tagFetishSchool Girl Smoking Fetish Ch. 03

School Girl Smoking Fetish Ch. 03


As I sat on the toilet leaking Dave's cum into the pan I looked down at the piece of paper he had handed me. I opened it and smiled as I read his number in my head. I didn't want to call him, but deep down inside I knew I would.

Dave had ignited something within in me that I was too young and inexperienced too understand. He had created a hunger, a feeling that needed to be satisfied, and my mind and body knew that he would provide what my body craved.

After finishing on the toilet I wiped myself dry and pulled up my panties before making myself look respectable for the school nurse.

The school nurse wasn't actually a real nurse she just worked part-time in the sex and health education department. Our paths had crossed once before when I was caught smoking outside the school grounds. She gave me a lecture on the dangers of smoking and sent me on my way with a pile of leaflets.

Even though she had no real authority I was still dreading the visit.

I knocked on her office door and waited patiently as a million and one reasons for my visit ran through my mind. But no matter what excuse I came up with I knew she couldn't be fooled.

"Come in!" I heard her shout from inside the room. I entered and quickly closed the door before turning around to face her.

"Hello, Sophie," she welcomed, "please, come in and sit down. What can I help you with today?"

I sat with my knees and hands tight together as I looked down at my legs. I took two deep breaths and wished I could light a cigarette.

"Sophie?" she said. "Are you OK? What's the matter?" she pressed, sounding concerned.

I never thought it would be this hard as I finally lifted my head to look at her and speak. "I think I might be pregnant?" I blurted out.

"OK, Sophie, just try to relax." She said, obviously sensing the panic that had now gripped me.

"I'm assuming this is not what you want?" she said, pausing for my reply.

"No, Miss." I immediately replied.

"I'm also assuming Sophie that you're taking no form of contraception and no condom was used?" She said, pausing again for another reply.

"W ... well no, Miss, otherwise I wouldn't be worried." I replied, rather confused by her question.

"Sophie, almost every girl or woman I see claim to have used a condom, but it split, or they claim to be using the pill, but have forgotten to take it every day." She explained.

"No, Miss." I said, about to explain my actions as if they were acceptable. "I've never taken any form of contraception and he never used a condom." I suddenly became aware how terrible that statement sounded.

"He, Sophie?" She said with a stern look. "It takes two people to have sex, Sophie. You do have the right to demand that the male wears a condom. In fact I advise that you do until you're married."

I sat back in the chair with the degrading feeling of being told off.

"I take it that you're aware of the morning after pill?" she said.

"Yes, Miss," I replied. That's what I wanted to see you about."

"Have you had sex in the last twenty-four hours?" she asked.

"Yes, Miss." I replied.

Well, that's good." She said, sounding relieved herself. "I mean it's good that you have come to see me so soon." She quickly added. You have two options, Sophie. I can book you an emergency appointment to see your family Doctor this morning, or you can go to any local pharmacy and buy the morning after pill."

"OK." I said. "How much does it cost, Miss?"

"It would cost you about twenty-five pounds, Sophie." She said. "I suggest you go see your Doctor as you won't pay for it, but more importantly because I think you need to start using the contraceptive pill. All of which can be prescribed by your Doctor."

Within a few minutes she had booked me an appointment with my doctor and I was excused from school. But before I left she gave me a five pack of condoms and a lecture on sexually transmitted infections.

"And, Sophie," she called as I opened the door to leave, "Ask your doctor about quitting cigarettes."

"Yes, Miss." I said as I left her office.

If I thought that was bad my Doctor was even worse. Dr Evans was a fifty year old woman who, despite her years of experience, lacked people skills. She too lectured me, but with harsher words and when I finally left her office I was ready to quit sex rather than cigarettes.

So, no less than six hours after Dave had shot his cum inside me I had swallowed the morning after pill, or the emergency birth control pill as the Doctor insisted on calling it. I had three months' supply of the contraception pill, which I was instructed to take first thing in the morning, and I had been tested by the Surgery Nurse for every STI under the sun. And to top off my day I got home from school to find my mother waiting to lecture me on smoking.

Turns out she had her suspicions for some time. She doesn't even smoke Marlboro Reds, so what excuse could I give her when she found an empty pack in the rubbish bin, which I thought I had managed to disgustingly hide amongst the household waste.

