttoned, exposing the most sacred and personal parts of my young body.

"Good slut, good little slut." he grunted, "Now light another cigarette and get out of the car."

I looked at him and paused in shock. I wasn't about to get out of the car dressed like this, no way I thought, but then I think he sensed my fear.

"It's ok my little angel," he said placing a hand on my leg, "daddy is getting out with you."

With that he removed his hand and climbed out of the car. I lit a second cigarette and quickly followed. As I climbed out of the car I pulled my skirt down and pulled my blouse together. Dave just laughed at me and dropped his pants as he stood in front of the car.

"Come here and bend over the bonnet baby, daddy is going to give you what you really want." He smiled.

"I ... I can't do that," I stuttered, "can't we stay in the car?" I pleaded.

"Don't play games with me, we both know what you want," he said, "now bend over the fucking car."

It was one of the strangest feelings I had ever experienced. I was so horny with my pussy dripping and my nipples aching but something else was telling me not to do it. As I tried to work out what was going on inside my head, I quickly found myself bent over the front of his car. The only thing that kept me sane was smoking the cigarette.

As I welcomed the warmth from the engine onto my body I felt my school skirt being flicked up and over my bum cheeks. The cool breeze chilled my wet pussy before Dave rammed a couple of his fingers inside me from behind, forcing me to jolt and grunt.

I sucked hard on the cigarette once more and when I exhaled I felt something both hard and soft rubbing against my swollen entrance. It was hard and rigid but I could also feel its soft texture as it gently, but forcefully rubbed up and down my lips. I knew it was his cock and I knew that at any moment it would slide inside me.

"Take the deepest drag you have ever taken, slut." He groaned from behind me.

I placed the cork filter back between my lips and started to suck hard and deep.

"That's it." he said, rubbing his cock a little harder against me. "Now exhale as slowly as you can."

It felt wonderful doing as I was told as he rubbed his cock against my pussy, but then as I started to exhale he slowly fed his cock inside my body. I almost came right there and then as his cock filled my tight pussy. Once he was all the way in he reached under my body and grabbed my breasts. Lifting me off the car slightly by my breasts he started to fuck me with long, slow deliberate strokes.

If what I'm doing is so wrong, why does it feel so good? I thought as I closed my eyes and sucked on the cigarette.

With his thumb and forefinger he started to roll and pinch my nipples. It felt so good I only wished boys my own age knew how to do it. I finished my cigarette and quickly wanted another one, but what Dave was doing to me was too good to stop now.

His thrusts were still long and slow but he was going so deep that at the end of every stroke he lifted me onto my tip toes and I would gasp out loud. He fucked me like this for about five minutes before he let go off my breasts and yanked my blouse down. He then grabbed my hips and started to fuck me hard. Every time he banged into me I felt his balls slap against my legs and my nipples would brush against the warm hard surface of the car.

I couldn't take anymore and I soon came from penetrative sex for the first time in my life. My climax was so powerful I knew he could feel it as my pussy clamped around his cock and pulsed violently.

I was nearing the end of my orgasm when he struck panic inside me.

"Are you on the pill, slut?" he grunted.

"Shit!" I exclaimed, "No, no I'm not."

"You stupid fucking bitch!" he shot back.

"Just pull out and you can cum inside my mouth again." I pleaded.

"No chance, oh fuck ... oh fuck I'm going to cum."

"No, you can't cum inside me, please pull out." I panicked, trying to get away from him. But I couldn't. He had me squashed up tight against the car with my legs trapped.

"Your pussy is ... oh fuck yes ... it's too tight and wet to pull out." He moaned.

"Please don't, I can't get pregnant!" I continued to panic.

"Too late ... oh, fuck yes, take it deep you slut ... oh yes, take my hot cum ... mmmm ..." he grunted.

He lunged into me one last time and held himself deep inside my body. The deep penetration forced me to groan my own satisfaction as my body betrayed me. I could feel something twitching deep inside of me and I knew his cock was spilling his hot fertile cum into my young and unprotected womb.

The twitching stopped but he remained inside me until I had received every last drop he had to offer. When he finally withdrew his cock from body he showed no compassion as he simply told me to get dressed.

Just like the previous week he drove me to school as I smoked a cigarette. But this time I could feel his spunk leaking into my panties. We drove in silence until we reached the school.

"If this is going to become a regular thing then maybe we should meet somewhere more private." He said.

I turned and looked at him. "What?" I said. "You might have just made me pregnant. Are you not even slightly concerned?"

"Haven't you heard of the morning after pill?" he chuckled, before giving me a piece of paper with his telephone number on it.

I took the piece of paper with no intention of phoning him and climbed out of the car. As he drove away I headed straight to the girls toilets.

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