Her lecture was at least bearable though. So bearable in fact, that by the end of it we were smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee together, but I decided to leave the sex education for another day.

During the forty-eight hours that passed since Dave and I fucked I had become intoxicated by my fantasies. I had spent hours in the shower playing with my breasts and rubbing my clit before finally placing the shower head between my legs to bring myself off with the powerful spray of hot water. While all the time I relived what we had done in my head.

In bed I took advantage of my mother's leniency towards my smoking and started doing it while masturbating, again thinking of Dave, but this time I fantasised about what might happen if I were to phone him.

I led in bed gently circling my clit without touching it as I lit a cigarette and very slowly started to smoke. The pleasure building between my legs mixed with the pleasure from smoking felt so right. My mind drifted back to Dave and I slid a finger inside myself. The smell from the cigarette filled my senses and I suddenly felt as though I had been transported back inside his car, smoking and sucking his cock.

I was so turned on I opened my eyes an almost came at the sight before me. I was now fucking my pussy hard with three fingers while my other hand held the smouldering cigarette close to my pussy as I rubbed my clit. During the frantic rubbing, ash had fallen onto my lips; too horny to care I rubbed it into my pussy and then came to a shuddering climax.

Once my climax passed I inhaled a deep satisfying ball of smoke into my body and closed my eyes. I held the smoke inside for a few moments before exhaling very slowly and calmly.

I had to phone Dave. I felt I needed to. Doing those things with him was like trying your first cigarette. You know you shouldn't do it, but something unexplainable inside is willing you to keep on until finally, you're hooked.

I picked up my mobile phone and the piece of paper Dave had given to me, and without a moment's hesitation I tapped his number into the key pad. The phone rang for a few moments before a familiar voice answered.

"Hello, Dave here."

"Umm, hi, Dave ... it's me, Sophie." I replied, suddenly losing my confidence.

"Hello, Sophie." He said smugly. "I was wondering when you would call. Hope you're not pregnant." He chuckled.

Bastard! I thought. He wouldn't be laughing if I was. "No I got that sorted. I was calling about what you said before you left ... you know ... about meeting somewhere private?"

After talking for about twenty minutes we agreed to meet that Friday afternoon after school. I lied to my mother, telling her I would be staying at a friend's house for the night to do some studying.

I was so excited in school that Friday, but by the time I met Dave outside the school that excitement was quickly replaced by nerves.

"Did you bring your make-up." He asked as I climbed into the passenger side of his car.

"Yes, it's in my bag." I replied.

"Excellent," he beamed, "start putting it on, I have a surprise for you at my house."

"What surprise?" I asked, slightly concerned as I took out my make-up set.

"Don't worry," he reassured me, "I think you'll like it."

Trusting him I pulled down the sun visor and stared into the mirror as I began to apply my make-up. Dave had asked me on the phone to bring dark red lipstick and plenty of eye-liner before instructing me to have a clean shaven pussy for our meet. I also informed him that I was now taking the pill.

After applying my make-up I thought I looked like a slut. My lips were thick with lipstick and my eyes looked dark and sexy, I loved my new look. I then removed my hair bobble and shook my hair loose before lighting a cigarette.

I sucked so hard on the filter, remembering how Dave liked to watch me, and when I exhaled we both noticed the thick, dark stain of red on the cigarette.

We arrived at his house and when I entered I was greeted into what looked like a home studio. I turned and gave Dave a puzzled look.

"Surprise!" he said, as if it were my birthday. I walked into his lounge and he picked up a camera and started taking pictures of me. Unsure of what to do I followed his instructions as he told me to drop my bag and walk around the room.

At the end of the room was a three seated sofa with a large plain white screen behind it. Dave told me to sit down in the middle of it, and as soon as I sat down he was snapping away once more. I still wasn't very comfortable at this point, everything seemed a little strange. Then, Dave passed me a fresh packet of cigarettes and a box of matches.

"You look beautiful, Sophie." He smiled, "Just like I knew you would. Now, as seductively as you can I want you to un-wrap the packet of cigarettes and light one for the camera."

As I held the packet of cigarettes and matches Dave put down his camera for a moment and poured two glasses of red wine.

"Little early isn't it?" I giggled.

"It's for the camera, but feel free to enjoy a glass or two." He grinned.

As instructed, I sat in the middle of the sofa slightly facing to the left. I sat upright with my chest pushed out in attempt to show some elegance. I then began to pull the thin seal of cellophane from the packet of cigarettes. All I could hear was Dave's camera snapping away. I then slid a cigarette smoothly out of the packet and placed it gently between my dark red lips. I could taste the filter as it rested in my mouth and before opening the box of matches I gave Dave a sultry look.

Then, I slide the tray of matches out of the box, and I heard Dave groan with joy as I took a match and struck the side of the box. I could almost taste the sweet sensation of that first drag as I raised the lit match to the end of my cigarette and sucked hard. The camera continued to snap away as my cheeks hollowed, drawing the thick smoke into my mouth before inhaling it deep into my lungs.

"Look at the camera as you exhale." Dave moaned as he stepped closer.

As he came closer telling me to turn my head I noticed his breathing had become more of a pant. I turned my head to face him and the camera, and then slowly exhaled. With the curtains drawn and only his home studio lighting on, the cigarette smoke looked thick.

He was so close to me I imagined him reaching out to grab my breasts as I inhaled another deep breath of smoke.

"Take the wine and have a few sips and lean back against the sofa." He said.

I took the glass of wine and took a small sip. It tasted strong but as I leaned backwards I took a gulp and shuddered. In between drags on the cigarette Dave kept telling me to drink the wine. By the time I smoked the cigarette I had finished the wine and I felt dizzy. I wasn't drunk but the speed in which I had smoked and drank had knocked me off balance slightly.

"You're doing great, Sophie, really sexy." He said. "Now undo the top two buttons of your blouse, lean back on your hands and tilt your head to the right."

I did as he asked and as I sat back my legs opened slightly. "Perfect." He groaned as he continued to snap, zooming in on my cleavage. He licked his lips and as I turned my head from side to side I could see his eyes wandering up and down my body before he fixed his gaze between my breasts.

"I need another memory card." He said, stopping our little shoot for a moment.

Dave passed me the second glass of wine and told me to have another drink while he sorted his camera out. By the time he was ready again I had finished the second glass and was beginning to feel giddy. I wanted him to touch me and feel me all over. I wanted him to take me the way he had the previous times we met.

My nipples were erect and without his instruction I lit a cigarette and removed my blouse.

"You truly are a little slut aren't you?" he chuckled, unzipping his trousers.

He walked towards me with his camera in hand and I quickly shifted to the edge of the sofa. With the cigarette dangling between my lips I pulled his trousers and boxers down.

"That's it you fucking whore, suck my cock." He demanded.

As Dave looked down at me I grabbed his cock and gently started to stroke him. Taking a much needed breath of smoke I heard the familiar sound of his camera snapping away. He sighed in delight as I engulfed his swollen cock with an exhale of thick smoke before finally licking the tip. In between drags of the cigarette I licked his cock from top to bottom, savouring the taste. I then took his cock in my mouth and my legs opened wider. I needed him inside me, I wanted him inside. The wine was starting to affect my inhibitions and I no longer felt like the shy school girl behind the shop.

Then suddenly he pulled away and my mouth was empty. "Are you ready for your second surprise, slut?" he hissed.

I nodded and then suddenly two guys, who both looked to be older than Dave, possibly in their sixties, entered the room from the kitchen. I gasped and crushed out my cigarette. I was speechless as the two men came and sat either side of me. The men studied me for a few moments, taking in what to them probably felt like a dream coming true.

I was still in my school uniform, minus my white blouse, and my face was painted like a whore.

There were no introductions as everything happened so quickly. When Dave started clicking the camera each guy took a leg and begun to run their hands up and down the insides of my thighs. I had no blouse on and my bra had created a very inviting cleavage, so much so the guy to my right couldn't resist running his free hand across my breasts.

That same guy then stood up and I started groaning as his friend slid his hand up my skirt. Both men were old enough to be my grandfather and here I was with one of them was rubbing my pussy through my panties. The guy standing then reached behind my back and unclasped my bra. As he removed it Dave came closer and snapped my bare breasts with his camera. In amongst all the excitement I realised the guy with his hand between my legs was now pulling down my skirt and panties.

In seconds I was naked and all three men gasped and grunted their approval at the soft, clean shaven flesh that was my young, tight pussy.

The men sat back down beside me and pulled my legs wide apart until they rested on top of their own legs. Whilst still taking pictures, Dave instructed me to take their cocks in my hands.

The one who had removed my bra was rock solid and throbbing as he started to caress my breasts and nibble on my neck. The other guy was also very hard, but he was much bigger and I worried for a moment about where he might want to put it.

Both men were now kissing my neck, with one playing with my breasts and the other rubbing my warm, wet pussy. Simultaneously they moved their kisses down the nape of my neck, continuing down further until they reached my breasts and started sucking on my nipples.

It was all becoming too much for me. I was so turned on panting and wriggling in their grasp desperate for someone, anyone to make me cum. I looked at Dave and he smiled at my situation. Stroking their throbbing cocks I began to rapidly lose control of my body as these older men molested my young body.

Finally, one of the men positioned himself between my legs and started to finger fuck me hard and rough as he licked at my soaking wet pussy. I was in heaven with my eyes closed waiting for my orgasm when ... I couldn't believe it as I was about to cum they switched places.

The guy who had been rough with my pussy was no different with my breasts. He grabbed them hard and even harder when I pulled on his cock. I could smell my juices on his fingers as he groped and mauled my tits right under my nose.

I was panting with frustration as my pussy was now empty, but very quickly the other guy lifted my body up and turned me so I was now on all fours on the sofa. I hadn't let go of the rough guy so with his cock in my hand pointing inches from my face I hungrily sucked him into my mouth.

The guy who had lifted and turned me was now standing behind me with his fat fingers buried deep inside my tight hole. I felt so full at both ends that I was sure I would cum at any moment, but then my pussy was empty again. I had never been teased this way before so my frustration was quickly turning to anger. But the guy wasn't teasing me. I quickly realised he was preparing for what was about to happen.

Without warning he plunged his pulsating cock deep inside me from behind, shoving me forward and forcing his friends cock deeper down my throat. I gagged and started coughing to the sounds of sinister male laughter.

I quickly regained my composure and within minutes of building some rhythm I came hard on the cock fucking me. I tried to take the cock in my mouth out to breath, but the guy laughed and slapped my face with it before forcing it back inside.

Dave came over to us, still taking pictures and roughly grabbed one of my hanging breasts. I hadn't notice him get undressed but he was now naked with his hard cock pointing at me.

I really needed to stop for a moment. I felt so light headed I thought I was going to pass out. I tried pleading but it was no good. I just ended up getting fucked harder and harder, backwards and forwards, deeper and deeper until eventually the cock inside me twitched wildly and unloaded a torrent of spunk.

He held my hips firm and buried his cock deep inside my womb before he screamed out loud. He was the second guy to ever cum inside me and despite the pain he was causing me, he was by far the best.

As soon as he pulled out of me his friend quickly took his place, and Dave was just as quick in feeding me his cock. The guy whose sperm was now deep inside my womb had picked up the camera and started taking pictures. Within minutes he had his perfect picture as Dave pulled his cock from my mouth and sprayed his cum all over my face. It went everywhere. I couldn't see as the first jet had blinded me but I could feel it landing in my hair and on my face. He seemed to go forever until eventually he did stop. I could taste it on my lips as I felt it sliding down my face and cheeks.

I collapsed forwards with my head falling into the sofa as the last man continued to fuck me hard. I could hear him spitting followed by the disgusting feeling of wet saliva landing on my arsehole. I naively ignored it allowing him to add to my humiliation, but then it stopped as he pulled out of my body. By the time I realised what was happening it was too late. Dave held me down while his friend took pictures and his other friend positioned his cock at the entrance to my bum.

I squealed and winced in pain as he slowly and excruciatingly pressed the tip of his cock inside the hole. I had never felt anything that painful in my life as his cock just continued spreading my cheeks. Despite my cries to stop I felt the cock pushing deeper until finally the pain stopped. The pain was replaced by a new, different feeling and it was pleasurable.

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